Kinaryosih & Brett

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Kinaryosih & Brett
Kinaryosih & Brett
The Amazing Race Asia 2
Relationship Dating 2 Years
Finishing Position 9th
Legs Completed 2.5
Legs Won 0
Average Position 6.33
Roadblock Count Kinaryosih 1, Brett 1
Countries raced Flag of Singapore.svg 22x20px Flag of Hong Kong.svg Flag of New Zealand.svg

Kinaryosih and Brett Money are a couple who have been dating two years who competed on The Amazing Race Asia 2. They are from Jakarta, Indonesia, though Brett is originally from Australia. They were eliminated in 9th after missing the operating hours for the Detour on leg 3.


Race Summary

Leg 1 (Singapore → Philippines)

  • Detour.png Dare: Cross a tightrope between two skyscrapers.
  • PitStop.png 4th

Leg 2 (Philippines)

  • Roadblock.png Kinaryosih: Direct a Carabao around a figure-8 course through the mud.
  • Detour.png Heel: Match 250 shoes from a pile into their pairs.
  • PitStop.png 6th

Leg 3 (Philippines → Hong Kong → New Zealand)

  • Roadblock.png Brett: Bungee jump 40m from the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
  • Directed to the Pit Stop at Detour site.
  • PitStop.png 9th - Eliminated
The Amazing Race Asia 2
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