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Rob & Brennan
Rob & Brennan
The Amazing Race 1
Relationship Lawyers/Best Friends
Finishing Position 1st
Legs Completed 13
Legs Won 5
Average Position 2.46
Roadblock Count Rob 5, Brennan 7
Countries raced Flag of South Africa.svg Flag of Zambia.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Tunisia.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of India.svg Flag of Thailand.svg Flag of China.svg 22x20px

Rob Frisbee and Brennan Swain are best friends and lawyers who competed on The Amazing Race 1. They are from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Rochester, New York, respectively. They crossed the finish line in 1st place in New York, becoming the first winners of The Amazing Race.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → South Africa → Zambia)

"Just give us all the change back please." – Rob
F-Forward.png Hike down to the Boiling Pot
PitStop.png 1stƒ

Rob & Brennan began their race in the middle of the pack, though they initially had trouble finding an available taxi. Once at the airport, Rob made sure that his taxi driver gave him back all of his change, not wanting to tip on such a low budget. Before leaving the States, the two started a tradition that would last the whole race. On both of their hats, they would write down where they went, what they did, who got eliminated, and how many days they had been racing. They were on the first flight along with Joe & Bill, Pat & Brenda, Frank & Margarita and Lenny & Karyn.

They were passed by Frank & Margarita on the way to the next airport, though this did not end up mattering as they were on the first charter flight along with them and Joe & Bill. In Livingstone, Brennan chose to drive the vehicle.

They retrieved their clue from Victoria Falls and quickly decided to pursue the Fast Forward. They quickly learned of the Fast Forward's location from some locals and rushed down the steep path to retrieve it. The first team to the Boiling Pot, they received the Fast Forward and departed for the Pit Stop. This allowed them to check in 1st place.

Leg 2 (Zambia → France)

"Strong legs we got. Apparently keen eyes and mind, we don't." – Rob
Detour.png Near: Travel to a nearby reserve and photograph 3 uncommon animals
Roadblock.png Rob: Scale the Eiffel Tower and search for the Pit Stop
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 11:23pm, Rob & Brennan decided to wait until both Joe & Bill and Frank & Margarita departed, having bonded with them during the Pit Stop and wishing to work together. The intent is to have these three teams reach the finals. They then leave the village, following Margarita who thought she saw a sign for the museum. They then ask many locals, all of whom have no idea where it is. When Margarita eventually figures out where it might be, they realize they have to travel all the way back to the village two hours away.

Despite this blunder, the group of three teams were the first to reach the museum, and all three quickly agree to complete the Near task. It doesn't take long for the group as a whole to find the three animals and photograph them. The group delivers their photos to Chief Mukuni and depart for Paris. Arriving ahead of everyone else, they get tickets on the first flight with Frank & Margarita and Joe & Bill. Team Guido then runs off, leaving them behind, and they get onto a bus to the Eiffel Tower.

Once there, Brennan suggests that Rob complete the Roadblock, and he elects to work together with Frank. The two behin scanning the view without using the telescopes and do not find much of anything. Soon after, Frank uses the telescope to spot the flag atop the Arc and the two frantically head off. They race hard, but finish in 3rd behind Joe & Bill.

Leg 3 (France)

"Friends, friends, friends until the door opens..." – Rob
Detour.png Easy Walk: Find Focault's Pendulum at the Pantheon.
Roadblock.png Brennan: Traverse through the Paris sewers.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 12:11am, 19 minutes before their first location closes, Rob & Brennan are initially confused about the operating hours but Margarita informs them that they can make it if they rush. They quickly hop in a cab and rush off, inadvertently leaving Frank & Margarita behind. They arrive just in the nick of time, grabbing their Detour information just before the wheel closes. As neither Detour opens until 10am, they head off to find information.

They then arrive at the location of the pendulum, meeting up with Frank & Margarita again. They all return there in the morning, with Joe & Bill arriving just before the establishment opens. The three teams make a gentlemanly agreement to walk to the clue box in the order that they showed up, with Rob & Brennan being first. However, they accidentally walk past the marked area, while Joe & Bill do not. In the confusion, the line order ends up being reversed, much to their frustration.

