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Oswald & Danny
Oswald & Danny
The Amazing Race 2
Relationship Best Friends
Finishing Position 4th
Legs Completed 11
Legs Won 3
Average Position 4.00
Roadblock Count Oswald 6, Danny 3
Countries raced Flag of Brazil.svg Flag of South Africa.svg Flag of Namibia.svg Flag of Thailand.svg Flag of Hong Kong.svg Flag of Australia.svg Flag of New Zealand.svg
Oswald & Danny
Oswald & Danny
The Amazing Race 11
Relationship Best Friends
Finishing Position 4th
Legs Completed 12
Legs Won 3
Average Position 2.67
Roadblock Count Oswald 4, Danny 41
1 Roadblock Unknown
Countries raced Flag of Ecuador.svg Flag of Chile.svg Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of Mozambique.svg Flag of Tanzania.svg Flag of Poland.svg Flag of Malaysia.svg Flag of Hong Kong.svg Flag of Macau.svg Flag of Guam.svg

Oswald Mendez and Danny Jimenez are best friends who competed on The Amazing Race 2. They also returned again to compete on The Amazing Race 11. They are both from Miami, Florida, though Oswald moved to New York City, New York during the 11th season. On both seasons, they ended up in 4th place, falling just short of entering the final three.


The Amazing Race 2 Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Brazil)

"Danny and I are not a couple but, for all intents 'n' purposes, we are married to each other." – Oswald
Detour.png Mountain: Rappel down Morro da Urca mountainside.
PitStop.png 8th

Oswald & Danny started their race in the middle of the pack, rushing to their vehicles and heading off to the airport. However, they end up on the second flight along with Gary & Dave, Peggy & Claire and Diedre & Hillary. Once in Rio de Janeiro they hop in a cab, excited to be in Brazil. They reach the statue and retrieve their next clue. Once on the island, they kiss the tree and head off to the hotel as quickly as they can. Their speed allows them to get on the third ferry, ahead of all the other second flight teams.

In the morning, they return to the mainland alongside Chris & Alex and Mary & Peach. When they reach the top of the mountain, both of them decide to complete the Mountain task. They are not shown completing this task, but it is very unlikely that they did not complete it. They then get a boat to take them to the yacht, where they arrive at the Pit Stop in 8th place, mere seconds behind Mary & Peach.

Leg 2 (Brazil)

"We recognize each other for what we are and we trust each other implicitly." – Oswald
Detour.png Freak Out: Ride a hang-glider from Pedro Bonita to São Conrado Beach.
Roadblock.png Danny: Ride a boat into Iguaçu Falls and search for a race flag.
PitStop.png 7th

Departing at 12:46am, Oswald & Danny returned to shore and hopped into a blue taxi. They retrieved their next clue from the samba dancer at the club and then departed. After a tiring climb to the top of Pedra Bonita, they enjoy the breeze while opening their clue and deciding to do Freak Out. Sixth in line when morning arrives, Oswald takes flight followed by Danny. They land safely on the beach, get their next clue, and head off to the bus station.

There, they get tickets on a 10:00 bus that also carries Cyndi & Russell and Mary & Peach. Once they arrive, they get into a vehicle and proceed into the park. At the docks, Danny decides to do the Roadblock and finds the clue without issue. They then head to the Pit Stop and arrive there in 7th place.

Leg 3 (Brazil → South Africa)

"I felt like I was doing, you know, this Irish Riverdance on crack." – Oswald
Detour.png Dance: Perform with a South African dancing troupe to earn 25 Rand.
Roadblock.png Oswald: Search Langa Township for Epsom salts, a smiley, and a Sangoma, then drink a concoction.
PitStop.png 1st

Departing at 1:14am, Oswald comments to Danny that he doesn't care where they're going as long as they don't have to stay in the Brazilian jungle anymore. When they arrive at the airport, they discover that the only flight to São Paulo is tomorrow morning. Once there, the two do not get frantic and begin their search for flights. One ticket agent says she will specifically help them because they are the only team that acted calmly and politely. She provides them direct tickets to London and they travel there. They are then joined by Tara & Wil and Gary & Dave on their flight to Cape Town. They are the first to arrive in Cape Town at 7am and travel by taxi to the ferries. They get onto the 9am ferry with the same two teams.

