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Getting Started

First of all, welcome to Reality Fan Wiki! This is a brand new venture from Reality Fan Forum designed to be the ultimate wiki for all your favourite TV shows. And we need YOUR help to make it the world's number one resource for all things reality!

While Wikipedia is a great source of info for the casual and impartial viewer of reality shows, Reality Fan Wiki is intended to be more useful for dedicated fans of the shows, with more detailed and specialised information available. While Wikipedia might dedicate just one page to a particular season of a show, we would like to see a central hub for that season, a page for each contestant, a page for each aired episode and a separate page for any other elements that warrant enough information. To begin such a venture from scratch will undoubtedly be a long process, but with the collaborative effort of the whole community, we can make it happen!

And remember, this wiki belongs to YOU! So if you have any improvements or suggestions, big or small, feel free to simply carry them out or discuss your ideas either in the 'Discussion' tab above or in the relevant thread on Reality Fan Forum. Have fun!

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