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Millie & Chuck
Millie & Chuck
The Amazing Race 4
Relationship Dating 12 Years/Virgins
Finishing Position 5th
Legs Completed 9
Legs Won 2
Average Position 3.67
Roadblock Count Millie 2, Chuck 5
Countries raced Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Netherlands.svg Flag of India.svg Flag of Malaysia.svg

Millie Smith and Chuck Shankles are a couple who competed on The Amazing Race 4. They were identified as having been dating for 12 years and were also virgins. They are from Chattanooga, Tennessee. They finished their race in 5th, barely losing out to Kelly & Jon during their last Roadblock.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Italy)

"I wanna befriend as many teams as we can." – Millie
Detour.png Rescue: Cross a tightrope between two mountains, then take a zipline to next clue.
PitStop.png 1st (3-way tie)

Millie & Chuck began the race with Chuck leading the pack towards their bags. Chuck initially runs to Russell & Cindy's bags before being corrected. They read their first clue and run out of the stadium to choose a vehicle. As they head to the airport, they follow other teams including Jon & Al. They're one of the first couple of teams to reach the airport, and head for the Lufthansa counter. Since they and Swiss Air leave at the same time, neither realize that they are purchasing tickets on the second flight. Joining them on this flight are Russell & Cindy and Amanda & Chris. When they land, they find a taxi and head for the galleria. They are the fifth team to arrive and begin searching for tickets. They search for a while, when Chuck suddenly finds some tickets hidden in a tiny alcove. Seeing that they are for 2am, they grab a ticket and end up on the first bus. They then find nearby Amanda & Chris and tell them where the tickets are. They later direct Steve & Josh there as well. The final team joining them on this early morning bus is Steve & Dave.

The bus arrives in Cortina d'Ampezzo at 9am. All four teams get out, grab their clue, and then board a city bus that takes them all to the chairlifts. At the top of Cinque Torri, they run along the snow to their next clue box. At the Detour, all four teams agree that they should complete Rescue. They are the second team to reach the wire bridge. Millie crosses first, moving at a rather slow pace. Chuck follows behind her. They then make their way to the zipline and ride down. Millie fumbles through the snow as they run to the clue box, and then begin the grueling hike back to the chairlift. Along the way, they pass by Amanda & Chris to move into first place. Once back at the bottom, they arrange for three taxis that can take them and their friends Amanda & Chris and Steve & Josh to the Pit Stop. They even wait until all three teams are together before leaving. They all travel to the hotel, and then all three teams step onto the mat at the same time. Phil tells them that they have all tied for first place and have each won a vacation to Hawaii from

Leg 2 (Italy)

"If being virgins for 12 years doesn't show our determination and our endurance, I don't know what would." – Chuck
Detour.png Waterway: Travel by gondola with a map through Venice, but without asking locals for help.
Roadblock.png Millie: Match a photograph to a person with the correct mask.
PitStop.png 8th

Departing at 11:52pm alongside Steve & Josh and Amanda & Chris, Millie & Chuck head off with their alliance and ask the hotel desk where the ski jump is. Once there, Millie & Chuck ride to the top first and have a wild ride down to the bottom. They pick up their next clue and then wait for the other two teams to ride down. The three travel to a nearby hotel and ask how to get to Venice, and the clerk directs them to the Calalzo station. They arrive there and have to wait for it to open. While they wait, a bus shows up that is headed for the Alpi station, which has an earlier train. All of the teams there, which is everyone except for Tian & Jaree and Kelly & Jon, pile onto the bus. Once there, they all get on a 5:40 train to Venice. When they arrive in Venice, all nine teams run to the bridge and pick up the Detour clue.

The two decide to complete Waterway and head down to the boats. When they end up behind four or five teams climbing into the boats, they decide to consider Walkway instead. They head off, asking a few locals unsuccessfully for directions. They even ask a man if they can pay him to lead them there, but he has to work his fruit stand. They continue to run, frantically asking for help as they go. Finally, they find a woman who agrees to lead them to the plaza. Now in first place, they grab their next clue. As they depart they meet up with Amanda & Chris, and both teams have difficulty finding the Palazo. When they both arrive, they find they have fallen all the way to last place. When it opens at 5pm, Millie decides to perform the Roadblock. She is the second-last team member to begin the task. After some careful consideration of all the revelers, she finally hands her photo over to one. The reveler hands her the next clue and she quickly departs. They run to the Pit Stop and arrive in 8th place.

