Ken & Gerard

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Ken & Gerard
Ken & Gerard
The Amazing Race 3
Relationship Brothers
Finishing Position 3rd
Legs Completed 13
Legs Won 3
Average Position 2.69
Roadblock Count Ken 4, Gerard 6
Countries raced Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of England.svg Flag of Scotland.svg Flag of Portugal.svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of Morocco.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of Switzerland.svg Flag of Malaysia.svg Flag of Singapore.svg Flag of Vietnam.svg 22x20px

Ken and Gerard Duphiney are brothers who competed on The Amazing Race 3. They are from New York City, New York and Denville, New Jersey, respectively. They ran a consistent race and finished in 3rd in Seattle, losing out to Teri & Ian and Flo & Zach. They nicknamed themselves team "Oh Brother!".


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Mexico)

"They were like 'Oh my God! The fat bald guys beat us!'" – Gerard
F-Forward.png Find a street typist with the Fast Forward award.
PitStop.png 1stƒ

Ken & Gerard began their race near the back of the pack as they retrieved their bags and got into their car. They immediately get lost on the Florida highways, resigned to their fate of getting on the second flight. They indeed get on this flight, along with Derek & Drew, Teri & Ian, Gina & Sylvia and Tramel & Talicia. Once in Mexico City, they quickly find a taxi that takes them to the Angel of Independence. From there, they are the first to arrive at the plaza and retrieve their clue from Pablo. With their next clue in hand, they find a taxi and head for the hotel. There, they sign up for the last charter bus.

When morning arrives, Ken suggests that they pursue the Fast Forward so they can get out of the last group. They learn that Derek & Drew will also be pursuing it and get ready for a race. When they learn that the twins will be running to the location, they're in disbelief at this and simply get in a taxi. The taxi gets them there much faster, and they briefly search amongst the typists before finding the one with the Fast Forward. Ken tells Gerard they have to wait and tell the twins that they got it, since both teams agreed to do so earlier. They tell the twins once they arrive, and then get in their vehicle and head for the Pit Stop. After a long journey, they arrive at the Pit Stop in 1st place and win a seven-night Caribbean vacation on Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas.

Leg 2 (Mexico)

"Where's big vests? Big vests for fat guys. Muy grande." – Ken
Detour.png Manpower: Search a small radius for the next clue on kayaks.
Roadblock.png Ken: Dive for clue in a pool of dolphins
PitStop.png 6th

Departing at 10:36pm, Ken & Gerard quickly check the map and then head out, commenting that they've named themselves "Oh, Brother!" They make their way to the Pyramid and park their vehicle in front of the gate, now having to wait until it opens at 7am. They're surprised to see Heather & Eve arrive before all the other teams that were ahead of the roommates. Morning arrives and the six teams rush into the pyramid grounds at 7am. They pour all their energy into maintaining their lead as they climb the pyramid, but are amused when Jill passes them crawling with her hands. They then head for the bus station, and learn that the next bus leaves in 10 minutes. They quickly purchase their tickets and are joined on this bus by John Vito & Jill, Flo & Zach, Aaron & Arianne, Michael & Kathy and Heather & Eve.

After the long ride to Cancún, they run out and grab a taxi. All six teams arrive at the Marina at the same time and grab the Detour clue. They decide to perform Manpower, feeling more comfortable with the kayak. They put on their required life preservers, but the vests are too small and they need to ask for bigger ones. They get onto a kayak and have a good time paddling through the waters. They find the clue without issue and grab it. They return to shore and drive to the ferry terminal, but when they arrive they find out that they are too late to get on the 1pm ferry. They get on the next ferry alone and travel to Cozumel. After traveling to the Roadblock location, Ken quickly performs the Roadblock and grabs their next clue from the dolphin pond. They return by ferry to the mainland and begin the drive to the Pit Stop. When they arrive, they step onto the mat in 6th place.

Leg 3 (Mexico → England → Scotland)

"Oh, that made my day!!" – Gerard
Detour.png Punt: Travel by 'punt' a short distance downriver to the next clue.
Roadblock.png Ken: Participate in the caber toss, hammer throw and shot put.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 6:02am, get in a jeep and drive to the airport, commenting that no-one sees them as a threat since they're all focused exclusively on Derek & Drew. Once at the airport, they purchase tickets for a 10:25 flight to Mexico City, but also decide to purchase tickets for the rest of their journey to London. They are joined by Andre & Damon and John Vito & Jill, but neither of these teams have tickets to London. Their plane is the third to land in London, and they then get on a fast train to Cambridge, which bumps them up to second.

