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Steve & Josh
Steve & Josh
The Amazing Race 4
Relationship Father/Son
Finishing Position 9th
Legs Completed 4
Legs Won 2
Average Position 5.00
Roadblock Count Steve 0, Josh 2
Countries raced Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of France.svg

Steve and Josh Cottingham are a father and son who competed on The Amazing Race 4. They are from Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California, respectively. They finished the race in 9th, after winning two legs previously.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Italy)

"You're makin' me look like a sissy, dad!" – Josh
Detour.png Rescue: Cross a tightrope between two mountains, then take a zipline to next clue.
PitStop.png 1st (3-way tie)

Steve & Josh started the race just behind the front runners as they ran to their bags. They read their first clue and run out of the stadium to choose a vehicle. They leave the stadium in fourth place, feeling confident as Josh is familiar with Los Angeles. They are the third team to reach the airport and run to the terminal instead of getting in a shuttle. It's a long run, but they eventually make it to the Swiss Air counter where they are third in line. Behind them are Monica & Sheree, Reichen & Chip, Steve & Dave and then Debra & Steve. Seeing the older gentlemen in air traffic controller hats, they decide that it would be a benefit to stay close to them. So, when they reach the counter and purchase the third set of tickets for the first flight, they also ask if they can purchase the last set for Steve & Dave. The ticketing agent agrees, but Monica & Sheree are furious to hear this. Also on this flight are Jon & Al and Kelly & Jon. The first flight, however, is delayed by 25 minutes and puts them only ten minutes ahead of the second flight.

They realize this and run to a taxi as quickly as they can. Second flight teams pass them and they are the sixth team to arrive at the galleria. Millie & Chuck and Amanda & Chris are there and direct them to where the 2am tickets for the first bus are. They run over and grab one. When Monica & Sheree arrive later, Josh directs them to the last 4am ticket. He comments that he didn't mind helping the team they had screwed earlier, especially since he didn't want Tian & Jaree to get ahead. The final team joining them on their bus is Steve & Dave, and they all depart at 2am. The bus arrives in Cortina d'Ampezzo at 9am. All four teams get out, grab their clue, and then board a city bus that takes them all to the chairlifts. At the top of Cinque Torri, they run along the snow to their next clue box. At the Detour, all four teams agree that they should complete Rescue. They are the third to cross the wire bridge, with Josh going across first and then Steve. After a quick zipline ride, they pick up their next clue and start hiking back to the chairlifts. Once at the bottom of the mountain, they find that Millie & Chuck have called a taxi for them, as well as their friends Amanda & Chris. They all travel to the hotel, and then all three teams step onto the mat at the same time. Phil tells them that they have all tied for first place and have each won a vacation to Hawaii from

Leg 2 (Italy)

"Seems to indicate somebody had position here earlier..." – Steve
Detour.png Waterway: Travel by gondola with a map through Venice, but without asking locals for help.
Roadblock.png Josh: Match a photograph to a person with the correct mask.
PitStop.png 9th

Departing at 11:52pm alongside Millie & Chuck and Amanda & Chris, Steve & Josh head off with their alliance and ask the hotel desk where the ski jump is. Once there, they wait for the other two teams to ride down the hill and then take their turn. After the wild ride, they pick up their next clue and meet up with their friends again. The three travel to a nearby hotel and ask how to get to Venice, and the clerk directs them to the Calalzo station. When Reichen & Chip show up and ignore the line that has formed, Steve walks over to his bag that he had placed against the front door and stands between them. They watch as a huge argument breaks out. While they wait, a bus shows up that is headed for the Alpi station, which has an earlier train. All of the teams there, which is everyone except for Tian & Jaree and Kelly & Jon, pile onto the bus. Once there, they all get on a 5:40 train to Venice.

When they arrive in Venice, all nine teams run to the bridge and pick up the Detour clue. The two decide to complete Waterway and hop into a gondola boat. A convoy of boats forms, with them in the seventh position. They are passed by Steve & Dave's boat, making them the last gondola. When David & Jeff in the lead canoe turn down a narrow canal, they tell their gondolier to follow. When the canal becomes too narrow to travel through, everyone is forced to turn around. This effectively reverses the positioning of the teams in the gondolas. They then decide to break away from the pack and go their own way, ending up being the third gondola to reach the plaza. They are the second team to find the Palazo, but it is closed. The two head off to go sightseeing, but when they return to the Palazo they realize their mistake. Many other teams have formed a line there, and they are now at the back of it.

