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Teri & Ian
Teri & Ian
The Amazing Race 3
Relationship Married Parents
Finishing Position 2nd
Legs Completed 13
Legs Won 3
Average Position 4.46
Roadblock Count Teri 2, Ian 9
Countries raced Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of England.svg Flag of Scotland.svg Flag of Portugal.svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of Morocco.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of Switzerland.svg Flag of Malaysia.svg Flag of Singapore.svg Flag of Vietnam.svg 22x20px
Teri & Ian
Teri & Ian
The Amazing Race 11
Relationship Married Parents
Finishing Position 7th
Legs Completed 6
Legs Won 0
Average Position 4.83
Roadblock Count Teri 2, Ian 3
Countries raced Flag of Ecuador.svg Flag of Chile.svg Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of Mozambique.svg Flag of Tanzania.svg

Teri and Ian Pollack are married parents who competed on The Amazing Race 3. They also returned to compete on The Amazing Race 11. They are both from Palm City, Florida. They surprised everyone by coming in 2nd, barely losing out to Flo & Zach. When they returned for All-Stars, they finished in 7th, falling short in Tanzania after major airport troubles.


The Amazing Race 3 Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Mexico)

"Winning is everything! Winning is fun!" – Teri
Detour.png Wheels: Direct a donkey-drawn cart around a marked course.
PitStop.png 8th

Teri & Ian began the race in last place, being at the back of the pack and the last team to reach their bags. When they get to the airport, they share an airport shuttle with Flo & Zach and decide to go to the AeroMexico counter. They purchase tickets on the flight, only to realize later that it is the second flight. They are joined on this flight by Derek & Drew, Gina & Sylvia, Ken & Gerard and Tramel & Talicia. Once in Mexico City, they waste no time getting into a taxi and rushing off with the intent of catching up. They race extremely fast, picking up clues from the Angel of Independence and Pablo in the plaza before making their way to the hotel.

They manage to be the last to sign up for the second charter bus, putting them ahead of the other teams on the second flight. They join Heather & Eve, Dennis & Andrew and Andre & Damon on this bus. After the long bus ride, they arrive and pick up their Detour clue, quickly choosing to complete Wheels. They traverse the route, with Teri pulling the donkey along at one point, and finish the task without much issue. They then travel to the Pit Stop and arrive in 9th place. A penalty later given to Andre & Damon pushes them up to 8th place.

Leg 2 (Mexico)

"All of a sudden, there was this crash!" – Teri
Detour.png Horsepower: Search a large radius for the next clue on wave-runners.
Roadblock.png Ian: Dive for clue in a pool of dolphins
PitStop.png 10th

Departing at 3:33am in 8th, Teri & Ian depart with Teri quickly finding the pyramid's city on her map. After heading to the city and taking a wrong turn, they come across Dennis & Andrew and suggest they work together to find the pyramid. As they head off, driving behind the father and son, they complain about their slow driving. Upon finally reaching the pyramid, they see Andre & Damon just leaving. They grab their clue and head for the bus station, getting on the 1:30pm bus with Andre & Damon, Dennis & Andrew, Tramel & Talicia and Derek & Drew, who had won the Fast Forward. During the long ride, in the middle of the night, they are jolted awake as the bus crashes into another car. No-one is injured, but the teams need to climb out the bus' window and it will take 30 minutes before a new bus can pick them up.

After finally reaching Cancún, they run out and grab a taxi. Upon reaching the Detour at the marina, they decide to perform Horsepower. Ian drives the wave runner around the lagoon as they search, but later they hit an errant wave and the vehicle flips and dumps them both into the water. Ian takes charge and gets them both back up and running. Not long afterwards, Ian spots the buoy and they grab their next clue. They then travel to the ferry terminal and get on a ferry alongside Andre & Damon and Dennis & Andrew.

On Cozumel, they travel to the Roadblock location where Ian decides to perform the task. He hops into the dolphin pond, where he is the second of the three to grab a clue. The same three teams catch a ferry back to the mainland and begin their drive to the Pit Stop. They believe that they might be in last place, but refuse to give up. Eventually, they find a sign for the bungalows in the darkness of the night and follow it to the Pit Stop. There, they learn that they are in 10th place and are still in the race.

