French Polynesia

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French Polynesia
Flag of French Polynesia.svg
Continent Oceania
Capital Papeetē

French Polynésie Française
The Amazing Race US
Seasons Visited 1 (22)
Pit Stops 2

French Polynesia is an overseas territory of France. It is a collection of about 130 islands, the most notable of which is Tahiti. It employs its own government, but is still a part of Greater France. It has a population of 267,000 and speaks French as an official language. It is located near the Cook Islands of New Zealand, the Pitcairn Islands of the United Kingdom and Kiribati.

It is the first of France's many overseas territories to be visited by the race. The 22nd season spent two legs here, though neither took place on Tahiti. Instead, teams visited the gorgeous tropical getaway of Bora Bora.


Political Subdivisions

French Polynesia is divided into five Administrative Divisions. The Amazing Race has visited one of these.

Administrative Division Visits
Leeward Islands 1 (22)

The Amazing Race Results

First Place Eliminated

The Amazing Race Visits

Seasons Legs
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
22 USA New Zealand

The Amazing Race 22

Leg 1

  • ...
  • Plane.png Los Angeles, United States (Los Angeles International Airport) to Motu Mute, Bora Bora, French Polynesia, France (Bora Bora Airport) Roadblock.png
  • Motu Piti A'au (Eden Beach) Roadblock.png
  • Motu Piti A'au (Motu Café) PitStop.png

Leg 2

  • Motu Toopua (Hilton Bora Bora Nui) Detour.png
  • Ferry.png Motu Tapu Roadblock.png PitStop.png

Leg 3

  • Plane.png Motu Mute (Bora Bora Airport) to Christchurch, New Zealand (Christchurch International Airport)
  • ...
The Amazing Race 22
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