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Chris & Alex
Chris & Alex
The Amazing Race 2
Relationship Lifelong Friends
Finishing Position 1st
Legs Completed 13
Legs Won 3
Average Position 3.38
Roadblock Count Chris 5, Alex 6
Countries raced Flag of Brazil.svg Flag of South Africa.svg Flag of Namibia.svg Flag of Thailand.svg Flag of Hong Kong.svg Flag of Australia.svg Flag of New Zealand.svg 22x20px

Chris Luca and Alex Boylan are lifelong friends who competed on The Amazing Race 2. They are from Boston, Massachusetts, and their heavy accent earned them the nickname "Boston Boys". They crossed the finish line in 1st, barely edging out Tara & Wil in the closest finish in American Amazing Race history.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Brazil)

"We've known each other since we were three years old." – Chris
Detour.png Mountain: Rappel down Morro da Urca mountainside.
PitStop.png 6th

Chris & Alex began the race in first place, with Alex being the first out of anyone to reach his bag. They drive off through the desert and were the first to find the flag leading them back to the main road. They stopped at a gas station to ask for directions to the airport, and they were followed by Diedre & Hillary and Peggy & Claire. Once at the airport, they along with many other teams were held up by a suspicious security guard. When they're finally allowed to enter, they fall to fifth but are still able to get on the first flight along with Tara & Wil, Blake & Paige, Hope & Norm, Cyndi & Russell, Mary & Peach and Shola & Doyin.

Once in Rio de Janeiro, Alex utilizes his fluency in Portuguese to speak to his taxi driver. They reach the statue and retrieve their next clue. They then head to the docks and get on the main ferry to the island, but watch as Cyndi & Russell speed past them in an express ferry. Once on the island, they get into a horse-drawn carriage to take them to Fat Maria and reach it at the same time as Hope & Norm and Shola & Doyin. There is a huge chaotic crowd at the sign-up window, but they are sixth in line. They find a tiny hotel to stay in for the night. In the morning, they return to the mainland on the third ferry with Mary & Peach and Oswald & Danny. Once at the top of the mountain, they immediately choose to complete the Mountain Detour. They are not shown completing this task, but it is very unlikely that they did not complete it. They then get a boat to take them to the yacht, where they arrive at the Pit Stop in 6th place.

Leg 2 (Brazil)

"Chris came in there, just, took control of the whole situation." – Alex
Detour.png Freak Out: Ride a hang-glider from Pedro Bonita to São Conrado Beach.
Roadblock.png Alex: Ride a boat into Iguaçu Falls and search for a race flag.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 12:20am, Chris & Alex returned to shore and jokingly guessed at what they would be using the feather for. They arrived at the nightclub in 5th, passing Hope & Norm, and retrieved their next clue. The two teams arrive at the mountain and climb to the top, retrieving their next clue. They immediately choose to complete Freak Out. Fourth in line as morning arrives, the two take to the skies. They land safely on the beach, get their next clue, and head off to the bus station. Once there, a station attendant directs them to Pluma as the fastesy way to get to Foz do Iguaçu. They get the only tickets remaining on the Pluma bus and join Shola & Doyin, who have the Fast Forward, and Tara & Wil as they depart.

Halfway through their journey, one of the inner tires on one of the double wheels suffers a blowout. When the driver does an inadequate job of replacing the tire, all three teams step in to speed up the process and soon enough they are on their way again. The delay only accounts for 15 lost minutes. They had earlier agreed to work with Tara & Wil, but Wil drives off before they're ready to leave. They meet up with them later, with Wil having trouble getting his vehicle out of low gear, and agree to drive slowly and lead them to the next clue. They then successfully make their way to Macuco Safari, where Alex decides to perform the Roadblock. He heads off in a boat right behind Tara. He spots the flag and points it out to Tara, and both team members climb to the top of the outcropping and grab their clue. From there, they head back and drive to the Pit Stop. Chris & Alex step on the mat first, earning them a 2nd place finish.