Leg 3 (Mexico → England → Scotland)

"We made it?? We made it!!" – Ian
Detour.png Punt: Travel by 'punt' a short distance downriver to the next clue.
Roadblock.png Teri: Participate in the caber toss, hammer throw and shot put.
PitStop.png 9th

Departing at 7:47am, Teri & Ian get in a jeep and drive to the airport, hoping to catch up to everyone else. Once at the airport, they work quickly to gather information and purchase tickets. They manage to book an 11:55 flight to Mexico City that is nearly full, and no other teams join them on it. At 6:30pm, they land in London and travel by train to Cambridge, though they believe they are in last place. It is very late in the night when they reach the Detour, and they decide to perform Punt. Ian becomes a little frustrated with Teri as she struggles to paddle properly. It is very difficult to navigate the canals in the near pitch darkness, but they eventually manage to find the clue. They then head to the bus departure area where they find Andre & Damon, and the two teams prepare to battle one another for elimination.

After the bus ride, they quickly travel by taxi to Stonehaven and manage to find the castle before the cop and fireman. By this point Ian is totally winded, and so Teri decides to perform the Roadblock. This turns out to be a poor decision, as Teri has difficulty even tossing the caber into the air. She finally manages to successfully toss it just as Andre begins the Roadblock. Andre and Teri both begin the hammer throw at the same time, and both succeed at the same time on their first try. They both move on to the shot put, but this is where Andre's superior strength allows them to get ahead. They run as fast as they can in pursuit of their opponents, but have no hope of passing them. Dejected and ready for elimination, they make their way to the mat. When Phil tells them that they are in 9th place, they simply can't believe it.

Leg 4 (Scotland → Portugal)

"Maybe we can get someone else to smell some rear-end for a while." – Ian
Detour.png Old School: Use Portuguese longboat to deliver wine to one restaurant.
Roadblock.png Ian: Block a shot from a young professional soccer player.
PitStop.png 5th

Departing at 5:28am, Teri & Ian begin the long trek to the harbour, motivating themselves to keep a steady pace. They see Andre & Damon departing as they reach the harbour and grab the bottle. On the previous leg, Ian had gotten the telephone number of their Scottish taxi driver. Now, Ian calls him to get a quick ride back to the airport. They and the cop & fireman both get on the same flight to Porto. When they connect through London, they join up with Flo & Zach, Aaron & Arianne, Heather & Eve, Michael & Kathy and John Vito & Jill.

When they land in Porto, Ian rushes through the terminal and calls out for a taxi. When they arrive there and find the Detour, they decide to complete Old School. Ian rolls the barrel out of the lodge, but Teri is confused and thinks they have to put the barrel into one of the trucks for "Old School". Ian yells across the street to correct her and they load their barrel onto the boat. It's a slow journey across the river, but they make it to the other side and deliver their wine. They head to the train station, and all of the teams show up before the next train departs. They all travel together to Lisbon, and then it's a mad dash to get a taxi. Their driver is not the best, and the fall to last place again.

It takes them quite a while to reach the stadium, and when they arrive Ian decides to perform the Roadblock. Zach needs a number of attempts before he barely manages to deflect one of the shots way up into the air. Now in 6th, they hastily depart for the Pit Stop. Ian is not confident that he will be able to contend with the local soccer players, and most of the shots fly right past him. Sooner than expected, however, he deflects a shot that barely hits the top bar of the goal, which is enough to earn him his next clue. They head off, now in second-to-last. It is a long run across the city and both become rather exhausted. Ian keeps pushing Teri to go faster and begging for her not to stop. She runs as fast as she can, and eventually they make it to the Pit Stop where they arrive in 6th place. During the Pit Stop, a penalty is retroactively applied to Heather & Eve and they are moved up to 5th place.

Leg 5 (Portugal → Spain → Morocco)

"It did say 'diesel'!" – Teri
Detour.png Ropes: Rappel down Ursa Cliffs
Roadblock.png Ian: Find clue in one of many smelly dye vats.
PitStop.png 6th

Departing at 2:34pm in 5th place, Teri & Ian head out with somewhat hot heads but quickly ask some locals for information. Learning that their destination is 30km away, they decide to find a taxi. They are still a little snappy with one another as they get into the taxi. Choosing to take a taxi allows them to maintain their position as they reach the Detour, where they decide to perform Ropes. Because of the two-team limit on the rappelling it looks as if they will have to wait, but get a chance to begin sooner when Flo & Zach quit. Ian gets hooked up and blazes down the cliff in record time, passing by Kathy. Teri is a little shakier coming down, but Ian is at the bottom shouting encouragement. When she reaches the bottom, she is extremely happy and proud of herself. They pick up their next clue and begin the long drive to Spain.

