The Amazing Race 13 Leg 7

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Leg 7
Starting Line Bahá'í House
New Delhi
India Flag of India.svg
Pit Stop Humayun's Tomb
Old Delhi
India Flag of India.svg
Winners Nick & Starr
Last Place Kelly & Christy
Distance 39.66 miles
Contains Roadblock.png Speedbump.png Detour.png


Deshbandhu Apartments

  • South Delhi, India Flag of India.svg
  • Distance: 5.49 miles

Roadblock.png Roadblock: In the open area next to these apartments, teams found a Roadblock. Who's ready for a colorful experience? The chosen team member would have to enter a celebration of the Holi festival, where celebrators would bombard each other with colored dyes and paint. They had to climb up one of many ladders and search among multicolored clues marked "Try Again!" for one marked "The Amazing Race!". Once they found it, they would find their next clue inside.

Dan, Kelly, Ken, Starr, Terence, Dallas

Jain Mandir

  • Old Delhi
  • Distance: 17.8 miles

Teams had to find the Charity Bird Hospital and search among the bird caged for their next clue. They would find their Detour information here, and Ken & Tina would find their Speed Bump information here.

Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib

File:Gurdwara sis ganj.jpg
Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib
  • Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi
  • Distance: +10.6 miles

Speedbump.png Speed Bump: Ken & Tina had to make their way here, and had to serve holy water to the Sikhs of the temple until the crowd had completely dissipated. They could then return to the Bird Hospital to continue the race.

Nai Sarak Street / Ram Bhandar

  • Old Delhi
  • Distance: 12 miles/11.7 miles

Detour.png Detour:

Bleary Eyed: Teams had to find Nai Sarak Street and search the incredibly tangled power lines for a race flag. They then had to follow the marked power lines along the street, keeping track of all the number tags hanging from it. If they reported the correct numbers to an official, they could plug in a musical Ganesh statue and receive their next clue.
Andrew & Dan, Kelly & Christy, Ken & Tina, Nick & Starr, Toni & Dallas
Teary Eyed: Teams had to find Ram Bhandar and had to transport two 40-pound bags of chili peppers to a nearby store called Shwan Kumar and Sons. They would have to grind all of the peppers into chili powder using a mortar and pestle to get their next clue.
Terence & Sarah

Humayun's Tomb

  • Old Delhi
  • Distance from Nai Sarak Street: 4.35 miles
  • Distance from Ram Bhandar: 4.68 miles

PitStop.png Pit Stop

Prize: A trip for two to Kauai, Hawaii


Team BH DA Roadblock.png CBH Detour.png HT PitStop.png Roadblocks
Nick & Starr 1st Steady2.png 1st Steady2.png 1st Steady2.png 1st Decrease2.png 2nd A Increase2.png 1st Nick 3, Starr 3
Toni & Dallas 3rd Increase2.png 2nd Steady2.png 2nd Steady2.png 2nd Increase2.png 1st A Decrease2.png 2nd Toni 3, Dallas 3
Terence & Sarah 4th Steady2.png 4th Increase2.png 3rd Steady2.png 3rd Steady2.png 3rd B Steady2.png 3rd Terence 3, Sarah 3
Ken & Tina 6th Steady2.png 6th Steady2.png 6th Steady2.png 6th Speedbump.png Increase2.png 4th A Steady2.png 4th Ken 3, Tina 2
Andrew & Dan 5th Steady2.png 5th Increase2.png 4th Steady2.png 4th Decrease2.png 5th A Steady2.png 5th Andrew 4, Dan 2
Kelly & Christy 2nd Decrease2.png 3rd Decrease2.png 5th Steady2.png 5th Decrease2.png 6th A Steady2.png 6th Kelly 3, Christy 3
  • An A indicates that teams completed the Bleary Eyed Detour, while a B indicates that teams completed the Teary Eyed Detour.
  • A bold team member in the Roadblock count indicates the team member who completed this leg's Roadblock.
  • An underlined blue team's placement indicates that the team came in last on a non-elimination leg.

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