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Nancy & Emily
Nancy & Emily
The Amazing Race 1
Relationship Mother/Daughter
Finishing Position 5th
Legs Completed 9
Legs Won 0
Average Position 5.67
Roadblock Count Nancy 2, Emily 7
Countries raced Flag of South Africa.svg Flag of Zambia.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Tunisia.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of India.svg Flag of Thailand.svg

Nancy and Emily Hoyt are a mother and daughter who competed on The Amazing Race 1. They are both from Waco, Texas. They finished the race in 5th after losing a Fast Forward challenge to Joe & Bill in Thailand and subsequently quitting the Detour due to absolute exhaustion.

Nancy Hoyt died on December 8, 2011 after a long battle with Lou Gehrig's disease at the age of 56.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → South Africa → Zambia)

"I was just selfishly praying that God wouldn't eliminate us so I could experience as much as possible...and look what happened." – Nancy
Detour.png Air: Take Zipline and Bungee Swing.
Roadblock.png Emily: Cook an ostrich egg and, with the help of teammate, eat the contents.
PitStop.png 10th

Nancy & Emily began racing excitedly but anxiously, realizing that the first thing they needed to figure out was which airport to travel to. They eventually went to a local business to borrow a phone book, but ultimately decided to simply take a taxi straight to the airport. They ended up being on the last flight along with Matt & Ana, Paul & Amie and Kevin & Drew. While connecting through Milan, Nancy helped Drew clean the large wound on his finger. Once in South Africa, they commented that they should have researched the flights a little more.

They were then on the last charter flight to Zambia with the same teams. Nancy was the last out of the airport in Livingstone, putting the team in last place. The two decided to hire a driver. Once at the falls, Nancy was winded by the climb but they retrieved their next clue. The two were the eighth team to reach the Detour, choosing to perform Air. Emily was excited about the task and, though she was nervous, Nancy did not hesitate to complete the zipline nor the bungee jump. They were excited to see that they were ahead of Paul & Amie, and that he was terrified.

Emily chose to complete the Roadblock, and tried to eat the entire thing on her own but was unsuccessful. Nancy was willing to help, but was unable to eat very much. Though they struggled the most with the task, they ended up at the Pit Stop in 10th place.

Leg 2 (Zambia → France)

"Get in the damn car!" – Emily
Detour.png Near: Travel to a nearby reserve and photograph 3 uncommon animals
Roadblock.png Emily: Scale the Eiffel Tower and search for the Pit Stop
PitStop.png 7th

Departing at 7:26am, Nancy & Emily begin by refusing to even consider the Fast Forward, as they are in last place. They cannot find the museum, and eventually encounter Paul & Amie who tell them that it is back in the village. They are soon joined by Dave & Margaretta. Working together, the three teams then find the museum and quickly decide to complete Near.

While in the game reserve, they come across an irate rhino blocking the road. Nancy bravely gets out of the truck to photograph it, with Emily becoming quite concerned about her safety. A crew member even yells at her to get back in the car. She tries to take a picture, but the camera doesn't work properly. Eventually, Emily sees that her mom didn't take the protective strip off of the film and is able get the photograph herself. They continue on. They deliver their photographs and depart for Paris. At the airport, Emily makes several calls in an attempt to secure seats, though it does not go well at all. Delays and airport troubles cause them to nearly miss the plane, though they get on the last flight along with Paul & Amie, Dave & Margaretta and Kim & Leslie.

Once at the tower, Emily decides to complete the Roadblock but realizes that she doesn't have any change once she reaches the top. A helpful local gives her a few francs so that she can operate the telescope, but she still can't find anything. Eventually, Lenny shows up, and the two decide to work together. As they look, Emily happens to spot the flag and the two head back down. After traveling to the Pit Stop by taxi, they check in 8th place. Due to a penalty received by Dave & Margaretta, they moved up to 7th place.

