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Peggy & Claire
Peggy & Claire
The Amazing Race 2
Relationship "Gutsy Grannies"
Finishing Position 9th
Legs Completed 3
Legs Won 0
Average Position 9.00
Roadblock Count Peggy 0, Claire 1
Countries raced Flag of Brazil.svg Flag of South Africa.svg

Peggy Kuhn and Claire Jinks are grandmothers who competed on The Amazing Race 2, better known by their nickname "The Gutsy Grannies". They are from Truckee and Los Gatos, California, respectively. They were eliminated in 9th after missing a connecting flight in London en route to South Africa, putting them almost a full day behind.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Brazil)

"Sometimes we're almost fast!" – Claire
Detour.png Beach: Use a photograph to search Copacabana Beach for "The Girl from Ipanema"
PitStop.png 10th

Peggy & Clair had a rather slow start on the race, being the last out of all the teams to reach their bags. Once out of the desert, they followed Chris & Alex to a gas station, seeing if they could see where they were being directed. When they reach the airport, there are no more tickets for the first flight and so get on the second flight with Gary & Dave, Oswald & Danny and Diedre & Hillary. Once in Rio de Janeiro and in a taxi, Peggy is beginning to feel pessimistic about their chances against the younger, more fit teams, but Claire tells her that they just have to try their best. Once at Corcovado, the two have a very difficult time climbing the seemingly endless stairs to the statue, and are the last to retrieve the clue there.

They are on the last ferry to the island, and they kiss the tree when they reach it. Still in last place, they sign up for the last ferry and depart in the morning alongside Gary & Dave and Diedre & Hillary. When they eventually make it to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, they quickly determine that rappelling is out of the question for them and instead choose to complete Beach. They take the gondola back down and get into a taxi, which takes them to Ipanema Beach but doesn't know what "Lifeguard Station" means. With perseverance, they are able to eventually find the correct area of the beach and locate the girl, who hands them their next clue. The two then head to the marina and find a man willing to take them to the yacht in his boat. When they arrive and climb onto the boat, they are absolutely shocked to learn that they are in 10th place and are still in the race.

Leg 2 (Brazil)

"She thought we could beat the professional volleyball players." – Peggy
Detour.png Freak Out: Ride a hang-glider from Pedro Bonita to São Conrado Beach.
Roadblock.png Claire: Ride a boat into Iguaçu Falls and search for a race flag.
PitStop.png 8th

Departing at 1:32am, Peggy & Claire returned to shore and wondered if they would have to perform a dance at the nightclub. They hopped into a taxi and made their way there. At the nightclub, they arrive right behind Gary & Dave and retrieve their clue from the dancer. They both immediately decide to pursue the Fast Forward, thinking it would be their only way to stay in the race. When they see it's a volleyball task, Claire is confident as she played volleyball in high school. Peggy is unsure, but they head towards the beach anyway. Once there, however, they notice Shola & Doyin waiting there for the task to begin. They reason that they would never win in a volleyball duel against the twins and head back towards their next clue on Pedra Bonita. They make their way to the top and get the Detour clue. Claire would like to hang-glide, but allows Peggy to make the decision as she chose the last Detour. Peggy decides that they should complete Seek Out. However, all the other waiting teams try to convince them to complete Freak Out instead. Tara says that they must give up their "Gutsy Grannies" shirts if they don't hang-glide. Eventually, Peggy relents and they decide to complete Freak Out after all.

The sun rises and the teams all gear up. Peggy watches as first in line Cyndi & Russell take flight and notices that they have to run off of a platform. Peggy was not expecting to have to run and is incredibly concerned, as she tore her knee up in a skiing accident a long time ago and has trouble running. Sometimes her knee will just suddenly give out on her if she runs, and she is afraid that will put her safety at risk. The instructor does a practice run, but as she feared she runs out of steam before running the required distance. After giving it some thought, she decides that she doesn't want to do it. However, after some time, she decides to go through with it so she doesn't let Claire down. They are seventh in line, and it isn't long before it's their turn. Claire goes first and takes off into the sky, and then Peggy gets ready. Stepping up onto the platform she is still very nervous, but she pushes herself and runs forward across the entire length of the platform, leaping off in a perfect takeoff. The two land safely, if not clumsily, on the beach and Claire is incredibly proud of Peggy. They get their next clue and depart for the bus station.

Once there, they learn that their best option is to take a 11:00 bus that will connect in São Paulo. Blake & Paige in line behind them lose their wallet and all of their money, giving them a little hope. They purchase tickets for this trip and get on the bus, which no other team joins them on. Once in São Paulo, thety discover that there are no more seats on the 6:00 bus they are supposed to take from there. Instead, they had to take the 8:00 bus to Foz do Iguaçu. They eventually arrive at their destination and get into one of the vehicles, proceeding into the park. Once at the dock, Claire elects to perform the Roadblock. She gets into a boat and heads towards the falls, but cannot see the flag. She eventually finds it and directs her boat there, but has a tumble as she disembarks. The stairs leading to the top of the outcropping are very steep, quickly tiring her out. She retrieves her clue and heads back, but Claire is certain that they're in last place at this point. They head towards the Pit Stop and begin their long trek to the mat. Once there, they see that all the teams ahead of them have come out to watch them check in, all wearing serious looks on their faces. When they step on the mat, however, Phil tells them that they are actually in 8th place and they are in complete disbelief.

Leg 3 (Brazil → South Africa)

"I hope that other women our age will do it too, because it's a big hoot! It's just fun!" – Claire
  • Departed from Pit Stop 37 minutes late;
  • Directed to the Pit Stop at Robben Island;
PitStop.png 9th - Eliminated

Peggy & Claire were scheduled to depart at 2:40am. However when that time arrives, they are still asleep in their tent. They wake up 37 minutes later and note that their alarm clock didn't go off when it was supposed to. Now departing at 3:17am, they head to the airport where they discover that the only flight to São Paulo is tomorrow morning. Once there, they head to Swiss Air where the agent is taken aback that they want a flight 'immediately'. The flights there are fully booked. They then go to American airlines and stand behind Shola & Doyin and Cyndi & Russell in line. Blake & Paige enter afterwards and speak to an agent who isn't helping anyone, angering them as they felt the siblings were skipping the line.

The twins and the pastors get tickets to London, but they aren't so lucky. After a long process and spending a lot of time at the American Airlines counter, the two finally get tickets to Cape Town. Their flight path will connect through New York City, London and then Johannesburg before finally getting to Cape Town. The flight from New York to London is delayed significantly by turbulence, and by the time they land they have missed their flight to Johannesburg. To make matters worse, it is already late into the evening and all of the ticket offices are closed for the night. With nothing left to do, they have no choice but to lay down and spend the night.

When the sun finally rises, all of the other teams have already checked into the Pit Stop hours ago. They purchase tickets on a flight and at long last make their way to Cape Town. They travel by ferry to Robben Island, and the clue there directs them straight to the Pit Stop at the manor. After a long taxi ride they finally reach the Pit Stop where Phil eliminates them from the race, nearly a full day behind all of the other teams.

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