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Mark & Michael
Mark & Michael
The Amazing Race 14
Relationship Brothers/Stuntmen
Finishing Position 5th
Legs Completed 9
Legs Won 0
Average Position 5.22
Roadblock Count Mark 5, Michael 3
Countries raced Flag of Switzerland.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of Romania.svg Flag of Russia.svg Flag of India.svg Flag of Thailand.svg Flag of China.svg

Mark and Michael Munoz are brothers and stuntmen who competed on The Amazing Race 14. They are from Los Angeles, California and Maui, Hawaii, respectively. They were eliminated in 5th after incurring numerous penalties on a non-elimination leg, putting them too far behind to catch up.


Race Summary

Leg 1 (United States → Switzerland)

  • Roadblock.png Michael: Perform a 70-storey bungee jump off a dam.
  • PitStop.png 3rd

Leg 2 (Switzerland → Germany → Austria)

  • Roadblock.png Mark: Hang-glide off a mountain or, if the wind is too strong, walk a winding path down it.
  • Detour.png Balancing Dolly: Drive a Segway around a 2-mile stunt course.
  • PitStop.png 8th

Leg 3 (Austria → Romania)

  • Roadblock.png Mark: Perform the balance beam, parallel bars and floor routine.
  • Detour.png Gypsy Moves: Load a Gypsy family's belongings onto a horse-drawn cart and transport them to another village.
  • PitStop.png 5th

Leg 4 (Romania → Russia)

  • Detour.png Construct: Find a marked house and construct a window frame for it.
  • Roadblock.png Michael: Ride a bobsled roller coaster, looking for letters which must be unscrambled into a key word.
  • PitStop.png 7th

Leg 5 (Russia)

  • Detour.png Russian Snowplow: Each drive a Russian snowplow through a marked course.
  • Roadblock.png Mark: Run 1.4 miles through sub-zero temperatures in only underwear.
  • PitStop.png 5th

Leg 6 (Russia → India)

  • Roadblock.png Mark: Pile hay to a marked line and fill a trough with water.
  • Detour.png Movers: Use a rickshaw to transport barrels of hay 1.5 miles then search through the hay for a small charm.
  • PitStop.png 6th

Leg 7 (India → Thailand)

  • Detour.png 2 Miles: Carry one team member in a rickshaw across 2 miles.
  • PitStop.png Arrived 1st, 1-hour penalty for tampering with race materials and hiring a cab during a task - 3rd

Leg 8 (Thailand)

  • Roadblock.png Mark: Properly attach the propeller to the boat being used for the next task.
  • Detour.png Broken Record: Sing karaoke in a party taxi for five miles.
  • PitStop.png Arrived 4th, 4-hour penalty for selling personal belongings to settle a bill twice - 5th - Non-elimination leg

Leg 9 (Thailand → China)

  • Speedbump.png Wash two Chinese patrons' hair at a hair salon.
  • Roadblock.png Michael: Use ten fish to train a cormorant.
  • Detour.png Choreography: Perform a traditional dance routine to the satisfaction of judges.
  • PitStop.png 5th - Eliminated
The Amazing Race 14
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