On Robben Island, the three teams take the time to admire the history of this location and proceed to Mandela's cell. On the ferry back, they figure they will all be stuck together for a while and so decide to work together to get ahead. They share funds to get a van taxi that takes all three teams to Kalk Bay. At the Detour, Danny wants to do Deliver, but Oswald would much prefer Dance so they don't smell like fish and Danny agrees. The two join the troup and have a lot of fun with the dancing. They have to go through two cycles of dancing, but before long they have enough money. With the Detour complete, they continue to work together and get onto the train to Cape Town, followed by a shared taxi to Langa.

Once at the township, Danny suggests that Oswald complete the Roadblock. Oswald heads off and befriends a local named Timmy. The two get to know one another and talk about their lives, and then Timmy helps Oswald find the items he needs to purchase. They then find the sangoma and he drinks the potion, receiving his next clue. The three teams then get into a van taxi together and travel to the Pit Stop. When they finally arrive, the two rush out of the taxi and run to the Pit Stop, receiving a 1st place finish. The other two teams check in right behind them.

Leg 4 (South Africa → Namibia)

"I think he pulled a muscle trying to do yoga." – Oswald
F-Forward.png Find a hotel where the train tracks used to run.
PitStop.png 1stƒ

Departing at 2:52am, Oswald & Danny decided to share a taxi with the same teams they had been working with on the previous leg, Tara & Wil and Gary & Dave. Danny's left foot had begun to hurt during the previous night and is still bothering him as they set out. The three teams travel to the airport and all get seats on the first charter flight, being joined later by Mary & Peach. To get to Swakopmund, they and their two allies go to the car rental area but learn that they only have the big, expensive vehicles available and that the clerks will not take cash. The other two teams leave and look for taxis, but Oswald & Danny remain with the clerk and politely ask for her help. She tells them that she would be able to offer them a lift to Swakopmund and that they can pay the driver whatever they want.

Now in 1st place when they reach Swakopmund, they scale the lighthouse and retrieve their clue. As they head towards their vehicles, Danny further complains about his aching foot. Because of this, they both decide to pursue the Fast Forward and head out. They find a hotel and decide to stop and ask where the old railway station is, but soon discover that they have accidentally found the correct location. Danny hops into the pool and retrieves the Fast Forward. After a long drive, they finally reach the Pit Stop where Danny is surprised to see that he has to run up a long path to reach the mat. Danny hobbles his way over to the mat with Oswald right behind them, and they arrive in 1st place.

Leg 5 (Namibia → Thailand)

"This is our friend Fern, who's gonna be our saving angel for today!" – Oswald
Detour.png Confusion Later: Buy a paper car and burn it at the proper altar to send to ancestors.
Roadblock.png Oswald: Find clue inside cave full of bats.
PitStop.png 6th

Departing at 7:47am, Oswald & Danny were very excited to go to Bangkok as Oswald had been there before, though he had been rather pampered then. At the airport, they get tickets with Air Namibia to connect through Johannesburg to reach Bangkok. They are joined by all teams except Chris & Alex, but the friends meet up with the group during the Johannesburg connection and get on the same flight to Bangkok. Once they finally arrive, they are the last team to get off of the plane which has put them in last place. They then get confused about which bus they need to take, struggling with the language barrier. It takes them quite a while to finally find the correct bus and get on it.

While riding on the bus, they start talking to a young woman and ask if she would like to spend the day helping them, and she agrees. Her name is Fern and she is happy to help them because it means she has an excuse not to go to school. After a skytrain ride, the team of three decide that the Confusion Later Detour would be easier to complete. When they arrive at Chinatown, they find that Gary & Dave and Blake & Paige are still there. Fern helps them find the paper cars they need and they buy one. She then leads them to the temple and they burn their car, receiving their next clue and head to the bus station. Once there, they finally bid a fond farewell to Fern, thanking her for all her help. They are on the second-last bus to Ratchaburi.

After arriving and traveling to the temple, Oswald elects to perform the Roadblock. He takes the task as a chance to be really "butch" and completes the task fearlessly. They have a bit of trouble finding a Tuktuk, but soon make their way to Amphawa, where their driver does not understand that they want to find the boats. It is well into the middle of the night by this point, but they eventually make their way to the Pit Stop, where Phil tells them that they are in 6th place and still in the race.