They then make their way to the Hotel de Ville, encountering Joe & Bill along the way. Brennan decides to do the Roadblock and quickly makes his way through the sewers. He is the fifth to exit the sewers. With all but the first and last teams close together, they head to the train station to secure tickets. The two decide to share the information they found with Frank & Margarita. Following the advice of a local, they get off the train at Avignon and take a shortcut. A taxi they hired while on the train does not show up, and so their local friend assists them further by getting them another cab. This allows them to jump ahead of three teams and reach the Pit Stop in 3rd place.

Leg 4 (France → Tunisia)

"We don't want a 20-minute massage. That takes too long." – Brennan
Detour.png Full Body Brew: Use a photograph to find a coffee shop in a crowded market
Roadblock.png Brennan: Carry a torch through the colosseum to find the Pit of Death.
PitStop.png 6th

Departing at 4:15am, Rob & Brennan asked Frank & Margarita to work with them before the leg started, but the separated couple passively refused. Brennan initially mistakes the Tunisian flag for China's. During the rest period, they had ordered a cab to show up at their departure time. Frank & Margarita try to take it, but they show up and provide the cabbie with their identification. Brennan tries to encourage the cabbie not to call another taxi for the separated couple, but Margarita overhears this, leading to an argument. They express their frustration with the couple. Once at the port, they have to wait for hours to get on a boat and express their frustration when every other team shows up. When Joe & Bill show up, they purchase tickets for all eight teams as a group, giving them a group discount and getting them all on the same ferry. The frustration of this process further cements to them that they do not like how the Guidos play the game.

Once in Tunisia, they rush to get a taxi to Bab Bhar. They are the second to reach the Detour, and choose Full Body Brew. They quickly come across a pair of female locals who are quite happy to lead them to the coffee shop that they need. They get to the vicinity of the shop, and then see Kevin & Drew and cut in front of them to be the first to receive their next clue. They then ask their local friends what the best mode of transportation would be to take, and they suggest the train. They then make their way to the train station and get on a train to El Djem, though they quickly realize that this was not the best decision as taxis are much faster.

This drops them to sixth place when they reach the Roadblock, and Brennan elects to complete it. He makes the same mistake as all the other teams by entering the colosseum before traveling clockwise. He eventually finds the pit of death, along with Amie. The two then elect to simply climb over the grate and retrieve the swords by hand. He then runs off without her and nearly checks in before them. Rob calls him away from the mat, however, incorrectly believing that they had to be together in order to check in. When they return, they check in 6th place.

Leg 5 (Tunisia)

"We were runnin' around like a couple idiots" – Brennan
Detour.png Listening: Use one walkee talkee to find another.
Roadblock.png Rob: Ride a camel while the partner leads it.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 5:22am, Rob & Brennan were frustrated at currently being in second-to-last place. They catch a cab, but are nervous that there will be no bunching point on this leg for them to catch up. After a long drive, they are the sixth team to reach the monument, but Lenny & Karyn are right behind them. The two elect to hire a driver so that they can talk and focus, and choose to complete Listening.

When they arrive, they have been passed by Lenny & Karyn. Furthermore, they take more time than any other team to complete the task, falling further into last place. They head into the desert, but have difficulty finding much in the neverending landscape. They come across a small building in the middle of the dunes and investigate, but it is not what they're looking for.

After more searching with no luck, they decide to use only the compass to guide themselves and this enables them to successfully find the Roadblock. Now in 4th place, Rob decides to complete the Roadblock. He notes that the camel ride is very uncomfortable for him as a male. They retrieve the clue and head back, incredibly relieved to find that they have checked in to the Pit Stop in 4th place.

Leg 6 (Tunisia → Italy)

"Planes, Trains and Automobiles..." – Rob
Detour.png Hoof: Use a partial photograph of a hoof to find a horse statue (and possibly taxis).
Roadblock.png Brennan: Drive a smart car through Italian backstreets to find the Pit Stop.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 3:52am, Rob & Brennan procure a taxi-van to take them back to Tunis. The two give credit to Nancy & Emily for their success, noting that the mother and daughter are actually beating them right now. After retrieving their clue and heading to the airport, the two head to Lufthansa and are informed of the airport strike in Rome, frustrated that Joe & Bill got the last available tickets. They head through the chaos at the ticket counters to try to find something, but there is nothing for them to find. The two make their way to where Kevin & Drew and Nancy & Emily are working. Kevin, through hard work and determination, is able to find a flight for themselves, Rob & Brennan and Nancy & Emily that would connect through Lyon and get them there 3 hours before Joe & Bill.

