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Terri & Henry
Terri & Henry
The Amazing Race Asia 2
Relationship Married 13 Years
Finishing Position 6th
Legs Completed 8
Legs Won 0
Average Position 6.38
Roadblock Count Terri 3, Henry 5
Countries raced Flag of Singapore.svg 22x20px Flag of Hong Kong.svg Flag of New Zealand.svg Flag of Japan.svg Flag of South Korea.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of the Czech Republic.svg

Trinidad "Terri" and Henry Reed are a couple who have been married for 13 years who competed on The Amazing Race Asia 2. They are both from the Philippines, though Henry is originally from the United States. They finished in 6th after finishing in last place on three legs in a row.

Henry died on May 21, 2013 after a long sleep, at the age of 53.


Race Summary

Leg 1 (Singapore → Philippines)

  • Detour.png Dare: Cross a tightrope between two skyscrapers.
  • PitStop.png 9th

Leg 2 (Philippines)

  • Roadblock.png Henry: Direct a Carabao around a figure-8 course through the mud.
  • Detour.png Wheel: Fully assemble a bicycle from scratch.
  • PitStop.png 9th

Leg 3 (Philippines → Hong Kong → New Zealand)

  • Roadblock.png Terri: Bungee jump 40m from the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
  • Detour.png Waka: Paddle a Waka boat around a lake and collect three flags.
  • PitStop.png 5th

Leg 4 (New Zealand)

  • Roadblock.png Henry: Search the Hell's Gate mud pits for a traditional stick.
  • Detour.png Flax: Follow a demonstration to create a traditional flax headband.
  • PitStop.png 7th

Leg 5 (New Zealand → Japan → South Korea)

  • Detour.png You Catch It: Use rice paper paddles to catch 40 goldfish.
  • Roadblock.png Henry: Arrange four ice blocks with letters into the name of the next destination.
  • PitStop.png Leg Midpoint - 6th
  • YieldIcon.png Used the Yield on Marc & Rovilson - Failed
  • Detour.png Slither: Retrieve an ancient Korean coin from the bottom of an octopus tank each.
  • Roadblock.png Terri: Search among many locks on a door for the one opened by a single key.
  • PitStop.png 3rd>

Leg 6 (South Korea)

  • Roadblock.png Terri: Search under the lids of 1500 soybean jars for the next clue.
  • Detour.png Too Ho: Throw three bamboo sticks into a cylinder 4.5m away.
  • PitStop.png 6th - Non-elimination leg

Leg 7 (South Korea → Germany → Czech Republic)

  • Roadblock.png Henry: Search the town square while wearing a suit of armour for a damsel in distress, then deliver her a key using a pulley.
  • Detour.png Bow: Each hit a target using a traditional crossbow.
  • PitStop.png 6th - Non-elimination leg

Leg 8 (Czech Republic)

  • Intersection.png Partnered with Natasha & Paula.
    • Detour.png Snap: Take a photograph of three specific landmarks.
  • Roadblock.png Henry: Jump off a 10m diving board.
  • PitStop.png Arrived 6th, 30-minute penalty for being Marked for Elimination - 6th~ - Eliminated
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