At the Detour, they decide to perform Punt. The trouble begins immediately as they nearly run into another punt as they shove off. with Ken in the front and Gerard in the back, they begin crashing into walls and veering all over the canal. They continue down for a while, but Ken soon finds himself loosing his balance and falling into the water, much to the amusement of the locals. They switch positions and Gerard starts using the pole to steer the boat, but he ends up tumbling into the water as well. Ken is not shy about making fun of him. After a while Gerard tells Ken to switch again, but as they pass each other on the boat Gerard pushes Ken right over the edge and back into the water. Now that they're both sufficiently soaked, they reach the bridge and grab their clue. They casually head to the bus departure area, where they find Derek & Drew who have been waiting there for hours. They are also joined by Aaron & Arianne, Michael & Kathy, Heather & Eve and Flo & Zach before the bus leaves.

After the long ride to Scotland, all six teams scramble to find taxis that can take them to Stonehaven. Their excellent driver manages to pass all the others and put them in the lead as they reach the castle, where their driver pulls right up next to the clue box. So close, in fact, that they don't even see it. Ken decides to perform the Roadblock and races to the play area with all the other teams. It takes him a few tries to get the caber to land correctly, but he finishes the hammer throw after only two or three attempts. He reaches the shot put just as Derek is finishing the Roadblock. He makes some impressive throws and reaches the end before long. They chase after the twins and arrive at the Pit Stop in 2nd place.

Leg 4 (Scotland → Portugal)

"Don't let it go out of control! There'll be wine all over Porto!" – Ken
Detour.png Old School: Use Portuguese longboat to deliver wine to one restaurant.
Roadblock.png Ken: Block a shot from a young professional soccer player.
PitStop.png 1st

Departing at 10:58pm, Ken & Gerard rush ahead and catch up to their friends Derek & Drew. The two teams jog to the harbour, with the twins encouraging them to go faster. They notice Flo & Zach behind them and speed up. When they finally reach the harbour, they find the bottle and then find a phone booth. Gerard phones a travel agency and books both teams flights from Aberdeen to Porto. They travel to the airport and get on the flight, being joined by Flo & Zach, Aaron & Arianne, Heather & Eve, Michael & Kathy and John Vito & Jill. While connecting through London, they and the twins split from the group and take a flight to Cologne that will hopefully get them to Porto sooner.

Their connection in Cologne, however, is only 30 minutes long and the Lufthansa clerk tells them that the plane has already boarded and they can't get on since they don't have boarding passes yet. Luckily, the employees manage to hold the plane long enough for both teams to get on. Now leading the pack as they land in Porto, both teams get taxis and travel together to the Calem Port Lodge. They pick up the Detour clue from the lodge and decide to complete Old School. The two of them have a little difficulty moving the heavy wine barrel onto their boat. Things do not get any easier when they begin rowing the ship, having thought it would be a tiny rowboat and not a large ship. Regardless, they cross the river and deliver the wine to the restaurant, receiving their next clue. They head to the train station, and all of the teams show up before the next train departs. While sitting bored, they start putting together the puzzle that was part of the unused Fast Forward just for fun, but are told to knock it off.

They all travel together to Lisbon, and then it's a mad dash to get a taxi. They are the first to arrive at the stadium, where Ken decides to perform the Roadblock. He begs for the local soccer players to go easy on him, but they do not. Soon enough, he is able to deflect a shot and earn the next clue, falling only to 2nd place. They then run through the streets of Lisbon all the way to the Pit Stop, motivating each other with promises of ice cream, and arrive in 2nd place. During the Pit Stop, a penalty is retroactively applied to Heather & Eve and they are moved up to 1st place, giving them the leg win.

Leg 5 (Portugal → Spain → Morocco)

"Just pretend there's a dozen glazed donuts at the bottom!" – Gerard
Detour.png Ropes: Rappel down Ursa Cliffs
Roadblock.png Gerard: Find clue in one of many smelly dye vats.
PitStop.png 1st

Departing at 2:29pm in 1st place, Ken & Gerard begin the leg by looking at their expansive map of Europe and are easily able to find the westernmost point of the continent. They spot Derek & Drew a couple minutes later and share this information with them. Both teams head for the train station, with Andre & Damon unashamedly following them. Once there, the cop & fireman decide to offer them 30 Euros in exchange for help finding the first destination. They agree and get Andre & Damon tickets on the train. When the train arrives in Cascais, the three teams make their way to the taxi stand where there is only one taxi. Ken & Gerard take the taxi, unfortunately leaving the other two behind.