Leg 3 (France)

"If we hadn't looked at our tickets, we would be on the train going the opposite direction." – Emily
Detour.png Tough Climb: Climb Notre Dame Cathedral and ring Quasimodo's bell.
Roadblock.png Emily: Traverse through the Paris sewers.
PitStop.png 8th

Departing at 2:23am in 7th place, long after their first location closes, Nancy & Emily decide to head to a hotel and spend the night. In the morning, they hail a cab but he quite simply refuses to take them, leading Emily to call him a jerk. They arrive at the wheel and are surprised to find that Paul & Amie, Dave & Margaretta and Lenny & Karyn spent the whole night there. When the wheel opens at 9am, they get their clue and quickly decide to do Tough Climb.

At Notre Dame when it opens, they run up the stairs but Nancy quickly becomes winded. They are then the second of the group of four to ring the bell. They then frantically make their way to their next location, arriving at the Roadblock third amidst most of the other teams. Emily decides to do the Roadblock, entering the sewers much to her mother's disbelief. Emily is the third to exit the sewer. With all but the first and last teams close together, they head to the train station to secure tickets. They quickly realize, however, that they have no idea which train to take.

Joe & Bill show up and promise to help them, and purchase tickets for them. While walking to the train, the Guidos abandon them and they nearly get on the wrong train. The two are confused when Joe & Bill, Frank & Margarita and Rob & Brennan get off at Avignon, but choose to play it safe and travel to Marseilles. They then travel by taxi to the Pit Stop, where Nancy is the slowest to climb the half-mile up to the Pit Stop. With the encouragement of Lenny & Karyn and Paul & Amie, the two check in 8th.

Leg 4 (France → Tunisia)

"You're very nice boys! Your mothers would be proud!" – Nancy
Detour.png Full Body Brew: Use a photograph to find a coffee shop in a crowded market
Roadblock.png Emily: Carry a torch through the colosseum to find the Pit of Death.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 6:49am, Nancy & Emily head down to the taxi area to catch a taxi they had ordered during the rest period. When they find it, Paul & Amie show up having also ordered a taxi. The cabbie is unable to confirm who he is meant to pick up, but chooses Nancy & Emily as they were there first. Once at the port, they meet with their best friends Kevin & Drew. When Joe & Bill show up, they purchase tickets for all eight teams as a group, giving them a group discount and getting them all on the same ferry. The frustration of this process further cements to them that they do not like how the Guidos play the game.

Once in Tunisia, they rush to get a taxi to Bab Bhar. Though they are the last to reach the Detour, they find a group of young males who are eager to help them find the coffee shop for Full Body Brew. The two are quickly led there, becoming the fifth team to receive their clue at the coffee shop with Joe & Bill right behind them. Their entourage then led them back to their taxi waiting outside. Once there, Nancy & Emily try to work out a gift that they can give to all of their friends, but the large group inadvertently block the street and Joe & Bill's taxi. After bidding their friends farewell, they instruct their taxi to take them to El Djem.

They manage to arrive at the Roadblock in second place, just behind Joe & Bill. Nancy initially states that she will do the Roadblock for Emily, but Emily is steadfast in her desire to do it instead and Nancy silently thanks her. Joe initially tells Emily which way Bill went, but as this was incorrect, Emily ends up making the same mistake by entering the colosseum before traveling clockwise. While in the colosseum, Emily accidentally sets fire to a small plant on the stone wall and puts it out. While lost in the colosseum, she hears Drew, and the two try to meet up and work together. When they do, they find the swords and use the nearby poles to grab a pair. They quickly make their way back, where Nancy & Emily check in 3rd to the Pit Stop. Kevin & Drew apologize for stealing second by sliding in their sword earlier, but the two honestly don't care and are happy to be able to continue racing.

Leg 5 (Tunisia)

"We have to walk more..." – Nancy
Detour.png Listening: Use one walkee talkee to find another.
Roadblock.png Emily: Ride a camel while the partner leads it.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 4:36am, Nancy ends up tripping as they depart from the colosseum. They get into a taxi, but it has engine problems and a group of locals has to end up pushing it to get it started. The two immediately request a different cab, and are frustrated when the locals begin to laugh at them. They arrive at the globe monument in 4th, just behind Paul & Amie. The two teams collaborate and decide to complete the Listening Detour after being unable to find the location for Puzzling.

