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Flo & Zach
Flo & Zach
The Amazing Race 3
Relationship Friends
Finishing Position 1st
Legs Completed 13
Legs Won 2
Average Position 2.69
Roadblock Count Flo 1, Zach 10
Countries raced Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of England.svg Flag of Scotland.svg Flag of Portugal.svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of Morocco.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Switzerland.svg Flag of Malaysia.svg Flag of Singapore.svg Flag of Vietnam.svg 22x20px

Florinka "Flo" Pesenti and Zach Behr are friends who competed on The Amazing Race 3. They are from New York City, New York. Though they began the race with high spirits, Flo quickly disintegrated under the stresses of the race. She is sometimes viewed as one of the most complaining contestants in the history of the show, although this is purely subjective. They did, however, end up finishing their race in 1st, crossing the finish line in Seattle after succeeding with taxi drivers and directions.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Mexico)

"Follow those twins!" – Flo
Detour.png Wings: Perform a tandem Skydive.
PitStop.png 2nd

Flo & Zach's race started with them just behind frontrunners Derek & Drew. As they drive to Miami airport, Heather & Eve cut in front of them aggressively on the road. When they get to the airport, they share an airport shuttle with Teri & Ian, who decide to go to the AeroMexico counter. Flo realizes that this is a mistake and they rush to the American Airlines counter, managing to be the sixth team to get on the flight. They are joined on this flight by Heather & Eve, John Vito & Jill, Andre & Damon, Aaron & Arianne, Michael & Kathy and Dennis & Andrew. Once in Mexico City, they grabbed a taxi driver and felt confident in his skills. Zach, however, was surprised to learn it would cost 400 pesos ($40.21). Zach starts to say they can't pay that much, but Flo stops him in concern that the driver would just kick them out. They arrive at the Angel of Independence in 4th place and pick up their next clue. They pick up their clue from Pablo in 3rd place and head for the hotel. They move up again to 2nd place as they reach the hotel, signing up for the first charter bus. They are joined by Aaron & Arianne, John Vito & Jill and Michael & Kathy.

After the long bus ride, they arrive and pick up their Detour clue. Zach wants to skydive, but Flo is hesitant and wants to do Wheels instead. When they read that they have to travel seven miles on the donkey cart, they both agree that they will have to perform Wings. They are the third to jump after John Vito & Jill and Aaron & Arianne. As the other teams jump, Flo looks on nervously. When it's their turn, Zach jumps without hesitation and a nervous but determined Flo jumps as well. They land behind Aaron but ahead of Arianne, putting them in 2nd place as they grab their clue. They waste no time in getting to the Pit Stop, arriving in 2nd place only behind the Fast Forward.

Leg 2 (Mexico)

"We're faster, smarter and much, much better." – Zach
Detour.png Horsepower: Search a large radius for the next clue on wave-runners.
Roadblock.png Zach: Dive for clue in a pool of dolphins
PitStop.png 5th

Departing at 1:09am, Flo & Zach get into their vehicle but decide to wait until Aaron & Arianne depart so they can work together. The friends show up a few minutes later and both teams head out. While on the road another pair of working teams, Michael & Kathy and John Vito & Jill catch up and fall in line behind them. With three trucks playing follow the leader, Zach does his best to find the pyramid but after five hours on the road he has had little luck. At long last they find the pyramid, only to find they've all been beaten by Heather & Eve. Morning arrives and the six teams rush into the pyramid grounds at 7am. After grabbing the next clue, they head for the bus station. With only four minutes to spare, they get tickets on the 10am bus along with John Vito & Jill, Ken & Gerard, Aaron & Arianne, Michael & Kathy and Heather & Eve.

After the long ride to Cancún, they run out and grab a taxi. All six teams arrive at the Marina at the same time and grab the Detour clue. They decide to perform Horsepower and hop onto a wave runner. They are not on the water for very long at all before Flo spots the buoy and they grab their next clue, rocketing them up to 1st place. They return to shore, but Zach leaves Flo stranded on the wave runner with her bag and Flo complains to him for doing so. They drive to the ferry dock and get tickets for the 1pm ferry to Cozumel. Heather & Eve, Aaron & Arianne and Michael & Kathy also get on this ferry.

On Cozumel, they travel to the Roadblock site, where Zach decides to perform the Roadblock. He jumps into the water with the dolphins and begins his search. Zach is the second of the group to find his clue behind Arianne, and he grabs it. The same four teams catch a ferry back to the mainland, and Flo & Zach catch sight of Andre & Damon heading towards the ferry. They get in their vehicle and begin the drive to the Pit Stop. Though they are the slowest of their group to reach the bungalows, they step onto the mat in 5th place.

Leg 3 (Mexico → England → Scotland)

"Whoever captures a twin gets a prize." – Flo
Detour.png Bike: Travel by tandem bike a long distance to the next clue.
Roadblock.png Zach: Participate in the caber toss, hammer throw and shot put.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 4:49am, Flo & Zach get in a jeep and drive to the airport, where they meet up with their fellow alliance members Aaron & Arianne, Heather & Eve and Michael & Kathy. The four teams loudly proclaim that the 'twin hunt' has begun. They then begin to try to find tickets for all four teams together to Mexico City, which proves to be extremely difficult. The group splits, with Flo & Zach and Heather & Eve deciding to stay in Cancun and get tickets through to London before they depart. They notice Ken & Gerard getting tickets through Paris to reach London, and purchase tickets through Paris as well.

