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Paul & Amie
Paul & Amie
The Amazing Race 1
Relationship Engaged
Finishing Position 7th
Legs Completed 5
Legs Won 0
Average Position 6.00
Roadblock Count Paul 3, Amie 1
Countries raced Flag of South Africa.svg Flag of Zambia.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Tunisia.svg

Paul J. Alessi and Amie Barsky are an engaged couple who competed on The Amazing Race 1. They are from Los Angeles, California. They were eliminated in 7th after becoming hopelessly lost in the Tunisian desert.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → South Africa → Zambia)

"I don't care if the Pope did this!" – Paul
Detour.png Air: Take Zipline and Bungee Swing.
Roadblock.png Paul: Cook an ostrich egg and, with the help of teammate, eat the contents.
PitStop.png 7th

Paul & Amie's race began with Paul directly behind frontrunner Frank, and jumped ahead of him to be the first to reach his bag and the first clue. Paul immediately insisted that they travel on the New York subway instead of taking a cab in order to save funds. Amie disagreed, fearing that they would be eliminated if they were not on the first flight. They eventually chose the subway, though they ended up confused by the many different lines. This ended up putting them on the last flight with Nancy & Emily, Matt & Ana and Kevin & Drew. They were then on the last charter flight to Zambia with the same teams.

In Livingstone, Paul chose to drive the vehicle. Amie was immediately able to figure out that the clue was directing them to Victoria Falls. Paul nearly rear-ends a vehicle while en route. Once at the falls, they quicklye retrieved their clue and departed. On the way to the Detour, they became quite lost and ended up bickering with one another, with Paul lambasting her for crying.

They eventually arrived at the Detour in ninth, with Paul nearly refusing to complete the Air task due to a fear of heights. Amie commented that Nancy was doing Air just fine, and eventually goads him into completing the task with her. Paul was incredibly proud of himself for completing the zipline, only for his confidence to die when he realized that he still needed to bungee jump. Though he was not happy about it, he did complete the task.

Paul chose to complete the Roadblock. Amie suggested that he could eat it raw, but Paul refused on the grounds that he would get diarrhea next week. Then then arrived at the Pit Stop in 8th place, but ended up in 7th due to a penalty received by Dave & Margaretta.

Leg 2 (Zambia → France)

"Just make sure you punch her in the jaw or the nose." – Paul
Detour.png Near: Travel to a nearby reserve and photograph 3 uncommon animals
Roadblock.png Paul: Scale the Eiffel Tower and search for the Pit Stop
PitStop.png 6th

Departing at 5:50am in 7th place, Paul & Amie depart in their vehicle and immediately begin snapping at one another. Having left the village, they have no luck in locating the museum. At one point, their vehicle slips on the muddy road and rams into a tree. Paul is forced to get out and pull the damaged bumper away from the front wheel, and badly cuts his hand as a result. They eventually end up circling back to the village after a local directs them there. They encounter Nancy & Emily, providing them with this information. They also meet Dave & Margaretta and help them as well. Working together, the three teams then find the museum and quickly decide to complete Near. While in the game reserve, they come across an irate rhino blocking the street. Despite this, they finish quickly and depart for Mukuni Village. They deliver their photographs and depart for Paris.

At the airport, Amie aggressively searches for seats via phone, but has no luck. Their struggles lead Paul to suggest that they simply get tickets to fly home. Waiting in line behind Kim & Leslie, Amie gets incredibly upset when Leslie says to her ticketing agent that Paul and her are not with them, finding that Leslie said it in an obnoxious way. They do eventually manage to get tickets on the last flight with Dave & Margaretta, Nancy & Emily and Kim & Leslie. Once in Paris, the two get into the taxi stand line at the airport. When a taxi pulls up, Kim & Leslie suddenly pounce on it and ask to be taken instead. Paul & Amie get into the cab, astounded that the girls are even trying this. The taxi cab eventually agrees and forces the two to get out and let Kim & Leslie in instead. An incredibly angry Amie screams at Leslie and breaks down in tears once they find another taxi. Paul is even more adamant that they should quit, and this brings Amie back to reality.

Despite this hiccup, they reach the tower before Kim & Leslie, and Paul elects to do the Roadblock. After he begins to climb, Amie reckons that the Arc de Triomphe is probably what he needs to find and yells this to him, but he doesn't hear her. Once at the top, however, he cannot see anything out of the telescopes. This brings his frustration to a boiling point and he storms off, saying that he's done. Though incredibly angry, he sticks around and eventually manages to see the flag by chance. He uses a telescope to verify that it is correct and then heads down. They travel to the Pit Stop by taxi and arrive in 7th place. Due to a penalty received by Dave & Margaretta, they moved up to 6th place.

Leg 3 (France)

"I told you guys you can't trust 'em!" – Paul
Detour.png Tough Climb: Climb Notre Dame Cathedral and ring Quasimodo's bell.
Roadblock.png Paul: Traverse through the Paris sewers.
PitStop.png 6th

Departing at 2:18am in 6th place, long after their first location closes, Paul & Amie decide to head towards the wheel anyway and wait there. Along with Dave & Margaretta and Lenny & Karyn, they stop to wait outside the gates until it opens. Things become rather miserable when it begins to rain. When morning comes, they are joined by Nancy & Emily. When the wheel opens at 9am, they get their clue and quickly decide to do Tough Climb.

