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Linda & Karen
Linda & Karen
The Amazing Race 5
Relationship Bowling Moms
Finishing Position 4th
Legs Completed 12
Legs Won 0
Average Position 4.17
Roadblock Count Linda 5, Karen 6
Countries raced Flag of Uruguay.svg Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of Russia.svg Flag of Egypt.svg Flag of Kenya.svg Flag of Tanzania.svg 22x20px Flag of India.svg Flag of New Zealand.svg 22x20px

Linda Ruiz and Karen Heins are bowling moms who competed on The Amazing Race 5. They're from Palmdale, California. They made history by becoming the first all-female team to reach the final four, though they were ultimately eliminated in 4th, barely losing out to Colin & Christie.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Uruguay)

"Everybody's behind us!!" – Karen
Detour.png Zips: Cross a tightrope between two skyscrapers and ride a zipline.
PitStop.png 3rd

Linda & Karen put on a burst of speed at the starting line and started near the middle of the pack. They lost a little speed and fell to the back upon reaching their bags. The two end up in 9th place upon leaving in their vehicle. They end up getting lost in Los Angeles on the way to the airport, however. They arrive to find that the American Airlines flight is sold out and get tickets on the United flight instead. Charla & Mirna tell them that the United flight actually lands sooner, and the two are overjoyed. They get onto the flight along with Charla & Mirna, Alison & Donny, Kami & Karli, Brandon & Nicole, Bob & Joyce and Jim & Marsha. Once in Montevideo, all seven teams quickly get onto the same bus to Punta del Este. When it arrives, the group all rush across the streets and beach to reach The Hand in the Sand, picking up their next clue. They then enter a business and the owner there suggests that they can walk to the ferry terminal. Once there, they get onto the ferry with Brandon & Nicole, who also walked there. Once on the island, they start looking amongst the trees. Karen finds both an 8am and 9am departure. After discussing it, they decide to just take the 8am departure.

In the morning, they depart on the first ferry along with Alison & Donny and Bob & Joyce. The three teams then grab their next clue and get onto a bus to Maldonado. Once there, when the two arrive at the meat warehouse, they see Charla & Mirna arriving in a taxi. The two grab a slab of meat and haul it down the street, working together to carry it. They're able to keep up with Bob & Joyce, remaining in a steady 3rd place. They pass the Yield without using it. They manage to pass Bob & Joyce at the last moment, delivering their beef in 2nd place. With their next clue, they find a taxi and head off. Once at the Conrad Hotel, they see the clue box and head for it. They are the first to pick up the Detour clue. Linda wants thinks that the gambling task will be easier, but changes her mind when she realizes that it's roulette. They decide to perform Zips. They get to the top and Linda is feeling frightened so she has Karen go across the hanging wire first. Donny is right behind her. Once Karen is across, Linda faces her fear and follows after her. Alison catches up to her while she crosses. She is passed at the very last minute, and so have to let Alison & Donny ride the zipline first. After waiting, Karen rides the zipline down and Linda follows her. They grab their clue and head out, but have trouble finding a taxi. When they finally find one and travel to the Pit Stop, they arrive in 3rd place.

Leg 2 (Uruguay → Argentina)

"You outsmarted a cow!" – Linda
Detour.png Tango: Search a dimly-lit room of tango dancers for one matching a photograph
Roadblock.png Karen: Take a bandanna off of a running cattle.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 12:54am, Linda & Karen hop into a car and begin the long drive to Montevideo. After a long drive, they are actually the first team to find the disco. They frantically enter into the foam on the dance floor and find a globe with their next clue inside. On the way to Colonia, Linda wonders if discos like that exist in America, and suggests they open one in Palmdale. They then drive to Colonia and board the same ferry to Buenos Aires as all other teams. Once there, they simply tell their taxi driver to follow the other taxis. They arrive right behind Charla & Mirna at the cemetery and run inside. The cousins get onto a delivery lorry and drive off, leaving them behind. They run to the grave, passing the Yield without using it, and pick up the Detour. Since the dogs are right outside, the two decide to perform Perro. They head out, and Linda takes control of the dogs.