After hours on the road, in the middle of the night, they stop to refuel. Teri asks if they are in a diesel vehicle, but Ian says they're not. After filling up on unleaded fuel, they depart. Not long after, Ian notices the vehicle acting strangely and has to pull over as it completely dies. Teri gets out and looks at the gas tank. She is quite frustrated when she sees a 'diesel' label and realizes she was right all along. They are not terribly far from the gas station they were just at, and so walk back to it along the highway. There, he immediately requests a siphon hose and a carton of gas from the attendant and heads back to the vehicle. He inserts the hose and crawls under the vehicle to find the fuel line, disconnecting it and emptying out the unleaded fuel. He then reconnects the line, refuels the vehicle with diesel, and they are successfully on their way. Teri is very impressed with Ian's accomplishment.

They reach the ferry port in the morning, where they meet up with Flo & Zach who experienced a similar mishap. Both teams get on the 8am ferry with just minutes to spare. They then both head for the travel agency and sign up for the second charter bus along with John Vito & Jill. Once in Fez, they are the second of their group to find the next clue box. Ian elects to perform the Roadblock and makes his way to the tannery alongside Zach, where they meet John Vito. Ian is the first of the three to find a clue and quickly heads back, John Vito right behind him. Despite being the first to leave, they are the last of their group to reach the Pit Stop and arrive in 6th place.

Leg 6 (Morocco)

"When I make a decision, it's a decision." – Ian
F-Forward.png Find carpet marked with the Fast Forward symbol in a carpet shop.
PitStop.png 1stƒ

Departing at 5:28am, Teri & Ian drive off whilst getting into a little squabble about the plan that Ian doesn't have. Ian hits the road and approaches both John Vito & Jill and Flo & Zach on the road, racing straight past them. They come upon a sign to Rabat, and Ian knows that there is a major highway from Rabat to Casablanca and so goes in that direction. When Ian pauses to ask a local for directions, Flo & Zach pass them. John Vito & Jill, however, have vanished. Once at a toll gate, they pass the friends once again. Now close to Casablanca, Teri wants Ian to get off of the highway but he insists on staying on it for a little longer. When Flo & Zach take the exit he passed, he realizes that he made a mistake and takes the next exit. In the city, he hires a taxi to lead them to the mosque, where they find they have been beaten by the friends. They notice Flo & Zach trying to talk to their taxi and angrily tell them off. Ian asks the taxi driver to stay, but Teri doesn't think it's necessary, leading to Ian putting his foot down once again.

They pick up their clue and decide to pursue the Fast Forward once they get to Marrakesh. They reach the train station and get on the train along with Flo & Zach and John Vito & Jill. Teri is having second thoughts about the Fast Forward, but Ian convinces her to go for it. When they arrive in Marrakesh, they run to the taxis and head off to the carpet shop as fast as they can. They are the first to arrive there and quickly begin searching through the carpets. Soon after, John Vito & Jill show up and also begin searching. The two teams frantically scour through all of the carpets, but it is Teri who eventually finds the correct carpet. Having won the Fast Forward, they bid the dating couple good luck and head for the Pit Stop. Ian is still hurrying Teri along as they make their way to the rooftop, but they arrive at the mat in 1st place and win a pair of Kodak EasyShare cameras.

Leg 7 (Morocco → Germany → Austria → Germany)

"I showed him where his clue was, for heaven's sake!" – Teri
Detour.png Sled: Ride a bobsled down an Olympic track.
Roadblock.png Teri: Rappel from a high cable car.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 3:25am, Teri & Ian find a taxi in the night and make their way to the airport. They note that there are flights to both Zurich and Paris, and Ian feels that Zurich would be the better option. It leaves at 6:05am, which leads them to believe that it might depart before anyone else shows up. A few teams do arrive at the airport, but none are able to get on the flight to Zurich with them. From Zurich, they make their way to Munich successfully and then travel by train into the center of the city. They find the statue and locate Kasperle, who hands them their next clue. Now that they have to get to Austria, they return to the train station. The two are able to purchase tickets to Innsbruck and travel there, still with no other teams in sight. Once in Innsbruck, they find the next clue box and Ian is happy to count six clues still inside of it.

They open up the Detour clue, but are quite dismayed to find that both of them are closed until 7am the following morning. Regardless, they decide to perform Sled at Ian's suggestion and decide to head to the bobsled track, thinking there may be a sign-up sheet. Once there, he instructs their taxi driver to return at 8:30 tomorrow, and they do indeed find a sign-up sheet and get the first position. During the night, Derek & Drew, Ken & Gerard and John Vito & Jill also show up. Morning arrives and Teri & Ian get into the first bobsled. The other teams watch in amusement as the two fly down the hill at high speeds. Ian enjoys the ride very much, and the two receive their next clue at the bottom of the hill. Their taxi has arrived just as planned, and they head for their next destination. They arrive at the gondola station at the same time as the twins, and both teams ride the gondola up. At the top, Ian grabs the #1 spot and they pick up their next clue. Teri elects to perform the Roadblock and gets into the next gondola alongside Drew. Not long afterwards, they are joined by Jill and Gerard. The gondola travels halfway up the mountain, and Teri is harnessed up. As the others watch, she is the first to begin her descent. Ian is impressed as he watches her go down, and Teri states that she would be happy to do it again any time. She picks up her clue and runs down the steep mountain to rejoin Ian.

