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Mary & Peach
Mary & Peach
The Amazing Race 2
Relationship Sisters
Finishing Position 6th
Legs Completed 7
Legs Won 1
Average Position 4.14
Roadblock Count Mary 3, Peach 2
Countries raced Flag of Brazil.svg Flag of South Africa.svg Flag of Namibia.svg Flag of Thailand.svg Flag of Hong Kong.svg

Mary Lenig and Peach Krebs are sisters who competed on The Amazing Race 2. They are from Sunbury and Paxinos, Pennsylvania, respectively. Their race ended in 6th after they became utterly exhausted in Hong Kong.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Brazil)

"I don't wanna sleep on the beach." – Peach
Detour.png Mountain: Rappel down Morro da Urca mountainside.
PitStop.png 7th

Mary & Peach started their race in the middle of the pack, rushing to their vehicles and heading off to the airport. They are able to reach the American Airlines counter in sixth place, securing tickets on the first flight with Tara & Wil, Blake & Paige, Hope & Norm, Cyndi & Russell, Chris & Alex and Shola & Doyin. Once in Rio de Janeiro, they were the first out of the airport and into a taxi. The drive up to the near-top of Corcovado is incredibly bumpy and Peach begins to feel motion sick. Mary pushes her through this though and they are the first to retrieve the clue at the base of the statue. They then head to the docks and get on the main ferry to the island, but watch as Cyndi & Russell speed past them in an express ferry.

Once on the island, they get into a horse-drawn carriage to take them to Fat Maria. They are one of the last teams on the first flight to reach the sign-up window. When they learn that the ferries depart in the morning, Mary wants to sleep on the beach but Peach cannot stand the idea. With limited funds, Mary wants to buy food but Peach wants to buy a room and not sleep on the beach. In the morning, they depart on the third ferry with Chris & Alex and Oswald & Danny. They then head to the top of the mountain, where they decide Mountain would be a lot easier to complete. They are not shown completing this task, but it is very unlikely that they did not complete it. They then get a boat to take them to the yacht, where they arrive at the Pit Stop in 7th place, mere seconds ahead of Oswald & Danny.

Leg 2 (Brazil)

"This is more difficult than I could have ever imagined." – Peach
Detour.png Freak Out: Ride a hang-glider from Pedro Bonita to São Conrado Beach.
Roadblock.png Mary: Ride a boat into Iguaçu Falls and search for a race flag.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 12:45am, Mary & Peach returned to shore and hopped into a blue taxi. They retrieved their next clue from the samba dancer at the club and then departed. They then arrive at Pedra Bonita, climb to the top, and choose to complete Freak Out. Third in line when morning arrives, Peach takes flight followed by Mary. They land safely on the beach, get their next clue, and head off to the bus station.

There they get tickets on a 10:00 bus that also carries Cyndi & Russell and Oswald & Danny. Once they arrive, they get into a vehicle and proceed into the park. At the docks, Mary decides to do the Roadblock and finds the clue without issue. They then head to the Pit Stop and arrive in 4th place, having passed two teams along the way.

Leg 3 (Brazil → South Africa)

"The girl on the train said that if we would come here, we would die." – Peach
Detour.png Dance: Perform with a South African dancing troupe to earn 25 Rand.
Roadblock.png Mary: Search Langa Township for Epsom salts, a smiley, and a Sangoma, then drink a concoction.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 12:14am, Mary & Peach head to the airport, where they discover that the only flight to São Paulo is tomorrow morning. Once there, they head for an airline only to be told that flights to Cape Town are full for today and tomorrow as well. The two wander around the airport with not much luck, exhausting Peach and frustrating them both immensely. Finally, after a long process, they get confirmed seats through Milan and London to get to Cape Town. They are the fifth team to arrive in South Africa, and travel by taxi to the ferries. There they get on the 11am ferry, which Shola & Doyin have been waiting for and also get onto. The two teams retrieve their clue and head back to the mainland. On the way there, they pass by Blake & Paige heading to the island.

They then get into a taxi to Kalk Bay. Once there, they decide to perform Dance and have a lot of fun with the dancing. They complete the task and get on the train back to Cape Town. While on the train they ask a local for information about Langa, and the woman warns them that it's a place full of criminals who will kill them. A man standing nearby agrees with the woman and tells them the same thing. The sisters are unseerstandably frightened by this. They then get into a township taxi, but the taxi breaks down on the outskirts of Langa. They are told by the other people in the taxi that it's not safe to walk the rest of the way. Eventually, their driver orders another taxi to take them the rest of the way.

When they finally reach the Roadblock, Mary decides to perform it. Though Peach is nervous about the whole affair, Mary ends up having a wonderful time interacting with the locals in the township. While Peach is waiting, she meets a group of young children and gives them pairs of sunglasses. It warms her heart to see how happy they all are just to receive such a small gift. Mary finishes the task and they depart. After a long ride, they arrive at the Pit Stop in 4th place.

