Megan & Heidi

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Megan & Heidi
Megan & Heidi
The Amazing Race 7
Relationship Roommates
Finishing Position 10th
Legs Completed 2
Legs Won 0
Average Position 9.50
Roadblock Count Megan 1, Heidi 0
Countries raced Flag of Peru.svg Flag of Chile.svg

Megan Baker and Heidi Heidel are roommates who competed on The Amazing Race 7. They are both from Oak Park, California. They ended up forming a romantic connection with fellow competitors Brian & Greg, only to lose a footrace to them and be eliminated in 10th.

Race Summary

Leg 1 (United States → Peru)

  • Detour.png Rope a Basket: Use a rope to carry a basket of alfalfa to another village.
  • PitStop.png 9th

Leg 2 (Peru → Chile)

  • Roadblock.png Megan: Shine shoes for five passers-by, charging 5 Peruvian Sols.
  • Detour.png Shop: Purchase five ingredients from a shopping list.
  • PitStop.png 10th - Eliminated
The Amazing Race 7
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