At the gondola station, waiting for the gondola to take them back down, Teri notices Derek looking for his misplaced clue. She helpfully lets him know that he left it at the ticket counter. All four teams manage to get on the gondola before it takes them back down. On the way down, Ian asks Derek if he found the Pit Stop location in his guide book. When they don't give any information, the two are disappointed that their act of goodwill is not being reciprocated. At the bottom, they get into their cars and head off. When Ken & Gerard go one way and twins go another, they decide to follow the brothers. This gets everyone into a traffic jam when the brothers drive down a private driveway and have to reverse. They change their minds at this point and decide to go the way the twins went instead. Eventually they encounter Ken & Gerard once again, noticing that the brothers have a flat tire. The back roads of Bavaria confuse them immensely, so Ian pulls over to ask for directions at a restaurant. The directions prove useful to them, as they soon arrive at the Pit Stop in 4th place.

Leg 8 (Germany → Switzerland)

"This is more important than your pants falling down." – Ian
Detour.png Run the Numbers: Find a series of numbers around Zurich to unlock a safe.
Roadblock.png Ian: Shoot a crossbow at an apple on a mannequin's head.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 12:53am, Teri & Ian head out with Teri quickly finding the farm on the map and showing Ian so that he knows where to go. They travel to the general vicinity of the farm and notice two vehicles heading towards them. Both Derek & Drew and John Vito & Jill pass by them, yelling out the window that they can't find the farm. A short distance up the road, however, Ian spots the flag. They realize that the other two teams had simply lied to them. Ian begins digging into the pile of hay, but Teri spots a clue sticking out right in front of him. They then head to the ferry terminal, finding both of the teams they had passed by as well as Flo & Zach waiting. Ken & Gerard join them about an hour later, and all five teams board the ferry and travel to Switzerland. Once there, they transfer to a train and travel to Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Finally, they grab a taxi at the Rheinfall station and travel to the falls themselves. There, they get onto the boat that will take them to the small islet in the middle of the falls. Most teams join them, but everyone notices that John Vito & Jill are absent. Along the way, the four teams discuss whether or not to lug their bags up to the top of the rocky islet, but the boat driver tells them it's okay to leave their bags on the boat. They all do so and run up the stairs to grab their clue.

When they get back down, however, they find that the boat has left without them and taken their bags with it. When the other boat arrives with John Vito & Jill, they are informed that they will have to wait for their boat to come back with their bags to pick them up. However, Jill is staying on the boat and holding it there while John Vito retrieves the clue, which is in turn keeping their boat held at the other dock. They give Jill a rather frustrated stare until John Vito comes back with the clue and they depart. Finally their boat returns and they travel back to shore. Along the way, the twins ask the driver for information on getting to Zürich and he suggests they simply walk to the Rheinfall station. They all do so and get onto a train there. On the way, Flo walks over to chat with Ian, Ken and Gerard. She confirms to them that she and Zach are just friends, with Ian commenting that she should be with Zach. When the brothers ask her about Drew, she doesn't confirm anything but her facial expressions betray her. Once in Zürich, the four are surprised to see that John Vito & Jill were on the train with them the whole time. The five move as a pack, gathering information from locals and making their way to the Detour. When Teri & Ian try to get in, Jill stands in their way in the doorway which angers Ian.

They decide to perform Run the Numbers and begin by making their way to the field to count the trees. They split up the field, with one of them counting 21 trees on one side while the other counts 24 trees on the other side. However, Ian incorrectly adds this to 43. They then take a look at the church's clock face and add up the numbers 1 through 12. Ian incorrectly arrives at a total of 77. They make their way towards the specified intersection, but Ian is getting frustrated with Teri's slow pace. The other teams leave them behind and it takes them a while to arrive at the intersection. There, they find the number '12' on the statue and head back to the vault. They try to enter their combination but it doesn't work. Ken & Gerard open their safe, and Teri tries to ask Ken how many trees there are, but Ken declines to answer. So, they decide to go and count the trees once again, this time coming up with 50. They return and use this number, while also using the correct total for the clock face. Finally, the safe opens and they grab their clue. They manage to catch everyone at the train station, and all five teams get on a train to Grindelwald. John Vito & Jill and Ken & Gerard are on a different train than the others, but the difference is negligible as they all meet up at the connection in Lucerne. In Grindelwald it's a mad dash to get down to the field, though Teri once again brings up the rear.