Leg 3 (Brazil → South Africa)

"It's the first time we've been from this far behind." – Alex
Detour.png Deliver: Transfer 125kg of fish across the docks.
Roadblock.png Chris: Search Langa Township for Epsom salts, a smiley, and a Sangoma, then drink a concoction.
PitStop.png 7th

Departing at 10:47pm, Chris & Alex leave just ahead of Tara & Wil, choosing to continue working with them for the time being. When they arrive at the airport, they discover that the only flight to São Paulo is tomorrow morning. Once there, the two teams do not have much luck in getting flights. Chris & Alex, normally cool under pressure, blame Wil for making them act 'crazy'. Eventually, the separated couple leave them behind and search for flights on their own. Finally, after sticking with Varig Airlines, they get tickets to Frankfurt and travel there. In Frankfurt, they find a quicker flight that connects through Johannesburg, but they decide not to take the risk. They are the seventh team to reach Cape Town and travel by taxi to the ferries. Once there, they meet up with Cyndi & Russell and the two teams then get on a ferry and travel to the island.

The two teams retrieve their clue and head back, deciding to work together for the rest of the leg. They make their way to Kalk Bay, where both teams decide to complete Deliver together. They finished the task first, and then moved some of the fish from their basket to the pastors' in order to help them out. Both teams then get on the train to Cape Town. At the township, Chris decides to perform the Roadblock and works with Russell to complete it quickly. Night falls and they travel together to the Pit Stop. Chris & Alex run in and step onto the mat, earning a 7th place finish with the pastors right behind them.

Leg 4 (South Africa → Namibia)

"We're just 'strategizing'." – Alex
Detour.png Not shown, but assumed to be Slide.
Roadblock.png Alex: Purchase woodcarvings of Africa's five big animals.
PitStop.png Arrived 7th, 42-minute penalty for speeding - 7th

During the rest period before this leg, Chris & Alex and Wil ended up drinking too much alcohol and getting rather loud and vulgar, offending some of the other teams. Additionally, Alex and Tara slipped away and began flirting with each other in private. Departing at 8:50am, Chris & Alex headed out with no feeling of urgency, knowing they were definitely on the second charter flight. They do, and are joined by Shola & Doyin, Blake & Paige and Cyndi & Russell. Once in Walvis Bay, the two ask a pair of locals how they can get a taxi and are told to use the pay phones to call for one. This turns out to be incorrect information, as the airport has a dedicated taxi stand that would have gotten them a taxi a lot faster, and this mistake puts them deep into last place.

Eventually, they reach Swakopmund and climb the lighthouse, where they see that there is only one lonely car waiting in the parking lot. Once on the road, they have a little difficulty locating the Matterhorn, but eventually manage to find it and have a rather strenuous time climbing to the top. They are not shown performing the Detour, but it is almost certain that they performed Slide as anyone performing Stride would have certainly been given airtime. Night falls as they head for the General Dealer, still far behind in last place. On the way to the market, they pass by Cyndi & Russell going in the opposite direction.

Once there, Alex decides to perform the Roadblock. He is bemused by the high prices that the locals are asking for, but purchases his statues and receives his next clue. They then head for the Pit Stop, hoping for a non-elimination leg. When they finally reach the Pit Stop and step on the mat, Phil tells them that they are actually in 7th place and they cannot believe it. They receive a 42-minute penalty for speeding during the leg, but this does not affect their placement and they are still in the race.

Leg 5 (Namibia → Thailand)

"Dude, that kid's on a crack pipe, man!" – Chris
Detour.png Confusion Now: Use confusing water taxis to find bird market and free a cage of birds for karma.
Roadblock.png Chris: Find clue inside cave full of bats.
PitStop.png 1st

During the rest period before this leg, Chris & Alex overheard Blake & Paige talking about getting Tara & Wil eliminated and shared this information with the separated couple. Departing at 12:59pm, the two were optimistic that the long flight to Thailand would allow them to erase the huge lead all the other teams had over them. No other teams are at the Windhoek airport when they arrive, and they get on a flight 1 hour and 45 minutes behind the other teams that connects through Johannesburg to get to Bangkok. They then meet up with all the other teams in Johannesburg and get on the same flight to Bangkok.

Once there, Wil rents a small vehicle known as a "Mini-Bus" and the two teams ride in it together to get to their first destination. They learn that Wil was initially considering leaving them behind, but take it in stride. Both teams then get on the skytrain to Siam Station. Once at the Detour, Tara & Wil convince them to complete Confusion Now as Chinatown is "crazy". They make their way to a water taxi and ask some locals how to get to the bird market. After a short ride, they successfully arrive and free a cage of sparrows. To get to the bus station, Tara & Wil get into a taxi but they get into a tuktuk. This choice allows them to get to the bus station faster as their vehicle could weave through traffic. They get on a bus and head to Ratchaburi.