Their plane is the fourth to land in London, and both teams get on a train to Cambridge. When they reach the Detour, they see they have caught up to Aaron & Arianne again. They decide to perform Punt along with the roommates. Once in the boat, Flo immediately decided that this was a bad idea and Zach convinces her to switch to Bike. They return to shore and pick up a tandem bike, finishing this task without much issue and finding their next clue. Flo tries to grab the clue by standing on some punts, but can't reach it. Zach decides they will be able to grab it from the other side, but Flo is left standing straddled between two punts and yells at Zach for leaving her there. Zach immediately apologizes for this after getting the clue. They head to the bus departure area, finding both Ken & Gerard and Derek & Drew waiting, and are later joined by the rest of the 'twin hunt' group.

After the long ride to Scotland, all six teams scramble to find taxis that can take them to Stonehaven. Their taxi driver then takes a wrong turn, leading them and Aaron & Arianne the long way around. When they arrive, Zach decides to perform the Roadblock. Out of the five teams presently performing the task, Zach has the most trouble with the caber toss. He makes quite a number of improper throws before he gets it right. He does not take nearly as long to complete the hammer throw and shot put, and he picks up their next clue. Despite being fifth to finish the Roadblock, they book it to the Pit Stop and step onto the mat in 3rd place.

Leg 4 (Scotland → Portugal)

"Can you just take a break and think for one second?" – Flo
Detour.png New School: Use trucks to deliver wine to three restaurants.
Roadblock.png Zach: Block a shot from a young professional soccer player.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 10:59pm, Flo immediately chastises Zach for walking off without a plan in his head. They begin their walk to the harbour as Aaron & Arianne and Heather & Eve catch up to them. As the three teams walk along the road, they notice a tiny path leading down the hill. They decide to follow it, hoping it will lead to the harbour, and it does. This propels the group to the lead as they find the bottles and then find a phone booth. They make reservations on a flight from Aberdeen to Porto and also call for a large taxi. When they get to the airport, they happily reunite with John Vito & Jill. They all get on the same flight, as well as Derek & Drew and Ken & Gerard. The two teams of brothers split from the group while connecting through London and take a flight to Cologne, but the 'twin hunt' group choose not to pursue this as the layover is too tight. Later, Teri & Ian and Andre & Damon arrive in London and join up with them.

Once in Porto, they quickly get into a taxi to take them to the Calem Port Lodge. When they arrive there and find the Detour, they decide to complete New School. They quickly load their wine into a truck and take off. The streets are narrow and there's lots of teams driving around, but they work together and quickly complete the task. They head to the train station, and all of the teams show up before the next train departs. They all travel together to Lisbon, and then it's a mad dash to get a taxi. They are the second to arrive at the stadium, passing by the twins, where Zach decides to perform the Roadblock. It takes him a while to block a shot, but he eventually receives his clue and the two depart. After a long run across the city, they arrive at the Pit Stop in 3rd place. During the Pit Stop, a penalty is retroactively applied to Heather & Eve and they are moved up to 2nd place.

Leg 5 (Portugal → Spain → Morocco)

"I wanna get off!!" – Flo
Detour.png Slopes: Walk a long, winding path down Ursa Cliffs
Roadblock.png Zach: Find clue in one of many smelly dye vats.
PitStop.png 4th (tie)

Departing at 2:31pm in 2nd place, Flo & Zach head out and ask some locals for information. They are told the correct westernmost point and told to take a train. They board the train at a nearby train station and are soon underway. When they arrive and make their way to the Detour, they have somewhat maintained their position and are in 3rd place, though the teams ahead of them have changed. When Zach suggests they perform Ropes, Flo takes one look at the cliffs next to Cabo de Roca and immediately refuses. Zach reads the clue and lets her know that they're not rappelling there and convinces her to at least see the cliffs they will be tackling. Flo is very nervous and constantly asking anxious questions as they make their way to the cliff. The instructor attaches Flo to a rope and has her practice using it on a tiny hill, but even this terrifies her. She tries to be brave and begins to rappel down the cliff anyway. Michael is rappelling next to her and offering her encouragement. She climbs down over the edge and descends a couple of feet, but she slips a little bit and immediately panics. She is crying and in hysterics, begging the instructor to pull her back up. They pull her back up, and Zach lets her know that he's fine with switching to Slopes, commending her for at least trying.

They walk towards the hills and begin the long descent. It is a very exhausting climb down, but they are still in 5th place when they reach the bottom. They then begin the extremely long drive to Spain that takes them hours into the night. Along the way, they stop at a gas station where Zach fills their tank with unleaded fuel. They get back on the road, but are soon pulled over on the side of the road when their truck dies completely. Zach investigates, and it is then he notices the label on the gas tank that says 'diesel'. They are not terribly far from the gas station they were just at, and so walk back to it along the highway. There, they ask the attendant for help, and he calls them a tow truck to bring the car back to the station. Flo is rather worn out and wants to just back out of the race, believing that this mishap is going to take them out of the race anyway. However, the mechanic is able to remove the unleaded fuel and repair their vehicle, enabling them to continue their journey.