When they arrive at the Detour, they decide to complete Ropes, though Ken isn't exactly pleased. However, taking the train has dropped them all the way to 6th place. Gerard completes the rappel with no trouble, playfully threatening Ken with violence if he doesn't come straight down after him. He and Damon wait at the bottom for their partners. Ken is slow at first, but speeds up when Ken tells him to pretend there's donuts at the bottom. He moves fast enough that he is able to beat Andre to the bottom, which both are proud to have done. They then begin the long journey to Spain, with Derek & Drew joining and following them not long after. They are on the road for hours, with Ken making fun of Gerard for spending their money on his completely necessary sandwich.

Finally, they arrive at the ferry port and meet up with Andre & Damon and John Vito & Jill. The four teams ride the ferry to Tangier, and then a cab race ensues as they all rush to get seats on the first charter bus. They arrive second and manage to get seats along with Derek & Drew and Andre & Damon. Once in Fez, they are the first to find the next clue box. Gerard elects to perform the Roadblock and heads off. At Ken's suggestion, he asks the local children to help him find the tannery. He finds it and discovers the incredibly unpleasant smell. He searches through a couple of vats with the provided gloves, and Damon also arrives before he manages to find a clue and depart. He also encounters Derek on the way out. When he reunites with Ken, they get into a vehicle and hire a taxi to lead them to the Borj Nord. When they arrive they check into the Pit Stop in 1st place, winning a pair of Kodak EasyShare cameras.

Leg 6 (Morocco)

"I got somethin'. A beautiful rock..." – Ken
Detour.png Now You Don't: Find a clue not visible from starting point using dune buggies.
Roadblock.png Gerard: Set up an escargot stand and sell five bowls for 5 Dinar each.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 4:31am, Ken & Gerard begin the leg by getting their truck's door stuck for a moment. They head out to look for a taxi that can lead them, but find nothing in the middle of the night. When they are joined a few minutes later by Derek & Drew, both teams drive off. They spot a taxi a little ways down the road and hire him to lead both of them, as well as Andre & Damon, to Casablanca. Once in the city, they ask a traffic officer where the mosque is and he directs them to it. They find it, and all three teams respectfully walk to the box and pick up their next clue. They then travel to the train station and learn that there is a train leaving in ten minutes, which all three just barely get on. In Marrakesh, they quickly hop into a taxi and make their way to the Detour at the oasis, maintaining 1st place.

They decide to perform Now You Don't at first, but change their mind when they learn that the ATVs are five-speed. They instead decide to perform Now You See It as the other two teams arrive. They have a rather difficult time getting onto the backs of the horses, but soon they are on their way. It doesn't take long to reach the dig site, and the two begin digging into the sand. They dig for a while, but they find nothing but some nice rocks. They dejectedly decide to ride back and perform Now You Don't anyway. The ride through the desert on the ATV doesn't take very long and the two make an etching of their next clue. By the time they get back to the starting point, Flo & Zach have a arrived. Gerard playfully tells Flo that the task is "a bitch" before they head off.

They are the third team to reach the cafe, but they have arrived more than two hours before it opens. Derek & Drew and Andre & Damon are already there, and about an hour later they are also joined by Flo & Zach and John Vito & Jill. When the cafe finally opens at 4:45, all five teams rush up to the roof. Gerard decides to perform the Roadblock and heads down to the market with her food vendor. Gerard is the slowest to get everything set up, but soon he begins to sell. Despite his slow start, he is the third of the five teams to complete the task and rushes off to rejoin Ken. They quickly get into a taxi and rush to the Pit Stop. They get into a footrace with Flo & Zach but come up short, arriving at the mat in 3rd place.

Leg 7 (Morocco → Germany → Austria → Germany)

"I think it's safe for one or two more kilometers..." – Gerard
Detour.png Sled: Ride a bobsled down an Olympic track.
Roadblock.png Gerard: Rappel from a high cable car.
PitStop.png 5th

Departing at 5:20am, Ken & Gerard decide to stick around for a couple of minutes until Derek & Drew are released. Once they are, the two teams look for a taxi. At the airport, they discover that their best option is to fly to Paris but the Paris flight is overbooked. As such, they decide to fly to Casablanca and look there instead, along with Flo & Zach and John Vito & Jill. Once there, all of the teams search, but only find more overbooked flights. They are eventually able to aquire standby tickets for them and the twins on an 11:45 Air France flight to Paris. John Vito & Jill join them on this flight. It is 8pm by the time they land in Munich, and all three teams make their way to Kasperle at the statue. They pick up their next clue and head to the train station. The same three teams then get onto the same train to Innsbruck. Once there, all three teams travel to the clue box where they discover that both Detours are closed until 8am tomorrow. They decide to perform Sled and head to the bobsled track, planning to sleep in front of the gate. Gerard and Jill then request that three taxis return to the location at 8:30 tomorrow. They are about to go to sleep, but Derek whispers to Ken that there is a sign-up sheet. They rush over and grab the #3 spot. They then walk to the gate, where they find Teri & Ian fast asleep.