Leg 3 (Italy → Austria)

"Did I do that?" – Millie
Detour.png Mozart: Carry a large string bass a short distance to a famous house.
Roadblock.png Millie: Bungee jump off the Donauturm, the highest bungee jump in Europe.
PitStop.png 5th

Departing at 5:26am, Millie & Chuck head off and meet up with Jon & Al. Both teams run quickly along the streets to the train station. When they arrive, however, Millie suffers a major asthma attack from all of the running. She has to spend quite a bit of time recovering and using her inhaler. This delay causes them to miss the train that five of the other teams are on. Once Millie has recovered, they get tickets for a second train going through Verona to Vienna, and are joined by Steve & Josh and Russell & Cindy. Once they arrive in Vienna, the four teams discover that their first task does not open until 8am, so they all go to a hotel. In the morning, all ten teams gather around the entrance to the sewers. After a quick trek through the dark sewers, they grab their next clue. They are not fast enough to get on the first set of fiacres.

When the next set appears, Millie runs down the streets as quickly as she can. She runs for one of the tags, but Chip is barely able to grab it first in a frantic struggle. She then runs and grabs a tag off another one. Millie was hurt during the scuffle for the tag and is extremely upset with Chip. When Chip comes over to say that she cut his lip but he's not angry, she tells him how upset she is that he "slammed" her head into the carriage. In the end, Chip tells her he didn't mean to do anything. The fiacres take them to the palace, and both teams pick up their Detour clue. They decide to perform Mozart and pick up a bass. They immediately get directions from a local woman. After traveling across town, they find the house and receive their next clue.

They then quickly find the Donauturm along with Jon & Al and pick up their next clue, where Millie elects to perform the Roadblock. At the top of the tower, she has to wait for Reichen and Jon to jump. While she waits, her asthma starts to return a little bit. She doesn't have her asthma inhaler with her, and so must do with a glass of water. Regardless, she steps onto the platform and performs the bungee jump. They then head to the train station and get on a train to Gmunden along with Jon & Al, Kelly & Jon and David & Jeff. In Gmunden, all four teams make a mad dash through town to reach the Pit Stop. Millie & Chuck are able to step onto the mat in 5th place as the sun begins to set.

Leg 4 (Austria → France)

"I can't breathe. You should." – Millie
Roadblock.png Chuck: Change four tires of a race car, then enjoy a high-speed ride.
Detour.png Ropes: Rappel down a rocky cliff.
PitStop.png 2nd (tie)

Departing at 4:43am, Millie & Chuck head out and wait a few minutes for Jon & Al to be released, then find a taxi. Both teams had discussed flight options during the rest period and have decided to travel to the Munich Airport. They take the taxi to the Attnang Station and then get on a train to Munich. David & Jeff and Kelly & Jon join them on this train. When Kelly asks Millie where they're going, she doesn't respond. The engaged couple end up disembarking at a stop in Salzburg. Once in Munich, all three teams secure tickets for a 10:40 direct flight to Paris. After a train ride to Le Mans with the same three teams, they reach the circuit. Millie is having asthma complications again and requests that Chuck perform the Roadblock. After he rolls the tires over, she becomes frustrated at his methodical approach to replacing the race car's tires. Al, who started the task after them, is able to finish first. After he finishes with the tires, he gets inside of the car. More complications arise, however, as Chuck is suddenly struck with claustrophobia. The tight helmet and small confines of the car are aggravating this. He takes a few deep breaths and says a prayer to God, asking for help in overcoming his fear. He then gets back into the car and the wild ride around the track begins. It is a very frightening experience, but he finishes and picks up the next clue. They then get into a vehicle and drive off. It's a long drive to Marseilles that takes them long into the night.

When they arrive at the closed lighthouse, they find other teams lining up along a nearby road. They park their car at the end of the line in 6th place. In the morning, they notice that Tian & Jaree and Reichen & Chip have shown up and parked in front of the gate. All six teams agree to go and confront them together. Steve & Dave do most of the talking and accuse both teams of cutting in line. None of the teams are satisfied with their response and get increasingly angry. Once the port opens, they have a little trouble navigating while inside. They pass by Kelly & Jon who appear to be looking for the clue, but Chuck is easily able to see that they are faking it. Soon after, they find the lighthouse and pick up the next clue in 7th place. They then head for the gorges and are the fourth team to arrive at the Detour. They decide to perform Ropes and get hooked up. Millie flies down the cliff, but Chuck is a little slower. As they rip open their next clue, they see David & Jeff running back to the clue box they had missed. They head back up and then drive to the Pit Stop, and happen to show up at the same time as Jon & Al. Both teams decide to step on the mat at the same time, earning a tie for 2nd place.