When they arrive, they discover that they have caught up to Gary & Dave. Both teams get into a tuktuk and have an exciting race to the temple, with Chris & Alex commenting on the unusual behavior of the former roommates. To their dismay, their tuktuk needs to pull over on the side of the road, letting Gary & Dave pass them. It takes a while to repair the tuktuk's motor, but soon enough they're on their way. When they arrive at the temple, Alex notices the clue box to the side and they retrieve their clue. Chris elects to perform the Roadblock and heads into the cave. He finds the smell horrible, but rushes up to the clue and exits in no time. The two teams then get a taxi and head for the Pit Stop. They travel to Amphawa, get into a long boat, and arrive at the Pit Stop in 1st place.

Leg 6 (Thailand)

"Screw him. I dunno, I think I'm just gonna take his girl." – Alex
  • Detour.png Boat: Ride bamboo raft down river.
  • Roadblock.png Alex: Wash traditional markings off an elephant.
  • PitStop.png 6th - Non-elimination leg

Departing at 6:11am, Chris & Alex were pumped to be in first place as they returned to Amphawa. They find a van taxi driver and ask to be taken to Bangkok, but are concerned by the thick language barrier. Once at the flower market, they notice just how many flower vendors there are. They ask around quite a bit, with one local playfully wanting to spar with them, but cannot seem to find the route marker amidst the sea of flowers. After double-checking the street names, they eventually come across the marked vendor and get their clue. Their taxi driver takes them to a tourist bureau, where they purchase tickets for the train to Chiang Mai. They are joined by all other teams as they wait for the train. With time to kill before 3:00, they and most of the other teams go shopping in Bangkok. On the trip, Alex and Tara continue to act flirty towards one another, which annoys Wil.

They then board the train and, 15 hours later, arrive in Chiang Mai and work with Tara & Wil to find a taxi they can share. This takes quite a while and puts both teams at the back of the pack. Both teams arrive at the Detour and they decide to complete Boat. They get onto a bamboo raft and shove off down the river ahead of the separated couple. Their journey down the river is fairly uneventful. Soon they reach the end of the river and retrieve their clue, getting into a vehicle and driving off. Along the way, they get stuck behind a slow-moving truck and Tara & Wil speed past them, putting them in last place. When they reach the village, Alex decides to complete the Roadblock as it is his turn. He and Wil begin washing their elephants at the same time. Wil's poor performance allows Alex to finish much quicker and he departs with Chris for the Pit Stop.

Presuming that this is a non-elimination leg when they and Tara & Wil arrive at the Pit Stop, both teams calmly walk to the mat with no fear of elimination. Wil ends up stepping on the mat first, so the two of them arrive in last place. Phil tells them that it's a non-elimination leg and that they are still in the race. Alex, in particular, has had enough of Wil's attitude and behavior and this was the last straw. He comments that it's time to teach Wil a lesson, and that he's just going to take his girl.

Leg 7 (Thailand → Hong Kong)

"Bring it up faster, Luca!!" – Alex
Detour.png Herbal Tea: Find obscure tea shop and drink foul-tasting tea.
Roadblock.png Chris: Use crane to lift and move a shipping container.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 9:23pm, Chris & Alex head for Chiang Mai, confident that they would not be eliminated. They travel to the Seven Spires and grab their next clue. At the airport, Alex phones Thai Airways and gets seats on the 7am flight to Bangkok, and also learns about an 8:40 flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong. As they wait, they pick up on more tension between Tara & Wil, and Alex continues to stay close to Tara. All other teams joined them on these flights, and all six of them have to rush through the Bangkok airport to make their connection. Once in Hong Kong, they and the separated couple are the second teams to get on the metro, and are soon joined by Blake & Paige. The two teams get off the train and ask for directions, quickly finding Central Plaza. They, along with the siblings, all reach the tower and travel to the top, where they encounter Gary & Dave leaving.