Morning arrives and the two wait for their turn. As they wait, Ken grows increasingly nervous as he has a fear of both heights and high speed. After the parents and twins ride down, it is their turn. Ken is quite nervous and suggests that they go skating instead, but Gerard puts his foot down and tells him to just do it. The two get into the bobsled and take a wild ride down the hill, picking up their next clue at the bottom. However, the taxi that was meant to arrive for them is nowhere to be seen, and neither is John Vito & Jill's. After waiting for a while, a taxi pulls up which they grab. They tell the dating couple that they will call for another taxi and head off. Ken, however, isn't shy about telling the driver to take his time in calling. Both teams show up at the gondola station at about the same time and get onto a gondola. At the top, they grab the #4 position and Gerard elects to perform the Roadblock. He and Jill get into the gondola, where Teri and Drew are still waiting to begin. The gondola travels halfway up the mountain, and Gerard waits as the other three take their turns. Finally when it's his turn, he descends down to the mountain with Ken making colorful commentary along the way. Once he gets down and receives his clue, the two have to run as fast as they can to get on the same gondola as the other three teams. They just barely make it. At the bottom, neither has any idea where they are going Gerard decides they should follow the twins. Ken disputes this, saying that the twins haven't gotten directions correct once yet, and so turns in the opposite direction. Teri & Ian and John Vito & Jill follow behind them, but this turns into a traffic jam when they accidentally drive down a private driveway and have to reverse.

At this point, the other two teams bail, but Ken & Gerard decide to stick with their route. As they continue to drive, however, they suddenly hear a very loud bang. They pull over to investigate, and they discover that the front-right tire has a rather sizable hole in it. They quickly get back on the road and try to find a service station as fast as they can. It is an extremely bumpy ride as the tire becomes flat in minutes. Teri & Ian come up behind them once again and pass them. By this point, the car is making a horrible noise as they drive on the ruined tire. When they finally find a service station, the tire is literally in shreds and barely hanging on to the rim. Ken & Gerard both find the situation absolutely hilarious. The mechanic takes the vehicle's spare tire and attaches it, and soon the two are on their way once again. The entire incident has cost them hours of time, and they are certain that they have fallen to last place. The two are very pleased to hear that they have actually reached the Pit Stop in 5th place and are still in the race.

Leg 8 (Germany → Switzerland)

"All of a sudden, Gerard goes 'Abort! Abort!' Like we're some space shuttle or something." – Ken
Detour.png Run the Numbers: Find a series of numbers around Zurich to unlock a safe.
Roadblock.png Ken: Shoot a crossbow at an apple on a mannequin's head.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 2:42am, almost two hours after all the other teams, Ken & Gerard head out and quickly find the farm. With four of the five clues gone already, the odds are against them. However, Gerard digs into the hay bale like an animal and quickly finds the last clue. They then head to the ferry terminal, and are quite happy to see all of the other teams waiting there. All five teams board the ferry and travel to Switzerland. Once there, they transfer to a train and travel to Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Finally, they grab a taxi at the Rheinfall station and travel to the falls themselves. There, they get onto the boat that will take them to the small islet in the middle of the falls. Most teams join them, but everyone notices that John Vito & Jill are absent. Along the way, the four teams discuss whether or not to lug their bags up to the top of the rocky islet, but the boat driver tells them it's okay to leave their bags on the boat. They all do so and run up the stairs to grab their clue.

When they get back down, however, they find that the boat has left without them and taken their bags with it. When the other boat arrives with John Vito & Jill, they are informed that they will have to wait for their boat to come back with their bags to pick them up. However, Jill is staying on the boat and holding it there while John Vito retrieves the clue, which is in turn keeping their boat held at the other dock. They give Jill a rather frustrated stare until John Vito comes back with the clue and they depart. Finally their boat returns and they travel back to shore. Along the way, the twins ask the driver for information on getting to Zürich and he suggests they simply walk to the Rheinfall station. Once there, while waiting for the train, Flo and Ken jokingly pretend to be in love. The train arrives and all four get on. On the way, Flo walks over to chat with them and Ian. She confirms to them that she and Zach are just friends, with Ian commenting that she should be with Zach. When the brothers ask her about Drew, she doesn't confirm anything but her facial expressions betray her. Once in Zürich, the four are surprised to see that John Vito & Jill were on the train with them the whole time. The five move as a pack, gathering information from locals and making their way to the Detour.