Leg 5 (France → Netherlands)

"To be alone on top of the windmill was some needed peace." – Chuck
F-Forward.png Ride on the blades of a windmill.
PitStop.png 1stƒ

Departing at 2:41am alongside Jon & Al, both teams head for the Marseilles Airport. When they arrive, they find that the airport is closed and won't open for another two hours. They sit and wait in line at Air France, but when they hear that Tian & Jaree might purchase tickets for Reichen & Chip as well, they leave and go to British Airways instead. There they get on a flight along with Jon & Al, Monica & Sheree, as well as the married couple. In Amsterdam, they had been told that taking a taxi into the city would be faster than the metro train and so get into a taxi. As they go, they end up passing ahead of the train itself on the highway. They are the first to reach the bridge and pick up their next clue and hop into a boat. As they sit and try to figure out where they have to go, four other teams show up. They panic and decide to just head out. As they lead the pack, Chuck wants to make a turn but Millie wants to wait and make sure they're going the right way. This leads to an argument about how they are both handling the task.

Teams behind them begin to head off on their own, and they still have no idea where they are going. As such, Millie suggests that they consider taking the Fast Forward. Chuck agrees and they return to the dock. As they travel by taxi to the windmill, Millie breaks down and Chuck apologizes for his behavior. They arrive, and Millie is strapped in first followed by Chuck. The two then have a very wild ride around the windmill. When it's over, the two receive the Fast Forward and depart for the Pit Stop. After a long drive, they find the castle and run to the mat. They arrive in 1st place and win a seven-night cruise on the Mexican Riviera on Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Seas.

Leg 6 (Netherlands → India)

"I think I had accidentally thrown about three or four of their shirts back into the dirty water..." – Millie
Detour.png Suds: Wash a bundle of clothing until the clue is revealed on a shirt.
Roadblock.png Chuck: Identify 20 Palai fish from an assortment of fish and deliver them.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 2:25am in the pouring rain, Millie is extremely excited that she and Chuck get to go to India. They find a taxi and request to borrow the driver's cell phone. After calling the airport, she learns that there is a direct flight to Mumbai on KLM at 10:35am. They arrive at the airport and look for better flights, soon meeting up with Jon & Al. Millie reserves seats for both teams on the KLM flight. They learn about an earlier flight, but are concerned about the tight connection in Milan. All teams except Reichen & Chip join them on their flight. Once in Mumbai, they find a taxi and travel to Film City. They are the fourth team to arrive, but the studio is closed until the morning. They sit outside of the gates while the other teams show up and wait until morning. At 9:30, the studio opens and they scramble for a pair of bicycles. They pick up the Detour clue at Studio 10, which Chuck reads while Millie catches her breath. They decide to perform Suds and decide to follow after David & Jeff.

Most of the teams start aimlessly running down the roads outside of the gates. Eventually they find a bus on the street and hop inside. After the bus drops them off, they need to stop and ask locals where to find the train station. This slight delay causes them to miss the train that the other teams on their bus took. The next train arrives, filled to overflowing with people. Millie bravely pushes her way past the crowd to squeeze herself on, but Chuck hesitates as his claustrophobia starts to return. At this point, Millie is squished in so much that she can't get back out, so Chuck has no choice but to squeeze in as well. After the hectic train ride, they quickly find Dhobi Ghat. However, both of them walk right past the marked bundles of laundry at the entrance. Looking around, they spot a marked washing station. Near to this station is a pile of clothing, most of which happen to be red and yellow. Millie figures this is what they need and starts washing the clothes. Soon after, an angry man comes over and tells her to stop, as she has just thrown some of his clean laundry back into the dirty water. They then return to the entrance and find the marked bundles, picking one up.

Millie hops in the water and starts washing the clothes. Chuck, on the other hand, is inspecting the laundry while it's still dirty as he looks for the next clue. Millie tells him he needs to get in the water and help her, but he doesn't listen. Regardless, Millie eventually finds the article of clothing with their clue on it. They then travel to the docks, arriving alongside Jon & Al and just as Kelly & Jon are leaving. Chuck decides to perform the Roadblock and runs down the docks just as Tian & Jaree arrive. Chuck quickly piles 20 fish into his basket and runs back to the start. When he gets back, however, he realizes that he hadn't been paying enough attention. Only ten of his fish are Palai fish, and he needs to run back to get another ten. Chuck returns with ten Palai fish and receives the next clue, still remaining ahead of the clowns and models. They quickly take a taxi to the Pit Stop and step onto the mat in 4th place.