After some difficulty, all three teams spot the Star Ferry at almost the same time, and they all depart, encountering Oswald & Danny coming up the elevator. They run across the streets to the ferry terminal as fast as they can, but the ferry departs just a few minutes before they arrive. This delay allows Oswald & Danny to catch up and all four teams get on the next ferry. The ferry docks at Tsim Sha Tsui, and all four teams rush to get their next clue, which they find is a Detour. They decide to complete Herbal Tea and head off to the market. After a bit of searching, they are the second of the three teams to find the herbalist. They quickly drink the tea and head for the terminal.

They reach the next clue box just seconds behind Tara & Wil. Chris elects to perform the Roadblock and climbs into the crane. Alex, meanwhile, is on the ground and shouting impatiently for him to just drop the crane. Tara has already lifted her container up before Chris can even grab his. He causes further delay by locking the clasps incorrectly. He lifts the container up, but is disappointed to see that Tara is already finished. He lowers it to the ground and Alex retrieves the clue, after which he returns to the ground. They exit the terminal and get into a taxi, who speeds off and knows exactly where to go. They reach the harbour, travel out to the Junk, and arrive at the Pit Stop in 2nd place, having passed Tara & Wil.

Leg 8 (Hong Kong → Australia)

"How the hell did Blake find something first? He's an idiot." – Chris
Detour.png Dragon: Paddle a 12-person dragon boat across the bay.
Roadblock.png Alex: Follow a series of clues in Australian slang.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 5:43am, Chris & Alex return to shore and begin to seek out information. They catch a taxi that takes them to a bus stop, where they wait. Eventually a bus comes by and they get on, noticing that Gary & Dave are also on board. Both teams get off the bus and make their way to the park, and Gary annoys Chris the whole way there. Once there, a helpful lady shows them where the Tin Hau statue is. Soon Blake & Paige and Tara & Wil show up, the separated couple telling them that they didn't go for the Fast Forward over concerns that the lifelong friends had taken it. Alex reaffirms his dedication to Tara by saying that he never would have gone for it after Tara had told him at the previous Pit Stop. Oswald & Danny join them as well as the park opens. They grab their next clue and then run out and grab a taxi.

They are the first to arrive at the Detour, with Tara & Wil and Gary & Dave right behind them. They decide to perform Dragon and head down to the boats. They are still in the lead as they head out across the water. Their strength allows them to dominate this task, crossing the water in a very short time. They reach the opposite shore, grab their clue, and then depart for the airport. Once there, they again meet up with Tara & Wil, and both teams find seats on a flight to Sydney that connects through Bangkok and arrives at 6:30am. Blake & Paige and Gary & Dave join them on this flight. The flight departs, and these four teams all wonder where Oswald & Danny are.

It's pouring rain when they land in Sydney, and they are the second out of the airport and into a taxi. At the Opera House, Alex elects to perform the Roadblock and gets onto a bus. He reaches the fountain and begins asking everyone where "surfie" is, eventually being pointed towards the man sitting nearby. He gets his clue and travels to the park, quickly getting another clue from the young child. Meanwhile, Chris watches as both Wil and Blake return from the Roadblock and head off with their partners. He is immediately skeptical of the whole situation, certain that something has gone wrong with the two teams. Alex makes his way to the Captain Cook statue and retrieves the clue from the woman there. He then hops into a taxi and travels to the quay, finding the bushie and retrieving the clue allowing him to return to his partner. Alex asks locals where the museum is on his way back, and then he and Chris rush over there, passing Gary & Dave. When they reach the roof, they are quite happy to learn that they are actually in 2nd place, confirming Chris' idea that the other teams made an error.

Leg 9 (Australia)

"Man, the meat pies were all right." – Chris
F-Forward.png Find Harry's Cafe de Wheels and eat two meat pies.
PitStop.png 1stƒ

Departing at 9:10pm, Chris & Alex depart and immediately decide to pursue the Fast Forward, as the only team in front of them is Oswald & Danny who had already used theirs. They also comment that Tara & Wil not taking the Fast Forward last leg when they said that they would had messed up their game plan, which is why they did not tell the separated couple they were going for it on this leg, but did tell Blake & Paige. They find a taxi driver who knows where the cafe is and head off. They arrive at the cafe and order two meat pies. Alex finishes his in no time, though Chris is a little slower. They receive the Fast Forward and realize that they have to head for the airport.

