The Amazing Race 24 Leg 2

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Leg 2
Starting Line Guangzhou Opera House
China Flag of China.svg
Pit Stop Shamian Island
China Flag of China.svg
Winners Brendon & Rachel
Last Place Mark & Mallory
Distance 16.45 miles
Contains Roadblock.png Detour.png


Chen Clan Academy

Here, teams would have to stand before the master of a troupe of martial artists. He would stamp the name of the teams' next destination onto both team members' foreheads.


  • Guangzhou
  • Distance: 3.86 miles

Roadblock.png Roadblock: When teams found their way to this shopping centre, they found a Roadblock. Who's the mechanic? The chosen team member would have to put together a child's motorized toy truck using all of the provided pieces. Their only source of reference would be a set of instructions written in Chinese. Once the toy was properly assembled, teams would get their next clue.

Brendon, Caroline TAR-Express Pass Card.png, Dave, Flight Time, John, Jet, Meghan, Jamal, Margie, Mark

Guangzhou Children's Cultural Center

  • Guangzhou
  • Distance: 3.86 miles

Teams had to use a provided strap kit to secure their newly-built toy car to a taxi, and then had to deliver it safely to this location. After delivering the toy to the local children, they would receive their Detour information.

Liwanhu Park / Sauna Centre

  • Guangzhou
  • Distance: 2.33 miles

Detour.png Detour:

Featherball: At the park, teams would have to join a group of people playing "jianzi", a local form of hackeysack that utilizes a feathered shuttlecock. Working together with two local teammates, teams needed to keep the shuttlecock in the air without the use of their arms or hands. Once both team members had hit the shuttlecock a combined total of 10 times (hits by the locals did not count), they would receive their next clue. If the shuttlecock hit the ground, teams had to start over.
Brendon & Rachel, Caroline & Jennifer, Dave & Connor, Flight Time & Big Easy, Jessica & John, Jet & Cord, Joey & Meghan, Leo & Jamal, Margie & Luke, Mark & Mallory
China Cup: Teams had to find the sauna centre. There, they would both have to undergo a traditional Chinese therapeutic practice known as cupping therapy. The air inside glass cups would be heated with fire and placed on teams' backs, creating a thick suction. Once the massage was complete, teams would get their next clue.

Shamian Island

  • Guangzhou
  • Distance from Liwanhu Park: 0.97 miles
  • Distance from Sauna Centre: 2.95 miles

PitStop.png Pit Stop

Prize: $2,500 each


Team GOH CCA EDT Roadblock.png GCC Detour.png SI PitStop.png Roadblocks
Brendon & Rachel 2nd Increase2.png 1st Decrease2.png 4th Decrease2.png 5th Increase2.png 4th Decrease2.png 5th A Increase2.png 1st Brendon 2, Rachel 0
Margie & Luke 3rd Steady2.png 3rd Increase2.png 2nd Steady2.png 2nd Steady2.png 2nd Decrease2.png 3rd A Increase2.png 2nd Margie 2, Luke 0
Caroline & Jennifer 10th Increase2.png 9th Decrease2.png 10th Increase2.png 8th ε Increase2.png 5th Increase2.png 2nd A Decrease2.png 3rd Caroline 1, Jennifer 1
Dave & Connor 4th Increase2.png 2nd Increase2.png 1st Decrease2.png 3rd Steady2.png 3rd Increase2.png 1st A Decrease2.png 4th Dave 1, Connor 1
Flight Time & Big Easy 7th Increase2.png 6th Steady2.png 6th Decrease2.png 7th Decrease2.png 8th Increase2.png 6th A Increase2.png 5th Flight Time 2, Big Easy 0
Jet & Cord 1st Decrease2.png 10th Increase2.png 9th Increase2.png 6th Steady2.png 6th Increase2.png 4th A Decrease2.png 6th Jet 1, Cord 1
Leo & Jamal 5th Increase2.png 4th Increase2.png 3rd Decrease2.png 4th Decrease2.png 7th Steady2.png 7th A Steady2.png 7th Leo 1, Jamal 1
Jessica & John 9th Increase2.png 8th Steady2.png 8th Decrease2.png 10th Steady2.png 10th Increase2.png 9th A Increase2.png 8th Jessica 0, John 2
Joey & Meghan 8th Increase2.png 7th Steady2.png 7th Decrease2.png 9th Steady2.png 9th Increase2.png 8th A Decrease2.png 9th Joey 1, Meghan 1
Mark & Mallory 6th Increase2.png 5th Steady2.png 5th Increase2.png 1st Steady2.png 1st Decrease2.png 10th A Steady2.png 10th Mark 1, Mallory 1
  • An A indicates that teams completed the Featherball Detour, while a B indicates that teams completed the China Cup Detour.
  • A bold team member in the Roadblock count indicates the team member who completed this leg's Roadblock.
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