The two decide to hire a driver. Continuing to work together with Paul & Amie as they drive, the two initially have difficulty but do eventually find the Detour location. With Emily saying "Hello" into her walkee talkee, they find the clue and finish the Detour in 3rd place. They follow a few yellow stones into the desert, but end up losing track of them and getting lost.

However, through perseverance, they find the race arrow and arrive at the Detour in 3rd place. Emily wants to do the Roadblock, but she makes sure that her mom doesn't want to do it first. While leading Emily's camel, the compass hanging from Nancy's neck gets tangled with the camel's pull-rope and she has to stop and un-strangle herself. After the camel ride, Nancy is pretty winded from having to walk beside the camel, and is dismayed to find she must also walk back to the beginning. Despite this, they trudge on and check in 3rd place.

Leg 6 (Tunisia → Italy)

"I am embarassed to be associated with that incident at the airport." – Nancy
Detour.png Hoof: Use a partial photograph of a hoof to find a horse statue (and possibly taxis).
Roadblock.png Nancy: Drive a smart car through Italian backstreets to find the Pit Stop.
PitStop.png 5th

Departing at 3:12am, Nancy & Emily head to a bus depot and ask some locals waiting there to help them find a taxi. After picking up their clue and heading to the airport, they quickly join Kevin & Drew at the Air France counter, dismayed to learn that Joe & Bill bought the last available tickets and that there are little other options due to the airport strike in Rome. They work with the fraternity brothers to get on waitlists, but it seems like a futile endeavor. Kevin works tirelessly, however, and manages to find a flight for themselves, Nancy & Emily and Rob & Brennan that connects through Lyon. It would even get them there 3 hours before Joe & Bill.

Things get strained, however, as the flight is held back just for them and there seems to be no end to the delays in this congested airport. When the huge set of tickets are printed and handed out, they realize that their cameraman is missing his ticket, delaying them further. When they arrive at the entry to the customs area, they encounter Joe & Bill attempting to delay them by going through the entry point slowly. Nancy is directly in line behind the two, and when things begin to get crowded and chaotic, Nancy ends up being pushed and shoved around. The mayhem ends when police show up with M-16's. Emily is incredibly upset, unable to believe that the Guidos would go so far as to push her mom. Once past customs, they are finally able to get on their flight.

Their hopes are then quickly dashed when the flight from Lyon to Rome is cancelled. With options dwindling, the three teams decide to fly to Milan and then get to Rome via train. This ends up putting them in a tie for third place. Once finally in Rome, the two reach the Colosseum and decide to pursue the Hoof Detour. On the way there, they notice Joe & Bill on the streets and are elated to have caught up with them. Kevin & Drew and Rob & Brennan meet them as they wait for it to open. Frank & Margarita also arrive and are filled in on the details of the incident. Lenny & Karyn also arrive and also learn, but soon depart for the other Detour. When the gates finally open, it's a mad dash to the top to retrieve the next clue, after which they rush to the station and catch a train to Castelfranco-Emilia.

Once in Castelfranco, the group of three teams still working together find that there are only two taxis in the small town. Nancy & Emily insist that the other two teams take the taxis and then send one back for them, which the other teams reluctantly agree to. Nancy notes that the reason for this is that some of the fight within her is gone by this point. Kevin & Drew's taxi eventually returns for them. When they reach the auto factory, Nancy elects to perform the Roadblock. Though down in the dumps before, Emily gets a thrill in the sports car she gets to ride in and this lifts her spirits. Nancy, meanwhile, ends up getting rather lost. She keeps her cool, though, and carefully studies her map. Soon enough, she arrives at the Pit Stop, where she and Emily check in 5th place.

Leg 7 (Italy → India)

"All I'm seein' is the word 'eliminated', 'cus I'm not ready to go home." – Nancy
Detour.png Ride: Ride bicycles across town to next clue.
Roadblock.png Nancy: Find an obscure shop in an Indian market.
PitStop.png 5th

Departing at 4:59am, Nancy & Emily head off with the frustration that everyone else seems to be getting all the good luck. Emily is unsure which Detour to complete, so Nancy considers their options. She reasons that they wouldn't be first in line at Glide, but they could do it anyway to have fun and go out with a bang, or they could try to stay in the race by choosing Ride. Feeling optimistic, Nancy suggests they complete Ride. When they arrive, they find Joe & Bill and Lenny & Karyn waiting for it to open.