They head out, and then offer to complete the task together with Alison & Donny. Both teams run along the streets but soon realize they've already made a wrong turn. As Alison & Donny yell and argue with one another, both teams wander around completely lost. Both teams then decide that the task is too hard and will perform Tango instead. They return to the beginning, return the dogs, and hop into a taxi. Both teams arrive at the theatre at the same time, meeting up with Jim & Marsha as well. They enter the theatre, look amongst the dancers, and then quickly choose one of them. It is the incorrect dancer, so they are sent back out. Both of the other teams leave after successful attempts, but the moms choose the wrong man a second time. Colin & Christie also show up and then leave after a successful attempt. Linda & Karen then finally find the correct dancer and receive their next clue. They immediately hop back into their taxi and ask to be taken all the way to San Antonio de Areco. Once at the farm, Karen decides to perform the Roadblock. She chases after the calves, managing to corner a few and grab a bandanna from one of them. They then travel in the horse-drawn carriage to the Pit Stop and arrive in 4th place.

Leg 3 (Argentina)

"I hope she's not chickening out!" – Karen
Roadblock.png Linda: Bite into thousands of chocolate pieces looking for one with a white center.
Detour.png Smooth Sailing: Paraglide off a cliff.
PitStop.png 6th

Departing at 12:28am, Linda & Karen excitedly head off to begin another adventure. Their friends Bob & Joyce meet up with them and follow them out. Linda simply plows through the muddy part of the road, making a big splash. On the highway, both teams realize that they're lost. They stop to discuss with one another, and Colin & Christie show up. Colin offers to lead them back to Buenos Aires. From there, all three teams are able to find the airport. When the counters open, they purchase tickets for themselves as well as Bob & Joyce. They are both joined on this flight, departing third, along with Chip & Kim and Kami & Karli. After landing in Bariloche, they are the second of their flight group to find the mayor's office and get their next clue. They then travel to the chocolate factory, pass the Yield without using it, and decide to have Linda perform the Roadblock.

In the factory, she finds that Marshall is still searching. Kami & Karli arrive after them, and Kami quickly finds one. Moments after Chip & Kim also arrive, Linda finally finds a white chocolate and they depart. They then travel to Villa Catedral, where they have a bit of trouble locating the gondola station. After they find it and reach the top, they pick up the Detour clue and decide to perform Smooth Sailing. Karen takes to the skies first, but Linda is starting to wonder just how safe the activity is. She's rather frightened about the task of running down the hill to get airborne. Karen is concerned that Linda has given up, but Linda then take off and soars through the skies. They both have a very exciting time and then pick up their clue after landing. One long drive through the countryside later, they arrive at the lake. They quickly cross over to the small island and arrive at the Pit Stop in 6th.

Leg 4 (Argentina → Russia)

"We beat the twins at an eating contest! Imagine that!" – Karen
Detour.png Drink 1 Shot: Drink from a shot glass balanced on top of a sword.
Roadblock.png Linda: Eat 1kg of caviar.
PitStop.png 6th

Departing at 5:15am, Linda & Karen are quite excited to travel to Russia. However, soon after hitting the streets, they find they're going the wrong way. They arrive seventh at the bus station, getting in line with every other team while they wait for it to open. When Colin & Christie head over to a different company's window, every team follows them. There is a general agreement to keep the same line-up order at this window, though not every team agrees to this. Instead, Colin buys tickets for teams he feels like buying for, leaving the two of them on the later bus. They then travel to Buenos Aires and hurry to the airport. Once there, they team up with Kami & Karli to gather flight information. Together, they find a Lufthansa flight through Madrid and get tickets on it. They are joined by Bob & Joyce to Madrid, but leave them behind as they connect through Paris.

When they finally land in St. Petersburg, a taxi race erupts between them and the twins. Both teams arrive at the Battleship at about the same time. The moms pass the Yield without using it and decide to perform Drink 1 Shot. Neither have much trouble drinking the shot off of the saber and pick up the next clue. They arrive at the Bronze Horseman and pick up the next clue just moments behind Kami & Karli. Once in Pushkin, they arrive still behind the twins at the restaurant. Linda is elected to perform the Roadblock. She then faces off against Karli in a caviar-eating contest. Linda manages to pull ahead when Karli starts feeling sick. Through steadfast determination, Linda finishes the task first and receives the next clue. After a sleigh ride to the Pit Stop, they step onto the mat in 6th place.