They reach the ferry port in the morning, where they meet up with Teri & Ian who experienced a similar mishap. Both teams get on the 8am ferry with just minutes to spare. They then both head for the travel agency and sign up for the second charter bus along with John Vito & Jill. Once in Fez, they are the third of their group to find the next clue box. Zach elects to perform the Roadblock and travels to the tannery alongside Ian. There they meet John Vito, who is still searching. Ian and John Vito both find a clue before Zach is able to retrieve one. He returns to Flo, and they head to the Pit Stop alongside the dating couple. Both teams step onto the mat at the same time, earning a tie for 4th place.

Leg 6 (Morocco)

"You don't need to yell, it's really rude!" – Flo
Detour.png Now You Don't: Find a clue not visible from starting point using dune buggies.
Roadblock.png Flo: Set up an escargot stand and sell five bowls for 5 Dinar each.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 5:24am alongside John Vito & Jill, Flo & Zach decide to work with their fellow competitors and lead the dating couple to Casablanca. Not long afterwards, Teri & Ian fly past them on the road. They continue to follow the parents, but Flo is not confident in their sense of direction and has Zach pass them while they stop to get directions. It is at that point they realize that John Vito & Jill have mysteriously vanished. Once at a toll gate, the parents pass them once again, but then they get off on the exit towards the city and note that the parents stay on the highway. This allows them to reach the mosque first as they retrieve their next clue. Teri & Ian arrive as they exit the mosque, and they speak to a nearby taxi driver hoping that he will lead them to the train station. The parents immediately yell at them for trying to steal their taxi, leading to Flo telling Ian to stop being so rude. They travel to the train station, but find they have arrived only two minutes before the next train leaves which is not enough time for them to get on. They have no choice but to wait for the next train in two hours. Because of this delay, Flo wants to take the Fast Forward. Zach, however, feels it would be more in their interest to complete the leg without having to use it. The compromise by saying that they won't take it if John Vito & Jill don't show up. The dating couple do indeed show up, and so they decide to go for it.

When they arrive at Marrakesh, they go to tell John Vito & Jill about their plans to pursue the Fast Forward, only to hear that they are going for it as well. They reach an impasse and decide to play Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide. Flo plays paper, but Jill plays scissors and wins. So, as the dating couple head for the Fast Forward, Flo & Zach head for the Detour. When they arrive, they find that Ken & Gerard are just leaving, with Gerard playfully telling Flo that the task is "a bitch". They decide to perform Now You Don't and head off on their ATV. They rush through the desert, but Zach stalls the vehicle at one point. Flo is flustered, but they continue on their way. They make a quick etching of their clue and head back. As they head out, they find a group of locals who are able to translate the clue for them. They then ask another local to call a taxi for them, which arrives 15 minutes later. John Vito & Jill meet up with them once again, having lost the Fast Forward, and are luckily able to snag a taxi of their own as well.

They both travel to the cafe, where they find Ken & Gerard, Andre & Damon and Derek & Drew waiting for it to open. When the cafe finally opens at 4:45, all five teams rush up to the roof. Flo elects to perform her first Roadblock and heads down to the market with her food vendor. Flo works quickly to set up the stand and its seats. She begins selling to the locals and has a lot of fun doing so. Before long, she has finished the task and meets up with Zach. They hop into a taxi, which takes them directly to the area where the Riad Catalina is. Though she was the last of the five to finish the Roadblock, Flo & Zach are the first of the five to reach the Pit Stop. They arrive in 2nd place, only behind the Fast Forward.

Leg 7 (Morocco → Germany)

"I'm not going any cheaper than 25!" – Flo
F-Forward.png Find a surfer riding a standing wave at the Eisbach River.
PitStop.png 1stƒ

Departing at 5:19am, Flo & Zach are rather amused to discover that they only have $1 for this leg of the race. They become a little turned around in the alleyways as they exit the building, with Flo getting testy with Zach and frightened of the stray cats. They soon find a taxi and head for the airport. Due to a lack of flights, they decide to fly to Casablanca and look there instead, along with Ken & Gerard, Derek & Drew and John Vito & Jill. In Casablanca, they decide to work with the dating couple since the two teams of brothers are helping each other. Flo discusses this division of teams with Derek, and is rather flummoxed when he tells her that she's very good at playing dirty. All of the teams search, but only find more overbooked flights. When Andre & Damon show up, Flo is frustrated that they always try to piggyback off of others, including them.

She speaks to a Lufthansa agent in Italian, explaining to him that both her team and John Vito & Jill need tickets, but not their competitors Andre & Damon. Unfortunately, John Vito is able to secure tickets on a flight to Paris, but Flo & Zach do not make this flight. After waiting, however, they do get standby tickets on the Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt. Once in Munich, in the middle of the night, the two travel to the center of the city and find Kasperle. Being so far behind, they both decide to pursue the Fast Forward. They travel to the area where the Fast Forward will be and look for a nearby place to sleep. Flo finds an establishment that costs 25 Euros, but Zach wants to check the youth hotel as it will be cheaper. Flo flat-out refuses to go any lower than 25 Euros because it will be 'gross'. With only four hours to go until the Fast Forward becomes available, they select the hotel and get a quick sleep.