Things get strained, however, as the flight is held back just for them and there seems to be no end to the delays in this congested airport. When the huge set of tickets are printed and handed out, they realize that Nancy & Emily's cameraman is missing his ticket, delaying them further. When they arrive at the entry to the customs area, they encounter Joe & Bill attempting to delay them by going through the entry point slowly. The two are angered by this underhanded scheme, and the mayhem ends when police show up with M-16's. Rob & Brennan are outright shocked when they learn that the guidos allegedly pushed Nancy. The two finally manage to get on their flight.

Their hopes are then quickly dashed when the flight from Lyon to Rome is cancelled. With options dwindling, the three teams decide to fly to Milan and then get to Rome via train. This ends up putting them in a tie for third place. Once finally in Rome, the two reach the Colosseum and decide to pursue the Hoof Detour. While waiting for the statue to open, they are joined by Nancy & Emily, Kevin & Drew and Joe & Bill, the latter of whom are met with scorn. Frank & Margarita also arrive and are filled in on the details of the incident. Lenny & Karyn also arrive and also learn, but soon depart for the other Detour. When the gates finally open, it's a mad dash to the top to retrieve the next clue, after which they rush to the station and catch a train to Castelfranco-Emilia.

They note that Frank & Margarita and Joe & Bill got off the train at the connection in Bologna, noting that it was a violation of their instructions. Once in Castelfranco, the group of three teams still working together find that there are only two taxis in the small town. At the insistence of Nancy & Emily, they get into a taxi and promise to send one back for the mother and daughter. When they reach the auto factory, Rob suggests that Brennan do the Roadblock as he used to be a race car driver. Brennan gets lost and tries to get help, but not many of the locals speak English. An old woman bemusedly informs him in Italian that she doesn't speak his language. He ends up at an industrial establishment and asks for help there, and is eventually able to find the Pit Stop. There, he checks in 3rd place.

Leg 7 (Italy → India)

"Pay him for what? Getting us lost?" – Rob
Detour.png Glide: Take a harrowing glider ride.
Roadblock.png Rob: Find an obscure shop in a busy Indian market.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 4:13am, they decide to go check out Glide with the intention of simply leaving if they are not the first ones in line, considering neither opens until 9am. Once there, they are indeed first in line and sit down to wait until it opens. Not long after, Kevin & Drew show up. When the airstrip opens, they get a good look at the glider they will be riding in. Rob hops in the plane and Brennan gets in the glider, and the two take off. They wave to one another as the glider is let free. Brennan cheers as he enjoys the flight. The glider lands safely, and the two are taken by taxi to their next clue.

They are the second to reach it, and get on a train to Rome. They meet up with Joe & Bill, also on this train. Once in Rome, both teams get tickets for a flight to New Delhi. When they reach their connection in Copenhagen, they meet up with all the other teams and realize everyone is on the same flight. When the plane lands, they get a taxi to the Red Fort, driving neck and neck with Lenny & Karyn. They are perplexed when the two taxis get pulled to the side of the road for a man to request payment.

They arrive just behind Joe & Bill as the second team to reach the fort, where the two agree that Rob should perform the Roadblock. As he heads into the market, Kevin ends up right behind him. They pass by Joe as he is heading out. He passes by the shop, but Kevin notices it and grabs the clue. Rob also grabs the clue and runs off quickly, not wanting to lose Kevin. Once returned, they get into one of the many trucks lines up nearby, believing them to have been set up by production. The vehicle they are in is not a taxi, but a courier service designed to take locals to specific locations in New Delhi. Once in the middle of New Delhi, they give up on this vehicle, frustrated that they have to pay him for nothing. They head to an information desk, and are directed to Agra. Heading their in a taxi, they believe they might be in last place but are still hopeful. When they arrive and check in 3rd place, Rob cannot believe it. After checking in, Rob receives an uplifting letter from his father and Brennan receives one from a relative who tells him she'll be having a baby soon.

Leg 8 (India)

"Are you lovin' India or what?" – Rob
Detour.png Elephant: Ride an Elephant to the Amber Fort.
Roadblock.png Brennan: Find a clue in the Sri Karni Mata Temple of Rats.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 6:54am, Rob & Brennan are surprised to see Joe & Bill haven't left yet as their taxi won't start. They get into another cab and head off, but are concerned when it seems they're going in the opposite direction of the Taj Mahal. For some reason, the taxi driver returns them to his taxi service's main building, where another taxi then takes them all the way back to the Taj Mahal. This trip knocks them back down to third place. They enter the grounds and find the next clue. They then find a taxi driver who is willing to drive them all the way to Jaipur.