They and the dating couple have a conversation about the rules that had been broken last leg, with Lenny commenting that "the powers that be" will decide, referring to the producers. This leads to an argument between the four and Bill & Joe when Bil believes they are insulting his faith. The atmosphere is incredibly volatile between the teams, and it soon begins to rain. When the bike shop opens, they get on a pair of bikes and head off, with Emily concerned that she hasn't ridden a bike in years and that her legs are too short. They ride through the countryside at a brisk pace, but behind all the other teams. Emily nearly falls off when she accidentally rides down a grassy hill. Slowly but steadily, they make their way along the course and are the third team to reach the next clue. They head for the train station and attempt to find a way to Rome, being joined soon after by Lenny & Karyn and Kevin & Drew.

Kevin suggests they travel to Milan instead, as it is closer. As Kevin phones a travel agency and learns about an early flight to New Delhi, they realize that they can only make it if they get on the train to Milan that is about to leave. Nancy waits with Kevin as he tries to make reservations over the phone, an agonizingly slow process, while Emily and the others beg the conductors to hold the train. Finally, Kevin is successful and the two rush to the train. The three teams all manage to get on this early flight. However, when they connect through Copenhagen, they realize that Rob & Brennan and Joe & Bill are also there and connecting through to the same flight. When the plane lands, they get a taxi to the Red Fort.

They are fascinated by the city, but heartbroken by the children begging in the streets. They are the last team to reach the fort, where Nancy elects to perform the Roadblock. She enters the chaotic market, but is quickly overwhelmed. She tries asking for help, but gets frustrated by the language barrier and the sheer amount of people. Eventually, someone points her to the shop and she finds it, where the owner comments that she is late. She picks up her clue, but she is already in tears. She attempts to communicate with the locals as to the location of the hotel, but most either ignore her, don't speak English, or do not know. A crowd of English-speakers do gather around her and try to help, but so many of them are talking at once that it's impossible to understand anything. One man says "Go to Agra", but she doesn't hear him. Finally, she gives up and tells her rickshaw driver to just take her back to the start, sure that she and her daughter are about to be eliminated.

Emily, meanwhile, has been waiting by the long line of trucks nearby, believing them to have been set up by production. Nancy returns, but she is just getting more upset. Emily requests that the driver take them to the Taj Khema Hotel, but he doesn't know where it is. The vehicle they are in is not a taxi, but a courier service designed to take locals to specific locations in New Delhi. Not understanding this, Emily desperately tries to ask the locals nearby where the hotel is. Nancy asks a crowd of people outside her window, and an elderly woman in front nods her head in response. She is old and doesn't speak English, but she does say "Agra". However, neither Nancy nor Emily pick up on this and begin to get flustered as no-one else seems willing to help them. Their emotions reach a boiling point and they both break down in tears, the truck driving away. At some point, they correct this mistake and switch to a regular taxi and make their way to Agra. They march to the mat expecting to be eliminated, but are overjoyed to find out that they are in 5th place. After checking in, Nancy receives two letters from home but Emily doesn't receive any. Nancy is grateful to hear from home, but can't enjoy it because of how upset Emily is.

Leg 8 (India)

"Can you imagine riding in a guy's cab honking 29 times a minute?!" – Emily
Detour.png Elephant: Ride an Elephant to the Amber Fort.
Roadblock.png Emily: Find a clue in the Sri Karni Mata Temple of Rats.
PitStop.png 5th - Non-elimination leg

Departing at 8:15am, Nancy & Emily walk to the Taj Mahal, commenting along the way that no-one ever thought they would make it this far. The two wander around for a bit before they eventually find the clue. They leave and get into a taxi that takes them to Jaipur, though they are very dismayed to learn that it will take six hours. Adding to their frustration, their taxi driver inexplicably honks his horn almost nonstop as he drives, even when there is nothing near him. After this long ride they reach the Detour. They decide to complete Elephant as one of the things they both really wanted to do was to ride an elephant. So, they make their way to the fort and have a wonderful time riding the elephant.