At Notre Dame, when it opens, they run up the steps and are the first of the group of four to ring the bell. They then quickly run to their next destination, not far from Notre Dame, and are the first to reach the Roadblock there with Lenny & Karyn right behind them. Paul elects to complete the Roadblock, and is the first one to enter the sewers. He fearlessly makes his way through, and is the first to reach the end of the sewers as well. With all but the first and last teams close together, they head to the train station to secure tickets, excited to be at the front of the pack.

They quickly realize, however, that they have no idea which train to take. Joe & Bill show up and promise to help them, and purchase tickets for them. While walking to the train, the Guidos abandon them and they nearly get on the wrong train. The two are confused when Joe & Bill, Frank & Margarita and Rob & Brennan get off at Avignon, but choose to play it safe and travel to Marseilles. They then rush off to the Pit Stop and arrive in 6th, relieved to hear that their friends Lenny & Karyn and Nancy & Emily are safe.

Leg 4 (France → Tunisia)

"She wanted to do this. I didn't even want to do this race." – Paul
Detour.png Full Body Massage: Use a map to find a massage parlor in a crowded market, then experience a 20-minute massage.
Roadblock.png Amie: Carry a torch through the colosseum to find the Pit of Death.
PitStop.png Arrived 5th, received time credit for production difficulties - 4th

Departing at 6:47am, Paul & Amie head down to catch a taxi that they had ordered during the rest peroid, with Amie having called two further times to confirm it. They initially get turned around on the narrow streets, and by the time they reach the area where the taxis would show up, Nancy & Emily are seen getting into a cab. The mother and daughter had also ordered a taxi, but the cabbie is unable to confirm who he is meant to pick up. Since Nancy & Emily were there first, he takes them but this seriously upsets Amie, which in turn frustrates Paul. He talks to the camera about how he doesn't want to keep seeing Amie get upset every day and wants to quit and go home.

The two had also initially confused the Tunisian flag for Turkey's, and are confused when told there are no boats to Turkey. When Joe & Bill show up, they purchase tickets for all eight teams as a group, giving them a group discount and getting them all on the same ferry. The frustration of this process further cements to them that they do not like how the Guidos play the game. Once in Tunisia, they rush to get a taxi to Bab Bhar. They are the third to reach the Detour, where Amie wanted to complete Full Body Massage, noting that she could use a massage. After wandering for a little bit, they ask for help from some locals, who agree to lead them to the massage parlor. They find it while in 4th place and sit down to have their massage. Amie enjoys hers while Paul complains that they were pulling at his skin and hurting him. By the time the massage is finished, they've fallen to last place and all of the other teams have left the marketplace already.

They decide to spend more money and travel by taxi to El Djem, and move up to 5th place at the Roadblock. Amie elects to complete it, despite needing to use the bathroom. She is the only team not to make the same mistake as all other teams, as she runs clockwise around the colosseum before entering it. Despite this, she still ends up turned around by the confusing colosseum. When she eventually finds the pit of death, Brennan shows up right behind her. The two elect to simply climb over the grate and retrieve the swords by hand. Brennan runs off without her, but a blunder on their part allows her and Paul to check in 5th place. Furthermore, the two receive a time credit for an unspecified production error and move up to 4th place.

Leg 5 (Tunisia)

"I can't listen to you be sick. I'm sorry." – Paul
Detour.png Listening: Use one walkee talkee to find another.
  • Proceeded directly to Pit Stop from Roadblock location
PitStop.png 7th - Eliminated

Departing at 4:49am in 4th place, the two head off while Amie comments that her stomach has been bothering her as of late. They find a taxi and travel to Tataouine. During the ride, the two excitedly talk about how they would use the prize money to pay for their wedding. Their speedy taxi allows them to be the third to reach the globe monument, with Nancy & Emily right behind them. Amie wants to complete Puzzling, but neither team can find its location so they head off for Listening instead. Paul elects to drive the vehicle. On the way to the Detour, Amie's stomach problems get worse and she begins to throw up.

Following Nancy & Emily, the two teams initially have difficulty, but eventually find the Detour location. With Paul repeatedly saying Amie's name into his walkee talkee, they find the clue and depart in 4th place, but by this point Nancy & Emily have left. Paul finds the idea of driving into the desert to be "crazy". Utterly lost, they come across a young man in the middle of nowhere. Unable to speak English, he can only point them in the general direction. They continue to drive in circles, but Amie's condition is further deteriorating, throwing up copiously. Time passes and they only get more lost and trapped in the desert sands, at which point Paul declares that he can't stand to hear Amie being so sick any more.

By this point, they aren't even on roads any more. Amie is distraught, not wanting to lose or quit and it holding onto the hope that they aren't in last place. Paul is more realistic, insisting that there is no use continuing if she is so sick. At this point, they have been out in the desert for much more than six hours. By chance, they happen to find the Pit Stop by passing by on the opposite side, where everybody including production has been anxiously waiting for them. The other teams are relieved and thankful that they're all right, and Phil leads them to the Pit Stop where they are eliminated from the race. Amie is quite sad to go, but Paul is proud of her and lets her know that it's not her fault and that they lost together as a team.

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