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Heather & Eve
Heather & Eve
The Amazing Race 3
Relationship Law School Roommates
Finishing Position 9th
Legs Completed 4
Legs Won 0
Average Position 5.75
Roadblock Count Heather 3, Eve 0
Countries raced Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of England.svg Flag of Scotland.svg Flag of Portugal.svg

Heather Mahar and Eve Madison are law school roommates who competed on The Amazing Race 3. They are from Boston, Massachusetts and New York City, New York, respectively. Their race ended when they accidentally broke a rule, receiving a penalty that sent them from 1st to 9th.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Mexico)

"This is my biggest fear in life." – Eve
Detour.png Wings: Perform a tandem skydive.
PitStop.png 6th

Heather & Eve started the race in the middle of the pack, but then proceed to aggressively pass in front of Flo & Zach while on the road. They rush to the airport, and are the first to receive tickets for the American Airlines flight. They then peruse the airport, finding young men and using their charm to ask for money. They are then joined on their flight by John Vito & Jill, Andre & Damon, Aaron & Arianne, Michael & Kathy, Flo & Zach and Dennis & Andrew. Once in Mexico City, they quickly find a taxi that takes them to the Angel of Independence. After grabbing their next clue from Pablo in the plaza, they rush to the hotel but have arrived in 5th. They must sign up for the second charter bus along with Dennis & Andrew, Andre & Damon and Teri & Ian.

After the long bus ride, they arrive and pick up their Detour clue. They initially choose to complete Wheels, but Heather states she wants to skydive. She is concerned that they could lose a lot of time and that skydiving would put them ahead of the other three teams from their bus group. Eve, however, does not want to skydive. Their donkey begins to get stubborn and stops cooperating, letting the other three teams get ahead. When it comes loose and their cart falls down, throwing them both to the ground in a heap, Heather states that they are definitely switching to Wings. Eve begrudgingly agrees, but she is soon in tears. She begins to cry simply listening to the instructor, stating that skydiving is her biggest fear and that she finds being in the air to be unnatural. Heather encourages her and they take to the skies in the airplane. Eve is on the verge of panic, and tells her instructor that she feels sick. Despite her fears, she pushes herself forward and is able to make the leap out of the plane. Heather follows behind, and she is incredibly proud of her partner once they are back safely on the ground. They then make their way to the Pit Stop, where they arrive in 6th place.

Leg 2 (Mexico)

"I went up to the guy and started hysterically crying, trying to really work it so we got on that bus." – Eve
Detour.png Horsepower: Search a large radius for the next clue on wave-runners.
Roadblock.png Heather: Dive for clue in a pool of dolphins.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 2:16am, Heather & Eve head out with the latter having a little trouble getting their vehicle started. When they reach the pyramid, which is closed until 7am, they are rather shocked to see that they're the second team to show up. Soon after, all of the teams that were ahead of them show up in a big pack. Morning arrives and the six teams rush into the pyramid grounds at 7am. After grabbing the next clue, they head for the bus station. On the way there, they take an off-ramp that they think is the right way, but realize they've made a mistake when the other teams keep going along the highway. They arrive at the bus station with only minutes before the 10am bus leaves. They run up to the counter and start begging for help in getting on this bus, and are able to just barely make it on. They are joined on this bus by John Vito & Jill, Ken & Gerard, Flo & Zach, Aaron & Arianne and Michael & Kathy.

After the long ride to Cancún, they run out and grab a taxi. All six teams arrive at the Marina at the same time and grab the Detour clue. They decide to perform Horsepower, and suggest to Aaron & Arianne that they work together on the task. They are briefly separated from the lifelong friends but when the two teams meet up again, Arianne spots the clue. They return to shore, drive to the ferry dock, and get on the same ferry as Flo & Zach, Aaron & Arianne and Michael & Kathy. On Cozumel, they travel to the Roadblock site, where Heather decides to perform the Roadblock. She jumps into the water with the dolphins and begins her search. She is the third of the group to find a clue and quickly grabs it. The same four teams catch a ferry back to the mainland and begin their drive to the Pit Stop. They arrive alongside Michael & Kathy and step on the mat in 3rd place.

Leg 3 (Mexico → England → Scotland)

"I'm in pain, damn it!" – Eve
Detour.png Punt: Travel by 'punt' a short distance downriver to the next clue.
Roadblock.png Heather: Participate in the caber toss, hammer throw and shot put.
PitStop.png 5th

Departing at 4:44am, Heather & Eve set out determined to work with Flo & Zach, Michael & Kathy and Aaron & Arianne to defeat Derek & Drew. The three teams head for the airport, but along the way Aaron stops to confirm with them what their plan will be. Once at the airport, they join with Flo & Zach and proclaim that the 'twin hunt' has begun. They then begin to try to find tickets for all four teams together to Mexico City, which proves to be extremely difficult. The group splits, with Flo & Zach and Heather & Eve deciding to stay in Cancun and get tickets through to London before they depart. They notice Ken & Gerard getting tickets through Paris to reach London, and purchase tickets through Paris as well.