Morning arrives and the two travel to the river, where they immediately see the surfer on the standing wave. Zach runs down to the riverside and gets his attention, and the surfer tumbles into the water and swims over to him. He hands the Fast Forward to Zach, giving them the ability to skip the country of Austria entirely. They head off, though they are not confident that this Fast Forward has brought them out of last place. After a long drive they arrive at the Pit Stop, but by this point Flo is certain that they are still in last. When they step on the mat, however, Phil tells them that they're in 1st place and they excitedly hug one another. They also win a pair of Kodak EasyShare cameras.

Leg 8 (Germany → Switzerland)

"Look, 3+2+1 is 5." – Zach
Detour.png Run the Numbers: Find a series of numbers around Zurich to unlock a safe.
Roadblock.png Zach: Shoot a crossbow at an apple on a mannequin's head.
PitStop.png 2nd

During the rest period before this leg, Flo began to casually flirt with Drew. Departing at 10:02pm, she and Zach head off with Flo insisting that he read the provided map carefully. They quickly find the farm, and Flo is hesitant to touch the pile of hay. Zach climbs all the way to the top, much to Flo's amusement, and immediately finds a clue. They then make their way to the ferry terminal, but learn that the ferries won't be leaving for Switzerland for anther five hours. A few hours later, all four of the other teams show up as well. All five teams board the ferry and travel to Switzerland. Once there, they transfer to a train and travel to Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Finally, they grab a taxi at the Rheinfall station and travel to the falls themselves. There, they get onto the boat that will take them to the small islet in the middle of the falls. Most teams join them, but everyone notices that John Vito & Jill are absent. Along the way, the four teams discuss whether or not to lug their bags up to the top of the rocky islet, but the boat driver tells them it's okay to leave their bags on the boat. They all do so and run up the stairs to grab their clue.

When they get back down, however, they find that the boat has left without them and taken their bags with it. When the other boat arrives with John Vito & Jill, they are informed that they will have to wait for their boat to come back with their bags to pick them up. However, Jill is staying on the boat and holding it there while John Vito retrieves the clue, which is in turn keeping their boat held at the other dock. They give Jill a rather frustrated stare until John Vito comes back with the clue and they depart. Finally their boat returns and they travel back to shore. Along the way, the twins ask the driver for information on getting to Zürich and he suggests they simply walk to the Rheinfall station. Once there, while waiting for the train, Flo and Ken jokingly pretend to be in love. The train arrives and all four get on. While Zach collects information, Flo goes over to chat with Ken, Gerard and Ian. She confirms to them that she and Zach are just friends, with Ian commenting that she should be with Zach. When the brothers ask her about Drew, she doesn't confirm anything but her facial expressions betray her. Once in Zürich, the four are surprised to see that John Vito & Jill were on the train with them the whole time. The five move as a pack, gathering information from locals and making their way to the Detour.

Flo & Zach decide to perform Run the Numbers and begin by making their way to the field. Derek & Drew request to work alongside them, and they agree. They split up the field, counting the trees on the right side while the twins take the left. Together, the two teams count 47 trees in total. They then take a look at the clock face on the church, where Zach incorrectly adds 1, 2 and 3 into a total of 5. They then make their way to the specified intersection, seeing the number 12 on the statue. The two teams return to the vault and enter their combination, but the safe does not open. They decide that they must have counted the trees wrong and head out to count them again. This time they come up with a total of 50 trees. Also utilizing Drew's correct total for the clock face, the safe opens and they retrieve their next clue. Both teams travel to the train station and get in line. They can only watch as John Vito & Jill, at the front of the line, run to get on a train leaving in three minutes. With no hope of getting on that train themselves, they only hope that the dating couple have missed it. They do indeed miss it, and all five teams get on the a train to Grindelwald. John Vito & Jill and Ken & Gerard are on a different train than the others, but the difference is negligible as they all meet up at the connection in Lucerne.

In Grindelwald it's a mad dash to get down to the field, where Zach is elected to perform the Roadblock. Zach asks his guide to bless his crossbow with magic powers and then takes aim. He is the first of the five to hit the apple, only having taken a couple of shots to do so. Flo is incredibly excited to be in first place. They head up the hill and run along the streets, but the high altitude of the city is making it difficult for Flo to breathe. They ask a hotel for a taxi, but are told there aren't any taxis around. Before long, the twins, brothers and married couple have all caught up. It quickly becomes apparent that no-one has any idea where they are going. The twins head up the hill, and the other three teams follow. Flo pushes herself but is still having trouble breathing, so Zach takes her backpack. They cut through a grassy field with barbed wire at the end, losing Teri & Ian along the way. Still completely lost, they get directions from a police officer to find the church and turn left. At this point, Flo is feeling better and takes back her bag. The two run uphill to the church and turn left, where they finally see race flags, but Flo is getting exhausted again. Zach takes the bag, but then Flo runs ahead of him to the Pit Stop. He drops their bags on the driveway to run faster, but the two end up stepping onto the mat in 2nd place. Regardless, they're happy with their position and glad that the leg is over.

