The Amazing Race 26 Leg 11

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Leg 11
Starting Line Virgin de la Puerta
Peru Flag of Peru.svg
Pit Stop Virgen del Socorro
Peru Flag of Peru.svg
Winners Hayley & Blair
Last Place Mike & Rochelle
No Penalty
Distance 43.01 miles
Contains Detour.png Roadblock.png


Inti Mosaic

  • Trujillo, Peru Flag of Peru.svg
  • Distance: 35.3 miles

Teams had to search near this massive mosaic for a clown who would give them a pair of magnifying glasses. Then, using an image of a particular design on the mural, teams had to find a small race flag within the specified design on the wall. After handing over this flag to the clown, teams would receive their Detour information.

Caballo de Paso Church / Chan Chan

  • Trujillo
  • Distance: 2.4 miles/2.61 miles

Detour.png Detour:

Shake Your Hips: At the church, teams would have to dress in traditional dance outfits and learn the traditional Peruvian dance of marinera. If they would perform this intricate dance to the satisfaction of a judge, teams would receive their next clue.
Jelani & Jenny, Mike & Rochelle
Make Some Bricks: At the Chan Chan archaeological dig site, teams would have to use local tools to correctly make 12 adobe bricks. Once this was done, teams would have to then transport 12 dried bricks using a wheelbarrow across the dig site. When the bricks were delivered, teams would receive their next clue.
Hayley & Blair, Laura & Tyler

Avenida Ribera

  • Huanchaco
  • Distance from Caballo de Paso Church: 5.68 miles
  • Distance from Chan Chan: 3.68 miles

Teams retrieved their Roadblock information from a statue near here.


  • Huanchaco
  • Distance: 0.21 miles

Roadblock.png Roadblock: From earlier at the statue, teams found a Roadblock. Who wants to ride a sea horse? Both team members would have to pick up a local caballito de totora boat and carry it down to the beach. Once there, the chosen team member would have to ride this unwieldy boat out into the unforgiving waves to retrieve their next clue from a buoy.

Blair, Jelani, Laura, Rochelle

Virgen del Socorro

  • Huanchaco
  • Distance: 0.31 miles

PitStop.png Pit Stop: This was a No-Rest Pit Stop, and teams were immediately handed their next clue and told to continue racing. The last team did not receive any penalty. In addition, teams were informed that one of them would be eliminated at some point during the final leg.

Prize: A trip for two to Goa, India


Team VDP IM CPC Detour.png AR Roadblock.png VDS PitStop.png Roadblocks
Hayley & Blair 1st Steady2.png 1st Steady2.png 1st B Steady2.png 1st Steady2.png 1st Hayley 4, Blair 5
Jelani & Jenny 2nd Steady2.png 2nd Steady2.png 2nd A Steady2.png 2nd Steady2.png 2nd Jelani 5, Jenny 4
Laura & Tyler 4th Increase2.png 3rd Steady2.png 3rd B Steady2.png 3rd Steady2.png 3rd Laura 4, Tyler 5
Mike & Rochelle 3rd Decrease2.png 4th Steady2.png 4th A Steady2.png 4th Steady2.png 4th Mike 5, Rochelle 4
  • An A indicates that teams completed the Shake Your Hips Detour, while a B indicates that teams completed the Make Some Bricks Detour.
  • A bold team member in the Roadblock count indicates the team member who completed this leg's Roadblock.
  • An underlined blue team's placement indicates that the team came in last on a no-rest leg.
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