Leg 6 (Thailand)

"This was a good opportunity to do something I wanted to do." – Oswald
Detour.png Boat: Ride bamboo raft down river.
Roadblock.png Oswald: Wash traditional markings off an elephant.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 8:31am, Oswald & Danny headed back to Amphawa with Oswald feeling rather run-down and unmotivated. They find a van taxi to take them back to Bangkok. Oswald's mood sours more as they wander around the flower market. Danny asks one of the vendors for help, not noticing the race flags right above his head which Oswald points out. They retrieve their clue and head for the train station. They then get tickets for the same train as all the other teams to Chiang Mai. With time to kill before 3:00, they and most of the other teams go shopping in Bangkok. This does little to lift Oswald's spirits, and he is dreading the 15-hour train ride in third class.

Halfway along the journey, Danny tells Oswald to take a step back, relax and take a nap, and decide afterwards if he wants to continue with the race. After sleeping for a while, Oswald wakes up feeling renewed and full of energy, ready to continue with the race. When they arrive in Chiang Mai, Mary & Peach ask if they want to share a taxi and they agree. They arrive just behind frontrunners Gary & Dave as they reach the Detour. Hearing that the sisters want to complete Boat, they also choose this task. They get onto a bamboo raft, but are delayed when they don't realize their raft is still tied down. This allows Blake & Paige to pass them. Once they're on their way, they encounter some rocks in the river and get stuck, tossing Danny into the water. They catch up to the siblings, but right when they are about to pass them the raft becomes stuck on a rock and rendered completely immobile. Not wasting any time, Danny hops into the water and lifts the boat off of the rock so they can keep going. They then reach the end of the river and retrieve their clue, getting into a vehicle and driving off. It takes them a bit of time to find their next location but they eventually find it. On the way in, they pass by Blake & Paige exiting.

Danny does not want to complete the Roadblock, but Oswald enthusiastically takes on the challenge. He had previously visited Nepal and had been given an opportunity to wash an elephant there, but he was "too much of a diva" to do it. He had always regretted this decision, and is now very happy to get the chance once again. He completes the task, earning praise from the elephant handler before receiving his next clue. The two head off to the Pit Stop, both of them having totally rekindled their competitive spirits. At the Pit Stop, Danny slides across the decorative leaves on the ground, making a mess but arriving at the Pit Stop in style. He and Oswald check in 4th place.

Leg 7 (Thailand → Hong Kong)

"I figured money comes and goes; health you need." – Danny
Detour.png Wishing Tree: Travel far to a wishing tree and make a wish.
Roadblock.png Danny: Use crane to lift and move a shipping container.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 9:08pm, Oswald & Danny head for Chiang Mai keeping their intention to work alone. Once there, they stop at a police station so Oswald can ask for directions. This drops them behind Tara & Wil, whom they see as they reach the Seven Spires. Instead of going to the airport, they go to a place where they have access to the internet and a telephone and use them to book their seats. They are able to secure tickets on the 7am flight to Bangkok, and the 8:40 flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong. All other teams joined them on these flights, and all six of them have to rush through the Bangkok airport to make their connection. Once in Hong Kong, the two are a little slow to purchase their metro tickets, ending up on the third train behind four of the other teams. They then get into a taxi to take them to Central Plaza.

Once there, they travel to the top and encounter Chris & Alex, Tara & Wil and Blake & Paige all leaving. Before long, they spot the Star Ferry and quickly depart. When they arrive, they find the same three teams waiting and all four get on the next ferry. The ferry docks at Tsim Sha Tsui, and all four teams rush to get their next clue, which they find is a Detour. Figuring that the other three would choose Herbal Tea, they decide to complete Wishing Tree instead so as to distance themselves from the group. After a long ride, they arrive at the wishing trees and toss their wishes into the tree. Oswald wishes for love and Danny wishes for health for his entire family. They receive their next clue and head for the terminal. On the way, Oswald wants to stop for food but Danny convinces him to keep going or they may be eliminated.

They are the third team to arrive at the terminal, where Oswald requests that Danny perform the Roadblock. Danny climbs into the crane and begins to lower it. He flawlessly hooks the container and lifts it off the truck. Oswald grabs the next clue as Danny rejoins him, departing as Blake begins the task. Stress begins to set in as they find a taxi and depart from the terminal. They make it to the harbour and begin to travel out to the Junk, but they believe they might be in last place at this point. When they reach the Pit Stop, they discover that they are in fact in 4th place.