Leg 9 (Switzerland)

"During the actual ride, Flo hopped in the car behind us." – Zach
Detour.png Very Swiss: Retrieve a key from the collar of a goats in a herd
Roadblock.png Zach: Build a bicycle using the provided parts.
PitStop.png 5th - Non-elimination leg

Departing at 4:56am, Flo & Zach head up the street to find Derek & Drew, and the two teams confer on the location of the Gletscherschlucht. Both teams decide to stay in a hotel until it opens at 9am. Morning arrives and they both head to the gorge, finding the other three teams waiting there. At 9am, all five of the teams enter the gorge and begin hiking along the pathways. Though they are at the end of the line, Zach is the first to notice that everyone has walked past the keys. The line turns around, completely reversing the order, and Zach is the first to grab a key. They head back and get into a vehicle, and then depart for Kandersteg. Flo is having trouble finding the city on the map, but Zach luckily spots a road sign. They are the first team to arrive at the train station, though all other teams except John Vito & Jill show up after them. Zach begins conferring with Drew as they try to find Niouc on their map. Ian then walks over, laughing, and he tells Flo that he's learned there is bungee jumping at their next destination. At 10:40, the four teams drive their cars onto the train and begin their journey through the Alps. During the ride, Flo gets out of their car and goes to sit in Derek & Drew's car, leaving Zach by himself. There, she talks to the twins about possibly getting eliminated due to her refusal to bungee jump.

Once in Goppenstein, the two head off at the head of the pack towards Niouc. They easily find the Red Bridge, and Flo is stricken with severe anxiety upon seeing it. They, the twins and the brothers all arrive at the same time and all three teams frantically search for the clue. An accidental shoving match ensues when they discover the numbers that they have to pull, and then find the clue box with the Detour inside. Flo immediately decides that she is not going to bungee and chooses Very Swiss, so she and Zach head off. They pass Teri & Ian on the way out. Both teams arrive at the farm at the same time and enter the goat pen. The brothers get a key first, but Zach is right behind them with a key of his own. They retrieve their clue, and Zach is very excited to find the phone. When Zach dials the phone, his sister Ariel answers. The two have a typical brother-sister conversation, with Zach jokingly saying he forgot to pay his credit card bill. He then gives the phone to Flo so she can talk to her best friend Lindsay. Flo is incredibly excited to talk to her, and asks Lindsay to tell her mom how she's doing. Flo is so happy that she is hesitant to end the call, but eventually she does so and the two depart in their vehicle. Flo finds where they are going on the map, but their journey is less than perfect. They get lost along the way and have to stop for directions.

When they do find the Chateau, Zach decides to perform the Roadblock. Drew is still there when he begins, but leaves soon after. Zach begins finding difficulty in putting together the complex bike, and soon Ian arrives as well. When Flo sees Ian having trouble with the brakes, she lets Zach know but Zach doesn't even know where the brakes are. Zach continues to work, but Flo is eyeing Ian warily and seeing how much faster he is going. Ian manages to finish first, and it takes Zach a couple more attempts before his bike is finished. When he finally receives the next clue, Flo grabs her bike and is ready to rush off. However, she is angered to see that Zach is spending time undoing the zippers on his pants to turn them into shorts. Worse, they end up going the wrong way initially.

At this point, Flo is convinced that they've lost. They race along the streets and make their way to the marina, but Flo is continuing to sulk, even to the point of getting angry. She is still furious at Zach for wasting time with his pant legs. When they see Teri & Ian still on the pedalboats, Zach is invigorated but Flo falls even further into defeat. She refuses to run and walks angrily to the boats, tossing her bike helmet into the water in disgust. They begin pedaling towards the boat, Flo commenting that she doesn't feel it's worth it to exhaust herself. Finally, they reach the steamship and climb aboard. They make their way to the mat, with Flo crying the whole way. Phil tells them that they are in last place, but surprises them by letting them know that it is a non-elimination leg. Flo could not be happier, jumping onto Zach and screaming with joy. She realizes that she was wrong to give up and praises Zach for remaining so positive.

Leg 10 (Switzerland → Malaysia → Singapore)

"What's wrong with you?! Seriously!!" – Flo
Detour.png Dry: Find Phua Chu Kang in an apartment located among extremely confusing streets with similar names.
Roadblock.png Zach: Run around the fountain of wealth for good luck.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 2:41am, Flo & Zach head off with Flo identifying the Jet d'Eau as a "jet of water". A man at a hotel tells them it's in Geneva, and they ask him to call for a taxi. Zach suggests they should take a train the short distance instead to save money, and Flo is in disbelief. At the Jet d'Eau, Teri & Ian are just leaving as they pick up their clue. When they read that they're going to the Petronas Towers, they don't even have to identify the flag because they know the towers are in Malaysia. The airport is closed when they arrive. When it opens, they discover that there are not a lot of options to get to Kuala Lumpur. When Derek & Drew get tickets, they decide to get tickets for Flo & Zach as well. Ken & Gerard and John Vito & Jill join them on this flight. During the flight, Flo sits one seat away from Zach so that she is right next to Drew.

