The Amazing Race 22 Leg 5

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Leg 5
Starting Line Bukit Point
Indonesia Flag of Indonesia.svg
Pit Stop National Museum of Vietnamese History
Vietnam Flag of Vietnam.svg
Winners Pam & Winnie
Last Place Dave & Connor
Distance 2183.33 miles
Contains Roadblock.png Detour.png U-Turn.png


Ngurah Rai International Airport

Noi Bai International Airport

File:Rạp Công Nhân.JPG
Rạp Công Nhân Theater Gallery 42
  • Hanoi, Vietnam Flag of Vietnam.svg
  • Distance: 2156 miles

No route markers were used during the duration of the visit to Vietnam. (see below for exception)

Rạp Công Nhân Theater Gallery 42

  • Hanoi
  • Distance: 13.8 miles

Roadblock.png Roadblock: When teams made their way to the theater, they found a Roadblock. Who's ready to take in the sights and sounds of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam? The chosen team member would enter the theater and listen to a group of performers sing a patriotic Vietnamese song. Once the song was over, the performers would hold up a banner saying "Vinh quang thay thế hệ thanh niên chúng ta". The team member then had to search among hundreds of political posters for one that contained this exact phrase, all without using notes. Teams only had five minutes to search, otherwise they would have to return to the theater and listen to another performance of the song. Once teams found the correct poster, they would receive their next clue.

Anthony, Jennifer, Chuck, Meghan, Katie, Beth, Pam

Công Viên Thống Nhất

File:Van Mieu Hanoi 16.jpg
Temple of Literature
  • Hanoi
  • Distance: 1.29 miles

Teams had to complete a traditional dance known as múa sạp, involving jumping over moving bamboo sticks. If teams could do the dance without touching the sticks, they would receive their Detour information.

Temple of Literature / Ngoc Son Temple

  • Hanoi
  • Distance: 1.34 miles/1.58 miles

Detour.png Detour:

Make Your Move: At the Temple of Literature, teams would observe two men playing a game of cờ tướng, or Chinese Chess. They then had to choose a one of the colors represented by pieces on the board, and search the temple for four human chess players with matching symbols and colors. Once they arranged them in the proper position on a giant human chess board, teams would get their next clue.
Bates & Anthony, Caroline & Jennifer, Chuck & Wynona U-Turn.png, Joey & Meghan, Mona & Beth, Pam & Winnie
Make Your Meal: At the Ngoc Son Temple, teams would retrieve two empty baskets, two baskets of live chickens, and an ingredients list for phở. Teams had to purchase the ingredients on the list from the nearby vendors, making sure to buy the correct weights and amounts. If they got the correct ingredients, a chef would prepare two bowls of phở gà and present them to teams along with their next clue.
Chuck & Wynona, Joey & Meghan U-Turn.png, Max & Katie

Hữu Tiệp Lake

File:Bâtiments 172.jpg
National Museum of Vietnamese History
  • Hanoi
  • Distance from Temple of Literature: 0.84 miles
  • Distance from Ngoc Son Temple: 1.78 miles

U-Turn.png Double Blind U-Turn

Pam & Winnie ⊃ Joey & Meghan ⋑ Chuck & Wynona

In what was most likely an oversight, the clue box used directly after the U-Turn had the standard red and yellow flags attached to it.

National Museum of Vietnamese History

  • Hanoi
  • Distance: 2.31 miles

PitStop.png Pit Stop

Prize: A ski trip for two to Whistler


Team BP NRI Plane.png RCN Roadblock.png MS CVT Detour.png HTL MVH PitStop.png Roadblocks
Pam & Winnie 2nd A Decrease2.png 2nd Increase2.png 1st Steady2.png 1st Steady2.png 1st Steady2.png 1st A Steady2.png 1st Steady2.png 1st Pam 3, Winnie 3
Max & Katie 3rd Decrease2.png 3rd Decrease2.png 4th Increase2.png 3rd Increase2.png 2nd Decrease2.png 4th B Increase2.png 3rd Increase2.png 2nd Max 3, Katie 3
Mona & Beth 6th B Decrease2.png 7th Increase2.png 6th Steady2.png 6th Increase2.png 5th Steady2.png 5th A Increase2.png 4th Increase2.png 3rd Mona 3, Beth 3
Bates & Anthony 7th Decrease2.png 5th Decrease2.png 7th Increase2.png 5th Increase2.png 4th Increase2.png 2nd A Steady2.png 2nd Decrease2.png 4th Bates 2, Anthony 4
Caroline & Jennifer 4th Increase2.png 1st Decrease2.png 3rd Decrease2.png 7th Steady2.png 7th Increase2.png 6th A Increase2.png 5th Steady2.png 5th Caroline 3, Jennifer 3
Joey & Meghan 5th Decrease2.png 6th Increase2.png 5th Increase2.png 4th Increase2.png 3rd Steady2.png 3rd A Decrease2.png 6th U-Turn.png Steady2.png 6th Joey 3, Meghan 3
Chuck & Wynona 8th Steady2.png 4th Increase2.png 2nd Steady2.png 2nd Decrease2.png 6th Decrease2.png 7th B Steady2.png 7th U-Turn.png Steady2.png 7th Chuck 5, Wynona 1
Dave & Connor 1st A Decrease2.png 8th Dave 1, Connor 4
  • An A indicates that teams completed the Make Your Move Detour, while a B indicates that teams completed the Make Your Meal Detour.
  • A bold team member in the Roadblock count indicates the team member who completed this leg's Roadblock.
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