Maor & Asher

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Maor & Asher
מאור ואשר
Maor & Asher
HaMerotz LaMillion 1
Relationship Childhood Friends
Finishing Position 9th
Legs Completed 3
Legs Won 0
Average Position 8.67
Roadblock Count Maor 0, Asher 3
Countries raced Flag of South Africa.svg Flag of Vietnam.svg

Maor Galam and Asher Dazanshvili (מאור גלאם & אשר דונשוילי) are childhood friends who competed on HaMerotz LaMillion 1. They are both from the city of Ashdod. They were eliminated in 9th after facing severe difficulties completing the Detour in Vietnam.


Race Summary

Leg 1 (Israel → South Africa)

  • Detour.png Water (מים): Rappel down a cliff and add up the numbers displayed on the way.
  • Roadblock.png Asher: Bungee jump 216m off the Bloukrans Bridge.
  • PitStop.png 10th - Non-elimination leg

Leg 2 (South Africa)

  • Detour.png Wine Road (דרך היין): Roll a wine barrel to the wine vats and fill it.
  • Roadblock.png Asher: Drive around a racing circuit in 2 minutes or less.
  • PitStop.png 7th

Leg 3 (South Africa → Vietnam)

  • Detour.png Swamp (בוץ): Run through a muddy obstacle course, which includes carrying one team member.
  • Roadblock.png Asher: Collect and transport five snakes.
  • PitStop.png 9th - Eliminated
HaMerotz LaMillion 1
Legs 12345678910
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