When they land, they catch a metro train to the towers. The four teams reach the towers at the same time and grab their next clue. They quickly find a local to take their picture and then rush off, asking locals where Ampang Park is as they run. They are the second of their group to find the photo store and quickly print their photo, getting their next clue on the back. They learn from the clerks that Teri & Ian had already been there. They then travel to the train station where they find the married couple waiting, and all five teams get on the same train to Singapore. During the ride, Flo and Drew continue to bond. The train arrives but no-one is in a rush, since the Orchid Gardens don't open until the next morning. While searching for lodging, Zach brings up the idea of staying at the YMCA. Flo refuses, wanting to stay in a normal hotel so she can shower and get a good sleep. The twins find a nice hotel room, which they share with Flo & Zach. Morning arrives and they travel to the gardens, learning along the way that "Margaret Thatcher" is the name of an orchid flower. When the gardens open, they rush to the flower and pick up the Detour clue.

They decide to perform Dry and head off. Neither can find Choa Chu Kang on the map and decide to simply follow Ken & Gerard. They arrive at Choa Chu Kang and find many apartment buildings, but Flo notices that they're on Choa Chu Kang Avenue and they need to find Choa Chu Kang Way. They find it and enter the apartment building there. Ken tells them that he's fine with them following. The two teams find a man in the lobby who directs them to the tenth floor, but the elevator takes them all the way up to the eleventh. They descend the stairs to the tenth floor, but find that the room number they need is nowhere in sight. After going up, down and around the building some more, they finally find the correct room. Gurmit Singh greets them and gives them their next clue. They head back down, and Gerard and Zach work together to find the Fountain of Wealth on Zach's map. Since he is better at reading maps, Gerard offers to take their map, get them to the fountain, and then give the map back. Zach hesitates on this, and so Gerard just walks away in frustration. When Flo learns about this, she is absolutely furious at Zach. She grabs the map from him and gives it to Ken. She is incredibly angry at her partner, accusing him of constantly making decisions without consulting her, and her frustration reaches a boiling point. Zach finally loses his calm demeanor and gets angry at Flo for constantly yelling at him.

Regardless, they head off following Ken & Gerard. Both teams arrive at the fountain, and Flo & Zach hop over fences and barriers to gain entrance more quickly. Zach performs the Roadblock, running through the waters and grabbing his clue. He finishes just as Ken begins. Both teams then return to the streets and hire a taxi to lead them both to Mount Faber. They arrive and park their cars, and then a mad footrace ensues. Ken & Gerard are able to beat them to the mat, so they arrive at the Pit Stop in 3rd place.

Leg 11 (Singapore → Vietnam)

"No, Zach!! We don't have time!!" – Flo
Detour.png Hard Sell: Sell fruit to locals to make 40,000 Dong.
Roadblock.png Zach: Pedal a cyclo, carrying partner, across the city to the Pit Stop.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 10:34pm, Flo & Zach depart with Flo in somewhat high spirits, but Zach feeling like he just wants Flo's verbal abuse to end. Ken & Gerard speed away in a taxi as they search for one of their own. Derek & Drew also drive by in a taxi. Finally, a taxi arrives and they take it to the airport, and they also borrow the driver's cell phone. He learns about a 6am flight to Kuala Lumpur that they could take, as well as an 11:30 flight to the same city that they won't be able to make in time. After making reservations on the 6am flight, Flo requests that Zach make reservations for Derek & Drew as well. They meet the twins at the airport, as well as Teri & Ian, who are on a slightly later flight. All four teams meet up in Kuala Lumpur, and then proceed to Ho Chi Minh City on the same flight. Upon landing, the two make their way to customs where Flo picks one line and Zach picks another. When Flo's line starts moving a lot faster than Zach's, she beckons him to come join her. Zach doesn't do this, as he feel uncomfortable cutting in line. Flo is the first of the eight team members to get through customs, but Zach is the last. They find a taxi, but Flo is steaming mad.

They pick up their next clue at Rex Square and travel to Cái Bè, but even throughout the long drive Flo remains furious. Flo expresses how exasperated she is, to which Zach suggests they should just quit if she's so tired of everything. As they approach Cái Bè, Zach notices the enormous storm cloud that they are approaching. A very heavy storm is waiting for them when they arrive, with extremely heavy rain falling. Flo rushes towards the clue box, but Zach insists on taking the bags out of the taxi since he's not sure if the driver will stay. This delay only further aggravates Flo, and the frigid rain certainly is not helping. They drop their bags under a tent and pick up the Detour clue just as Ken & Gerard begin the selling task. When Flo asks Zach which Detour he wants to complete, Zach tells her he's going back to his bag to get a raincoat. Flo screams that they don't have time. Seeing that the brothers had switched Detours, they decide to follow suit and perform Hard Sell. They find a group of locals in a nearby house and offer them some fruit. The woman buys two pieces of fruit for 2000 dong, and Flo is flabbergasted when she realizes that they need 40 000 in total. Regardless, they continue moving about the area and selling to the locals. Flo even starts to have a good time. After selling fruit for a while, Flo believes they have enough and they return to the starting point. They actually have 39 500 dong, just shy of the total they need. Flo tells Zach that he should just pick up a fruit and sell it to someone, but Zach doesn't listen to her and picks up a whole new set of baskets. Flo's frustration returns. With 500 more dong, they finally get their next clue as the rain starts to end.