Their plane is the fourth to land in London, and both teams get on a train to Cambridge. When they reach the Detour, they decide to perform Punt along with Heather & Eve. They immediately have trouble and run into a few local punters. They continue on without many more collisions, but Eve is in pain sitting on the tiny wood plank. It begins to overwhelm her and she cries out in distress, but they push through and grab their next clue. Eve is having difficulty running with her over-packed backpack, having pulled a muscle at some point while carrying it. They head to the bus departure area, finding both Ken & Gerard and Derek & Drew waiting, and are later joined by the rest of the 'twin hunt' group.

After the long ride to Scotland, all six teams scramble to find taxis that can take them to Stonehaven. It's a mad rush as all the teams reach the castle. There, Heather decides to perform the Roadblock. Heather makes a valiant effort at the caber toss, but it does take her a few attempts. She experiences more difficulty at the hammer throw. She and Aaron both complete it and move on to the Shot Put. Heather's first throw barely goes a few feet, but she gets the hang of it and finishes the task. They run off to the Pit Stop and step onto the mat in 5th place.

Leg 4 (Scotland → Portugal)

"I think it just means we walk into it." – Heather
Detour.png New School: Use trucks to deliver wine to three restaurants.
Roadblock.png Heather: Block a shot from a young professional soccer player.
PitStop.png Arrived 1st, 37-minute for traveling by taxi instead of on foot - 9th - Eliminated

Departing at 11:01pm, Heather & Eve begin the long walk to the harbour with Eve immediately getting tired. They catch up with Flo & Zach and Aaron & Arianne. As the three teams walk along the road, they notice a tiny path leading down the hill. They decide to follow it, hoping it will lead to the harbour, and it does. This propels the group to the lead as they find the bottles and then find a phone booth. They make reservations on a flight from Aberdeen to Porto and also call for a large taxi. When they get to the airport, they happily reunite with John Vito & Jill. They all get on the same flight, as well as Derek & Drew and Ken & Gerard. The two teams of brothers split from the group while connecting through London and take a flight to Cologne, but the 'twin hunt' group choose not to pursue this as the layover is too tight. Later, Teri & Ian and Andre & Damon arrive in London and join up with them.

Once in Porto, they quickly get into a taxi to take them to the Calem Port Lodge. When they arrive there and find the Detour, they decide to complete New School. They quickly load their wine into a truck and take off. Eve is driving the truck, but is having significant difficulty driving the manual transmission vehicle. Heather does her best to assist, but Eve's driving is very shaky and she stalls quite a bit. While delivering to their second restaurant, they end up completely blocking Andre & Damon on the narrow streets. Furthermore, they are having difficulty unloading their wine. Damon gets out and helps them carry the boxes of wine so that they will get out of the way faster. Eve's troubles driving their manual truck through the narrow streets continue, and she ends up blocking an entire street with the cop & fireman behind them again. Eve becomes more and more frustrated, stalling on the streets for minutes at a time as she struggles to drive. When they finally reach the last restaurant, Eve accidentally drives the truck into a pole and smashes its bumper. After getting their clue, they head to the train station, and all of the teams show up before the next train departs.

They all travel together to Lisbon, and then it's a mad dash to get a taxi. They are sixth to reach the stadium, where Heather decides to perform the Roadblock. She has a bit of difficulty blocking the kicks while standing in front of the massive goal. After a few attempts, she dives to the ground and is barely able to shift the ball away from the goal. Now in 7th place, they receive their next clue and head off. They find their taxi driver and ask him if he knows where the Torre is. He agrees to take them there, and they get into the taxi. As they go Heather re-reads the clue, specifically the part where it says 'You must walk to the Pit Stop'. They are both confused by this, thinking it means that they can't run. Suddenly an idea strikes Heather and she thinks it means they may have had to walk from the stadium to the Torre, but neither of them are sure about this. Still confused, Heather decides that the clue is telling them to walk into the Torre and not run, and Eve agrees. They are further convinced when they don't see any other teams walking the streets during the taxi ride. When they arrive at the Torre, they slowly walk through the building and make their way to the roof, where they find the Pit Stop. They step onto the mat and Phil tells them they are in 1st, to which the girls are in disbelief.

Hours later during the Pit Stop, the girls are invited to a room in the tower along with Aaron & Arianne, who had arrived in last and had been eliminated by Phil. The crew had no idea that they had broken the rules, but the two of them freely admitted it as they were in the dark as well. With the rule violation now clear, Heather & Eve are given a 37 minute penalty. Despite how short it is, this penalty is enough to drop them all the way to last place. So, Phil tells Aaron & Arianne that they are still in the race, and formally eliminates Heather & Eve. They are both disappointed and feel that it is a bad way to go out. Regardless, they're proud of the way they ran the race and Heather is proud of Eve for overcoming so many of her fears.

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