Ken & Gerard decide to perform Count the Money and begin tallying the currency in the bowl. They spend a lot of time meticulously counting the notes and the hundreds of coins. When Flo & Zach and Derek & Drew return from the other Detour in short time, Gerard decides that they have made a mistake and they switch to Run the Numbers. They make their way to the specified intersection and see the '12' on the statue. They return to the Lindenhof and add up the numbers on the clock face, and then begin counting trees. Gerard counts twice, getting 47 and then 49. After counting a couple more times, they come up with a more solid answer of 50. They return to the vault and enter their combination, and the safe opens on their first try. Teri tries to ask them the answer to the number of trees, but they have to decline. They grab their clue and leave Teri & Ian behind. As they walk to the train station, Gerard is nearly run over by a tram. They reach the train station, where all five teams get on a train to Grindelwald. John Vito & Jill and Ken & Gerard are on a different train than the others, but the difference is negligible as they all meet up at the connection in Lucerne.

In Grindelwald it's a mad dash to get down to the field, where Ken decides to perform the Roadblock. He calmly takes a few shots before he is the second to hit the apple. They grab their clue and depart for the Pit Stop. Alongside the twins, Teri & Ian and Flo & Zach, they run along the streets of Grindelwald, but it is apparent that no-one has any idea where they are going. The twins head up the hill, and the other three teams follow. They cut through a grassy field with barbed wire at the end, losing Teri & Ian along the way. Still completely lost, they get directions from a florist to find the church and turn left. When they get close to the church, they see a potential shortcut in the form of a steep path cutting over a hill. This leads them to an extremely steep and slippery field, leaving them lost once again. Some locals in the area give them basic directions, but it's not very helpful. When they finally exit the grass- and tree-filled area they had been hiking through, they realize that they have actually climbed too far upwards and have passed the Chalet. They begin to hike back down towards it. They move as quickly as they can on the slippery hills, spotting John Vito & Jill approaching from the opposite side of the Chalet. It's a tense race between the two teams, but Ken & Gerard manage to hit the mat seconds before them. Phil tells them that they have arrived at the Pit Stop in 4th place, much to their relief.

Leg 9 (Switzerland)

"No bungee jumpin'!!" – Ken
Detour.png Very Swiss: Retrieve a key from the collar of a goat in a herd
Roadblock.png Gerard: Build a bicycle using the provided parts.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 5:07am, Ken & Gerard head off with Gerard commenting that he is starting to miss his children. They notice John Vito & Jill nearby and follow them to the Gletscherschlucht Lodge, where both teams wait until it opens at 9am. Teri & Ian show up later. Just before the gorge opens, Flo & Zach and Derek & Drew also show up. At 9am, all five of the teams enter the gorge and begin hiking along the pathways. When Zach, at the back of the line, notices that everyone walked past the keys, the line completely reverses as teams head back to grab them. They pass Teri & Ian, and Ken is the third to grab a key. They head back and get into a vehicle, and then depart for Kandersteg. They, as well as all teams besides the dating couple, arrive at the train station. While waiting to board the car train, Teri tells them that she has learned there is bungee jumping at the Red Bridge. At 10:40, the four teams drive their cars onto the train and begin their journey through the Alps.

After the ride, they head off in third place and quickly the Red Bridge. They, the twins and the friends all arrive at the same time and all three teams frantically search for the clue. An accidental shoving match ensues when they discover the numbers that they have to pull, and then find the clue box with the Detour inside. They are both feeling anxious about the bungee jump and decide to perform Very Swiss instead. The two head off behind Flo & Zach in search for the farm, passing Teri & Ian on the way out. Both teams arrive at the farm at the same time and enter the goat pen. They chase after the goats confidently, and Ken is quickly able to catch one with a key. When Gerard discovers that they will get to phone their loved ones at home, he cries tears of joy. He dials the number, and his wife Jennifer answers. Their parents Mary and Bob are also there, and Gerard has a very heartfelt talk with them. While Gerard talks, Ken sees Teri & Ian arrive and gleefully tells them what they get to do after the task. When they are done talking, they get back in their vehicle and jokingly tell Flo to talk all day.