They travel back to Ho Chi Minh City, and Flo happens to spot a large route marker flag while driving along one of the streets. They get out and find the clue box nearby. Zach decides to do the Roadblock, and Flo is immediately concerned about her safety while riding in the cyclo. They carefully ride along the streets and make their way to the ferry, fully believing that they are in last place. However, after loading onto the ferry, they see Ken & Gerard running down the docks. Flo yells to them that they can't get on the ferry without their cyclo, and the two direct the brothers back to where the clue box is. They ride the ferry across the river and then continue following the flags. Before long, they reach the Pit Stop where they are pleased to hear they have arrived in 2nd place. After checking in, they watch in disbelief from the sidelines as Derek & Drew arrive at the Pit Stop without a cyclo. She yells at them to return to the other side so they can get their clue, though this is not enough to save them.

Leg 12 (Vietnam)

"The only thing that is keeping me sane is this Diet Coke." – Flo
Detour.png Basket Boats: Paddle unwieldy basket boats across the river to an island
Roadblock.png Zach: Use a traditional mechanism to raise a fishing net from the water.
PitStop.png 3rd - Non-elimination leg

Departing at 5:58am, Flo & Zach slowly head off with Flo commenting that it's the beginning of the end. They cross the Saigon River and get a taxi to the train station. Flo comments that she wishes they had been eliminated, and that she is absolutely miserable. They find Teri & Ian there, waiting for the ticket office to open. Ian tells them that the ride to Huế will take 24 hours, and Flo immediately responds that she is not getting on the train. Zach calmly responds that they can spend the money to get first class tickets with air conditioning, but Flo doesn't think she will be able to handle it physically. She lies down on the benches to try and relax, when suddenly extremely loud upbeat music begins playing in the station. They head over to a different terminal so she can rest. While Flo sleeps, Zach heads back over and purchases tickets. Though he is only ten minutes behind the other two teams, who purchased first class sleeper tickets, he learns that they are sold out of that. The best he can do is first class seated tickets with no bed, though they do have air conditioning. When Flo hears this, she quite begrudgingly agrees to get on the train.

Many hours pass by, and during the night they curl up onto their seats to sleep. In the morning, Flo wakes up feeling horrible. When she wakes up, she is greeted by the same kind of loud, upbeat music. Once finally in Huế, they decide to take the leg at a leisurely pace to make things easier for Flo. As such, they are delighted when their taxi is the first to leave, though they are soon passed by Ken & Gerard. They slowly walk to the palace and begin searching, finding that Teri & Ian are still looking for the clue. They overhear Ian loudly proclaiming that he found the next clue, and follow his voice. Flo is getting annoyed with Ian's loudness and yells at him. After a long, tiring taxi ride to Da Nang, they reach the Detour clue. They decide to perform Basket Boats and head down to the river. Immediately after pushing off, they discover how difficult it is to paddle the boats. Flo wants to hold onto Zach's boat, believing that she won't be able to do it, but Zach just tries to tell her how to properly paddle. Flo does her best and is able to slowly meander along. They travel halfway across the river to the other side, but then realize that isn't where they're supposed to go. Zach spots the flag on an island much farther away from them. When Flo sees how far it is she completely breaks down, sitting down in the boat and crying. Zach tries his best to encourage her, but she complains that her arms are tired. No matter what she does, she cannot get her boat moving and so demands that Zach help her get back to shore. She tells him that once she's ashore, she's going to quit the game.

Zach notes that she's gotten the hang of paddling now that she's returning to shore, but she is adamant on giving up. Flo storms off, but Zach convinces her to at least check out Basket Bikes. They head over to the bikes. Flo doesn't even want to attempt riding the bike, deciding to just push it the whole way. As soon as Zach lets go, she collapses under the weight of the bike and all of the baskets. Zach tries to guide her so that she'll be able to hold it up, but Flo is absolutely sure she won't be able to bring the heavy bike all the way to the end. Even Zach admits that the task is a little too difficult and they leave. He wants to go back to the boats, but Flo just cries and says she wants to go home. They return to Basket Bikes and Zach double-checks the clue. He realizes that there is nothing in the clue prohibiting them from having someone paddle the boats for them. He asks a pair of local men to do so and they agree. So, the two of them ride in the boats as they are paddled to the island, where Zach hops out and grabs the next clue. Flo is still totally exhausted, but is grateful for the local man's help. They are paddled back to shore and get into a taxi. Flo does not look very well during the ride to Hoi An.

Regardless, they find the quay and get into a sampan once they arrive, which takes them to the floating clue box. The peaceful atmosphere of the calm river, with no-one around except for fishermen, is finally able to make Flo relax. Zach decides to perform the Roadblock and quickly climbs onto the fishing platform. He raises the net with the winch, locks it in place, and hops back into the sampan. They then retrieve the clue and head back to shore. Flo is feeling more rejuvenated now that she knows the Pit Stop is coming soon, but still feels somewhat uncomfortable with the whole situation. The sun sets as they make their way to the Pit Stop at China Beach. Phil tells them that they are in last place, but have not been eliminated from the race. Zach still feels confident that they can win, and Flo promises to never again threaten to quit.