When the party opens at 5pm, Josh decides to perform the Roadblock and heads inside. When he sees all the masks, he immediately realizes his father should have done the task. Not long after entering, he finds a man in a similar mask and hands him the photo. The man walks away, since his mask has more gold than the one in Josh's picture, and Josh is sent to the end of the line. After many other teams succeed at the task, he is finally allowed to enter again. While inside, a man walks past him that catches his eye. He hands over his photo, and the reveler hands him the next clue. Josh returns to his father, now in 7th place, and they depart. They run through the streets towards the harbour, but Steve gets exhausted and can't run as much. When they make it to the Pit Stop, they have fallen to 9th place.

Leg 3 (Italy → Austria)

"I didn't see him around. I looked across the room, he was done." – Josh
F-Forward.png Transport wine glasses across a ballroom of dancing people.
PitStop.png 1stƒ

Departing at 5:27am, Steve & Josh traverse the streets of Venice and arrive at the train station. There, they get on a train through Verona to Vienna along with Millie & Chuck, Jon & Al and Russell & Cindy. Once they arrive in Vienna, the four teams discover that their first task does not open until 8am, so they all go to a hotel. In the morning, all ten teams gather around the entrance to the sewers. After a trek through the dark sewers, they grab their next clue. They are not able to grab tags for either of the first two sets of fiacres. The last set arrives and they get onto one.

Since they're part of the last group, they decide to perform the Fast Forward once they find the palace. The two get suited up in formal attire and begin the task. Steve spills all of his glasses within seconds of picking up the tray. Josh manages to get past a few dancing couples, but then spills a few glasses. Steve picks up another tray and gets a better grip, then slowly and meticulously makes his way across the entire dance floor. Josh then follows his father's example and manages to get all the way across as well. They are then handed the Fast Forward and start heading for the Pit Stop. They travel to the Pit Stop and get on a train to Gmunden. Once there, they make their way to the Pit Stop where they arrive in first place.

Leg 4 (Austria → France)

"My dad is still entirely my hero." – Josh
Roadblock.png Josh: Change four tires of a race car, then enjoy a high-speed ride.
Detour.png Ropes: Rappel down a rocky cliff.
PitStop.png 9th - Eliminated

Departing at 2:57am, Steve & Josh quickly found the taxi they had called during the rest period. Josh wants to go to a train station and take a train to Salzburg, but Steve wants to just take the taxi to Salzburg. Steve relents and they go to the Attnang Station, finding that the next train to Salzburg is in about two hours. Steve is doubtful that this was a good idea. No-one else shows up before the train arrives, which Josh is surprised about. Once finally at the Salzburg Airport, they find that the first flight is now full. Then end up instead getting tickets on a 6:55 flight through Zürich to Paris that carries no other teams. After landing in Paris and traveling by train to Le Mans, they are the seventh team to arrive at the circuit. Josh decides to perform the Roadblock and completes the task without issue. They then get into a vehicle and depart. It's a long drive to Marseilles that takes them long into the night. When they arrive at the closed lighthouse, they find other teams lining up along a nearby road. They park their car at the end of the line in 4th place. Two other cars line up behind them during the night.

In the morning, they notice that Tian & Jaree and Reichen & Chip have shown up and parked in front of the gate. All six teams agree to go and confront them together. Steve & Dave do most of the talking and accuse both teams of cutting in line. None of the teams are satisfied with their response and get increasingly angry. When Steve sees that the married couple have moved to the back of the line, he offers to shake Chip's hand but Chip refuses, accusing everyone of questioning his integrity. Once the port opens, they have a trouble navigating the inside and finding the lighthouse. They ask at an office, but the person there doesn't understand them. By the time they find the lighthouse, they have fallen to 8th place.

As they head for the gorges, Josh wants to drive since he is terrible with maps, but Steve doesn't want to waste time. Neither have much idea of where they are going and have to ask as they go. The instructions they get from locals and local workers is puzzling at best, and they end up driving aimlessly around. At one point, they are stuck going down a highway with no way to turn around. They eventually manage to reach the Detour at the gorges, and decide to perform Ropes. Josh heads down first, and watches proudly as his father rappels as well. It's a long tiring hike back to the top for Steve, but they make it as the sun begins to set. In the middle of the night, they finally reach the Pit Stop. Phil tells them that they are in last place and have been eliminated from the race. Josh is very proud of what his father has accomplished, and Steve is very happy to see how well his son has taken a leadership role on this journey.

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