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Steve & Dave
Steve & Dave
The Amazing Race 4
Relationship Air Traffic Controllers
Finishing Position 8th
Legs Completed 5
Legs Won 1
Average Position 6.20
Roadblock Count Steve 2, Dave 1
Countries raced Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Netherlands.svg

Steve Meitz and Dave Cottingham are air traffic controllers who competed on The Amazing Race 4. They are both from Chicago, Illinois. They fought a hard race, but were eliminated in 8th in The Netherlands.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Italy)

"It hurts like hell, Steve." – Dave
Detour.png Rescue: Cross a tightrope between two mountains, then take a zipline to next clue.
PitStop.png 5th

Steve & Dave started off slow, being the second-last team to reach their bags. They read their first clue and run out of the stadium to choose a vehicle. They are near the back of the pack, but not last, as they leave the stadium. Steve doesn't know where he's going on the Los Angeles freeways, but they see a plane in the air and use their knowledge as air traffic controllers to deduce where the airport is. They arrive and share a shuttle to the terminal with Monica & Sheree. When they reach the Swiss Air counter, they are sixth in line and doubt they will get tickets. However, Steve & Josh decide to help them out and purchase tickets for them, giving them the last spot on the first flight. Also on this flight are Jon & Al and Kelly & Jon. The first flight, however, is delayed by 25 minutes and puts them only ten minutes ahead of the second flight.

They head out of the airport, falling behind most of the teams, and look for a taxi. They try to bargain with the drivers to get a low price of 50 or 60 Euros, but most drivers refuse. When they finally reach the galleria, they follow Steve & Josh and find the 2am tickets for the first bus. Joining them on this bus is Millie & Chuck and Amanda & Chris, as well as the father and son. The bus arrives in Cortina d'Ampezzo at 9am. All four teams get out, grab their clue, and then board a city bus that takes them all to the chairlifts. At the top of Cinque Torri, the other four teams all run ahead and leave them behind. The slippery snow hinders their non-athletic bodies as they make their way to the next clue box. At the Detour, all four teams agree that they should complete Rescue.

The hike to the wire bridge is fairly steep, making them fall further behind the other three. Dave crosses the bridge followed by Steve, and the crossing exhausts them both. They both ride the zipline down and grab their next clue. They are then faced with the trek back to the chairlifts, an extremely steep path with knee-deep snow. The two have to move at a snail's pace. While slowly coming down a very steep hill, Dave slips in the snow and injures his knee. It is a fairly severe injury that leaves him sitting in the snow for a while unable to even bend it. Dave has to slowly slide his way down the rest of the hill. When they reach flatter snow, Dave is able to walk but he is in pain the whole time. When they reach an uphill climb, Steve uses his feet to make 'steps' for Dave to climb up. Their teamwork allows them to finally reach the chairlifts and make their way back down. After a quick taxi ride, they arrive at the Pit Stop in 5th place.

Leg 2 (Italy)

"His brain was attached to it. Had never been used." – Dave
Detour.png Waterway: Travel by gondola with a map through Venice, but without asking locals for help.
F-Forward.png Find a group of street performers and participate in a play.
PitStop.png 1stƒ

Departing at 1:05am, Steve & Dave ask the hotel to call them a taxi. It arrives and takes them to the ski jump. They enjoy the wild ride down and get their clue, but their taxi is gone. They decide to wait for the next team to arrive and then take their taxi. However, the taxi of the next team, Kelly & Jon, ends up dropping them at the top of the hill. They manage to catch it when it drives back down. They travel to the train station, which is not open yet, and wait outside the front doors. When Reichen & Chip show up and ignore the line that has formed, Dave asks them if they are going to respect the line. They ask him in turn if he should have respected the line at LAX. While they wait, a bus shows up that is headed for the Alpi station, which has an earlier train. All of the teams there, which is everyone except for Tian & Jaree and Kelly & Jon, pile onto the bus. Once there, they all get on a 5:40 train to Venice. When they arrive in Venice, all nine teams run to the bridge and pick up the Detour clue.

The two decide to complete Waterway and hop into a gondola boat. A convoy of boats forms, with them in the last position, but neither minds. Their gondolier is strong and pushes them ahead of Steve & Josh and Amanda & Chris. They then decide to break away from the pack and head down a narrow canal. They encounter trouble when it is blocked by another boat. This puts them in ninth place, the last of the teams from their train group. Dave's knee is still really hurting, and Steve's are aching from running so much. Since the next route marker doesn't open until 5pm, they decide to look for the Fast Forward. Before long, they find the bridge and encounter the comedy troupe. Steve takes part in the play, with the historic actors performing a funny, false operation on him and pulling out the Fast Forward clue. As it starts to rain, they take it and travel on foot to the harbour. They find the boat without issue and step onto the Pit Stop, arriving in 1st place.

Leg 3 (Italy → Austria)

"Greenpeace showed up and said, 'Will you please stop throwing whales from the tower?'" – Dave
Detour.png Unknown
Roadblock.png Steve: Bungee jump off the Donauturm, the highest bungee jump in Europe.
PitStop.png 9th

Departing at 2:45am, Steve & Dave head to the train station with Dave still hurting immensely. They find nothing to get them to Vienna, and a local suggests they go to Verona or Padua, which is a bigger station. They get on a train which immediately departs for Padua. Once there, however, they find no options to get to Vienna. Their only option is to return to Venice and take a direct train to Venice which departs much later. Once they arrive in Vienna, they discover that their first task does not open until 8am, so they go to a hotel. In the morning, all ten teams gather around the entrance to the sewers. After a slow trek through the dark sewers, they grab their next clue. Their slow speed means that they miss the first two sets of fiacres. The last set arrives and they take them to the Detour clue at the palace. The two can only laugh in exasperation when they learn that they'll have to walk between five and 15 miles for either Detour task.

