The Amazing Race: Jisu Qianjin 1 Leg 10

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Leg 10
Hong Kong
Starting Line World Cup Park
South Korea Flag of South Korea.svg
Pit Stop Golden Bauhinia Square
Wan Chai
Hong Kong Flag of Hong Kong.svg
Winners Li Xiaopeng & Li Anqi
Last Place Jin Dachuan & Liu Chang
Distance 2150.48km
Contains Roadblock.png

Incheon International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport

Kowloon Walled City Park

  • Kowloon
  • Distance: 28.2km

Roadblock.png 路障: Once teams arrived here, they would find a Roadblock. 谁想成为皇上身边的大红人? The chosen team member had to find locals walking around dressed in historical clothing and ask each of them for the name and description of a noted historical figure. They would then enter a recreation of the emperor's throne room and identify all 10 of these people by name. If correct, the emperor would give them their next clue.

Bai Jugang, Liu Chang, Li Xiaopeng, Zhong Hanliang

Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Golden Bauhinia Square
  • Aberdeen
  • Distance: 10.2km

Once on board this boat, one of the team members had to observe a table filled with many dishes of local cuisine. They had to use only their sight to identify which one of the dishes contained fake food. If they picked up some real food, however, their partner would have to eat the dish. Teams would only get their next clue once they found the fake food.

Golden Bauhinia Square

  • Wan Chai
  • Distance: 4.68km

PitStop.png 中继站: Teams were handed their next clue and instructed to continue racing. The last team to arrive would still be eliminated.

The Amazing Race: Jisu Qianjin 1
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