Derek & Drew

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Derek & Drew
Derek & Drew
The Amazing Race 3
Relationship Twin Brothers/Models
Finishing Position 4th
Legs Completed 11
Legs Won 4
Average Position 3.09
Roadblock Count Derek 6, Drew 4
Countries raced Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of England.svg Flag of Scotland.svg Flag of Portugal.svg Flag of Spain.svg Flag of Morocco.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of Switzerland.svg Flag of Malaysia.svg Flag of Singapore.svg Flag of Vietnam.svg

Derek and Drew Riker are twin brothers and models who competed on The Amazing Race 3. They are both from Los Angeles, California. Their race ended in 4th when they missed a Roadblock clue in Vietnam. Before that, they were an extremely strong team.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Mexico)

"We're not good at this game, that's for sure." – Drew
Detour.png Wings: Perform a tandem Skydive.
PitStop.png 11th

Derek & Drew were at the very head of the pack as the race began, being the first team to reach their bags. On the road, they watch in shock as Andre & Damon run a red light behind them. They then decide to not get on the Turnpike North, believing it to be a slower route to the airport. They immediately regret this decision, not finding the airport. This mistake puts them on the second flight along with Teri & Ian, Gina & Sylvia, Ken & Gerard and Tramel & Talicia. Once in Mexico City, they quickly find a taxi that takes them to the Angel of Independence. They then travel to the plaza to find Pablo, and ask their driver to wait for them while they pick up the clue. He agrees, but tells them he'll have to circle the plaza while he waits. After they grab the clue from Pablo, they then search for their taxi but do not see him anywhere. They immediately regret this decision as well, especially since they have left their bags in his trunk. After anxiously waiting for a while, they finally see him and head for the hotel.

They are the very last team to arrive there, and sign up for the last charter bus. When morning arrives, they both decide to pursue the Fast Forward in order to get themselves out of last place. They learn that Ken & Gerard will also be pursuing it and get ready for a race. Due to their poor luck with the taxi yesterday, they decide to simply run to the location. They run as fast as they can along the streets, beginning to once again regret their decision when they eventually become lost. By the time they arrive at the plaza, Ken & Gerard have already claimed it. They return, disappointed, to the bus terminal where they get on the last charter bus along with Tramel & Talicia and Gina & Sylvia.

After the long bus ride, they arrive and pick up their Detour clue and immediately choose Wings. They are the second to jump after Tramel & Talicia, and both of them perform the skydive. The two hit the ground after Tramel but before Talicia, and they hurriedly grab their next clue. They get into a vehicle and begin to follow the brother and sister. When Tramel & Talicia stop to get directions, they themselves get out and ask a different local for directions. Breaking away from the other teams, they ask a local in a car if he can lead them to their destination. They pay him $20 and he agrees, leading them to the Pit Stop. When they arrive, they are incredibly relieved to learn that they are in 11th place and are still in the race.

Leg 2 (Mexico)

"This whole Fast Forward's gonna just be worthless." – Drew
F-Forward.png Swing from a tall pole like the Voladores.
PitStop.png 1stƒ

Departing at 4:37am, the first thing Derek & Drew decide to do is pursue the Fast Forward. They travel all the way back to Mexico City and begin to search for the museum. When they find it, they are immediately nervous about the task they will need to perform. Regardless, they climb to the top and begin the wild swing down to the bottom alongside the Voladores. Once safely on the ground, they receive the Fast Forward and learn that they still need to take a bus. They travel to the bus station and purchase tickets on the 1:30pm bus, on which they are joined by Andre & Damon, Dennis & Andrew, Teri & Ian and Tramel & Talicia. They learn from Ian that this is the second bus, and that six teams are ahead of them by three and a half hours.

During the long ride, in the middle of the night, they are jolted awake as the bus crashes into another car. No-one is injured, but the teams need to climb out the bus' window and it will take 30 minutes before a new bus can pick them up. Derek & Drew are especially concerned that their Fast Forward is going to be meaningless. After finally reaching Cancún, they jump into the provided jeep and begin their drive to the Pit Stop. When they get close to Tulum, they stop at a gas station and ask for directions. When Derek begins to follow the given directions and drives down a road, Drew questions if he's going the right way and they get into an argument. He convinces Derek to turn around and after doing so they see a sign pointing them to the bungalows. They reach the Pit Stop in 1st place, much to their excitement.