Leg 7 (India)

"I think the mole is growing throughout the race, just 'cus of stress."Jon (of Kelly & Jon)
Roadblock.png Chuck: Hang onto bulls and participate in bull racing.
Detour.png Trunks: Deliver materials using an elephant.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 1:34am, Millie & Chuck head off with the promise to treat each other better. They find a taxi to take them to Panvel Station. They arrive around the same time as Reichen & Chip and Tian & Jaree, and all three teams decide to sleep on the floor until it opens. Morning arrives and all six teams board the long-distance train, each one commenting on how unpleasant it is. During the ride, the other teams upgrade to first-class, but they decide to save their money and not do this. In Ernakulam, they are little slow out of the station but find a taxi and depart. Kelly & Jon end up right behind and trying to pass them. They do get passed, but encourage their driver to pass them right back. Soon after, they spot the billboard and grab their next clue. Not long after setting out again, however, their taxi runs out of gas and needs to refuel. The driver refuels quickly, but Kelly & Jon pass them.

After they start driving again, however, the car starts beeping and the driver needs to pull over. The taxi has overheated, so Millie immediately starts looking for another taxi. She and Chuck go over to ask a group of locals if they can call for one. When they walk back over, however, their driver has fixed the car and they are able to continue in their original taxi. They reach the field just as Kelly & Jon are leaving, and Chuck decides to perform the Roadblock. After Tian has a successful run, Chuck makes his own successful run and they receive their next clue. Reichen & Chip show up just as they leave. When they reach the Detour at Beach Road, Kelly & Jon are just beginning the task. The two quickly decide to perform Trunks and quickly attach their coir to their elephant. As they depart, Reichen & Chip show up. The two ride down the streets for a while, but then become a little lost. However, they manage to catch up to Kelly & Jon and find the marked store right behind them. After delivering their coir and receiving the next clue, they find a tuktuk and head off. After a short drive, they arrive at the Pit Stop in 4th place.

Leg 8 (India → Malaysia)

"What could they be saying? They could be putting a voodoo chant on us." – Millie
Detour.png Net: Catch 15 fish with a net.
Roadblock.png Chuck: Shoot an arrow, blowpipe and spear at targets.
PitStop.png 3rd

During the Pit Stop, Reichen & Chip revealed that they were a gay couple. Millie applauded for their anniversary, but Chuck did not. The two then shared with everyone how they were still virgins after dating for 12 years, surprising everyone. Chuck's silence continued when Kelly & Jon commented on having sex during their first week of dating. Departing at 4:16am in the rain, they find a taxi that will take them to the nearest international airport. Soon after, they're passed on the highway by Reichen & Chip. Once at the airport, they see the married couple nearby inside of a ticketing office and wait outside of the door. Millie listens through the open door to the information they're gathering, and then Reichen tries to close the door. Millie simply stands in the doorway and holds it open. After waiting for quite a while, they decide to simply walk over to the domestic terminal and at least get tickets to Mumbai. Jon & Al provide them with flight information and they join them, the friends and the engaged couple on the 8:30 flight to Mumbai. Once there, they travel to a nearby travel agent and get tickets on a flight through Singapore along with Kelly & Jon. While connecting in Singapore, the engaged couple go to sleep but Millie tries to look for a better flight. She manages to find a flight to Kuala Lumpur that will let them catch an earlier flight to Kota Kinabalu, which they board. In Kuala Lumpur, Millie is rushing through the airport but Chuck is holding her back, further demonstrating their conflicting personalities. It is at this point that they start to realize they might not want to get married after all.

Jon & Al and Reichen & Chip end up joining them on the first flight to Kota Kinabalu. When they land, they take a taxi and are second to arrive at the cultural village, but slip past Jon & Al and are first to receive the blessing. As Christians, they are both rather uncomfortable by the Malaysian blessing. With their next clue in hand, they depart. They travel to the jetty and then choose one of the marked boats. They reach the trawler and pick up one of the Detour clues. The two decide to perform Trap and tell their driver to head for the lobster boats. The boat driver, however, takes them to the fishing platform instead. Not wanting to waste time, they decide to just perform Net while they're there. The two grab a net and start pulling up fish. When they have trouble seeing the fish, the two decide to just hop into the water and fish them out from there. This is a mess as well, so Millie gets back out. Chuck retrieves fish and passes them to Millie so she can put them in the basket. She has trouble with this, and a few fish just jump right back out. After a while, Chuck asks Millie to take them to the judge to be counted. She ends up slipping on the skinny wooden platform and falling into the water with the basket, letting a few more fish go free. However, with more hard work, they reach 15 fish and receive their next clue.