Leg 5 (Russia → Egypt)

"Stay and hold me, okay?" – Linda
Roadblock.png Karen: Descend into the Osiris shaft and retrieve a satchel with puzzle pieces.
Detour.png Rock & Roll: Transport 600lbs of rocks using primitive stone-rolling techniques.
PitStop.png 7th - Non-elimination leg

Departing at 12:14am, Linda & Karen find a taxi and travel to the train station. They just barely miss the train, and so end up on the next one along with their competitors Kami & Karli. In St. Petersburg, they try to keep up with the twins but arrive at the museum behind them. They immediately head up to the second floor, passing by the twins on their way out. Though they find the Rembrandt section, they have a bit of trouble finding the correct painting. Once they finally do, they receive their next clue and then quickly find a taxi to get to the airport. However, the driver takes them to the domestic airport, where no international flights leave. By the time they arrive at the international airport, they learn that there are no more flights to Egypt that night, and all of the other teams have left already. They're told to go to the Lufthansa office, where they learn that there's no flights leaving until tomorrow, but the connecting flight from Frankfurt to Cairo doesn't leave until tomorrow anyway, so they will catch the other teams. The following morning, the two depart for Frankfurt and catch up with Chip & Kim, Kami & Karli, Brandon & Nicole and Marshall & Lance.

Once in Cairo, they are the fourth of their flight group to reach the tower and pick up their next clue. As they depart for Giza, Kami & Karli's taxi passes them, putting them in last place. Both teams arrive at Giza at the same time, but neither can find the yellow rocks. As they try to catch up with the twins, Linda accidentally steps one of her feet into a hole in the ground and falls. This results in her twisting her ankle. She is in pain, but still able to walk and the two continue to look. Finally, after quite a bit of searching, they manage to find the Osiris Shaft. They pass the Yield without using it and Karen decides to perform the Roadblock. She descends to the bottom and retrieves the satchel without much issue. Back on top, she and Linda put the puzzle together and notice the missing piece. Though Linda isn't confident in her decision, the two decide to go to where the hole indicates on the map. They easily find the Detour clue from there. With the other task closed for the night, they have no choice but to complete Rock & Roll.

Linda's twisted ankle is still bothering her as they head over to the task. When they arrive, no other teams are in sight but they don't let it discourage them. The two work together as best they can to move the heavy rocks across the sandy field. After an arduous process, the task is complete and they receive their next clue. As they head off in search of the Sphinx, they see Kami & Karli in the distance still searching as well. They head for the Sphinx as fast as they can, but when they step onto the mat they learn that they're in last place. The relief they feel when Phil tells them it's a non-elimination leg is substantial. However, they then learn about the Race's new twist and have to hand over all of their money. They're even more dismayed to hear that they won't get any money on the next leg. The two think they're in trouble, as they're in a poor country, but promise to not give up.

Leg 6 (Egypt)

"I feel so guilty doing this!" – Linda
Detour.png Herd It: Transport 10 goats across the river.
Roadblock.png Linda: Dig in the sand for a small stone scarab.
PitStop.png 6th

Departing at 10:09 with no money, Linda & Karen head off to try and gain some funds from tourists. They don't have much luck, however. They get discouraged for a short time, but then see a pair of large buses drop off a huge amount of tourists. These folks are a lot more generous and soon enough the moms have a veritable amount of funds. They head for the pyramid and descend to the bottom as quickly as they can, picking up their next clue and then heading back up. It is 10:30 at the time, and the charter flight departs at 11:30. They get in a taxi and tell the driver to take them to the old airport. It takes them quite a bit of time to travel, and they arrive at 11:25. However, despite the driver saying that he understood them, he has taken them to the new airport instead. The driver then takes them to the old airport, arriving at 11:33. However, to their fortune, the plane hasn't boarded yet and they are able to get on. All teams travel on the provided charter flight to Luxor.

When they land, they get into a taxi in second place, just seconds behind Charla & Mirna. Most teams arrive at the temple at the same time, creating a traffic jam as everyone buys tickets and heads inside. They enter the temple in fifth place, but fall to sixth as they pass the Yield without using it and get their Detour clue. They decide that Herd It will be easier and get into a kalesh. They arrive at Banana Island to find Chip & Kim having almost finished, but no other teams. Karen loads the animals onto the boat while Linda keeps them under control. It isn't long before they have ten animals and are allowed to cross the river. On the other side, they deliver their animals and receive their next clue. They head off in a taxi, knowing that they are behind Chip & Kim and ahead of both of the other all-female teams.

