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Flag of Tunisia.svg
Continent Africa
Capital Tunis

Arabic تونس
The Amazing Race US
Seasons Visited 1 (1)
Pit Stops 2

Tunisia is the smallest country on mainland Africa. It is located in the far north of the continent, and is sometimes considered to be a part of the greater Middle East. It has a population of 10,777,500 and speaks Arabic as an official language, although French and Berber are also widely spoken. It is bordered by Algeria to the west and Libya to the east.

Though it was visited on the first season of The Amazing Race, the country has grown less safe in recent years, and has recently undergone a fairly violent revolution. It is doubtful if the race will ever return here.


Political Subdivisions

Tunisia is divided into 24 Governorates. On the race's single visit, four governorates were visited.

Governorate Visits
Gabès 1 (1)
Mahdia 1 (1)
Tataouine 1 (1)
Tunis 1 (1)

The Amazing Race Results

First Place Eliminated

The Amazing Race Visits

Seasons Legs
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
1 France Italy

The Amazing Race 1

Leg 4

  • Ferry.png Marseille, France (Marseille Ferry Port) to Tunis, Tunisia (La Goulette)
    • Sidi Bou Said F-Forward.png
  • Tunis (Bab Bhar) Detour.png
  • El Djem (Amphitheater of Thysdrus) Roadblock.png PitStop.png

Leg 5

  • Tataouine (Globe monument) F-Forward.png
  • Ksar Ouled Soltane or Ksar Hadada Detour.png
  • Sahara (Ksar Ghilane) Roadblock.png
  • Sahara (Compass Coordinates)
  • Sahara (Ksar Ghilane) PitStop.png

Leg 6

  • Gabès to Tunis (Palace Hotel)
  • Plane.png Tunis (Tunis-Carthage International Airport) to Rome, Italy (Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport)
  • ...
The Amazing Race 1
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