The Amazing Race 3 Leg 13

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Leg 13
United States
Starting Line China Beach
Hội An
Vietnam Flag of Vietnam.svg
Finish Line Gas Works Park
United States Flag of the United States.svg
Winners Flo & Zach
Second Place Teri & Ian
Last Place Ken & Gerard
Distance 9371.75 miles
Contains Detour.png Roadblock.png


Quang Minh Temple

  • Da Nang, Vietnam Flag of Vietnam.svg
  • Distance: 12.8 miles

For the portion of this leg taking place in Vietnam, all Route Marker flags were colored a solid yellow.

Da Nang Train Station

  • Da Nang
  • Distance: 3.13 miles

Teams needed to travel by train to Hanoi in order to exit the country.

Hanoi Train Station

  • Hanoi
  • Distance: 374 miles

Noi Bai International Airport

  • Hanoi
  • Distance: 13.7 miles

Honolulu International Airport

Puaena Point

  • Haleiwa
  • Distance: 22.6 miles

Here, teams would receive a blessing from a traditional Hawaiian chief. After the ceremony, he would present them with their next clue, directing them to another of the Hawaiian islands.

Honolulu International Airport

  • Honolulu
  • Distance: 22.6 miles

Lihue Airport

  • Kauai
  • Distance: 102 miles

Wailua Falls

  • Kauai
  • Distance: 4.79 miles

Detour.png Detour

Quick Jump: Teams would have to ride a quick, frightening zipline down from a high cliff and into the bottom of the waterfall basin. They could then swim to shore and retrieve their clue from behind the waterfall.
Flo & Zach, Ken & Gerard, Teri & Ian
Slow Walk: Teams not wishing to ride the zipline could instead follow a slow, winding path down to the bottom of the waterfall. However, there are reports that this was not actually a viable option to teams, and were all instructed to choose Quick Jump.

Lihue Airport

  • Kauai
  • Distance: 4.79 miles

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

  • Seattle, Washington
  • Distance: 2701 miles

Kerry Park

  • Seattle
  • Distance: 12.7 miles

From here, teams were instructed to walk on foot across town to their next destination.

International Fountain, Seattle Center

  • Seattle
  • Distance: 0.58 miles

After arriving here on foot, teams could once again utilize taxis.

Lincoln Park

  • Seattle
  • Distance: 6.6 miles

Roadblock.png Roadblock: On one of the park's paths, teams found the final Roadblock of the race. The chosen team member would approach a totem pole that features rotating heads. There were five heads on each section, representing donkey, dolphin, horse, goat and manatee. Teams needed to rotate the animal heads until they were arranged in the order that teams had encountered them on the race (Leg 1 Detour, Leg 2 Roadblock, Leg 6 Detour, Leg 9 Detour and Leg 10 Detour). Once correct, a mouth at the bottom of the totem pole would open and reveal teams' final clue.

Zach, Gerard, Ian

Gas Works Park

  • Seattle
  • Distance: 8.36 miles

FinishLine.png Finish Line

Prize: $1,000,000


Team CB QMT DNS Train.png NBI Plane.png PP HIA Plane.png WF Detour.png LA Plane.png KP IF LP Roadblock.png GWP PitStop.png Roadblocks
Flo & Zach 3rd Steady2.png 3rd A A Steady2.png 1st A Decrease2.png 2nd A A Increase2.png 1st Decrease2.png 3rd Increase2.png 1st Steady2.png 1st Flo 1, Zach 10
Teri & Ian 1st Steady2.png 1st B Steady2.png 3rd Decrease2.png 3rd A Decrease2.png 3rd Increase2.png 2nd Steady2.png 2nd Steady2.png 2nd Teri 2, Ian 9
Ken & Gerard 2nd Steady2.png 2nd A Decrease2.png 2nd Steady2.png 1st A Decrease2.png 2nd Increase2.png 1st Decrease2.png 3rd Steady2.png 3rd Ken 6, Gerard 6
  • An A indicates that teams completed the Quick Jump Detour, while a B indicates that teams completed the Slow Walk Detour.
  • A bold team member in the Roadblock count indicates the team member who completed this leg's Roadblock.
  • An underlined blue team's placement indicates that the team came in last on a non-elimination leg.

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