They ask the agents for the fastest way to Adelaide, and are told that they will have to spend the night in Melbourne. They purchase these tickets and begin their journey. Once in Adelaide, they travel to National Jet Systems and sign up for the first flight. They then travel into town and look for maps of Coober Pedy. A couple hours later, they are joined on this flight by Oswald & Danny. When they arrive in Coober Pedy, the first thing they notice is how unbearably hot it is. They get into a vehicle and begin their drive to the Pit Stop. Before long they find the camp and reach the mat, arriving in 1st place and winning a vacation to Cancún from American Airlines.

Leg 10 (Australia → New Zealand)

"Dude, I'm gonna start tacklin' these things." – Chris
Detour.png Quick Jump: Bungee Jump off the Nevis Highwire Platform.
Roadblock.png Chris: Separate three black sheep from a group of white ones.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 3:35am, Chris & Alex choose a vehicle and find the road trains. They load their vehicle onto the back and begin the journey to Glendambo. Once there, they learn that the airstrip is only five minutes away and decide to make some phone calls. It is then that they learn there are no flights to Queenstown on that particular day, meaning no-one will get to New Zealand until tomorrow and that it doesn't matter which charter flight they get on. They relay this information to Tara & Wil and Blake & Paige when they arrive. When the separated couple leave and then returned, they talk with Tara about how Wil is coming unwound. With their flights booked, they head off to the airstrip with no real sense of urgency and sign up for the second charter flight. From Adelaide, they continue to Melbourne without Blake & Paige, but then end up on the same flight as them to Christchurch.

When they notice the siblings sneaking onto the flight without checking any of their baggage, they and Tara & Wil confront the check-in clerks about it but nothing can be done, which frustrates both teams. When the plane lands in Queenstown, Alex is at the very front of the plane and decides to prevent any of the passengers from getting off until everyone else's baggage is in the carousel, which the flight attendants are okay with. He uses the plane's intercom system while he waits, talking like a stewardess and making all the other passengers laugh. Finally, they head off the plane, retrieve their baggage, and get into a taxi. They are the first to depart, but are later passed on the road by Tara & Wil. They reach Wentworth Station and continue to the highwire platform, remaining in 2nd. They approach the massive canyon and ride the tiny gondola out to the platform, with Tara & Wil joining them, and they pick up the Detour clue. They decide without question that they are performing Quick Jump and wait for Tara & Wil to perform their jump first. While they wait, both of them get uncharacteristically nervous about the task and are unashamed to admit to everyone how afraid they are. After Tara & Wil take the plunge, Oswald & Danny arrive behind them on the gondola.

They get harnessed up and make their way to the edge of the platform. After the countdown, they take the massive plunge into the canyon. They have an exhilarating ride, and then get into their vehicles and depart. They get a little turned around on the back roads of New Zealand, making a wrong turn at one point. They find a farmer on the side of the road and he points them in the proper direction. Eventually they arrive, where Chris decides to perform the Roadblock. He enters the sheep's pen, but immediately has trouble with the speedy sheep. He is able to lead two black sheep into the small pen, along with one white one, but has a lot of trouble with the last black one. When he successfully gets it in, he now finds himself tasked with removing the one white sheep from the small pen. This proves to be incredibly difficult as well, but he is eventually successful. They then run to the Pit Stop, where they arrive in 3rd place.

Leg 11 (New Zealand)

"We got some figures on New Zealand. For every one person there's ten sheep." – Chris
Detour.png Drop: Rappel into the lost world caves.
Roadblock.png Alex: Ride a quad bike through an 4x4 course.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 3:41am, Chris & Alex select a camper van and depart. Their long journey to Picton is completed without issue, although Chris nearly rear-ends a vehicle when they enter the ferry terminal. Once there, they are surprised to find that they had beaten Tara & Wil, laughing as they pull up behind. Alex continues being playful with Tara, and then Wil playfully but aggressively pulls his camper van ahead of them in line. Wil then notices that Blake & Paige have somehow obtained a priority pass that will let them off the ferry ahead of everyone. When he and Chris & Alex ask an employee how they got it, they are told it is because the siblings are "frequent travelers". They can only reply in disbelief that the two have never left the United States before. In response, they decide to tell the workers that Blake is holding their pass and that they need to be together. The ferry departs, carrying the three teams to Wellington.