Leg 8 (Hong Kong → Australia)

"Did you see how calm, cool, collected Cha-Cha-Cha was?"Dave
Detour.png Lion: Carry a ceremonial lion head around a marked course on foot.
Roadblock.png Oswald: Follow a series of clues in Australian slang.
PitStop.png 1st

Departing at 6:29am, Oswald & Danny begin the leg by heading to a hotel to ask for directions. When they reach the streets, however, they can't seem to locate a hotel. They eventually find one and ask the concierge where to go. As the sun rises, they travel by bus to Repulse Bay and meet up with the other four teams as they wait for the park to open. They grab their clue, and then wait patiently as all the other teams frantically run off. They then open their map and calmly figure out where they need to go. They then run out and grab a taxi which takes them to the Detour. Noticing that the dragon boats seem hard to steer and that other teams are having difficulty, they decide to complete Lion. They choose a ceremonial lion head, with Danny in front and Oswald in the back. They're chuckling to themselves as they head off down the marked route. They traverse the path quite quickly, reaching the next clue before two of the teams who chose Dragon.

Now in second place, they head off to book their flights. They ask a local man if they can come into his house and use his phone, and he is happy to oblige. They get standby tickets for a flight, but are not completely comfortable with their arrangements, and so they travel to the nearest five-star hotel. They ask the concierge to recommend a travel agency, and are directed to the hotel's own travel agency. The agent there tells them that the agency needs an hour to research the best flight for them, and so they decide to go shopping while they wait. They visit a Starbucks and get Mocha Frappuccinos, and visit a Loewe store where Danny finds a cologne he really likes. Oswald tells him that he's willing to use their limited funds to purchase it, and this makes Danny really happy. They then return to the travel agency and are presented tickets to Sydney connecting through Singapore. The agency also ordered a Mercedes-Benz to take them to the airport, much to their elation. No other teams join them on this flight, but this turns out to be the faster flight as they are the first to land in Sydney.

Rain begins to fall as they travel by taxi to the Opera House. Once there, Oswald elects to perform the Roadblock. He gets onto a bus and asks another passenger what "lairy daks" means. Oswald finds the Surfie and picks up his next clue. He notices that it's a blue "Route Info" clue and not a red "Roadblock" clue, wondering if he's supposed to return to Danny. However, he checks the initial Roadblock clue and understands that the task isn't over yet. As he runs to the park, he asks a local along the way what an "ankle biter" is. At the park, he finds the child and gets his next clue, and then asks a local to translate this clue as well. A different local directs him to the Captain Cook statue, where he humorously comments to the woman in the bathing suit how good a day it is for suntanning. She gives him his next clue, and he heads out onto the street to ask another local for help. The man directs him to the quay and also tells him what a "Bushie" is. When he arrives at the quay, he receives his clue from the bushie and sees that it says "return to your partner", so he travels back to the Opera House. With Danny by his side, they run over to the museum and make their way to the rooftop, arriving at the Pit Stop in 1st place and winning a seven-day cruise on the Royal Caribbean.

Leg 9 (Australia)

"They're meant to dress us up like the Village People everywhere we go." – Oswald
Detour.png Cool Down: Dig for an opal in an underground mine.
Roadblock.png Oswald: Throw a boomerang out of a circle so it successfully returns.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 8:26pm, Oswald & Danny begin to head for Sydney BridgeClimb, intending on continuing to be competitive. They find the establishment and sign up for a 5:45 climb. They then went to a fancy hotel and told a small lie to the concierge desk that they had just checked out of the hotel and wanted to wait in the lounge until their ride to the airport arrived. Morning arrives and they return to the bridge. When it's 5:45, they are the first team to climb to the top of the bridge and retrieve their clue. Back on the ground, they get a taxi to the airport and borrow the driver's cell phone to make arrangements. They are able to secure tickets on a 7:10am flight before they even reach the airport, and the flight departs with them before any other teams even arrive at the airport.

Once in Adelaide, they travel to National Jet Systems and sign up for the first charter flight, joining Chris & Alex who had won the Fast Forward on the flight. When they land in the very hot Coober Pedy, they choose a vehicle and begin to drive to the Metal Tree. Once there, they pick up their Detour clue and quickly decide to perform Cool Down. They quickly find the mine and head inside, feeling eager and excited. Inside, however, they get turned around by the confusing passageways and cannot find the designated pile of rocks. It takes them quite a while before they find it and begin their search. Tara & Wil show up soon after. After some patient searching, they find a promising stone and return to the surface. However, the judge shakes his head and tells them that they have found "a rock". They return to the mine as Danny starts to lose hope for this task. A little while later, however, Danny finds a stone that he is absolutely sure is an opal. They take it to the judge, who calls it a "beauty" and gives them their next clue.