Leg 13 (Vietnam → United States)

"I knew a woman had to win this race, I just didn't think it would be me!" – Flo
Detour.png Quick Drop: Ride a zipline into a waterfall basin.
Roadblock.png Zach: Rotate a totem pole with animals into the order they were encountered on the race.
PitStop.png Finish Line - 1st

Departing at 8:02am, Flo & Zach head off with Flo feeling a lot better since she knows it's the final leg. When they travel to the temple and pick up their clue, Flo screams in joy when she learns they're off to Hawaii. At the travel agency, they learn that both of the other teams had been there before. The two ask for tickets on the same flight as them, but learn that the flight has no economy seats left. Flo sinks right back into depression when she hears this. She tells him that if they can't get the flight, she wants a flight straight back to New York City. There appear to be no other options for getting to Honolulu at all, so Zach decides to try something desperate. They purchase the business class tickets, intending to travel to Hanoi and then try to exchange them for economy class ones. They travel to the train station, and all three teams get on a train to Hanoi. During the ride, Zach asks the other passengers for a cell phone to borrow, and thanks the man who gives him one profusely. He calls a travel agency in Hanoi and is able to negotiate an exchange for economy class tickets on a different flight. Plus, the flight is better than their old one. After the 16-hour ride, they then get a taxi to a specific hotel, where a man from the travel agency has arranged to meet them. They find him and sign for the tickets, then head for the airport. There they meet Ken & Gerard, who ask to see their tickets but they decline. All three teams fly to Tokyo, and then Teri & Ian are left behind as they travel to Honolulu. However, there is heavy rain at the Tokyo airport which delays both flights and puts them much closer together.

Once in Honolulu, they are very excited to find their provided Mustang convertible. They spend a little time having difficulty in lowering the roof, but soon are on their way. They pass by Ken & Gerard on the road, with Flo loving every minute of it. Both teams arrive at the Point, but it is not open yet. Not long after, Teri & Ian show up. The three teams then experience the Kahuna's blessing and get their next clue, directing them to Kauai. Due to the short distance, all three teams have no trouble getting on the same flight to the island. When they land, they hop into a vehicle and head for the ranch. They are the second to arrive, and they see Ken & Gerard getting fit into harnesses. Zach is immediately concerned for Flo's sake. Indeed, Flo flips out when she learns it's not a choice and she has to get hooked up. They pick up the Detour, and Flo is so angry that she's become sarcastic. She is not at all happy about performing Quick Drop. She tells Zach that she is going to cling to him and hide her face for the entire time, and demands that he not let go for any reason. They get hooked up to the zipline with Flo already hiding her face, and before they know it they're off. Despite what she had said, Flo does lift her head and watch the scenery as they ride down to the pool below. She is even smiling by the time they reach the bottom. They pick up their clue from behind the waterfall and depart. They return to the airport and use pay phones to call many different airlines. They end up with seats on an 8:57 flight to Seattle, along with Ken & Gerard. Both teams hope and pray that Teri & Ian will not join them on this flight. However, all three teams end up on the same flight to Seattle.

Once there, they are the second team to find a taxi. They follow closely behind Ken & Gerard, but lose them at a red light. The very next traffic light allows them to catch right back up and pass them. All three teams pick up the Kerry Park clue within seconds of one another. Now leaving their taxi behind, they rush off to find the fountain. Zach knows that the fountain is at the Space Needle from reading their tour book, and they start running there as fast as they can. Before long, they reach the Space Needle but can't find the fountain. Zach realizes that the Space Needle and Seattle Center are not the same thing and they still need to find the fountain, to which Flo is quite upset. By the time they correct this mistake, they've fallen to last place. A local then tells them that they can find taxis on Fifth Avenue, three blocks away. Flo continues to scold him for his mistake the entire way. There, they find a taxi and head for Lincoln Park, Flo still angry. When they arrive at the park, they head in and find the clue box. Zach decides to perform the final Roadblock and chooses a totem pole. He quickly arranges the first three animals, but has trouble with the rest. Ian arrives soon after. After a couple of guesses, he finds the right order and picks up the final clue. They find a taxi in the parking lot and quickly head off.

Flo comments that Ken & Gerard are probably already at the finish line, but Zach tells her to just wait and see. Flo says she is fine with arriving in 2nd place. Flo apologizes to Zach for being 'a total ass' for the whole trip, and the two have a good laugh. After a long, tense drive, they finally arrive at the Park. While running to the Finish Line, Flo sees that Ken & Gerard aren't there. Zach jokes that they must be hiding. When they step onto the mat, the eliminated teams all shout that they've won and Flo simply cannot believe it. Phil officially tell them that they have arrived in 1st place and have won The Amazing Race. Zach is proud of the both of them for staying positive, himself included. Flo still can't quite believe it, and never expected to be the first female to win the race. Though they did not become romantically involved, they are both incredibly happy with where their relationship has gone to.

The Amazing Race 3
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