The Amazing Race China 3 Leg 4

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Leg 4
Starting Line Yagizaki Park
Japan Flag of Japan.svg
Pit Stop Red Square
Russia Flag of Russia.svg
Winners Wu Jianhao & Yao Fengfeng ƒ
Last Place Jin Xing & Heinz
Speed Bump
Distance 7751.12km
Contains Detour.png Roadblock.png F-Forward.png

Narita International Airport

  • Tokyo, Japan Flag of Japan.svg
  • Distance: 151km

Domodedovo International Airport

  • Moscow, Russia Flag of Russia.svg
  • Distance: 7532km

The first clue teams received listed their next destination in Russian.

Maly Krasnokholmsky Bridge

  • Moscow
  • Distance: 38.4km

Once here, both team members would have to balance a shot glass of vodka on a saber and tilt the glasses up to their mouths to drink the contents.

Khleb Bakery

File:Wiki Varvarskye Gates.jpg
Slavyanskaya Square
  • Moscow
  • Distance: 5.33km

Teams had to travel here via the Moscow Metro. Teams would have to haul 20 heavy bags of flour from a truck outside into the store, each weighing 50kg. Teams also had to make sure they stacked the bags properly. Once successful, teams would receive their next clue and a loaf of Russian bread.

Slavyanskaya Square

  • Moscow
  • Distance: 3.1km

Teams had to travel here via the Moscow Metro. Here, teams would retrieve their Detour information as well as the Fast Forward information.

Old Moscow Circus

  • Moscow
  • Distance: +2.1km

F-Forward.png 快进: Teams wishing to pursue the Fast Forward would have to complete two tasks at the Russian circus. First, one team member had to keep a plate spinning on a long stick, walking across a designated area, and then passing it to their partner. Their partner then had to walk with the stick back to the starting point. If they plate had kept spinning the entire time, they would complete the task. Teams would then be hooked up to trapeze harnesses and had to hold four complex dance poses while being suspended in the air. The first team to complete both tasks would win the Fast Forward. However, in contrast to other teams, the winners would only receive a figurine that depicted the Pit Stop location.

Wu Jianhao & Yao Fengfeng

Russian State Social University / Korston Club Hotel

  • Moscow
  • Distance: 9.17km/6.96km

Detour.png 绕道: Teams had to travel to their chosen Detour via the Moscow Metro.

水出芙蓉: At the university's pool, teams would have to learn how to perform a Russian water dancing routine. If they could perform the routine to the satisfaction of a judge, teams would receive their next clue.
Guo Jingjing & Huo Qigang
軍中緣花: At the hotel, teams would dress in Soviet-era military uniforms and learn how to perform a Cossack dance. If they could perform the dance to the satisfaction of a judge, teams would receive their next clue.
Huang Tingting & Sun Rui, Jin Dachuan & Liu Chang TAR-Express Pass Card.png, Jin Xing & Heinz, Liu Xiang & Xu Qifeng, Zhang Zhehan & Zhang Sifan

Moscow State Pedagogical University

  • Moscow
  • Distance from Russian State Social University: 11.5km
  • Distance from Korston Club Hotel: 6.56km

Roadblock.png 路障: In the front lobby of this establishment, teams encountered a Roadblock. 誰想收看奧運直播? The chosen team member would have to complete a quiz relating to the Russian time zones. They would receive a quiz with 22 Russian cities, as well as a given time in Los Angeles. When the exam began, teams would be shown the time in another major city from around the world, and then a map of the Russian time zones. Seven cities would be identified, and teams had to correctly identify what the time would be in these cities in order to receive their next clue.

Huo Qigang, Huang Tingting, Liu Chang, Jin Xing, Liu Xiang, Zhang Zhehan

Red Square

  • Moscow
  • Distance: 3.19km

PitStop.png 中继站: This was a non-elimination leg. The last-place team would be required to complete a Speed Bump on the following leg.

Prize: A trip to France, Germany and Switzerland.
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