They head off to find the Breakaways, but get a little lose. Danny suggests asking at a gas station, but Oswald wisely suggests finding an information centre instead. The man there points them in the proper direction. Though a short delay, it allows Tara & Wil to pass them, and they come up behind the separated couple's vehicle as they enter the Breakaways. They make their way down the steep hill to the clue box, with Oswald tossing his backpack down the hill in order to move faster. Now in fourth place, Oswald decides to perform the Roadblock. He and Tara join Paige and form a queue. All three teams make quite a few attempts before Paige and Tara are successful. Oswald has to make quite a few more tries before he finally makes a successful throw. They run over to the Pit Stop, where they arrive in 4th place.

Leg 10 (Australia → New Zealand)

"I screamed like a woman on the way down." – Oswald
Detour.png Quick Jump: Bungee Jump off the Nevis Highwire Platform.
Roadblock.png Oswald: Separate three black sheep from a group of white ones.
PitStop.png 4th - Non-elimination leg

Departing at 5:09am, Oswald & Danny head for the road trains where they catch up with Blake & Paige and Tara & Wil. They load their vehicle onto the back and depart for Glendambo. Once there, they use the nearby pay phones to search for flight information, with Danny accidentally calling their destination "Queensburg". They make flight arrangements and then head for the airstrip, signing up for the second charter flight. From Adelaide, they continue to Melbourne without Blake & Paige, but then end up on the same flight as them to Christchurch. They, like the other passengers, are amused when Alex talks on the intercom and prevents anyone from leaving the plane until the baggage is in the carousel, due to Blake & Paige sneaking theirs on board.

Finally, they head off the plane, retrieve their baggage, and get into a taxi. They are in 3rd on their journey to Wentworth Station and to the canyon, which means they have to wait before traveling out to the highwire platform. After Tara & Wil complete the bungee jump, they join Chris & Alex on the platform and pick up their Detour clue. Oswald begrudgingly agrees to complete Quick Jump, despite how afraid he is. They watch as Chris & Alex make their jump, and then get harnessed up. They make their way to the edge, get ready, and then leap off into the canyon. Oswald spends the entire ride terrified and clutching Danny, while Danny simply enjoys the thrill. They get into a vehicle and proceed to their next destination, but end up getting lost along the way and going in the wrong direction.

Along the way, they ask a very helpful local for directions. After a long, long drive they finally come across arrows directing them to the sheep station. There, Oswald decides to perform the Roadblock and enters the sheep's pen. When it is evident how difficult the task is, the both of them simply laugh. He manages to get one black sheep in, and then ends up tumbling to the ground twice while chasing the others. When he leaves the gate open, most of the sheep end up going inside the small pen anyway, and so Oswald then removes the white sheep from it one by one. The last white sheep wedges itself into the corner of the pen opposite the gate, so Oswald detaches the outer wall and releases it into the open field, successfully completing the task. They then make their way over to the Pit Stop, where Phil tells them that they are in last place. When he tells them that it is a non-elimination leg, Danny cannot believe their luck.

Leg 11 (New Zealand)

"Shut up, don't tell me that you loved it." – Oswald
Detour.png Drop: Rappel into the Lost World caves.
Roadblock.png Danny: Ride a quad bike through an 4x4 course.
PitStop.png 4th - Eliminated

Departing at 5:04am, Oswald & Danny are quite excited to discover that their camper van is a Mercedes-Benz. They then depart on the long journey to Picton. Halfway through, Danny needs a rest and Oswald takes over the wheel. Danny has to show him how the vehicle works, as Oswald received his license just before going on the race. They then stop at a business and phone the ferry terminal for more information. Danny takes over the wheel again, but accidentally drives to close to the side of the bridge and smashes their side mirror. The damage is minor and they continue on. When they arrive at the ferry terminal, they learn they have missed the 11:30 ferry by 30 minutes and must wait for the 1:30 one. The next ferry arrives and takes them to Wellington.