Ian quickly decides to perform the Roadblock, having experience with shooting as a former police officer. After a couple of shots he hits the arrow. Ian proudly proclaims that it only took him two shots, but Teri informs him that it took three. They are passed by Derek & Drew before they can even leave the field. Teri has difficulty climbing the steep hill and crossing the wire fence, but they catch up to the others when it becomes apparent that no-one has any idea where they are going. The twins head up the hill, and the other three teams follow. When the others take a shortcut across a field with barbed wire at the end, Teri & Ian decide to stick to the streets. Ian still tries to keep them in sight, but Teri's slow pace causes him to lose sight of them. The two eventually catch up to Ken & Gerard, but Teri is being slowed by her pants starting to fall down. Finally, after even more exhausted climbing, they finally find the Chalet. The two arrive at the Pit Stop in 3rd place.

Leg 9 (Switzerland)

"I fell off on purpose!" – Teri
Detour.png Very Swiss: Retrieve a key from the collar of a goat in a herd
Roadblock.png Ian: Build a bicycle using the provided parts.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 5:03am, Teri & Ian head out to the streets and ask the driver of a passing vehicle where the Gletscherschlucht is. They then hike to the gorge's lodge where they find John Vito & Jill and Ken & Gerard waiting for the gorge to open at 9am. Just before the gorge opens, Flo & Zach and Derek & Drew also show up. Ian informs them that a queue has formed. At 9am, all five of the teams enter the gorge and begin hiking along the pathways. When Zach, at the back of the line, notices that everyone walked past the keys, the line completely reverses as teams head back to grab them. Their pace slows at this point and they fall behind the other teams, with Ian being the last to retrieve his key. They head back and get into a vehicle, and then depart for Kandersteg. They, as well as all teams besides the dating couple, arrive at the train station. While they wait to board the car train, they ask a few locals what they can expect to find at the Red Bridge. The locals tell them that bungee jumping is at the bridge, and Teri is rather anxious to hear this. They tell Ken & Gerard, and then Teri tells Ian to inform Flo about this discovery, to which everyone laughs. Ian walks over and tells Flo that she's about to bungee. At 10:40, the four teams drive their cars onto the train and begin their journey through the Alps.

After the ride, the two head out in fourth place but become lost when Teri realizes they're going the wrong way. When they finally find the correct location, they notice two other teams leaving. Ian reasons that they could not have jumped already, and Teri suggests that they both perhaps quit. When they find the Detour clue, Ian has become incredibly impatient with Teri's slow pace. The two stare venomously at each other while Teri tries to open the clue, but the perforated edge doesn't rip properly. Seeing the Detour, they realize that they don't have to bungee if they don't want to. Ian is willing to do it, but Teri counters that she had been willing to sky dive on Leg 1 but Ian did not want to. They choose Very Swiss and depart. Ian is respectful of Teri's fears and notes that while it may be their undoing, they made the decision as a team. When they arrive at the farm, they see Flo & Zach and Ken & Gerard talking on cell phones. When Ken tells them that they get to phone home, Teri becomes incredibly excited and runs towards the task as quickly as she can. The two don't have much luck in chasing after the goats, but Teri is eventually able to snag one of the keys. They retrieve their clue and the cell phone, which Teri dials. Her sister Phyllis answers and she is overjoyed. Their sons Brandon and Seth are there as well, and both are quite happy to hear from them. It is difficult to Teri to end the call so that they can depart, but she does and they are soon on their way.

They stop at an information centre and ask for directions. When they arrive at the Chateau, Ian is dismayed to see that there's only one clue left in the box. When Teri suggests he complete the Roadblock, Ian is frustrated because he's so tired but agrees anyway. Ian quickly begins assembling his bike, having had experience putting together bikes for his children. Most of the work is easy for him, but he gets stuck when trying to attach the brakes. He quickly figures it out, and is able to receive the next clue before Zach can, moving up to 4th place. They get onto the bicycles and head off to Montreaux. They ask a local for directions along the way and learn that they are on the right track. They continue down the streets, but suddenly Teri swerves her bike and falls off, landing face-first on the pavement. The bike she had been riding started breaking and so she fell off on purpose to avoid a worse injury. Ian does his best to fix the bike so they can continue. He does so, and they keep riding along the streets. A short while later, they spot the Savoie in the lake and find the pedalboats. They get into one and pedal as fast as they can towards the ship. They see Flo & Zach on the shore, and the pedaling makes them both quite exhausted, but the reach the ship. They rush to step onto the mat and arrive in 4th place.