Leg 3 (Mexico → England → Scotland)

"All that hard work has been erased." – Derek
Detour.png Punt: Travel by 'punt' a short distance downriver to the next clue.
Roadblock.png Derek: Participate in the caber toss, hammer throw and shot put.
PitStop.png 1st

Departing at 3:18am, Derek & Drew get in a jeep and drive to the airport, where they discover that there is a flight to Mexico City in an hour at 7am. They are able to get on this flight before anyone else arrives. In Mexico City, their lead continues to be bountiful as they book an 11:15 flight to London through Miami that no other teams join them on. They arrive in London at 6:35am, where they immediately get on a train to Cambridge. When they reach the Detour at Scudamore's, they decide to choose Punt. With Derek in the front and Drew in the back, they have a little difficulty setting off but are soon on their way. They complete the task with no further trouble and grab their next clue from the bridge. It is then that they discover the first bus to Aberdeen will not be leaving until 7:30pm, more than seven hours later. Chuckling at their misfortune, they decide to go have lunch. They find where the bus is waiting and, with nothing else to do, lay on the grass and sunbathe. One by one, they are joined by Ken & Gerard, Aaron & Arianne, Michael & Kathy, Heather & Eve and Flo & Zach before the bus departs.

The two lament the loss of their humongous lead and the waste of all the hard work they did. After the long ride to Scotland, all six teams scramble to find taxis that can take them to Stonehaven. They start out in the lead, but are overtaken by Aaron & Arianne and Flo & Zach along the way. Most of the teams reach the castle at the same time, and Derek decides to perform the Roadblock. Derek manages to perform the caber toss properly on his first try, putting them back in the lead. He makes a few tosses of the hammer before it lands properly, but he retains his position. He then completes the shot put as quickly as he can, reaching the end and grabbing the next clue. Ken & Gerard are not far behind them, but they simply run to the castle and arrive at the Pit Stop in 1st place.

Leg 4 (Scotland → Portugal)

"There's not a whole lot of love goin' towards us." – Derek
Detour.png Old School: Use Portuguese longboat to deliver wine to one restaurant.
Roadblock.png Drew: Block a shot from a young professional soccer player.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 10:56pm, Derek & Drew are lucky to find some locals walking their dog near the castle and get directions to the harbour. A moment later, they are joined by their friends Ken & Gerard. he two teams jog to the harbour, with them encouraging the brothers to go faster. They notice Flo & Zach behind them and speed up. When they finally reach the harbour, they find the bottle and then find a phone booth. Gerard phones a travel agency and books both teams flights from Aberdeen to Porto. They travel to the airport and get on the flight, being joined by Flo & Zach, Aaron & Arianne, Heather & Eve, Michael & Kathy and John Vito & Jill. While connecting through London, they and the brothers split from the group and take a flight to Cologne that will hopefully get them to Porto sooner.

Their connection in Cologne, however, is only 30 minutes long and the Lufthansa clerk tells them that the plane has already boarded and they can't get on since they don't have boarding passes yet. Luckily, the employees manage to hold the plane long enough for both teams to get on. Now leading the pack as they land in Porto, both teams get taxis and travel together to the Calem Port Lodge. They pick up the Detour clue from the lodge and decide to complete Old School. They use their strength to quickly carry the heavy barrel of wine onto the boat and then row across the river. They then roll their wine up to the restaurant and complete the task, receiving their next clue. They then head to the train station in first place, but all of the other teams show up before the next train leaves.

They all travel together to Lisbon, and then it's a mad dash to get a taxi. As they ride, most of the other teams' taxis pass by them. They are fifth to arrive at the stadium, where Drew decides to perform the Roadblock. After a few tries, Drew makes an impressive dive to block the shot and earns his next clue, moving them up to 4th place. They then head for the streets and run towards the Pit Stop. Derek tells Drew to get out the compass, but Drew has lost it somewhere. They arrive just behind the third place team, check in to the Pit Stop in 4th place. During the Pit Stop, a penalty is retroactively applied to Heather & Eve and they are moved up to 3rd place.