They are not shown performing the Detour, and so it is not known which one they performed. After the Detour, they are in last place when they arrive at the Donauturm. Steve elects to perform the Roadblock due to Dave's knee. He is in the ninth position to complete the Roadblock, but soon realizes that someone took the Fast Forward which means they are actually in last place. Steve feels pessimistic about their chances of catching up. However, he refuses to give up and performs the bungee jump. The two then travel to the metro, where a local woman suggests they go to the Vienna North stop and go to the train station there. Once there, however, the ticketing clerk tells them they need to find the Vienna West station instead. There, they finally get tickets on the train to Gmunden. Night has fallen by the time their train arrives, and they slowly make their way to the Pit Stop. When they finally step onto the mat, neither one can believe that they are still in the race in 9th place.

Leg 4 (Austria → France)

"Check your tires when you pull out, because...Oh God, you never know what'll happen!" – Steve
Roadblock.png Dave: Change four tires of a race car, then enjoy a high-speed ride.
Detour.png Ropes: Rappel down a rocky cliff.
PitStop.png 8th

Departing at 6:04am, Steve & Dave decide to travel by train to the Salzburg Airport. Once there, they meet up with Kelly & Jon and both teams get on a 10:15 flight through Zürich to Paris. Once there, they travel by train with the engaged couple to Le Mans and are the last team to reach the circuit. Dave decides to perform the Roadblock, and immediately has difficulty getting into the tight-fitting mechanic's suit. Though he has to walk slowly, his knee still hurting him, he rolls multiple tires at once to get the job done quicker. He changes the tires rather quickly and then takes a wild ride around the track as the sun sets. He then picks up the next clue and they depart in a vehicle. They travel on the expressway for the entire journey to Marseilles, making good time. When they arrive at the closed lighthouse, they find only two teams waiting there; David & Jeff and Monica & Sheree. They park alongside them, but a security guard tells them that they can't park in front of the gate. Instead, they all move to the shoulder of a nearby road and wait in an orderly line. Three other cars line up behind them during the night.

In the morning, they notice that Tian & Jaree and Reichen & Chip have shown up and parked in front of the gate. All six teams agree to go and confront them together. Steve & Dave do most of the talking and accuse both teams of cutting in line. None of the teams are satisfied with their response and get increasingly angry. Once the port opens, they have a little trouble navigating while inside but are eventually the sixth team to find the lighthouse and their next clue. They then head for the gorges, still fairly far behind the other teams. They pick up the Detour clue and decide to perform Ropes. Steve goes down first, having a bit of a difficult time but reaching the bottom soon enough. When it's Dave's turn, he is dubious that the rope will be able to hold up his weight. The rappel is completed no problem, but now they are faced with climbing back up on Dave's injured knee. Reichen & Chip show up and zoom past them. After a long, slow hike to the top, they get back in their vehicle and drive to the Pit Stop. The wind is blowing extremely hard as they step onto the mat, and they are both relieved to hear that they are in 8th place.

Leg 5 (France → Netherlands)

"It's time, huh?" – Steve
Detour.png 500 Kilograms: Dress in clogs and transport 500kg of cheese, no more no less, with a stretcher.
Roadblock.png Steve: Catch 25 eels with hands only.
PitStop.png 8th - Eliminated

Departing at 4:19am, more than an hour behind in last place, Steve & Dave head for the Marseilles Airport. With all other early flights filled up, their best option is to take a flight to Paris' Orly airport, and then catch the connection from the Charles de Gaulle airport to Amsterdam. David & Jeff join them in this quest. In Paris, they only have an hour to travel by taxi between the airports, and end up being delayed by an accident on the highway. As such, they are unable to make their connection in time. They get tickets instead on a later KLM flight to Amsterdam. When they arrive, they decide to take a taxi into the city. This allows them to reach the bridge just slightly before David & Jeff, and they hop into one of the boats. After a pleasant ride through the canals, they find the museum just as David & Jeff are leaving and pick up their Detour clue. They quickly decide to perform 500 Kilograms.

After a fairly short drive they arrive and put on their clogs. They load some cheese onto their tray, comedically putting a tiny wheel on top to complete the picture. Dave's knee doesn't bother him too much as they haul the cheese, bringing 72kg on their first run. After quite a few more trips, they finally manage to reach the perfect weight of 500kg and receive their next clue. After a drive to Monnickendam, they pick up their next clue and Steve decides to perform the Roadblock. It doesn't take him very long to pick up all the eels and receive the next clue. The sun begins to set as they make the long drive to the Pit Stop at the castle. After barely avoiding elimination previously, neither of them is thinking about giving up. When they step onto the mat, however, Phil tells them that they are in last place and have been eliminated from the race. They both laugh and joke, happy to have gotten this far. Dave comments that the race made him realize how much he loves his wife, having been away from her for so long, and that they will both remain the best of friends.

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