Leg 10 (Switzerland → Malaysia → Singapore)

"You are on the wrong continent." – Swiss citizen
Detour.png Wet: Swim through the manatee enclosure at the Singapore Zoo
Roadblock.png Ian: Run around the fountain of wealth for good luck.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 2:35am, Teri & Ian head for the fountain and pick up their first clue. They ask a local to identify their Malaysian flag, and he playfully tells them that they are on the wrong continent. Flo & Zach arrive as they depart. The airport is closed when they arrive. When it opens, they go directly to the Swiss Air counter and try to get on their flight which does not have a lot of seats. The agent works with them and manages to get them tickets to Kuala Lumpur. They depart at 7:50am, connect through Zurich and Vienna, and no other teams join them on this flight. When they land, they find a taxi to take them to the towers. Once at the towers, they find a group of locals to take their picture. A woman agrees, though Ian grows impatient with her. They then find a local and ask him where Ampang Park is. He stops in front of an outdoor restaurant and asks the locals there as well. They get lost on the streets and have to ask a number of locals for help along the way, with Ian constantly asking her to start jogging. They finally arrive at a location, but realize that they've found the Ampang Park Subway Station instead.

When they return to the streets, though, they see the shopping centre nearby. They find the Quick Foto store and print their photo, finding their next clue on the back. They find a taxi but have difficulty communicating to him that they want to go to the train station. He takes them to another, older train station instead of the main station that they wanted. They arrive at the train station and get tickets to Singapore, but as they wait all the other teams show up. The train arrives but no-one is in a rush, since the Orchid Gardens don't open until the next morning. They find a European couple departing the country who recommend a good hotel for them. Morning arrives and they travel to the gardens, learning along the way that "Margaret Thatcher" is the name of an orchid flower. When the gardens open, they rush to the flower and pick up the Detour clue. They decide they should perform Wet and depart. They drive onto the expressway and head towards the zoo. They end up driving behind Derek & Drew on the expressway and pass them right before arriving at the zoo. While Ian buys tickets, Teri sees the twins getting help from a local and tries to lean over their shoulders. Derek steps away from her, but they ask the same local for help once the twins head off.

Both teams arrive at the manatee enclosure. Throughout the race, Teri & Ian had been wearing disposable paper underwear to make traveling easier. Despite this, Teri doesn't hesitate to strip down to this paper underwear in front of everyone and quickly get into her wet suit, which amuses Ian. They then hop into the manatee tank and swim across to retrieve their next clue. They depart, but become a little confused by the Singapore roads. They pull up next to a man on a motorcycle at a traffic light, and he agrees to lead them to the fountain. Once there, Ian decides to perform the Roadblock and runs into the fountain waters. He picks up the clue and they return to their vehicle. As they pull away, they notice John Vito & Jill are just arriving. They quickly make their way to Mount Faber, though the stress is making them snap at one another again. They run up to the mat, and are pleased to hear that they are in 4th place.

Leg 11 (Singapore → Vietnam)

"This is the first time I've been in Vietnam since the war ended, and I like it." – Ian
Detour.png Easy Buy: Find water coconuts being sold in the floating market.
Roadblock.png Ian: Pedal a cyclo, carrying partner, across the city to the Pit Stop.
PitStop.png 1st

Departing at 10:45pm, Teri & Ian depart with the heavy knowledge that they are going to Vietnam. Ian was a soldier in the Vietnam War and feels somewhat uncomfortable going back. Flo & Zach drive past them in a taxi as they reach the streets. Luckily, another taxi is waiting just down the road. They borrow the driver's cell phone and call a travel agency. They learn about a 6:15am flight to Kuala Lumpur that they could take. They arrive at the airport, where they learn that Flo & Zach made flight reservations for Derek & Drew. Ian comments that their alliance is going to hurt them eventually. The friends and twins are on a flight to Kuala Lumpur 15 minutes ahead of them, but as Ian predicts it doesn't matter. All four teams meet in Kuala Lumpur and proceed to Ho Chi Minh City on the same flight.