Leg 5 (Portugal → Spain → Morocco)

"Just keep goin'. We're pullin' away." – Derek
Detour.png Ropes: Rappel down Ursa Cliffs
Roadblock.png Derek: Find clue in one of many smelly dye vats.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 2:32pm in 3rd place, Derek & Drew meet up with Ken & Gerard and learn where they have to go. Both teams head for the train station, with Andre & Damon unashamedly following them. Once there, the cop & fireman decide to offer them 30 Euros in exchange for help finding the first destination. They agree and get Andre & Damon tickets on the train. When the train arrives in Cascais, the three teams make their way to the taxi stand where there is only one taxi. Ken & Gerard take the taxi, unfortunately leaving the other two behind. They eventually get a taxi ad travel to the Detour. However, traveling by train has dropped their group to the back of the pack, and the twins are now in last place. They decide to perform Ropes. All the other teams are gone by the time they show up, and so they complete the rappel as quickly as they can. They then grab their next clue and begin the journey to Spain.

They soon meet up with Ken & Gerard again and start to follow them. As the hours-long journey continues, they pass by Aaron & Arianne broken down on the side of the road. Finally, they arrive at the ferry port and meet up with Andre & Damon and John Vito & Jill. The four teams ride the ferry to Tangier, and then a cab race ensues as they all rush to get seats on the first charter bus. They arrive first and manage to get seats along with Ken & Gerard and Andre & Damon. Once in Fez, they are the third to find the next clue box. Derek elects to perform the Roadblock and heads for the tannery. A few locals lead him there, and he arrives just as Gerard is leaving. Damon is also able to find his next clue before Derek retrieves one, which takes him a relatively long time. They then get into a vehicle and travel to the Pit Stop, arriving there in 3rd place.

Leg 6 (Morocco)

"This'll be our third leg in an alliance with Ken & Gerard" – Drew
Detour.png Now You Don't: Find a clue not visible from starting point using dune buggies.
Roadblock.png Derek: Set up an escargot stand and sell five bowls for 5 Dinar each.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 4:44am, Derek & Drew meet up with Ken & Gerard outside of the building and both teams drive off. The brothers find a taxi later to lead both of them, as well as Andre & Damon, to Casablanca. Once they arrive at the mosque, all three teams respectfully walk to the box and pick up their next clue. They then travel to the train station and learn that there is a train leaving in ten minutes, which all three just barely get on. In Marrakesh, they travel alongside the cop & fireman to reach the Detour, where they choose to complete Now You Don't. They speed off, but the dusty sand and confusing course leave them a little turned around. At one point, they end up going in the wrong direction and have to turn around. They decide to work with Andre & Damon to find the end of the course. Soon enough they arrive and quickly make an etching of their clue. When they get back, Andre & Damon continue to ask them for support. Believing that Ken & Gerard had finished the Detour long before them, they decide to agree to this request.

Both teams find a group of locals and have them translate the clue, then hop in a pair of taxis to return to Marrakesh. They are the second team to reach the cafe, but they have arrived more than two hours before it opens. Andre & Damon are there and Ken & Gerard show up moments later, and about an hour later they are also joined by Flo & Zach and John Vito & Jill. When the cafe finally opens at 4:45, all five teams rush up to the roof. Derek elects to perform the Roadblock and heads down to the market with her food vendor. When he's done setting up, Derek is already playing the crowd and asking who's hungry. Most of the crowd are gravitating towards the females, leaving him without customers at first. The other contestants have all sold at least three bowls before he makes his first sale. From there, things pick up and he makes the rest of his sales more easily. He is able to be the fourth of the five teams to finish the task and heads back to Drew.

They find a local who knows where the Riad Catalina is. He tells them that they can walk, but they change their mind when he says it's a 10-minute walk. They get into a taxi driver, but things are getting frantic for the both of them. When he doesn't seem to know where he's going, they panic and tell him to ask the people on the streets for help. Eventually they just get out and ask locals to lead them there. Finally they find the Pit Stop and make their way to the roof, where they arrive in 4th place.

