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Flag of Greece.svg
Continent Europe
Capital Athens

Greek Ελλάδα
The Amazing Race US
Seasons Visited 2 (9, 29)
Pit Stops 2
International Versions
Seasons Visited 2 (CH 1, CH 3)
Pit Stops 3

Greece is a country in southern Europe officially known as the Hellenic Republic. It is often considered to be the cradle of western civilization and is the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games, and much more. In addition to the mainland, it is made up of 1400 islands, of which 227 are inhabited. The largest of these islands is Crete. Greece has a population of 10,815,197 and speaks Greek as an official language. It is bordered by Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north, and shares a small border with Turkey to the east.

Greece's sole feature on The Amazing Race for the longest time was in season 9. It was not been visited again until the 29th season, although at the time the country has been hit with a serious economic crisis, which had sometimes resulted in political instability. It was also revisited recently by The Amazing Race China.


Political Subdivisions

Greece is divided into 13 Peripheries. The Amazing Race has visited five of these peripheries.

Periphery Visits
Attica 4 (9, 29, CH 1, CH 3)
Peloponnese 3 (9, 29, CH 3)
West Greece 2 (9, 29)
Central Greece 1 (29)
South Aegean 1 (CH 1)

The Amazing Race Results

First Place Eliminated

The Amazing Race Visits

Seasons Legs
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
9 Italy Oman
29 Italy Vietnam
CH 1 United Arab Emirates South Korea
CH 3 CH Germany

The Amazing Race 9

Leg 6

  • ...
  • Plane.png Rome, Italy (Leonardo da Vinci International Airport) to Athens, Greece (Athens International Airport)
  • Athens (Ancient Agora)
    • Athens (Stamatopoulos Taverna) F-Forward.png
  • Train.png Agioi Anargyroi, Athens (Agioi Anargyroi Railway Station) to Corinth (Isthmos Railway Station)
  • Corinth (Corinth Canal) Roadblock.png
  • Nemea (Ancient Stadium) Detour.png
  • Rio (Fortress of Rion) PitStop.png

Leg 7

  • Bus.png Rio (Rio–Antirrio bridge - Chartered Bus) to Athens (Athens International Airport)
  • Plane.png Athens (Athens International Airport) to Muscat, Oman (Seeb International Airport)
  • ...

The Amazing Race 29

Leg 8

  • ...
  • Ferry.png Bari, Italy (Port of Bari) to Patras, Greece (Port of Patras)
  • Arachova (Town Square) U-Turn.png
  • Arachova (Kaplanis Taverna or Church of Saint George) Detour.png
  • Athens (Panathenaic Stadium) Speedbump.png
  • Athens (Zappeion) Roadblock.png
  • Athens (Areopagus) PitStop.png

Leg 9

  • Athens (Volterou Street)
  • Corinth (Corinth Canal) Roadblock.png
  • Plane.png Athens (Athens International Airport) to Hanoi, Vietnam (Noi Bai International Airport)
  • ...

The Amazing Race: Jisu Qianjin 1

Leg 7

  • Plane.png Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi International Airport) to Athens, Greece (Athens International Airport)
  • Athens (Athens Ledra Hotel)
  • Athens (Athens Antiques Market)
  • Athens (Zappeion)
  • Athens (National Library of Greece or Poulaki Michail Park) Detour.png
  • Athens (Roman Agora) U-Turn.png
  • Athens (Archeon Gefsis) Roadblock.png
  • Athens (Panathenaic Stadium)
  • Athens (Olympieion) PitStop.png

Leg 8

  • Plane.png Athens (Athens International Airport) to Kamari, Santorini (Santorini National Airport)
  • Oia (Oia Church)
  • Fira (Ellis Restaurant)
  • Fira (Porto Carra Cafe) Speedbump.png
  • Perissa (Perissa Beach) Roadblock.png
  • Perissa (Perissa Beach South or Bob's Bar) Detour.png
  • Akrotiri (Remezzo Tavern) Roadblock.png
  • Amoudi (Dock) PitStop.png

Leg 9

  • Plane.png Kamari (Santorini National Airport) to Incheon, South Korea (Incheon International Airport)
  • ...

The Amazing Race China 3

Leg 1

  • ...
  • Plane.png Beijing, China (Beijing Capital International Airport) to Athens, Greece (Athens International Airport)
  • Argolis (Epidaurus) Detour.png
  • Athens (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
  • Athens (Olympic Athletic Center of Athens)
  • Athens (Athens Olympic Sports Complex) PitStop.png

Leg 2

  • Plane.png Athens (Athens International Airport) to Munich, Germany (Munich International Airport)
  • ...
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