They quickly travel to Manukan Island, arriving just as Jon & Al and Reichen & Chip are starting the Roadblock. Chuck quickly decides to perform the Roadblock and joins the others. He tries his luck with the bow and arrow, but finds it rather difficult. Millie tries to encourage him, but his shots are lopsided and off-center. Chuck remains at the first task, firing arrows for a long, long time before he finally gets a hit. From there, it doesn't take him very long to hit the blowpipe target. He tosses quite a few spears at the final task, missing the target quite a bit. After quite a while, David & Jeff show up at the task. As luck would have it, Chuck's next throw is right on target. Excited, they run to the Pit Stop and arrive in 3rd place.

Leg 9 (Malaysia)

"No matter what happens, she is gonna have a place in my heart that no-one else will ever have." – Chuck
Detour.png Haul: Load a wheelbarrow full of pine nuts into a truck.
Roadblock.png Chuck: Climb a 50-foot ladder inside of a cave.
PitStop.png 5th - Eliminated

Departing at 2:19am, Millie & Chuck get in a boat and head for the mainland. Millie asks the boat driver if he has a phone, but he does not. On land, they quickly find a taxi and depart. The hot springs are closed until 6:30 once they arrive, allowing every team but Kelly & Jon to catch up. When the gates open, all four teams rush inside. Millie & Chuck take the lead and dash across the hanging bridges, reaching the clue box first. As they leave, David & Jeff barrel past them. They are second to depart in their vehicle. Their heavy panting along with the outside temperature makes the windows fog up immensely, so they stop briefly so Chuck can use one of Millie's shirts to clean the fog off. This lets Reichen & Chip and Jon & Al pass them. As they drive off, the two are both incredibly exhausted. Neither had been sleeping well, Millie had a bad night's sleep the previous night, and during the last Pit Stop they had stayed up late looking for flight information. Chuck is struggling to stay awake while he drives and Millie is nodding off in the back seat. It soon becomes apparent that they have no idea where they are going. They stop at a different plantation to ask for directions, but the people there aren't very receptive. They stop again at a cafe to get further directions.

Finally, they manage to find the plantation and are the third to arrive there, picking up the Detour clue. Millie decides that they should do Haul, though Chuck is skeptical. They haul one load in the wheelbarrow, but Chuck finds it quite difficult to toss the bunches into the truck. So, he convinces her to switch to Chop. Chuck tries that task for a short while, but sees just how complicated it is. They both decide with finality to return to Haul and complete that task. Millie is trying to cut corners by overloading the wheelbarrow, but Chuck simply doesn't have the strength. They manage to load quite a few bunches on, finally getting into the rhythm. Millie is trying to toss the bunches to Chuck to speed things along, but he has to remind her how thorny they are and not to do that. Finally, after a lot of hard work and butting heads, they complete the task and pick up the next clue. They head out, looking for the caves. The two get a little turned around on the streets and head down a highway. They pass by a sign from behind, unable to see that it says 'Gomantong Caves' on the front of it. As they continue driving, they pass over a large bridge. Since Millie hasn't seen a bridge on the map they get concerned and stop once more for directions. They continue on, and then stop yet again to ask some locals at their house. Eventually, they're directed back to that sign they had passed, now noticing what it says. Millie feels terrible about her mistake, but regardless they head for the caves. When they park and get out, they suddenly notice Kelly & Jon pulling into the parking lot behind them and kick things into high gear. They rush into the caves with the engaged couple right behind them.

Both teams grab the clue at the same time, and Chuck is elected to perform the Roadblock. He runs into the cave ahead of Jon and gets hooked up, then starts climbing the ladder. Chuck climbs as fast as he can, but Jon is right behind him and ascending quickly. The two both reach the top of their ladders at the exact same time. Chuck is slightly faster in crossing the horizontal ladder and grabbing his clue, and then he begins to descend. Jon descends with reckless abandon, finally passing Chuck. Chuck, however, puts on speed at the end and they reach the bottom at the exact same time. With Kelly & Jon in the lead now, both teams rush back to their vehicles and speed off. It is immediately apparent that Millie cannot find where they're going on the map. Since Chuck can't read the map while driving, they decide to just follow Kelly & Jon. He nearly loses them when he has trouble shifting their vehicle's gears. They reach Sepilok only seconds behind the engaged couple and start looking for the nature reserve. When they find it, they head in and run as fast as they can to the Pit Stop. When they step on the mat, however, Phil tells them that they're in last place and have been eliminated. Millie comments that they learned a lot about each other, both good and bad. They are both in doubt about whether they are right for one another and Millie considers that they should just go their separate ways. Regardless, Chuck says that he will always keep Millie in a special place in his heart.

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