Leg 7 (Morocco → Germany → Austria → Germany)

"Do you have a plan at all, now? Any plan?" – Derek
Detour.png Sled: Ride a bobsled down an Olympic track.
Roadblock.png Drew: Rappel from a high cable car.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 5:27am, Derek & Drew meet up with Ken & Gerard once again and the two teams look for taxis. At the airport, they discover that their best option is to fly to Paris but the Paris flight is overbooked. As such, they decide to fly to Casablanca and look there instead, along with Flo & Zach and John Vito & Jill. Once there, all of the teams search, but only find more overbooked flights. Derek talks with Flo about how she and Zach are working with the dating couple, commenting that she is very good at playing dirty. Ken & Gerard are able to secure standby tickets for both teams on an 11:45 Air France flight to Paris. John Vito & Jill join them on this flight. It is 8pm by the time they land in Munich, and all three teams make their way to Kasperle at the statue. They pick up their next clue and head to the train station. The same three teams then get onto the same train to Innsbruck. Once there, all three teams travel to the clue box where they discover that both Detours are closed until 8am tomorrow.

They decide to perform Sled and head to the bobsled track, believing that there will be a sign-in sheet. Once there, they find the sign-up sheet while the others are fumbling with their taxis and grab the #2 spot. They realize that they are obligated to tell Ken & Gerard about it, even though the brothers are about to go to sleep without even noticing it. Derek quickly tells Ken about it so that the dating couple don't hear. They then walk to the gate, where they find Teri & Ian fast asleep. Morning arrives and the two watch as the married parents take their turn. They hop into the next bobsled and enjoy the wild ride down the track. Their taxi has arrived just as planned, and they head for their next destination after grabbing their next clue. They arrive at the gondola station at the same time as the parents, and both teams ride the gondola up. At the top, they grab the #2 spot and they pick up their next clue. Drew elects to perform the Roadblock and gets into the next gondola alongside Teri. Not long afterwards, they are joined by Jill and Gerard. The gondola travels halfway up the mountain, and Drew descends to the ground after Teri. Ken tries to psyche him out from down the hill, but he fearlessly completes the task and gets his clue.

They make their way back to the gondola station, where Derek accidentally leaves his clue at the ticket counter. As he tries to figure out where it went, Teri helpfully lets him know where it is and he thanks her. All four teams manage to get on the gondola before it takes them back down. While riding down, they look through their guide book to find the Pit Stop location. Ian comes over and asks them what they found, and then he and Teri seem offended when he doesn't want to share anything. Derek questions why he should feel indebted to them for the rest of the race for such a small courtesy. At the bottom, they get into their vehicle and head off with the brothers behind them. When they take a turn, however, none of the other teams follow them. Drew continues to study the map but doesn't make much headway, which aggravates Derek. He gets so upset that he begins yelling loudly at his brother. Despite this hiccup, they are the first of the four teams to successfully find the Pit Stop. They step onto the mat in 2nd place, behind only the Fast Forward.

Leg 8 (Germany → Switzerland)

"Drew's hot! Flo's hot!"Ken
Detour.png Run the Numbers: Find a series of numbers around Zurich to unlock a safe.
Roadblock.png Derek: Shoot a crossbow at an apple on a mannequin's head.
PitStop.png 1st

During the rest period before this leg, Drew began to casually flirt with Flo. Departing at 12:44am, he and Derek depart and comment that it's time to stop trusting anybody else. They find the farm with John Vito & Jill right behind them. Drew manages to find a clue before the dating couple can and they rush off. They pass by Teri & Ian on their way out, telling the married couple that they are still looking for the farm. Drew then finds the ferry terminal on a map and they decide to lead the dating couple there. When they arrive, they find Flo & Zach waiting. Teri & Ian and Ken & Gerard show up not long after. All five teams board the ferry and travel to Switzerland. Once there, they transfer to a train and travel to Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Finally, they grab a taxi at the Rheinfall station and travel to the falls themselves. There, they get onto the boat that will take them to the small islet in the middle of the falls. Most teams join them, but everyone notices that John Vito & Jill are absent. Along the way, the four teams discuss whether or not to lug their bags up to the top of the rocky islet, but the boat driver tells them it's okay to leave their bags on the boat. They all do so and run up the stairs to grab their clue.