They retrieve their clue and make their way to the train station, but they have long since missed the first train. The man at the ticket counter refuses to sell tickets to them, as they are women, and they end up having to spend 90 minutes at the inquiry window just to get their tickets. There are no women in sight throughout the whole station, which makes them both of them very uncomfortable. They are extremely relieved, in more ways than one, when they find Joe & Bill waiting on the platform. The two teams get on the 9:00 train, six hours behind the other teams, where Nancy is disgusted by the state of the beds she has to sleep on.

As the sun rises and the train arrives, the two find a cab to take them to Deshnoke. At the temple, Emily elects to perform the Roadblock and enters right on Bill's heels. She makes her way through and picks up the clue just seconds behind Bill. She returns to her mother and they catch a taxi back to the Pit Stop, but they are the last team to arrive with Joe & Bill beating them by mere minutes. Phil informs them that it's not an elimination point, and they comment that they will need to up their game in order to beat Joe & Bill to the next Pit Stop.

Leg 9 (India → Thailand)

"Let's go congratulate them." – Nancy
Detour.png Not completed
Roadblock.png Emily: Retrieve clue from a pit of tigers.
PitStop.png Arrived 4th, 24-hour penalty for not completing Detour - 5th - Eliminated

Before their departure time, Nancy & Emily are tipped off to the location of the Fast Forward by Kevin & Drew, having realized that taking it is their only shot to stay in the game. Departing at 8:37pm, they head towards the bus station, where they meet a rather sleazy individual that hits on Emily. They get on the same bus as Joe & Bill. They search the airport for a bit without much luck, eventually getting on the last flight out at 2:00pm with Rob & Brennan. When they reach Bangkok, they make their way to the temple where the Fast Forward is, but are dismayed to find Joe & Bill waiting there as well. They are not keen on dueling with the Guidos, as luck seems to follow them everywhere, but Nancy is optimistic and convinces Emily to stay and try in the morning.

When the sun rises, the two teams enter the temple and the game begins. Nancy is at the head of the pack and is the first to start dropping coins. Their first bowl has too many coins, as does their second. The next bowl they pick only has 107 coins, just one less than the amount they need. They rush back to get another bowl, but a few moments later Team Guido wins the game. Though rather frustrated, they decide to walk over and offer a heartfelt congratulations. Joe & Bill encourage them to keep racing and let them know that the ferry across the river is the fastest way to get back to the Temple of Dawn. They take this advice and ride the ferry over to the temple, where they pick up the Detour clue.

Emily decides they should try to complete Private, but Nancy has become demoralized by the loss of the Fast Forward. They get rather turned around on the confusing streets and exhaustion begins to set in. Nancy asks if Emily wouldn't rather just take the bus, but Emily is still determined to find the car. Two long hours pass and they still cannot find the car. Nancy is beginning to lose the will to go on and tries to convince Emily to just get a taxi to the next location. At first Emily refuses to simply give up like that, but as the day wears on and the two grow more frustrated and worn out, she finally gives in and the two find a taxi that will take them to Kanchanaburi. From there, they continue to their next destination in the same taxi. There, Emily decides to perform the Roadblock so her exhausted mother doesn't have to. As Emily makes her way through the tiger pit, Nancy is terrified for her. Emily has to step over a pair of tiger's leashes on her way to the clue, which she retrieves. When she reunited with Nancy, the two get back in their taxi and proceed to Krabi.

At some point along the way, Emily is bitten by a scorpion and the two have to stop so that it can be treated. When the two finally show up at the Pit Stop, they learn that they are the fourth team to show up, and Joe & Bill are nowhere to be found. This is a devastating blow, as they say they never would have given up on the Detour if they had thought the Guidos would possibly mess up this badly. When Joe & Bill finally show up, Phil talks to both teams and officially gives Nancy & Emily a 24-hour penalty for not completing the Detour and eliminates them from the race. Nancy says that she feels bad for giving up when Emily did not want to, but they are both extremely grateful for the experience and are happy that it has brought them closer together.

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