Once they land, they find a taxi and travel to Rex Square, where they get their next clue. Ian comments that the city looks much the same as it did the last time he was there. On the way to Cái Bè, they pass Derek & Drew, but are passed when the twins' taxi drives on the shoulder. The two taxis end up jockeying for position. Once in Cái Bè, a tremendous storm has arrived bringing with it extremely heavy rain. They pick up their Detour clue and hurriedly take shelter under a roof while they read it. They decide to perform Easy Buy and get into a sampan. Ian excitedly encourages the driver to go fast, though neither of them are dressed very well for the heavy rain. As they enter the floating market, Ken & Gerard pass by them in the opposite direction cheering. At the market Ian begins calling out to the vendors in search of the water coconuts, though he is incorrectly yelling nước nước, which means "water water". At one point, Teri tries to correct him but he insists that he's pronouncing it right. Finally, after some time searching in the rain, Ian spots the boat with the water coconuts and they head towards it. They purchase a bundle and pick up their next clue. Derek & Drew, however, simply follow them to the clue. They return to shore and hail a taxi to take them back to Ho Chi Minh City, leaving the rain behind.

Once back in the city, Ian spots the clue box on the side of the road and they hop out to grab it. Ian agrees to perform the Roadblock, and they both hop onto a cyclo. At first he has a little difficulty, but soon he is riding the cyclo like a pro. The two have a wonderful time, whooping in joy as they ride along the streets. They make their way to the ferry and get on board, where Ian happily interacts with the other passengers. On the other side of the river, they continue to ride with Teri pointing out the flags for Ian to follow. Not long afterwards, they find the cafe and park their cyclo. The wind is blowing as they step onto the mat, arriving at the Pit Stop in 1st place and winning a seven-night European cruise on Royal Caribbean's Splendor of the Seas.

Leg 12 (Vietnam)

"...Well, that was fun." – Teri
Detour.png Basket Bikes: Transport an unwieldy amount of baskets using a bicycle.
Roadblock.png Ian: Use a traditional mechanism to raise a fishing net from the water.
PitStop.png 1st

Departing at 5:19am, Teri & Ian head for the ferry to cross the Saigon River, with Ian informing Teri of how to correctly pronounce Huế. Once back in the main area of the city, they find a taxi to take them to the train station. They learn that ticket sales don't start until 7am, an hour later. He also learns that it will be a 24-hour train ride, and relays this information once Flo & Zach show up. Ian watches with interest as Flo breaks down and considers quitting the race. They purchase first class tickets as Ken & Gerard show up, and Teri tells them about Flo. They board the train and begin the 24-hour journey. Once finally in Huế, they grab a taxi and head to the Imperial Palace. They arrive, but end up running around the palace looking for the clue. A local directs them towards an area, but this turns out to be incorrect. Another local points them in the correct direction and they pick up the next clue. Flo gives them a piece of her mind as they leave, doing nothing more than amusing them.

After a long taxi ride to Da Nang, they spot the yellow flag at the bridge and pick up the Detour clue. They decide to perform Basket Bikes and travel to the bikes, marveling at the amount of baskets attached. Both of them have trouble simply getting on the bikes. A local helps Ian get balanced and he rides off, inadvertently leaving Teri far behind. He catches up to Ken & Gerard, but is not able to pass them. Teri, meanwhile, is still at the beginning. Realizing that she is not going to be able to balance the bike on her own, she convinces a group of local men to run alongside her and hold the baskets up. Further down the road, Ian is getting similar help from a group of children. Ian reaches the end of the course just as Ken & Gerard are finishing. It is then he realizes that Teri is nowhere in sight. Teri has given up on riding and is now pushing the bike along with the help of her local friends. Eventually she reaches the end as well, and a huge swarm of people descend upon Ian wanting money for their assistance. Ian gives some of them money, but it's a huge confusing cluster. After getting their next clue, they ride back to the starting point on regular bikes. They get into their taxi just as Flo & Zach begin the task.

As they race towards Hoi An, their speedy taxi driver overtakes Ken & Gerard, which puts them in 1st place. Once in Hoi An, they find the quay and hop into a sampan, which takes them to the floating clue box. Ian decides to perform the Roadblock and climbs up onto the fishing platform. He manages to pull the net up without much difficulty, while Teri directs the sampan driver under the net so she can grab the next clue. They pass by Ken & Gerard going in the opposite direction on their way back to shore. After a short taxi ride to China Beach they make their way to the Pit Stop, where they arrive in 1st place and win a seven-night Alaskan cruise on Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the Seas.