When they get back down, however, they find that the boat has left without them and taken their bags with it. When the other boat arrives with John Vito & Jill, they are informed that they will have to wait for their boat to come back with their bags to pick them up. However, Jill is staying on the boat and holding it there while John Vito retrieves the clue, which is in turn keeping their boat held at the other dock. They give Jill a rather frustrated stare until John Vito comes back with the clue and they depart. Finally their boat returns and they travel back to shore. Along the way, they ask the driver for information on getting to Zürich and he suggests they simply walk to the Rheinfall station. They all do so and get onto a train there. Once in Zürich, the four are surprised to see that John Vito & Jill were on the train with them the whole time. The five move as a pack, gathering information from locals and making their way to the Detour.

Derek & Drew decide to work with Flo & Zach and perform Run the Numbers. The two teams head for the field and begin counting trees. They split up the field, counting the left side while the friends handle the right side. Together, the two teams count 47 trees in total. They then take a look at the clock face on the church, where Zach incorrectly adds 1, 2 and 3 into a total of 5. Drew comes up with the correct total, but Zach's error is giving them doubt. They then make their way to the specified intersection, seeing the number 12 on the statue. The two teams return to the vault and enter their combination, but the safe does not open. They decide that they must have counted the trees wrong and head out to count them again. This time they come up with a total of 50 trees. Also utilizing Drew's correct total for the clock face, the safe opens and they retrieve their next clue. Both teams travel to the train station and get in line. They can only watch as John Vito & Jill, at the front of the line, run to get on a train leaving in three minutes. With no hope of getting on that train themselves, they only hope that the dating couple have missed it. They do indeed miss it, and all five teams get on a train to Grindelwald. John Vito & Jill and Ken & Gerard are on a different train than the others, but the difference is negligible as they all meet up at the connection in Lucerne.

In Grindelwald it's a mad dash to get down to the field, where Derek decides to perform the Roadblock. He takes a few shots, but they miss. Both of them watch as Zach, Ken and Ian finish and leave. To make matters worse, his contacts are sticky and affecting his vision. However, his next shot strikes the mannequin and causes the apple to topple over, which is enough to earn him the next clue. They quickly run out to the streets and ask for directions, but don't get very far. The only instructions they can get is to go 'up', and so they begin to climb with Flo & Zach, Teri & Ian and Ken & Gerard trudging along behind them. They cut through a grassy field with barbed wire at the end, losing Teri & Ian along the way. Still completely lost, they get directions from a police officer to find the church and turn left. The two run uphill to the church and turn left, where they finally see race flags. They run as fast as they can to the Pit Stop, where they arrive in 1st place and win a pair of Kodak EasyShare cameras.

Leg 9 (Switzerland)

"You have a compass disability, and it's severe." – Derek
Detour.png Extreme Swiss: Bungee Jump from the Red Bridge.
Roadblock.png Drew: Build a bicycle using the provided parts.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 4:55am, Derek & Drew note that their first destination doesn't open until 9am but are in good spirits about it, jokingly counting out their two provided $20 bills. They meet up with Flo & Zach and work together to find the location of the Gletscherschlucht. Both teams decide to stay in a hotel. Morning arrives and they both head to the gorge, finding the other three teams waiting there. Ian informs them that a queue has formed. At 9am, all five of the teams enter the gorge and begin hiking along the pathways. When Zach, at the back of the line, notices that everyone walked past the keys, the line completely reverses as teams head back to grab them. Derek is the second to grab a key. They head back and get into a vehicle, and then depart for Kandersteg. They, as well as all teams besides the dating couple, arrive at the train station. Drew begins conferring with Zach as they try to find Niouc on their map. At 10:40, the four teams drive their cars onto the train and begin their journey through the Alps. During the ride, Flo leaves her car and comes to sit in their car, where she talks to them about possibly getting eliminated due to refusing to bungee jump.