Choosing a taxi over a bus puts them in first place as they reach the Detour. They decide to choose Elephant, as they had found the Amber Fort while researching other things and decide to play it safe. At the Fort, they get on the elephant and enthusiastically enjoy the ride. They get their clue from the wise man and travel to the train station. They purchase tickets to Bikaner, and Frank & Margarita and Kevin & Drew arrive after them and also board the train. All three teams are very excited when Joe & Bill do not get on the train.

During the long train ride, Rob interacts with a friendly old man. Once in Bikaner, the three teams catch taxis to Deshnoke. At the temple, Brennan elects to do the Roadblock and enters with Kevin and Margarita. He makes his way through, being the second to reach the clue behind Margarita. When he returns to Rob, the two return to their taxi only to find it deserted. They find the driver elsewhere, refusing to drive until he's had some tea because he claims he can't stay awake. This delay causes them to arrive at the Pit Stop in 3rd place, and this very much frustrates them.

Leg 9 (India → Thailand)

"Now's when it gets serious." – Brennan
Detour.png Public: Take a public bus to the next destination.
Roadblock.png Rob: Retrieve clue from a pit of tigers.
PitStop.png 1st

Before they can even depart, the two are involved in a very heated argument alongside Frank & Margarita and against Kevin & Drew regarding hired taxis. Departing at 5:10pm, Rob & Brennan decide to take the train back to New Delhi as one will be leaving at 5:55. They get on the same train as Frank & Margarita. When they reach the airport, they visit many ticket counters without much luck and eventually end up on the last flight out at 2:00pm alongside Nancy & Emily. In Bangkok, they make their way to the temple, where they wait overnight for it to open. Frank & Margarita and Kevin & Drew join them in the morning. At 7am, they enter the temple and retrieve the clue.

After some consideration, they decide it would be simpler and safer to complete the Public Detour and get a taxi to the bus station. They purchase their tickets and get onto a bus to Kanchanaburi. They are the second team to reach Kanchanaburi, and get a taxi to their next location. At the Roadblock, Rob decides to perform the task as it is his turn. Many of the tigers eye him as he passes, but none of them bother him. Now tasked with getting to Krabi 800km away, they decide to spend a large fee to hire a private driver to take them there, not wanting to take any chances with taxis or trains. When they finally arrive at the Pit Stop, they are surpised to learn that they are in first place, having beaten the Fast Forward.

Leg 10 (Thailand)

"This is the day of disaster!" – Rob
Detour.png Climb: Rock-climb up a wall.
Roadblock.png Brennan: Paddle a kayak with teammate and bags upriver to a cave.
PitStop.png 1st

Departing at 10:12am, Rob & Brennan get into a tuktuk, noting that on this leg they plan to race hard but carefully. Not far down the road, their driver has to pull over and fiddle with the engine, costing them time and giving them both stress. They continue, but then the driver has to stop and get gas. Finally after these delays, they reach the water taxi to Railay Beach. Locals point them in the direction of King Climbers and they gear up and begin the long and difficult trek up to Thaiwand Wall. When they reach the Detour, they unquestionably choose to complete Climb. Rob scales the wall first, followed by Brennan who has done indoor rock climbing before. They retrieve their next clue and realize that they have to hurry, as the next location closes soon at 5pm in 4 hours.

They rappel back down and see that Frank & Margarita have just arrived. They head back down and Brennan rappels down to the boat. Rob descends more slowly, and Brennan makes fun of him until he realizes that Rob has injured himself. His right middle finger is cut up and swollen, and the knuckle possibly broken. They return to the beach and then travel by another water taxi to Ao Nang and hire a cab to Ao Luk. Brennan bandages up Rob's finger and they continue onwards. Their driver immediately has no idea where to go and needs to stop at the visitor center for information. In Ao Luk, they spot the flag and retrieve their clue. Brennan elects to perform the Roadblock, chuckling dryly at what he has to do. It doesn't take them long to reach the cave and retrieve their clue, excited that they will get to snorkel soon. As they head back, they pass Frank & Margarita doing the Roadblock.

