Debra & Steve

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Debra & Steve
Debra & Steve
The Amazing Race 4
Relationship Married Parents
Finishing Position 12th
Legs Completed 1
Legs Won 0
Average Position 12.00
Roadblock Count Debra 0, Steve 0
Countries raced Flag of Italy.svg

Debra and Steve Carmody are married parents who competed on The Amazing Race 4. They are from Louisville, Kentucky. They were the first team eliminated from their race, finishing in 12th.

Race Summary

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Leg 1 (United States → Italy)

"I'd like to say I was tripped, but I wasn't." – Debra
Detour.png Rescue: Cross a tightrope between two mountains, then take a zipline to next clue.
PitStop.png 12th - Eliminated

Debra & Steve started the race at the back, being the last team to reach their bags. They read their first clue and run out of the stadium to choose a vehicle. They are near the back of the pack, but not last, as they leave the stadium. Along the way, Steve takes an exit and ends up on a busy street, which causes them much delay. When they finally arrive, they head to Lufthansa but are told by Amanda & Chris that there are no more tickets available and instead go to Swiss Air. When that flight is full as well, they go to KLM and get on the last flight. They are joined on this flight by David & Jeff, Reichen & Chip, Tian & Jaree and Monica & Sheree.

When the flight lands in Milan, Debra trips and falls as she runs through the terminal. Their taxi driver is very fast, however, and passes two other teams on the way to the galleria. This allows them to be the first of their flight group to reach the galleria. They start searching for tickets, and Debra finds one behind a plant. She picks it up, and they learn that it's a ticket for the last bus. The two head to the Nuovo Hotel, looking for a room for the night. They're told that the cheapest room is 50 Euros, and Steve says they should look elsewhere. Eventually, they decide to go back to the Nuovo and get the room, but by this point the rooms have all been taken by other teams. Steve feels incredibly guilty about hesitating and costing them the room. Reichen & Chip kindly offer to share their room. Joining them on this bus are Tian & Jaree, David & Jeff and Reichen & Chip. The bus arrives in Cortina d'Ampezzo at 1pm. All four teams get out and grab their clue. They find a taxi nearby and head for Cinque Torri. They are the second of their bus group to reach the Detour and decide to perform Rescue.

The hike through the thick snow allows David & Jeff to pass them on the way to the task. Both of them tumble and fall into the snow along the way. Once at the wire bridge, Steve crosses slowly but without issue. Debra is much slower, moving at a snail's pace as she crosses. Tian & Jaree show up behind them and cross the bridge quickly right behind her. Debra has trouble getting up off the bridge, and so Tian helps push her up. In the short but snowy distance to the zipline, the girls are able to pass by the parents. They both ride down the zipline and grab their next clue. It is a long grueling hike back to the chairlifts, but they push through it slowly but surely. They ride back down to the bottom of the mountain and get into a taxi. When they arrive at the hotel, they trudge through the snow and step onto the mat. Phil tells them that they are in last place and have been eliminated from the race. Debra is proud of herself for doing things she never thought she would be able to do, and thanks Steve for pushing her. Steve is just happy that he will get to spend the rest of his life with her.

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