In the morning, they join the other three teams and they all enter the institute to witness the performance and receive their next clue. They then head to the highway and Oswald provides directions, but Danny notes that the other teams are going in the opposite direction. He then sees a sign and confirms that they are going the wrong way. They end up driving behind Chris & Alex, but then Danny sees another sign and tells Oswald to turn around again. The lifelong friends turn around as well and follow them. Soon enough they arrive at the caves, just behind Blake & Paige. With Chris & Alex on their tails, they reach the Detour and quickly choose Drop. The lifelong friends arrive just as they begin, and they quickly make their way to the bottom of the rappel. Oswald has a difficult time traversing the slippery and uneven rocks, so Danny hangs back and waits for him. However, Chris & Alex are able to pass them. As they exit the cave and depart, Oswald feels very guilty for moving so slowly but Danny is proud of him for overcoming his fear of heights. They head off, but their confidence in directions is questionable at this point.

Eventually they are able to find the adventure park, where Danny decides to perform the Roadblock. He makes his way through the course at a moderate pace, but gets stuck for a little while on the beach's sand dunes. He retrieves his clue and returns to Oswald, laughing the whole way there. They stop by a city map and also at a business to find out where the hangar is. Soon after, they find the hangar and check in to the Pit Stop. Phil tells them that they are in last place and are the final team to be eliminated from the race. They are both proud of themselves for going out of their comfort zones and are glad they had this experience because they both know that anything can be here today and gone tomorrow.

The Amazing Race 11 Race Summary

Leg 1 (United States → Ecuador)

  • Detour.png Wrangle It: Hold down a horse and trim its mane and clip its hooves.
  • PitStop.png 2nd

Leg 2 (Ecuador → Chile)

  • Roadblock.png Oswald: Search a boardroom to find hidden letters that unscramble to the next destination.
  • Detour.png By Hand: Properly align of the bolts and washers of a 2-ton wheel.
  • PitStop.png 2nd

Leg 3 (Chile)

  • Roadblock.png Danny: Catch and transport 80 flounder fish from one tank to another.
  • Detour.png River Wild: Ride a raft through category-3 and -4 rapids.
  • PitStop.png 5th

Leg 4 (Chile → Argentina)

  • Detour.png Navigate It: Use a map to retrieve a compass, then use the compass to find a museum.
  • Roadblock.png Oswald: Search through a mailbag to find a letter written by teams from the team's previous season.
  • PitStop.png 1st

Leg 5 (Argentina → Mozambique)

  • Roadblock.png Oswald: Guide a trained rat to search for a deactivated land mine.
  • Detour.png Porter: Fill ten 45lbs bags full of coal, sew them shut, then deliver one to an address.
  • PitStop.png 4th

Leg 6 (Mozambique → Tanzania)

  • Detour.png Solve It: Solve a puzzle of an image of Tinga Tinga.
  • Roadblock.png Oswald: Throw a Rungu at a mask 20m away to break it.
  • PitStop.png 2nd

Leg 7 (Tanzania → Poland)

  • Detour.png Perfect Pitch: Identify which key of a grand piano is out of tune and rectify the problem.
  • Roadblock.png Unknown: Unknown task involving row boats.
  • PitStop.png 2nd

Leg 8 (Poland)

  • Intersection.png Partnered with Uchenna & Joyce.
    • F-Forward.png Climb two towers and count the total number of steps.
  • PitStop.png 1stƒ~ (tie)

Leg 9 (Poland → Malaysia)

  • Detour.png Artistic Expression: Use an ancient technique to stamp and dye a 45ft2 patch of cloth.
  • Roadblock.png Danny: Collect eight stacks of used newspapers from locals.
  • PitStop.png 4th

Leg 10 (Malaysia → Hong Kong)

  • F-Forward.png Perform a car crash movie stunt while riding in the vehicle.
  • PitStop.png 1stƒ

Leg 11 (Hong Kong → Macau)

  • YieldIcon.png Used the Yield on Eric & Danielle.
  • Roadblock.png Danny: Walk around the outer rim of the Macau tower, then jump off of it.
  • Detour.png Dragon: Deliver a dragon head and drum on foot to a waiting dragon boat at the docks.
  • PitStop.png 4th> - Non-elimination leg

Leg 12 (Macau → Guam)

  • Detour.png Engine Care: Clean an engine pod and wing flap of a B-52 bomber to a drill sergeant's satisfaction.
  • Roadblock.png Oswald: Use a GPS device to find a lost soldier in the wilderness, and then a helicopter landing location.
  • PitStop.png Arrived 4th, 30-minute penalty for being Marked for Elimination - 4th - Eliminated
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