They quickly find where they're going on the map and make their way to the Chateau. Figuring that the task will involve building something, Gerard decides to perform the Roadblock since he has experience putting things together for his kids. He compares the task of building the bicycle to Christmas Eve. He puts together the bike rather quickly, but the judge does not approve. He sees that he has put the chain on incorrectly, but this still isn't enough. It takes him a couple more attempts before the bike is deemed safe and he receives the next clue. They then get onto the bicycles and hit the streets on the way to Montreaux. Some locals point them in the direction of the marina and they continue riding. They are easily able to find the marina and hop into one of the pedalboats. They make their way to the Pit Stop on the steamship, and playfully tell Phil to stop with his dramatic shtick. They finish the leg in 2nd place, much to their excitement.

Leg 10 (Switzerland → Malaysia → Singapore)

"I wouldn't mind it if you lost 'em." – Gerard
Detour.png Dry: Find Phua Chu Kang in an apartment located among extremely confusing streets with similar names.
Roadblock.png Ken: Run around the fountain of wealth for good luck.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 2:00am, Ken & Gerard find a man who informs them what the Jet d'Eau is, and then find a taxi to take them there. Water sprays on them as they retrieve the clue, with Ken joking that the fountain represents Gerard when he gets mad. Gerard has absolutely no idea which country the given flag belongs to, but their taxi driver identifies it as Malaysia. The airport is closed when they arrive. When it opens, they travel directly to the Air France counter and get seats on their flight to Kuala Lumpur. All teams except Teri & Ian get on this flight as well. When they land, they ask locals in the airport what the best mode of transportation is, and they are told the metro train is fastest. The four teams reach the towers at the same time and grab their next clue. They quickly find a local to take their picture and then rush off, asking locals where Ampang Park is as they run. They are the last of their group to find the photo store and quickly print their photo, getting their next clue on the back. They learn from the clerks that Teri & Ian had already been there.

They then travel to the train station where they find the married couple waiting, and all five teams get on the same train to Singapore. The train arrives but no-one is in a rush, since the Orchid Gardens don't open until the next morning. They find a hotel and spend the night. Morning arrives and they travel to the gardens, learning along the way that "Margaret Thatcher" is the name of an orchid flower. When the gardens open, they rush to the flower and pick up the Detour clue. They decide to perform Dry and head off. Ken gets behind the wheel, but is concerned abut driving on the left side of the road. They notice that Flo & Zach are following them. The two are not confused by the streets all named Choa Chu Kang and quickly find the correct apartment building. Ken tells the friends that he's fine with them following. The two teams find a man in the lobby who directs them to the tenth floor, but the elevator takes them all the way up to the eleventh. They descend the stairs to the tenth floor, but find that the room number they need is nowhere in sight. After going up, down and around the building some more, they finally find the correct room. Gurmit Singh greets them and gives them their next clue.

They head back down, and Gerard and Zach work together to find the Fountain of Wealth on Zach's map. Since he is better at reading maps, Gerard offers to take their map, get them to the fountain, and then give the map back. Zach hesitates on this, and so Gerard just walks away in frustration. When Flo angrily vetoes this decision, she gives Ken the map. Ken still offers to give them their map as a backup, but Gerard wants to get going. They head off with Flo & Zach following them, but Gerard doesn't care if they stick together or not. Both teams arrive at the fountain, but Ken & Gerard have some difficulty finding the entrance. This delays them, but only slightly. Ken decides to perform the Roadblock and runs into the fountain waters just as Zach is leaving. He grabs the next clue and does a somersault in the pouring water. Both teams then return to the streets and hire a taxi to lead them both to Mount Faber. They arrive and park their cars, and then a mad footrace ensues. Ken & Gerard manage to reach the mat first, arriving at the Pit Stop in 2nd place.

Leg 11 (Singapore → Vietnam)

"These Vietnamese are very nice to be buying fruit from us wacky Americans." – Gerard
Detour.png Hard Sell: Sell fruit to locals to make 40,000 Dong.
Roadblock.png Gerard: Pedal a cyclo, carrying partner, across the city to the Pit Stop.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 10:33pm, Ken & Gerard leave the Pit Stop having previously ordered two cabs during the rest period, just in case one didn't show up or was stolen. They find one of these cabs waiting and take it to the airport. Gerard borrows the driver's cell phone on the way and calls a travel agent. He learns that there's no flights to Vietnam that night, though there is a flight to Kuala Lumpur at 11:30. They arrive at the airport at 11:00, ten minutes before the gates to the flight close. In their rush, Ken nearly forgets to pay their driver. They get their tickets, but now only have two minutes to run to the gate. Luckily, they are just barely able to make it. Unfortunately, this jump ahead doesn't prove to be useful as all four teams end up on the same flight to Ho Chi Minh City. Once they land, they find a taxi and travel to Rex Square, where they get their next clue. Ken then promises his driver US$45, but only if he drives fast. He does indeed drive very fast, propelling them to the front of the pack.