After another long drive to Rotorua, they arrive to find that the Maori institute is closed for the night. In the morning, they are joined by Oswald & Danny and the teams enter the institute to witness the performance and receive their next clue. They head off, sandwiched between Blake & Paige and Oswald & Danny. The latter teams turns around and goes the other way, which concerns them, so they turn around and begin following them. Soon they arrive at the caves, but they are now in last place. They reach the Detour clue just as Oswald & Danny are starting the rappel and choose Drop, though they have to wait for the best friends to finish before they can start. They then blaze through the rappel and begin to traverse the cave to reach their next clue. Along the way, they are able to pass the slow-moving Oswald & Danny. They exit the cave and begin to travel to their next destination, but realize along the way that they have made yet another wrong turn on the roads of New Zealand. They find a man on a farm nearby and ask him for directions.

This proves to help quite a bit and they soon find the adventure park. Alex decides to perform the Roadblock and quickly heads off on an ATV while Chris waits with Blake. With the final elimination on the line, Alex drives extremely fast and recklessly through the course. When he runs through the muddy puddle, he stalls momentarily but soon gets going again. He retrieves his clue from the beach and heads back, arriving not long after Paige finishes. They get into their camper and head for the Pit Stop. They find Ardmore, and then ask a local how to get to the Warbirds hangar. When they finally find the Pit Stop, they arrive in 3rd place.

Leg 12 (New Zealand → United States)

"No. Eliminate us, dude." – Chris
Detour.png Walk: Find one of three yellow plastic pineapples in pineapple field on foot.
Roadblock.png Alex: Untie and unlock a case suspended underwater
PitStop.png 3rd - Non-elimination leg

Departing at 3:58am, Chris & Alex find a taxi who knows exactly where they need to go and depart. They quickly grab their clue at the monument and head for the airport. Once there, they find a huge queue is lined up at the Air New Zealand flight, but the other two teams are at the front of it. They try to ask the other people in line if they can skip to the front, but some of the people say no. Tara comes over to hang out with Alex for a moment before she, Wil and the siblings head off to board their flight. Though they cut it close, they do manage to get on the same flight as the other two teams. While on the flight Alex and Tara get even closer to one another, sitting far away from Wil and playfully kissing.

Once in Maui they get into a taxi and head off. Their driver has never heard of the road where the sugar mill ruins are but he is eventually able to find it. It is still the middle of the night, and so it's hard to find the clue box in near-pitch darkness. They find it and get into a vehicle, just behind Tara & Wil. They decide to ask their taxi driver where the pineapple field is. Morning arrives as all three teams reach the Detour at the pineapple field. They decide to complete Walk as there are more pineapples to find. After a short time searching, they notice Tara & Wil picking up a clue and run to grab one from the same pineapple. They travel to the dock and hop into a boat that takes them to Molokini just behind the separated couple. Once there, Alex decides to perform the Roadblock as he lived in the Caribbean for a while and follows Wil into the water. He dips his head under the water and immediately sees the cases, which he begins to unlock but realizes just how tightly it's sealed. For a while Alex, Wil and Blake repeatedly dive down and attempt to open their case. Blake is the first to open his case, but Alex is not far behind him. Keeping on the siblings' tails, they return to the dock and get in a vehicle.

As they head off, they are a little perplexed by where exactly they are. Their confidence in directions gets shakier as they continue to drive. They stop and ask a local for directions, but his instructions are vague at best. As they continue down the road, they notice an uneven dirt road off to the side which seems to match the "4x4 road" that their clue is talking about, so they turn onto it. The road only becomes more bumpy and less like a road as they go, and soon they are simply driving on grass. A little further down, they end up on an open field covering the area below a volcano. Deciding that this is not where they need to be, they turn around and drive all the way back down to the actual road. It isn't long before they find the actual road they need, marked with a race arrow. They then proceed along the long drive to the Pit Stop, annoyed at themselves for making mistakes like this on the penultimate leg. They arrive at the Pit Stop in last place, but are not eliminated as it is a non-elimination leg. The two are very embarrassed by their mistakes and promise to do better on the final leg.