Once in Goppenstein, the two head out but Drew is immediately perplexed by the map. He tries using the compass, but it doesn't help. Regardless, they find the Red Bridge just behind Flo & Zach. They, the friends and the brothers all arrive at the same time and all three teams frantically search for the clue. An accidental shoving match ensues when they discover the numbers that they have to pull, and then find the clue box with the Detour inside. They immediately decide to perform Extreme Swiss and get outfitted for the bungee jump. They walk out onto the incredibly high bridge, where Derek decides to jump first. He does this to set an example and lead the way for Drew, who is feeling a bit nervous. After a deep breath, he performs a magnificent swan dive and leaps into the canyon. Derek is then brought back up and Drew prepares for his jump. He is still nervous, but Derek encourages him and tells him how amazing it was. He shakily makes his way to the edge, hesitates for a moment, and then takes a swan dive of his own. Drew ends up having a great time, though he is glad that it is over.

They are given a phone as they get off the bridge. Derek dials it, and is extremely happy when his wife Rebecca answers. He is so grateful to hear from her, having only been married for a couple months. Their mother Beth is there as well, and they both have a heartfelt conversation with her. With heavy hearts, they end the call so that they can leave. They then make their way to the Chateau, where Drew decides to perform the task. Drew has a little difficulty in assembling his bicycle, with Derek trying to help from the sidelines. Drew continues to struggle, having difficulty assembling and attaching all the different parts. However, he eventually manages to succeed through perseverance and they are the second to depart with their bicycles. Some locals point them in the direction of the marina and they head off. From there, they easily find the marina and get into a pedalboat. They arrive at the Pit Stop on the steamship in 3rd place.

Leg 10 (Switzerland → Malaysia → Singapore)

"We're just wondering who's gonna be sleepin' in what bed. I might be sleeping with Zach tonight." – Derek
Detour.png Wet: Swim through the manatee enclosure at the Singapore Zoo.
Roadblock.png Derek: Run around the fountain of wealth for good luck.
PitStop.png 1st

Departing at 2:14am, Derek & Drew find a taxi to take them to the Jet d'Eau. They comment that today is their birthday and take it as an omen of good luck for the leg. They pick up their clue from the fountain, and ask some locals to identify their Malaysian flag. The airport is closed when they arrive. When it opens, they follow Ken & Gerard to the Air France counter and get seats on their flight to Kuala Lumpur. They also purchase tickets for Flo & Zach, and John Vito & Jill also join them on this flight. During the flight, Flo sits one seat away from Zach so that she is right next to Drew. When they land, they catch a metro train to the towers. The four teams reach the towers at the same time and grab their next clue. They quickly find a local to take their picture and then rush off, asking locals where Ampang Park is as they run. They are the third of their group to find the photo store and quickly print their photo, getting their next clue on the back. They learn from the clerks that Teri & Ian had already been there.

They then travel to the train station where they find the married couple waiting, and all five teams get on the same train to Singapore. During the ride, Flo and Drew continue to bond. The train arrives but no-one is in a rush, since the Orchid Gardens don't open until the next morning. They find a nice hotel room that they share with Flo & Zach. Morning arrives and they travel to the gardens, learning along the way that "Margaret Thatcher" is the name of an orchid flower. When the gardens open, they rush to the flower and pick up the Detour clue. They decide to perform Wet, and Drew asks some locals where the zoo is though this makes Derek impatient. They drive onto the expressway and head towards the zoo. They don't seem to be lost, but Derek is getting antsy and starts yelling at Drew to get a better indication of where they are on the map. They are passed by Teri & Ian right before arriving at the zoo. There, they find a local who directs them to the manatee enclosure. When the man tries to show him on a map of the zoo, Teri leans over his shoulder and tries to see so Derek steps away and covers the map from her.

Both teams head over to the manatee enclosure and get into their wet suits. They then hop into the manatee tank and swim across to retrieve their next clue. They leave the zoo and immediately ask a pair of locals where the fountain is, and they direct them to Suntec City. They find the city, and from there it is easy to find the fountain. There, Derek decides to perform the Roadblock and runs into the fountain waters, though Drew makes him take off his shoes and socks first. He grabs his next clue, now completely soaked. They head back and find a few hotel workers, who show them Mount Faber on their map. They travel there without issue and run up to the Pit Stop, arriving in 1st place and winning a seven-night European cruise on Royal Caribbean's Splendor of the Seas.