Leg 4 (South Africa → Namibia)

"You have to barter." – Mary
Detour.png Slide: Slide down sand dune.
Roadblock.png Peach: Purchase woodcarvings of Africa's five big animals.
PitStop.png 5th

During the rest period before this leg, Mary was offended by the drunken antics of Chris & Alex and Wil. Departing at 5:56am, Mary & Peach headed off with the latter feeling rather ill. They realize that they need to hurry to get on the first charter flight. They manage to make it there in time, joining Oswald & Danny, Tara & Wil and Gary & Dave on the flight. The clerk at the airport arranges a taxi for them, which costs 560 South African Rand ($70). They reach the lighthouse in 3rd, but their driver drops them off a ways away and they have to run a few blocks. They get their next clue and head to their vehicle.

Because Peach is feeling sick and they have to climb to the top of a sand dune, the two decide to instead pursue the Fast Forward. They quickly find the old railway station and Peach wades into the pool, but she discovers that the Fast Forward has already been taken. Dejected, they make their way to the Matterhorn wile still in 4th. Peach is incredibly slow in her journey to the top, but Mary remains supportive and they eventually make it. They are both excited to perform the Slide Detour, and Mary heads down the hill followed by Peach.

They get their postcard from the General Dealer and then arrive at the market, where Mary suggests that Peach should perform the Roadblock. Mary insists that she bargain, but Peach doesn't end up doing much bargaining and pays full price for most of her statues. Regardless, they receive their next clue. At some point, they are passed by Blake & Paige and both teams reach the lodge's car park at the same time. They rush to the Pit Stop, but the siblings cut across the dirt to reach the mat first, which rather upsets them. They step onto the mat after to receive 5th place.

Leg 5 (Namibia → Thailand)

"I definitely feel stronger now than I did in the beginning." – Peach
Detour.png Confusion Now: Use confusing water taxis to find bird market and free a cage of birds for karma.
Roadblock.png Peach: Find clue inside cave full of bats.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 11:34am, Mary & Peach were offered to open and read their clue before 4th place Blake & Paige as an apology for being cut in front of on the previous leg. Mary is not terribly impressed. At the airport, they get tickets with Air Namibia to connect through Johannesburg to reach Bangkok. They are joined by all teams except Chris & Alex, but the friends meet up with the group during the Johannesburg connection and get on the same flight to Bangkok. Once there, they are the sixth team to get off the plane and get onto the same bus as Cyndi & Russell. After a ride on the skytrain, they reach the Detour clue at the shrine.

They decide to complete Confusion Now and ask some locals where to find the water taxis and are quickly directed to the right place. They get onto a water taxi and head for the bird market. Once there, they release their sparrows and receive their next clue. They head to the bus station, at which point they have moved up to 3rd, and get on a bus to Ratchaburi. On the ride there, Peach takes a brave personal step when she uses the bus' public restroom. After they arrive and make their way to the temple, Mary notices Gary & Dave running around in the temple but also spots the clue box just off to the side. After giving it some consideration, Peach decides to perform the Roadblock.

She enters the cave, followed soon after by Blake and Dave. Blake tries to help guide her through, but Peach is horrified and disgusted by what's inside the cave. She grabs the clue right after Blake, but loses track of him and becomes lost looking for the exit. Mary becomes concerned when Blake and Dave exit, but Peach doesn't. Peach remains calm and manages to find her way out of the cave, and she and her sister depart for the Pit Stop in a taxi. The speedy taxi allows them to reach Amphawa very quickly, and after a longboat ride they reach the Pit Stop in 2nd place.

Leg 6 (Thailand)

"Girl power!!" – Mary
Detour.png Boat: Ride bamboo raft down river.
Roadblock.png Mary: Wash traditional markings off an elephant.
PitStop.png 1st

Departing at 6:42am, Mary & Peach returned to Amphawa and found a van taxi to take them to Bangkok. They were pleased to see that he immediately recognized the name of their first destination. Once at the flower market, they find the specified corner and begin to search the area. They notice Chris & Alex departing and search the nearby area, where they find the vendor and get their clue. They then get tickets for the same train as all the other teams to Chiang Mai. With time to kill before 3:00, they and most of the other teams go shopping in Bangkok. Mary purchases a new shirt, and gets Chris to charm the saleswoman into charging only 100฿ ($2.24) with the promise of a hug. Peach wants to buy a new pair of pants which cost 180฿ ($4.09), and Mary tells her to offer only 150฿ ($3.36). When the saleswoman declines, Peach leaves without the pants. The two then get into a very heated argument in the taxi, with Peach claiming that Mary is being hypocritical in how much she spends, while Mary maintains that Peach simply misunderstood what she said while in the market.

