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Tian & Jaree
Tian & Jaree
The Amazing Race 4
Relationship Friends/Models
Finishing Position 6th
Legs Completed 7
Legs Won 1
Average Position 5.43
Roadblock Count Tian 6, Jaree 0
Countries raced Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Netherlands.svg Flag of India.svg

Tian Kitchen and Jaree Poteet are friends and models who competed on The Amazing Race 4. They are from Miami Florida. Tian holds the record for most Roadblocks completed whose partner completed none, at six. Tian also holds the distinction of being the first female ever to compete in "Bull Racing" in India, a fact that was published in many Indian newspapers. They were eliminated in 6th.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Italy)

"No time credit will be given for this unlucky situation."Phil Keoghan
Detour.png Rescue: Cross a tightrope between two mountains, then take a zipline to next clue.
PitStop.png 11th

Tian & Jaree started the race at the head of the pack as they ran to their bags. They read their first clue and run out of the stadium. Jaree drops her bag along the way and had to go back and pick it up. They are the last team to get into a vehicle because of this. Trouble continues when their vehicle's trunk won't close. They try to force it shut and drive off, but it simply won't stay closed. Since the vehicle is unsafe to drive like this, a replacement vehicle is driven to them. Now in last place, they finally leave the stadium. They head off, needing to stop at a convenience store to ask for directions. They are the last to arrive at the airport, and Jaree is very salty about their unfortunate situation. They get tickets on the last flight, and then sit down to try and empty their bags, having realized already that they are carrying too much. Joining them on the flight are David & Jeff, Reichen & Chip, Monica & Sheree and Debra & Steve.

After landing in Milan, they are the third of their flight group to reach the galleria. They eventually find a ticket for the last bus at 6am. Joining them on this bus are Debra & Steve, David & Jeff and Reichen & Chip. The bus arrives in Cortina d'Ampezzo at 1pm. All four teams get out and grab their clue. With no taxis nearby, they head to a restaurant and the employees to call one for them. While Tian waits, Jaree is offered a free cup of coffee by one of the employees. She has a lovely conversation with the man while she enjoys her coffee, and almost misses Tian yelling that their taxi has arrived. At Cinque Torri, they are the last team to reach the Detour and decide to perform Rescue.

When they get to the task, however, Debra is occupying the bridge and moving incredibly slowly. Tian is permitted to get on the bridge, but she is stuck behind the slow-moving Debra the entire way. Jaree then starts to cross. Debra is holding them up further by having trouble getting up off the bridge, so Tian helps push her up and over. In the short but snowy distance to the zipline, the girls are able to pass by the parents. They both ride down the zipline and grab their next clue. As they run back to the chairlifts, however, Jaree starts to get winded. She wants to sit down and rest, but Tian pushes her to keep going. Jaree blames 20 years of smoking. Tian attaches the fanny pack to herself like a tow rope and uses it to pull Jaree along. Finally, they reach the chairlifts and return to the bottom. However, they can't find any taxis. It takes a while before one eventually shows up and they get in. Things are tense as they are taken to the hotel, but when they arrive they are pleased to hear that they are in 11th place and are still in the race.

Leg 2 (Italy)

"See? You're only nice to me when we're doin' good." – Jaree
Detour.png Waterway: Travel by gondola with a map through Venice, but without asking locals for help.
Roadblock.png Tian: Match a photograph to a person with the correct mask.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 3:43am, Tian & Jaree travel to the ski jump and ride the raft down. Learning that they need to take a train, Tian insists that they travel to the bus station on foot. There, they find Kelly & Jon also waiting for a bus to the Calalzo train station. They then get onto a bus that takes them to the train station. When they get onto the train there, they are concerned when they don't see any other teams anywhere. They learn from a conductor that they are probably on the earlier train from Alpi. The two end up having a heated discussion, with Tian trying to be realistic about beating Kelly & Jon in a footrace, and Jaree feeling that she is being insulted. When they arrive at Venice, they run to the bridge and pick up the Detour clue. They decide to complete Waterway and get into a boat. Tian immediately finds their destination on the map and they head off. They manage to complete the task without much issue, enjoying the ride through Venice.

They then pick up their next clue in 10th place and depart. They then find their way to the Palazo, surprised to find only six teams waiting there. When the party opens at 5pm, Tian decides to perform the Roadblock. After Josh fails and Chip succeeds, Tian is allowed to enter. She does not take very long to find an exact match, and hands over her photo to get the next clue. She rejoins Jaree as night falls and they depart. They get somewhat turned around as they try to find the Pit Stop. They eventually find it and quickly run to the mat, finding out they have arrived in 4th place.