Leg 11 (Singapore → Vietnam)

"This is insane! Cannot figure this out..." – Drew
Detour.png Easy Buy: Find water coconuts being sold in the floating market.
Roadblock.png Drew: Pedal a cyclo, carrying partner, across the city to the Pit Stop.
PitStop.png Arrived 3rd, turned away for not completing the Roadblock - 4th - Eliminated

Departing at 10:22pm, Derek & Drew head off excited and confident to be going into the final elimination leg. They find a taxi nearby, but he says that he is waiting for "Mr. Ken". They try to take the taxi for themselves, but they aren't good enough liars to convince him. They find some locals who let them borrow a cell phone so they can call a taxi for themselves. When they drive past Flo frantically waving, Drew wonders if they've stolen her taxi, but Derek tells him to stop worrying about her and focus. When they arrive at the airport, they learn that the airport is closing for the night and there will be no more flights until the morning. Drew then uses a pay phone to call some airlines. When he discovers the 6am flight to Kuala Lumpur and tries to make reservations, he discovers that reservations for them have already been made. Flo & Zach, the culprits, show up soon along with Teri & Ian, who are on a slightly later flight. All four teams meet up in Kuala Lumpur, and then proceed to Ho Chi Minh City on the same flight.

Once they land, they find a taxi and travel to Rex Square, where they get their next clue. Their taxi driver is not very fast, and they get passed by Teri & Ian on the way to Cái Bè, but then they overtake them again when the taxi drives on the shoulder. The two taxis end up jockeying for position. Once in Cái Bè, a tremendous storm has arrived bringing with it extremely heavy rain. Luckily, they are prepared for just such an occasion and take out their small, extendable umbrellas. They pick up the Detour clue and decide to perform Easy Buy. They get into a sampan and head off behind Teri & Ian into the floating market. As they enter, they pass by Ken & Gerard headed in the opposite direction and cheering. In the market, they search the vendors for water coconuts but have no luck. They hear Ian shouting nước nước and also call this out, though they don't realize that Ian is saying the incorrect words and they are calling out "water water". Since they were staying behind Teri & Ian, however, they are able to follow them to the correct boat and pick up a clue for themselves as well. They return to shore and hail a taxi to take them back to Ho Chi Minh City, leaving the rain behind.

Once back in the city, the two study their clue and their map in an effort to find out where they have to go. Unbeknownst to them, their taxi drives past the clue box while they're looking down. They see a route marker flag attached to a pole next to the ferry dock and get out to investigate. They see all of the little flags leading down the street to this big flag, and so determine that they must be in the right place. They ask a few locals where "2A" is and are pointed to a number of different buildings, adding to their confusion. Drew reasons that the clue box must be near the ferry terminal, and they begin to search. The two have absolutely no luck, finding nothing else except that first flag. Soon, Ken & Gerard meet up with them and both teams frantically keep searching for the clue. Neither have any luck, and the brothers depart momentarily. When they meet up again on the docks, Ken & Gerard say they still have no idea what to do and run off again. Using binoculars, they are barely able to spot Flo & Zach on the ferry and decide that they need to cross. A couple minutes later, they get onto the next ferry and cross the river. Once on the other side, they follow some more route markers until they come across a sign that says "Park cyclos here". Both are utterly perplexed, but follow the arrow anyway. The arrows lead them to a cafe, where they discover Phil and the Pit Stop. When they step onto the mat, Phil tells them what they already know; they have missed a clue and cannot check in.

Flo & Zach, who have already checked in, yell to them that the clue is back on the other side of the river. The two run as fast as they can back to the ferry terminal. When the ferry pulls up to the dock, Ken & Gerard are on it. However, to their dismay, the brothers are riding a cyclo, indicating that they are performing the Roadblock. The brothers tell them where the clue is, but they know for certain at this point that they are going to be last. They take the ferry back and run to the clue box, still intent on finishing quickly in case it's a non-elimination leg. Drew decides to perform the Roadblock, and they ride off on their cyclo right as it begins to rain. After yet another long ferry ride, they finally return to the Pit Stop and check in. Phil, however, tells them that they are in last place and have been eliminated from the race. They comment on how incredible the journey was and are thankful for the opportunity to bond with one another. Derek is very proud of them for coming in 4th out of 12 teams.

The Amazing Race 3
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