Leg 13 (Vietnam → United States)

"Do you really think we'd let you get away without saying goodbye?" – Ian
Detour.png Quick Drop: Ride a zipline into a waterfall basin.
Roadblock.png Ian: Rotate a totem pole with animals into the order they were encountered on the race.
PitStop.png Finish Line - 2nd

Departing at 5:35am, Teri & Ian find a taxi to take them to Da Nang with Ian encouraging him to go quickly. There, Teri is very excited to learn that they're on their way to Honolulu. They find a travel agency and ask the clerk there for help, though Ian gets a little frustrated with how they're both talking over each other. When Ken & Gerard show up, he asks them to wait their turn and then walks behind the counter to talk with the agents. The brothers call him back over and tell him that he's being disrespectful and intimidating to the ticket agents. Since they'll probably be bunched together anyway, Ian begrudgingly agrees to let Gerard handle the situation. After the whole mess is over, both teams book a flight from Hanoi through Tokyo to reach Honolulu. They travel to the train station, and all three teams get on a train to Hanoi. After the 16-hour ride, they travel to the Hanoi airport, where they notice Ken & Gerard acting sneaky. All three travel to Tokyo, and it is there that they learn about the other two teams being on an earlier flight. However, there's only one seat left so they cannot get on as well. However, there is heavy rain at the Tokyo airport which delays both flights and puts them much closer together.

Only 15 minutes behind when they land in Honolulu, the two are a little snippy with each other as they try to figure out how to operate their Mustang convertible. They travel to the Point, where they find the other two teams waiting for it to open. The three teams then experience the Kahuna's blessing and get their next clue, directing them to Kauai. Due to the short distance, all three teams have no trouble getting on the same flight to the island. When they land, they are the first team to leave in their vehicle. After driving for a while, they stop and ask a policeman for directions. He tell them that they're 22 miles away and have gone the wrong way. They eventually find the ranch, but are still arguing with one another when they arrive. They get hooked up to their harnesses and carefully make their way to the clue box with the Detour. Ian's fear of heights returns as they prepare to complete Quick Drop. He takes a deep breath and they ride the zipline, and Ian ends up having a wonderful time. They retrieve their clue from behind the waterfall and then head for the airport. Ian gets tickets to Honolulu while Teri uses a pay phone to find a flight to Seattle. They end up getting tickets on the same flight as the other two teams.

Once in Seattle, they are the last of the three to find a taxi. Their driver doesn't know where Kerry Park, but says he can follow the friends' taxi. All three teams pick up the Kerry Park clue within seconds of one another. Now leaving their taxi behind, they immediately ask some locals where the fountain is and are told to go to the Space Needle. They rush off and end up following behind Ken & Gerard. They pick up their clue from the fountain in second place. Ian asks a local where he can get a taxi, and he directs them to the end of a street. They find a taxi and wave it down. It pulls over to the side of the road, and then suddenly speeds off. The two are left standing on the curb, absolutely bewildered. They quickly find another one and head for Lincoln Park. When they arrive, they find Flo & Zach are already there. Ian decides to perform the final Roadblock and picks a totem pole. Ian's memory proves to be a little scrambled as he initially gets most of the animal positions wrong. Zach leaves just as he starts getting some of the animals right. It takes him a few more attempts before he gets it right and picks up the final clue. Ian thinks they're last as they leave the park, but then they see Ken & Gerard heading in. They get back into their taxi and head for Gas Works Park. They hope for the best, and tell each other how proud they are of themselves and each other. When they arrive and run to the Finish Line, they find Flo & Zach waiting on the mat. Phil informs them that they have finished in 2nd place, and they are both very happy with this. They are both very happy with the things they never thought they would have done, and are glad to still be together after all these years.

The Amazing Race 11 Race Summary

Leg 1 (United States → Ecuador)

  • Detour.png Wrangle It: Hold down a horse and trim its mane and clip its hooves.
  • PitStop.png 3rd

Leg 2 (Ecuador → Chile)

  • Roadblock.png Ian: Search a boardroom to find hidden letters that unscramble to the next destination.
  • Detour.png By Hand: Properly align of the bolts and washers of a 2-ton wheel.
  • PitStop.png 7th

Leg 3 (Chile)

  • Roadblock.png Teri: Catch and transport 80 flounder fish from one tank to another.
  • Detour.png River Wild: Ride a raft through category-3 and -4 rapids.
  • PitStop.png 6th

Leg 4 (Chile → Argentina)

  • Detour.png Navigate It: Use a map to retrieve a compass, then use the compass to find a museum.
  • Roadblock.png Teri: Search through a mailbag to find a letter written by teams from the team's previous season.
  • PitStop.png 3rd

Leg 5 (Argentina → Mozambique)

  • Roadblock.png Ian: Guide a trained rat to search for a deactivated land mine.
  • Detour.png Pamper: Paint passer-by's nails to make MZN30.
  • PitStop.png 3rd

Leg 6 (Mozambique → Tanzania)

  • Detour.png Solve It: Solve a puzzle of an image of Tinga Tinga.
  • Roadblock.png Ian: Throw a Rungu at a mask 20m away to break it.
  • PitStop.png 7th - Eliminated
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