Leg 3 (Italy → Austria)

"It's ours now." – Tian
Detour.png Mozart: Carry a large string bass a short distance to a famous house.
Roadblock.png Tian: Bungee jump off the Donauturm, the highest bungee jump in Europe.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 5:22am, Tian & Jaree head for the train station with Jaree already slowing them down. At the train station, they learn that the first train to Vienna leaves in 10 hours. Instead, they get on a train to Vernoa, which is a bigger station. Reichen & Chip, David & Jeff, Monica & Sheree and Kelly & Jon. As the train departs, Tian tries once again to convince Jaree to get rid of extra stuff in her bag. Jaree angrily storms off. Once they arrive in Vienna, the five teams discover that their first task does not open until 8am, so they all go to a hotel. In the morning, all ten teams gather around the entrance to the sewers. Tian made Jaree wake up early, so they are first in line to enter the sewers. However, Jaree's slow speed allows many other teams to pass them. They are not fast enough to get into the first set of fiacres.

However, they notice that Kelly & Jon hopped into one without taking the tag off, and so they walk up and take the tag for themselves. This forces the engaged couple out and lets them get in. The fiacres set off, and they are the first team that is able to find the palace where they pick up their Detour clue. Jaree wants to perform the less physically demanding task, but changes her mind when she tries to pick up the bass. They decide to perform Mozart and head off. While asking for directions, Monica & Sheree show up and the two teams decide to work together. They then follow the local's instructions and get on the metro. After disembarking, the wives quickly find the house. Both teams then lug their basses into the house and pick up their next clue. They then both travel to the Donauturm and pick up their next clue. Tian elects to perform the Roadblock and travels to the top. She is the first to jump and fearlessly walks to the edge. Bungee jumping is something she enjoys, and so has no trouble performing the task. They read their next clue in front of Monica and then wait for Sheree to jump. Both teams then head for the train station, where they get onto a train along with Reichen & Chip. In Gmunden, all three teams make a mad dash through town to reach the Pit Stop. Tian & Jaree are able to step onto the mat in 4th place.

Leg 4 (Austria → France)

"We're not breaking. We're parking where the guy told us to park." – Tian
Roadblock.png Tian: Change four tires of a race car, then enjoy a high-speed ride.
F-Forward.png Complete a large jigsaw puzzle of the Pit Stop.
PitStop.png 1stƒ

Departing at 3:57am, Tian & Jaree get into a taxi and immediately start bickering over whether or not to keep an Austrian map. They drive all the way to the Salzburg Airport. After some quick research, they get tickets on a flight through Frankfurt to Paris. Only Monica & Sheree are able to join them on this flight before it gets full. Reichen & Chip are left behind, but at the last minute they are able to secure seats on the flight to Frankfurt, where they are then left behind. The two female teams are the first to reach France. When they land, they learn that they should travel from the Montparnasse Station to get to Le Mans. As the NFL wives leave, they stick around to gather more information. When they travel to the station and get on the train, Reichen & Chip end up joining them. Once in Le Mans the two teams have a close taxi race and keep overtaking one another. At the circuit, Tian decides to perform the Roadblock though she does offer it to Jaree. She feels the pressure of competition and wants to prove herself against the males, so she rolls two tires at once. She finishes only a few seconds behind Chip, having utilized the heavy-duty tire tool flawlessly. After a wild ride around the track, she picks up the next clue and they choose a vehicle.

It's a long drive to Marseilles that takes them well into the night. They end up being the first team to arrive at the lighthouse, but discover that it's closed until 9am tomorrow, so they travel to a hotel. When they return in the morning, they find that six other teams have lined up along a nearby road while they wait for it to open. A security guard tells them that there's no room for them at the end of the line, and instead says they can wait in front of the gate. Reichen & Chip show up after them, and the girls relay this information to them. The other six teams then show up to confront them as a group, accusing them of cutting in line. Tian repeatedly tells them that she is only doing what the guard told her to do, but they act as if they don't even hear what she is saying. Frustrated at this treatment, she eventually just walks away. The married couple relent and go to the back of the line but Tian refuses to move, deciding to follow the guard's instructions and not bow to peer pressure. Tian wants to go inside the port first, considering their position, but Jaree warns her that doing so will only make enemies. So, they decide to let the six cars go in first and remain in their correct place in line.

