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If you're reading this, it means you're ready and willing to contribute to RFW, so thank you! Read ahead for some basic tips on how to get started.


Wiki Language

When you first click 'Edit', the vast array of symbols might seem confusing. The two links below will tell you (almost) everything you need to know about Wiki markup.

For a basic overview of the most useful and common Wiki markup functions, use this link.

For a more comprehensive glossary of Wiki markup, use this link.


Unfortunately, we must insist that screenshots taken directly from a TV show are not hosted on RFW. Images released by the relevant TV network may be used, as long as full credit is given in the image description.


Nearly every image on Wikipedia is hosted on Reality Fan Wiki is actively connected to the same image database, so if an image is hosted on Wikimedia Commons, we are fully licensed to use it here without having to download and reupload. It works like this:

If you want to insert an image into an article, you would type this:


The first thing the code does is check whether the file 'bananas.jpg' is hosted with RFW. If it isn't, then it performs the same check on Wikimedia Commons. If it finds the image, then it simply hotlinks it directly to the page. As you can see on the right, we simply typed the above code in, and Wikimedia Commons kindly returned a picture of some bananas for us. That's all it takes!

Of course, there will likely be many more images that will need to be uploaded to RFW that are simply too specific to be featured in a Wikipedia article, but this feature will prove very useful for flags, places and other more generic articles.

Your Ideas

It must be stressed that everything you see on this Wiki so far has been created by just one person. As a result, there are surely a countless number of ways to improve things, and that's where you come in. If you have ideas on how to improve existing pages, feel free to speak up!

Creating A Page

If you're creating a page from scratch, a good practice is to check out the Projects page. Here, you may find a completed example page for the category of page you're creating. From here, you can simply copy and paste the entire code of the page and begin customising the page with the bulk of the work completed.

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