At the Habu Temple, Linda is elected to perform the Roadblock. She joins Brandon and Kim as she performs the dig, though she has no idea what a scarab is. Karli and Mirna join them soon after. Linda digs like crazy, making a huge mound of sand in her attempt to find the scarab. Kim, Karli and Brandon are all able to find their scarab before she can find hers. She ends up getting so frustrated that she threatens to quit. To her dismay, Mirna manages to find the scarab as well, leaving her and Karen alone at the task. The sun sets and cloaks the land in darkness, and still Linda continues to endlessly dig. They are concerned that Marshall & Lance will also show up and pass them. However, after hours and hours of digging, Linda finally unearths her scarab and they receive the next clue. They quickly head to the water taxi dock and travel to Crocodile Island. They arrive at the Pit Stop and are very excited to hear that they are in 6th place and still in the race.

Leg 7 (Egypt → Kenya → Tanzania)

"To book tickets to Kenya, Nairobia!" – Linda
Detour.png Busy: Deliver two chairs
Roadblock.png Karen: Eat the contents of an ostrich egg.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 6:33am, Linda & Karen find a taxi and head for the Luxor airport. When they arrive, they find that the flight has been delayed and all teams will be getting on the same flight. When they arrive at the international airport, they find that Kenya Airlines are closed until 11am. Charla & Mirna come over to tell them about how Colin & Christie tried to block the door to the airport, and the two agree to work with them. The two teams head over to Gulf Air, where they learn about a flight through Bahrain and Abu Dhabi that will let them arrive in the following morning. Excited about getting on this flight, they then close the office's curtains and try to hide from the others. Colin does find them soon after, so Mirna tells the ticket agent in Arabic not to help them because "they are violent". Eventually, all teams manage to get on this flight. While connecting in Bahrain, they and the cousins switch to a flight through Dubai that will arrive a half hour earlier. Unfortunately, their flight from Dubai to Nairobi is delayed multiple hours, which puts them behind everyone else. The two teams arrive in Nairobi and end up on the last charter flight.

The charter plane takes the two teams to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania, where they pick up the next clue and head for the bus station. Both teams get on a bus, which charges them US$3 per team. As they ride, both are shocked to see Brandon and his teammates' bus stopped on the side of the road which they pass. Their bus then stops to let some passengers relieve themselves, and this delay allows the second bus to pass them again. Once in Mto wa Mbu, they pass the Yield without using it and pick up the Detour clue. They decide to complete Busy and head off in pursuit of the cousins. Charla & Mirna begin the task first, but hesitate at a muddy puddle that the moms are able to pass them at. While out looking for their address, they spot Brandon & Nicole completing the task. Their local suggests they take a back road, which is a shortcut to their address' back door. This allows them to pass the models, and they deliver their furniture. They then head back and exchange their receipt for the next clue. They depart for Kibaoni just as the models are returning. They, along with Kami & Karli, all run together to Kibaoni and find the hotel at the same time, where Colin is struggling. Karen decides to perform the Roadblock and receives her ostrich egg. She quickly cooks the egg and starts to eat. Karen eats as quickly as she can with encouragement from Linda. Karen feels the drive to beat Brandon at this task, and is able to get down her entire serving of egg before Brandon finishes. Now ahead of them, they pick up their next clue and depart. After a very exciting ride across the valley, they arrive at the Pit Stop in 3rd place.

Leg 8 (Tanzania → United Arab Emirates)

  • Roadblock.png Linda: Buy and deliver nuts
  • Detour.png Off Road: Drive dune buggies across the desert sands.
  • PitStop.png 4th

Leg 9 (United Arab Emirates → India)

  • Roadblock.png Karen: Craft 20 mud bricks.
  • Detour.png Heavy but Short: Transport a taxi without an engine 10 miles.
  • PitStop.png 3rd

Leg 10 (India → New Zealand)

  • Detour.png Clean: Sledge 1 mile down Okere River.
  • Roadblock.png Karen: Ride a zorb down a hill and push it over the finish line.
  • PitStop.png 2nd

Leg 11 (New Zealand → Philippines)

  • Roadblock.png Linda: Climb a rope ladder to the Auckland Harbour Bridge's girders, cross them, then rappel back down.
  • Detour.png Plow: Plow a field with an ox-drawn cart to find the clue in the mud.
  • PitStop.png 2nd

Leg 12 (Philippines)

  • Detour.png Presented as Additional Task: Snorkel for a clue inside an artificial giant clam.
  • Roadblock.png Karen: Climb a 150ft rock wall using a mechanical ascender.
  • PitStop.png 4th - Eliminated
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