Inside, they have a lot of trouble navigating despite the map they've been given, and have to ask many people along the way. They are the last team to reach the lighthouse and pick up their next clue. With no idea where to go after they depart, they find a police station and stop to ask for directions. They end up in a city and realize that they're pretty far off course. Being lost and so far behind, they decide that they should pursue the Fast Forward. They are fairly close to the museum and so find it rather quickly. They then start laying the large puzzle pieces on the ground and trying to decipher the picture. It becomes obvious rather quickly, and the work together using a stepladder to place the pieces on the wall. When the last piece is in place, a man gives them the Fast Forward and they head out. They make their way to the Chateau, where a windstorm has moved in and is tossing broken branches all over the path. They step onto the mat, where Phil tells them they are in 1st place.

Leg 5 (France → Netherlands)

"Wow...! She's so amazing..." – Jaree
Detour.png 15 Feet: Search through a huge pile of manure.
Roadblock.png Tian: Catch 25 eels with hands only.
PitStop.png 7th

Departing at 2:26am, Tian & Jaree head for the Marseilles Airport and immediately have difficulty with directions. When they arrive, they find that the airport is closed and won't open for another two hours. After other teams arrive and line up behind them, Chip approaches Tian and asks if she will purchase tickets for them as well. Tian agrees, but they end up not doing it so as not to anger Kelly & Jon. Both they and the engaged couple end up being the only ones on this flight through Paris. Once in Amsterdam, they consider taking a taxi into the city but are told it's way more expensive. They spend quite a bit of time at the information desk and end up missing the first train into the city. Once at the bridge, now in sixth place, they get into a boat and head off. Jaree can't find anything on the map, and offers to drive while Tian looks, but Tian doesn't want to. Jaree gets frustrated, claiming that she has a better idea of where to go and should take control of the boat, while Tian just tells her to back off. Jaree starts to list directions, and Tian angrily snatches the map out of her hands to look for herself. The two continue to drive their boat in circles without any idea of where they are, eventually ending up back at the beginning. From there, they are finally able to find the museum and pick up their Detour clue.

They decide to perform 15 Feet and head off, but immediately get lost. Now driving, Jaree angrily grabs the map from Tian, and says she is sick of her. Frustrated, she viciously berates Tian for her performance. As they drive, still lost, Jaree gets increasingly frustrated and accuses Tian of trying to sabotage their chances of winning. They stop and ask for directions, learning that they're on the right track. When they find the farm, they see David & Jeff are just leaving. They then suit up and head for the manure pile, jokingly asking if they can throw it at each other. Jaree is pretty disgusted, but Tian focuses and tries to find the clue. Soon after, Jaree happens to spot a clue and picks it up. They then get back in their car and make their way to Monnickendam. Jaree is hesitant to perform the Roadblock, but Tian is starting to get frustrated that she has done all of them so far. With a sigh, she agrees to perform this one as well. Tian makes fairly quick work of picking up the eels, and Jaree offhandedly mentions that she could have done it. They then depart and start making their way to the Pit Stop. Now in the countryside of the Netherlands, they are getting lost on the rural roads. The sun starts to set, with Tian feeling like she's tired of the abuse and just wants to be eliminated. In the late evening, they finally manage to find the castle. When they step onto the mat, they learn that they are in 7th place and still in the race. Tian in particular isn't sure if she is happy about this or not.

Leg 6 (Netherlands → India)

"Don't grab my boob, dude, or I'll throw you off the train!" – Tian
Detour.png Suds: Wash a bundle of clothing until the clue is revealed on a shirt.
Roadblock.png Tian: Identify 20 Palai fish from an assortment of fish and deliver them.
PitStop.png 5th

Departing at 5:42am, Tian & Jaree find a taxi and depart with the desire to just stop fighting. They arrive at the airport just as it opens, and join most of the other teams in getting tickets for a KLM flight at 10:35. All teams except Reichen & Chip join them on this flight. Once in Mumbai and in a taxi, Jaree comments on how much she loves it there. She is enthralled by the new and different experience. When they arrive at Film City, they find all of the other teams waiting there for it to open in the morning. They join them and sleep outside of the gates until it opens. At 9:30, the studio opens and they scramble for a pair of bicycles. They race through the studio, but it isn't long before Jaree is off her bike and walking it. When they finally pick up their Detour clue, the two decide to perform Suds. The other teams are departing, but Jaree is exhausted and walks slowly. This puts them far behind, but they see a bus stop nearby and decide to hop onto a bus into the city. After a ride to the train station, they purchase tickets and make their way to the platform. They are both rather surprised when the train shows up overflowing with passengers. They push and shove their way onto the train, but the situation quickly becomes uncomfortable. Tian shouts that someone grabbed one of her breasts, and the men around her just start laughing. She shouts at them, but then complains that they're pinching and fondling her. Jaree is not doing much better, hunched and grimacing in a corner.