When they return to Ao Luk, they find a nearby water taxi to take them to Chicken Island. Once there, they dive in and retrieve the clue. They then instruct their driver to take them to Pai Plong and he agrees. Again, they pass Frank & Margarita as they head back. However immediately after, their boat's engine begins smoking and stops working. Rob comments on how it's a disastrous day when it comes to transportation. The engine is restarted before they can be passed and they reach the beach, check in to the Pit Stop in first place. Laughing, they realize that Joe & Bill are just then departing from the previous Pit Stop.

Leg 11 (Thailand → China)

"I think we're underestimating this ping pong dude..." – Rob
Detour.png Volley: Win 5 points against a local ping pong champion
Roadblock.png Brennan: Eat a Chinese dish of squid, beetle larvae and chicken feet.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 6:03am, Rob & Brennan begin to travel to the airport by water taxi and then hire a regular taxi. It takes 10 minutes to the taxi to show up, allowing Frank & Margarita to catch up. When they arrive, they realize that they have just barely missed an 8:30 flight to Bangkok. Thw two teams catch a later flight to Bangkok, and Rob & Brennan scour the many offices at the airport. They secure tickets on an Air China flight that leaves in the middle of the night. Frank & Margarita join them on this flight.

In Beijing, they made their way to the end of the taxi stand, falling behind the separated couple. They are the second to reach the Detour clue, where they decide to complete Volley. They're confident in their table tennis skills as they have a table in their home, but Rob's busted finger concerns them. At the community centre, Brennan takes the paddle and the game begins. The first 13 points go to the champion, but a shot at the net finally gives Brennan his first point. The champ then increases his score to 15 points, at which point Brennan tags out with Rob. The champ scores one more, but Rob follows up with a point of his own. The champ reaches 21 points before Rob scores point number three, and a net shot gives him a fourth. The champ is able to score three more points before Rob earns the last point and they receive their clue.

At the market, they immediately enlist the help of a local to find the items they need. The squid they purchase is a dried squid, which is not what was intended by the clue but does not break any established rules. They purchase the other items and get into a taxi. At the Roadblock, Brennan elects to perform the task having guessed what it would entail. They enter the restaurant just as Margarita is beginning to eat. Their incorrect squid is replaced by the intended squid in the kitchen. When he gets his food, Brennan quickly makes work of the chicken feet. He then moves on to the beetle larvae and squid, finishing his meal off rather quickly. They get into a taxi and head to the Pit Stop. When they arrive, they finish in second place.

Leg 12 (China → United States)

"It's just starting to kick in that I really wanna win this thing." – Rob
Detour.png Steep: Climb the steep, short path on the Great Wall.
Roadblock.png Rob: Ice climb Matanuska Glacier
PitStop.png 1st

Departing at 11:25pm, head off to a hotel to wait for their next location to open at 6am. They encountered Frank & Margarita there, who gave them a rather cold reception. In the morning, they head back to the park and search for the best entrance and end up at the main entrance to the park. At 6am they enter the park and find a group of men with kites. They try to take the kites down but the men run away from them, after which they realize that they are just normal locals with kites. They eventually find the kites they are looking for and get their next clue. They find a taxi who insists that he can take them all the way to Juyongguan on his own, but they convince him that they need to take the bus as the clue instructs.

After a bus ride, they find the Detour clue and choose to complete Steep. The climb is rather exhausting but they make it to the top without issue, and retrieve their next clue. When they head back down, they count the Detour clues and realize that they've passed Frank & Margarita. They get a taxi to the airport, but comment that the driver goes incredibly slow, slower than any driver they've had before. They decide to only pay him 400 yuan ($48) instead of the fare of 650 yuan ($80). He offers 500 before finally paying 650 and dismissing the driver in disgust. At the airport, they find a 1:45pm flight through San Francisco and Seattle to Anchorage. However, they're informed that the flight to San Francisco only has business seats available. At their insistence however, she agrees to lower the price to economy fare and gives them the tickets. Later, Frank & Margarita get on this flight as well. In Anchorage, they lose some time to the parents because they were at the very back of the plane. They make their way to the provided vehicle and are taken to the bed & breakfast. They arrive in the middle of the night and find that their next task doesn't start until 8am, so they enter the cabin and spend the night with Frank & Margarita.