Once they arrive in Cái Bè, the wind starts blowing heavily. They pick up their Detour clue and decide to perform Easy Buy, clumsily climbing into a sampan. Rain begins to fall as they head into the floating market, which quickly picks up in intensity and before long a full-on storm has begun. The wave hello to the friendly vendors and start asking for water coconuts. Gerard shouts dừa nước but gets no positive response. The extremely heavy rainfall has caused many of the vendors to toss blankets over their products, making it difficult to see what anyone is selling. Because of this, Ken suggests they return to shore and perform Hard Sell instead. They pass by Teri & Ian and Derek & Drew on the way out. They decide to cheer as they pass by, making the other teams believe they had been successful. When they return to shore and pick up their fruit, Flo & Zach have just arrived. They walk over to a group of locals and offer them both baskets of fruit for 40 000 dong, trying to get the entire task done all at once. Ken even throws in a toothbrush he had picked up earlier for free. When the family is hesitant, they instead offer both baskets for 10 000, since they're free to sell as much fruit as they want. The family still hesitates, so they leave. They find another family who agrees to buy both for 10 000, and then go back to pick up another pair of fruit baskets. They then simply repeat this process three more times until they have 40 000 dong, which they exchange for their next clue.

As the rain finally ends, they get a taxi back to Ho Chi Minh City. Once in the city, they see a route marker flag attached to a pole next to the ferry dock and get out to investigate. They see all of the little flags leading down the street to this big flag, and so determine that they must be in the right place. They start searching around the terminal, but cannot find the clue box. While looking, they see Derek & Drew nearby and decide to follow them. Still, with both teams searching, they find nothing. They offhandedly mention that they think they need to take the boat and then leave the twins behind. They head back to the ferry terminal and jump onto the ferry, but Flo & Zach are there and they're riding a cyclo. The friends tell them that they can't get onto the ferry without their cyclo and direct them back to where the clue box is. They run into the twins again on their way back, but they feign ignorance and say that they still have no idea what to do. They then run back along the path marked by the little flags, finally finding the clue box. There, Gerard decides to do the Roadblock and they get onto their cyclo. They immediately tip the cyclo and fall over, but get back up and keep going. They return to the ferry terminal, concerned that the twins will see them with the cyclo and figure out what to do. However, the twins are nowhere to be found. They hop onto the ferry and cross the river, and it is then that they find Derek & Drew on the other side of the river without a cyclo. Gerard tells them where the clue is, knowing that they have to travel all the way back to get it. They then ride the short distance to the cafe, and check in to the Pit Stop in 3rd place.

Leg 12 (Vietnam)

"I usually come to Vietnam on my days off and try to do this." – Ken
Detour.png Basket Bikes: Transport an unwieldy amount of baskets using a bicycle.
Roadblock.png Ken: Use a traditional mechanism to raise a fishing net from the water.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 6:13am, Ken & Gerard cross the Saigon River and make their way to the train station. When they arrive they find Teri & Ian, who tell them that Flo is having a breakdown and may quit the race. Because the train ride will take 24 hours, they purchase first class tickets. They board the train and begin the 24-hour journey. As the train rolls through the beautiful countryside, they reflect on how wonderful it is to have come to Vietnam. Their uncle Tom had died in the Vietnam War so going there was painful, but they are greatly enjoying the visit. The train stops at Quang Ngai along the way, and the two smile and interact with the people that walk up to the windows trying to sell their wares.

Once finally in Huế, they grab a taxi and head for the Imperial Palace. They arrive, but end up running around the palace looking for the clue. They hide their knowledge from Teri & Ian and are the first to find the clue. After a long taxi ride to Da Nang, they pick up the Detour clue at the bridge and decide to perform Basket Bikes. The two can't stop laughing when they see the bikes laden with a ridiculous amount of baskets. Gerard gets on, but can't go more than a few feet before tumbling over. Ken, however, is riding the bike as if he's done it a hundred times before. One of Gerard's pedals breaks off, and he hurriedly tries to fix it. This slight delay allows Ian to catch up to them, though Gerard refuses to let him pass. Ken continues on without any trouble while Ken crashes into a bunch of bikes. He convinces two local men to run alongside him and keep the baskets balanced while he rides. Ken's gotten so far ahead that he has to stop and wait for Gerard. He continues on and soon reaches the clue box at the end. Gerard is not far behind, with tons of people following and helping him. They pick up their next clue, and the locals swarm Gerard as he tries to give them money for their help. They then get on some regular bikes and return to the starting point. As their taxi drives away, they see Flo & Zach returning from the opposite Detour and believe that they are right behind them.