They then board the train and, 15 long hours later, arrive in Chiang Mai and decide to ask Oswald & Danny if they want to share a cab. The friends agree, and both teams make their way to the village. They arrive just behind frontrunners Gary & Dave as they reach the Detour. Mary decides they should complete Boat as it is much faster, much to Peach's disdain. They get onto a bamboo raft and shove off down the river. Mary quickly figures out the proper rowing technique and teaches Peach. They continue, but Peach slips and falls flat on her stomach. Mary is concerned, but Peach puts on a brave face and keeps going as if nothing happened. Their rowing technique has allowed them to catch up to Gary & Dave, and they excitedly cheer as they manage to pass by them, putting them in 1st place. They then reach the end of the river and retrieve their clue, getting into a vehicle and driving off.

They are still in 1st when they reach the Roadblock. Reading the hint, Peach is concerned that it may be rafting again so Mary offers to complete the task. She chooses an elephant and begins washing it, commenting on how cute it looks. She works as fast as she can and is able to maintain their lead after finishing the task and getting her next clue, though Dave is right behind her. They excitedly drive off, their playful rivalry with the boys still in full swing. They make their way towards the Karen village with the boys right on their tails, but they do not allow them to pass. They run over to the mat, and arrive at the Pit Stop in 1st place, becoming the first all-female team to win a leg without the assistance of a Fast Forward.

Leg 7 (Thailand → Hong Kong)

"I did my best. I don't have anything else to give." – Peach
Detour.png Herbal Tea: Find obscure tea shop and drink foul-tasting tea.
  • Directed to the Pit Stop at Roadblock location.
PitStop.png 6th - Eliminated

Departing at 8:55pm, Mary & Peach head for Chaing Mai with their spirits high. Peach finds the Seven Spires on the map, but quips that it doesn't help her find where it is. The two decide to slow down and let Gary & Dave pass them, intending to follow them. This pays off as the former roommates lead them right to the temple, and they retrieve their next clue. At the airport, they work with the roommates for the moment and get tickets on the 7am flight to Bangkok, as well as a 10:30 flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong. Gary later learns that there is a better 8:40 flight to Hong Kong, and they are able to get tickets for this instead. All other teams joined them on these flights, and all six of them have to rush through the Bangkok airport to make their connection. Once in Hong Kong, the two were rather slow in getting their metro tickets, and Mary was flabbergasted to see that the price listed is $200. They need to ask a local for help using the ticketing machine. As they board the train, they realize that all of their maps have somehow disappeared.

After the train ride, they hail a taxi. However, they ask him to take them to "Center". He asks if they mean "Central", but Mary specifies "Center". He then takes them to a large skyscraper called "The Center Building" and they head inside. A man there tells them that it is not the tallest building in the city and directs them to Central Plaza. As they begin to correct their mistake, they decide that it is probably in their best interest to claim the Fast Forward once they encounter it. They then reach Central Plaza and travel to the top, where they retrieve the Fast Forward information. They depart immediately and travel to Wong Tai Sin. Once there, they begin asking locals on the outskirts of the temple without much luck. Finally, they make their way to the correct area and find Amelia, but she is sorry to tell them that Gary & Dave have already claimed the Fast Forward. She tells them that they were only late by 10 minutes.

Dejected, they return to Central Hong Kong, now tasked with getting to Tsim Sha Tsui. They ask locals for help, trying to see if they can figure out what the "green and white" star means without going all the way back to the top of Central Plaza. Peach by this point is totally lethargic, and complains that Mary is just wasting time. A local does point them towards the Star Ferry, so they head to the terminal and get on a ferry. Once in Tsim Sha Tsui, they find the clue box and pick up their Detour clue. While reading the directions for Herbal Tea, they both burst out laughing when they read that they have to drink the tea "that cures fatigue". They decide to complete this Detour and head into the market. They end up very lost on the streets of the market, spending more than one and a half hours wandering around. They eventually find the herbalist shop, but Peach is even more exhausted than before. Mary finishes her cup of bitter tea without much issue but Peach finds it absolutely disgusting, saying that it tastes like castor oil and makes her want to vomit. At this point, she doesn't feel like making herself sick by drinking it and asks Mary why she should bother. Mary convinces her to keep going, but one more sip makes her retch and sends her running outside feeling as if she's about to throw up. She is reduced to tears, cowering in a corner and saying that she can't do it any more. She is eventually able to finish her cup, but she is in shambles. The two rest in the shop as Peach confesses to her sister just how exhausted she is, and Mary is sympathetic and caring towards her.

It is clear to the both of them that Peach has no energy left to continue with the race, and they stop by a place called "Corner Cafe" to relax and get some food. Long after the sun has set, they finally make their way to the container terminal. The clue there directs them to the Pit Stop, and they travel to the harbour in a taxi. After a sampan ride to the Junk, they reach the Pit Stop where Phil eliminates them from the race. Peach is incredibly proud of herself for doing many things that she never would have done, and Mary is not upset that their race has come to an end.

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