A very chilly morning arrives, and the two wait for the separated couple to complete the next task as they were there first. When it's their turn, Brennan hops onto the trampoline and bounces around for a bit. At first he can't find anything, but then he spots the clue in the snow. They drive off but aren't quite sure where to go, so Brennan stops and asks in a general store. Before long, they find themselves driving directly behind Frank & Margarita. They find a sign that says "Glacier Park", but there is a road barricade blocking the entrance that says "Closed". Confused, they depart and continue down the highway. Rob stops at a store about 100 yards away and asks, and the owner tells him to just ignore the closed sign and enter anyway. This confusion has allowed them to pass Frank & Margarita. They hike to the base of the glacier and find the Roadblock, where Rob decided to perform the task as it is his turn. Rob scales the wall quickly, but begins to have trouble just before the top when it is the most icy. His picks keep slipping and he has difficulty pulling himself over the top, allowing Frank to close the gap. After a reminder from Brennan, he uses the spikes on his shoes to give himself the leverage to reach the top, still in first place. They both head back to their vehicle and proceed to the mile marker. From there, they enjoy a snowmobile ride to the Pit Stop and arrive in first place.

Leg 13 (United States)

"I'll never ever be able to forget the things that I saw and I did it with my best friend." – Rob
Detour.png Dog Power: Ride a dogsled to next destination.
Roadblock.png Brennan: Retrieve clue from freezing lake.
PitStop.png Finish line - 1st

Departing at 4:17am, Rob & Brennan discover that their first destination doesn't open until 8am, but decide to trek there anyway. They put on their snowshoes, but then discover that the batteries in their flashlights have lost all of their power. Their spare batteries have met the same fate, leaving them in the dark. Not wanting to walk through the Alaskan wilderness in the pitch-black of the night, they decide to wait for Frank & Margarita, as they would end up being equalized with them anyway. 50 minutes later, the separated couple depart and the two teams head to the lodge together. They arrive and stay in temporary lodging until the lodge opens. Morning arrives and the two grab the Detour clue, quickly deciding to complete Dog Power. Frank & Margarita head off first with Rob & Brennan close behind. With no place to pass on the thin trail, the two are stuck behind the slow moving Frank & Margarita, commenting that if they were in the lead they would be 15 minutes ahead. Evenually, they reach a much more open section of the track, and the two are slowly able to pass both Margarita and Frank. One of their dogs trips into one of Frank's, but neither are hurt and it doesn't hinder either of them. Now in first place, they reach the end of the track and get into their vehicle.

When they reach the lake, Rob correctly guesses what the task will be and excitedly comments that he knew they would be doing it. Brennan elects to perform the Roadblock as it is his turn. He strips down and jumps into the frigid lake, submerging his head and then climbing out as quickly as he can. Rob points out that he didn't get the clue from the other side of the ice hole, and he realizes he has to jump in a second time to go get it. He does so and heads back, with Frank & Margarita arriving just as they leave. As they head to the airport, they realize that where they are going in New York City is Frank & Margarita's home neighborhood and that they need to use whatever advantage they can if they hope to win. Along the way, they stop at a grocery store and try to find anyone willing to give them their cell phone for $300. A woman at a gas station is eventually willing to do this, with Rob promising to mail it back to her when the race is over (which he did).

They phone a travel agency with it, and discover a flight through Seattle to Newark that will arrive at 6am. They reserve seats on this, and then comment that they could technically reserve all the rest of the seats on the flight and make it difficult for Frank & Margarita to get on, but decide against such "dirty play". The phone dies after their call ends. They reach the airport and find Frank & Margarita at the Alaska Airlines counter. At the kiosk next to them, they ask the attendants to give them their tickets without saying the flight numbers or names. It ends up not mattering, as the separated couple purchase tickets for the same flight as well. At the layover in Seattle, they purchase as many maps of the Queens area as they can.

Once finally in Newark, it is a mad dash to get out of the airport and into a taxi. They get into a taxi first and ask to be taken to the square. When they arrive, they quickly grab the clue which directs them to the Finish Line. They dismiss their driver and rush up to the elevated train station, asking questions to locals nonstop as they go. When they reach the station platform, a train is just arriving at the station and they get on. When they arrive at the park, they rush out of the station and momentarily go the wrong way but quickly correct this mistake. The two find the yellow flags and run down the long path where they eventually reach the Finish Line. Phil informs them that they are the first to arrive and have won The Amazing Race and the two cheer and share an emotional hug. Rob comments that it was both a wonderful and difficult experience, and Brennan comments that he didn't think they were going to make it but is proud of the hard work they both did.

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