On the way to Hoi An, Teri & Ian race past them in their taxi. Three minutes later, their taxi ends up with a flat tire. The two get out and help the taxi driver replace the tire, working quickly and efficiently so they can get back on the road as soon as possible. Once in Hoi An, they find the quay and get into a sampan. On their way to the floating clue box, they pass Teri & Ian heading back. Ken decides to perform the Roadblock and climbs onto the platform. He raises the net up until they can see the clue and then locks it in place. They both use the sampan to grab the clue and then depart. They ask how close China Beach is and decide to get back in their taxi. After a short ride, they arrive at the Pit Stop in 2nd place.

Leg 13 (Vietnam → United States)

"I don't want you to break the law, but if you see a red light just go through it." – Ken
Detour.png Quick Drop: Ride a zipline into a waterfall basin.
Roadblock.png Gerard: Rotate a totem pole with animals into the order they were encountered on the race.
PitStop.png Finish Line - 3rd

Departing at 5:52am, Ken & Gerard find a taxi and head to Da Nang, ready to go back home. They pick up their clue at the temple and then head for a travel agency. There, they find Ian behind the counter and badgering the ticket agents. Ken tries to get him to calm down and treat them with a little more respect, but he doesn't want to listen. They finally bring him over, tell him that he is being disrespectful, and suggest that they just work together on this flight since they'll probably be bunched together anyway. Ian begrudgingly agrees, and the group lets Gerard take the wheel. After the whole mess is over, both teams book a flight from Hanoi through Tokyo to reach Honolulu. On the way to the train station, they laugh as they realize they apparently have an alliance with Teri & Ian now. They travel to the train station, and all three teams get on a train to Hanoi. After the 16-hour ride, they travel to the Hanoi airport. After noticing their absence, they meet up with Flo & Zach once the friends arrive. When the two do not want to share their tickets, Ken & Gerard head into the airport's offices to gather more information. There, they find out about an earlier flight from Tokyo to Honolulu and get tickets for it. All three teams fly to Tokyo, and then Teri & Ian are left behind as they travel to Honolulu. However, there is heavy rain at the Tokyo airport which delays both flights and puts them much closer together.

Once in Honolulu, they initially head out first but are passed by Flo & Zach on the highway. Both teams arrive at the Point, but it is not open yet. Not long after, Teri & Ian show up. The three teams then experience the Kahuna's blessing and get their next clue, directing them to Kauai. Due to the short distance, all three teams have no trouble getting on the same flight to the island. Once they land, they immediately ask a local for directions. This allows them to quickly find the ranch and arrive there first. When Gerard sees the harnesses laid out for them, he deduces they're about to do something exciting. Flo & Zach arrive as they finish getting hooked up and run to the clue box with the Detour. They get attached to the zipline and get ready to perform Quick Drop. The two hug each other as they ride the zipline to the pool below. They then climb up behind the waterfall and grab their clue. They return to the airport and use pay phones to call many different airlines. They end up with seats on an 8:57 flight to Seattle, along with Flo & Zach. Both teams hope and pray that Teri & Ian will not join them on this flight. However, all three teams end up on the same flight to Seattle. Once there, they are the first to get into a taxi. The other two teams are close behind, but they pull ahead when theirs is the only taxi to make a red light. However, the very next red light stops them and negates their lead. Flo & Zach then pass by them. All three teams pick up the Kerry Park clue within seconds of one another.

Now leaving their taxi behind, they ask a local where the fountain is but he doesn't know. They initially follow Flo & Zach, but break off when they decide that Zach has no idea where he's going. There, they find another local who points them to the Seattle Center. They run the whole way, shouting for advice from locals along the way, and are the first to reach the fountain and get their next clue. They then head to the streets, where they have some difficulty finding a taxi. When they still can't find one, they ask a business owner to call one for them. It takes a while, but eventually it arrives and they head for Lincoln Park. When they arrive, they find that Teri & Ian are just leaving. Gerard decides to perform the final Roadblock and chooses a totem pole. It doesn't take him very long to spin the animals into the correct position and pick up his final clue. They get back into their taxi and head for Gas Works Park, promising the driver $120 when they arrive. They beg for their driver to go as fast as they can, and he responds by running a red light and cutting through a gas station. They frantically jump out of the cab and run to the Finish Line, but they have arrived in 3rd place. They are very happy that they made it to the finish, and that it's just as good as winning the million dollars.

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