Leg 13 (United States)

"There's no other word to describe it but 'amazing'." – Alex
Detour.png Presented as Additional Task: Ride Snowcat across frozen lake.
Roadblock.png Chris: Use tools to retrieve clue from inside a frozen globe.
PitStop.png Finish Line - 1st

Departing at 12:39am, Chris & Alex quickly locate Hana Bay and retrieve their clue from Kaahumanu's birthplace. They make their way to the airport, which is closed, and use the pay phones to try and book flights. They end up with a flight that connects through Honolulu, San Francisco and Seattle. The other teams try to get a slightly earlier flight to Honolulu that is fully booked, but they play it safe and stay with what they have. Tara then comes over to hug Alex, and tells him that Wil lost their clue. The couple want to copy their clue, but the budding romance between Alex and Tara is not enough to persuade them to do so on the final leg. They inform Wil that he would not give them the clue if the situation were reversed. As expected, they re-join the other two teams as they connect through Honolulu, and all three teams travel to San Fransicso and Seattle. There, they leave Blake & Paige behind and travel on one more flight to Anchorage.

When they arrive, they travel by taxi to Rust's and get into one of the planes. Tara & Wil had arrived at Rust's first, but are hanging back and allowing the friends to go first. They fly to Trapper Creek with the separated couple following behind, and when they land they grab their clue and spend the night in one of the igloos. Morning arrives and the three teams snowshoe to their next clue. They all choose the same Detour task and get into a Snowcat. They are the second to begin driving their vehicle, but pass Tara & Wil and are the first to finish the task. They get into their trucks and drive to the hardware store, picking up their next clue and their tools. Before leaving, Alex asks a local where the Parks Highway is. As the pair munch on sandwiches, they cross Hurricane Gulch and reach the next clue box. Chris elects to perform the Roadblock and grabs a hammer and chisel. He uses this to chip away at the ice before switching to simply smashing it with the hammer. After a bit more chiseling and hammering, the ice globe is knocked off its stand and Chris wrenches the clue from it. Now tasked with getting to San Francisco, they look at their map and notice that they are almost halfway between Anchorage and Fairbanks, both with major airports. Deciding that they are a little closer to Fairbanks, they begin to head there. They drive through the Alaskan wilderness for a long while, their confidence in their decision slowly slipping. At the Fairbanks Airport, they talk to a pair of ticket agents about possible flights to take, but there is only one flight from there to San Francisco and it's a long time later. They learn that there is a flight to San Francisco through Portland that is departing from Anchorage soon, and that they would have enough time to fly from Fairbanks to Anchorage and catch it. Back in Anchorage, they get flights through Portland to San Francisco on the same flight as the other two teams. Tara immediately goes over to hug Alex.

After a long flight, they arrive in Oakland and run to the airport's taxi line. A taxi arrives and takes them to San Francisco, putting them in second place behind the siblings. Their driver is very knowledgeable about the city of San Francisco and drives them straight to the landmark, putting them back in first place. They then begin their long run to the pier. They ask a local where the pier is, but he tells them that there are about 50 'municipal piers'. When they get closer to the waterfront, they get more precise directions from the locals they pass by. When they get there, they see Tara & Wil departing. They grab the clue directing them to the Finish Line, and ask a nearby policeman where Fort Baker is. The policeman also directs them to an area where they can get a taxi and they find one there. It is occupied, however, and the occupant refuses to get out. They do find another, vacant taxi nearby and get in. They see Tara & Wil in another taxi nearby and tell their driver to follow them. They stay close behind and follow the separated couple through the city, but become confused when they start going down residential streets. When Tara & Wil stop at a nondescript location, get out and begin looking around, Chris & Alex realize that Wil is trying to fool them and so they rush off. They stop soon after and ask a local, who tells them that Fort Baker is on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge and that they are presently at Fort Point.

They stop briefly on the other side of the bridge to get more directions, but soon see that Tara & Wil have gotten ahead of them again in their taxi. A slow-moving car in front of them widens the distance between them and Tara & Wil as they approach Fort Baker. They reach the gate and begin their run to the Finish Line with Tara & Wil not far ahead of them. The two run as fast as they can, putting all their energy into this last sprint, and are eventually able to pass by Tara. They continue onward, overtaking Wil at the very end and stepping onto the Finish Line before them. Phil informs them that they are the first to arrive and have won The Amazing Race and the two hug each other and tumble to the ground. Alex comments that any team could have won it, and that he is thankful fate was twisted in their favor, and Chris comments on how crazy and difficult it was and how proud he is that they came back from nearly losing the race to win it.

The Amazing Race 2
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