Finally, after a brutal train ride, they arrive at Mahalaxmi. They quickly find Dhobi Ghat, but initially miss the marked bundles of laundry. Seeing Millie & Chuck pick theirs up, they see where the bundles are and grab one of their own. Tian doesn't hesitant to hop into the dirty water, but Jaree does. Tian says that they can put the whole bundle in at once and work together to find it, so a frustrated Jaree pushes the still-wrapped bundle into the water. As they wash and search, the engaged couple leave. Eventually, it is Jaree that finds the article of clothing with the clue and they are able to depart. When they reach the docks, they find that they have caught up to Millie & Chuck and Jon & Al. Tian quickly decides to perform the Roadblock and runs off. When she reaches the pile of fish, she has the locals help her differentiate the types of fish. Once she has 20, she uses all of her strength to carry the heavy basket back to the start. It's a difficult haul, but she manages to reach the starting point. However, she has only picked up 14 Palai fish and needs to go back and get six more. She does this, and then they receive their next clue. They travel by taxi to the Gateway of India, seeing Jon & Al nearby. They then spot Phil at the Pit Stop and quickly run there, beating the clowns to the mat. They learn that they have arrived in 5th place, much to their elation.

Leg 7 (India)

"Maybe arguing was better, because we stop fighting and now we lose damnit!" – Tian
Roadblock.png Tian: Hang onto bulls and participate in bull racing.
Detour.png Trunks: Deliver materials using an elephant.
PitStop.png 6th - Eliminated

Departing at 1:36am, Tian & Jaree head out and find a taxi that can take them to Panvel Station. During the long drive, they realize that their driver has started to drive on the opposite side of the freeway against incoming traffic, with his lights off no less. They scream in terror and ask him to stop, but he doesn't listen. Eventually he takes an exit off the freeway, much to their relief. They arrive around the same time as Reichen & Chip and Millie & Chuck, and all three teams decide to sleep on the floor until it opens. Morning arrives and all six teams board the long-distance train, each one commenting on how unpleasant it is. Jaree, in particular, feels very uncomfortable about the accommodations. During the ride, all teams except Millie & Chuck decide to pay $16 to upgrade to first-class accommodations.

In Ernakulam, they quickly find a taxi and head for the highways. Millie & Chuck are right behind them and trying to pass. They start looking for their marked billboard, but end up seeing billboards with red and yellow colors everywhere. Not long afterwards, though, they spot the billboard and grab their next clue. As they depart, Jon & Al quickly pass them. At the field in Alleppy, they arrive just moments before Kelly & Jon. Tian immediately decides to perform the Roadblock, which turns out to be a sport that no woman has ever performed in history. She is third in line, behind Al and ahead of Kelly's fiancee. Both David and Al are successful, and then it's Tian's turn. She enters the mud and the men show her how to hold on properly. However, when the bulls take off, she immediately loses her grip. This puts her behind Jon in the line. On her second attempt, the exact same thing happens. With no other teams having arrived yet, she is immediately able to take a third attempt but is starting to question her ability to do this. Jaree offers encouragement, suggesting to pretend she's surfing or wake-boarding. This attempt is much more successful and she manages to reach the end of the track. With history being made, they receive their next clue and depart. Remaining in fourth place, they soon manage to find the Detour clue at Beach Road.

Previously, Jaree had been really hoping that she would get to ride an elephant. When they're presented with the Detour, Jaree immediately wants to perform Trunks. Tian thinks the other task will be easier, but wants to keep their relationship where it is and not argue so she agrees to ride the elephant. The two rush over and get onto one of the elephant's back. As they prepare to set off, Tian realizes that they never attached the coir to the elephant. They need to clamber back off of the elephant and attach it before they can go. This delay allows Millie & Chuck to pass them, but they see Reichen & Chip arrive as they leave. The two shout for directions as they go, complaining about the elephant's slow pace. Eventually, after a long ride, they find the specified store and deliver their coir. They find a nearby tuktuk and head for the Pit Stop. When they reach The Finishing Point and step onto the mat, however, Phil tells them that they are in last place and have been eliminated from the race. They're both a little surprised at finishing last, but feel that they tried their best. Tian is happy that she got to see a lot of amazing things, while Jaree feels sad and believes they would have been strong enough to win.

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