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Brandon & Nicole
Brandon & Nicole
Season 5
Relationship Dating Models
Finishing Position 3rd
Legs Completed 13
Legs Won 2
Average Position 3.31
Roadblock Count Brandon 11, Nicole 1
Countries raced Flag of Uruguay.svg Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of Russia.svg Flag of Egypt.svg Flag of Kenya.svg Flag of Tanzania.svg 22x20px Flag of India.svg Flag of New Zealand.svg 22x20px Flag of Canada.svg 22x20px

Brandon Davidson and Nicole O'Brian are dating models who competed on The Amazing Race 5. They are from Los Angeles California. They finished their race in 3rd, after recovering from a dangerous moment when they refused to complete a head-shaving Fast Forward in India.

Before the Race

CBS Biography

Brandon & Nicole met just over a year ago at a Bridal Extravaganza in Houston, Texas. As reigning Miss Texas, she was there to model a new bridal gown, while Brandon was there as her escort on the runway. Right after the bridal show ended, Brandon got her telephone number, and they've been dating ever since. Both consider themselves very religious and spiritual people and describe their relationship as God-centered.

Brandon, a Texas A&M alum, is now a model and has lived in various big cities, including New York, Miami and Houston, while Nicole currently lives in Los Angeles and is pursuing an acting career. Nicole's proudest accomplishments have been winning Miss Texas USA 2003 and being the second runner up at Miss USA 2003.

Brandon & Nicole's primary motivation for being on The Amazing Race 5 is to win the $1 million prize, but they also look forward to spending more time together, since their careers have kept them apart.

Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Uruguay)

"The other teams are gonna see that we're committed Christians." – Brandon
Detour.png Zips: Cross a tightrope between two skyscrapers and ride a zipline.
PitStop.png 6th

Brandon & Nicole started the race near the front of the pack. Once on the road, they end up in the city streets in the middle of the pack. At the airport, they get on a shuttle with Chip & Kim and Bob & Joyce and head for American Airlines. After running to the marked desk, they find Dennis & Erika holding up the line for two other teams to arrive, and are not happy with this. When Dennis finally leaves and others purchase tickets, they and Bob & Joyce aren't able to get tickets before it fills up. They instead get tickets on the United Flight. They get onto the flight along with Charla & Mirna, Alison & Donny, Kami & Karli, Linda & Karen, Bob & Joyce and Jim & Marsha, and it ends up being the faster flight. Once in Montevideo, all seven teams quickly get onto the same bus to Punta del Este. When it arrives, the group all rush across the streets and beach to reach The Hand in the Sand, picking up their next clue. They talk to a few locals, and one suggests that they can walk to the ferry. They watch as all of the other teams race away in taxis, but Brandon decides they should walk anyway in order to save money. Nicole is upset at having been left out of the decision. Once there, they get onto the ferry with Linda & Karen, who also walked there.

Once on the island, they start looking amongst the trees. Nicole finds a 9am and Brandon wants to just take it, but Nicole disagrees. After more searching, they only find three other 9am cards. When teams from the second flight show up, they finally decide to just take it. In the morning, they depart on the last ferry along with Marshall & Lance, Colin & Christie, Dennis & Erika and Chip & Kim. They then disembark and all grab the next clue. The two travel to the meat warehouse and start carrying the beef. They pass the Yield without using it, then deliver their beef to get the next clue. They then go to a taxi stand, where Kami & Karli, Jim & Marsha, Colin & Christie and Dennis & Erika are also waiting. A taxi shows up and they nab it, leaving second of the group. They are the 5th team to pick up the Detour clue and decide to perform Zips. On the roof, Brandon quickly pulls himself across and Nicole follows. Nicole then rides the zipline down and Brandon follows, so they receive their next clue. After a taxi ride to Casapueblo, they arrive at the Pit Stop in 6th place.

Leg 2 (Uruguay → Argentina)

"There was some idiot guy grabbing all over." – Nicole
Detour.png Tango: Search a dimly-lit room of tango dancers for one matching a photograph
Roadblock.png Brandon: Take a bandanna off of a running cattle.
PitStop.png 1st

Departing at 1:13am, Brandon & Nicole depart and watch as Charla & Mirna drive off in the wrong direction. Once in Montevideo, they are the fourth team to arrive at the disco. Inside, while looking through the foam for globes, a drunk dancer starts hugging and groping Nicole. She calls desperately to Brandon for help, and the two quickly get their clue and leave. They then drive to Colonia and board the same ferry to Buenos Aires as all other teams. During the ride, they are told by a local that Perón's grave is at Chacarita cemetery. However, the taxi driver they find when they arrive says it's at Recoleta. They arrive at the cemetery just ahead of Marshall & Lance and start looking for the grave. They see the brothers grabbing the clue and follow them to it, passing the Yield without using it.

They pick up the Detour clue, and then see Alison & Donny arrive on a delivery lorry. They hop onto the lorry and ask to be taken back to the entrance, choosing to perform Tango. They arrive at the theatre just as Charla & Mirna are leaving. The two carefully study the photograph, not wanting to make any mistakes, and successfully find the correct dancer. They then travel by taxi to San Antonio de Areco, arriving at the farm at the same time as the cousins. Brandon decides to perform the Roadblock and enters the corral. Brandon is just a little intimidated, and finds it hard to catch up to the fast cattle. He is eventually able to grab a bandanna before Mirna can and receives the next clue. They hop into a horse-drawn carriage and travel to the Pit Stop. The cousins hop out of their carriage before them, but they run past them and arrive at the Pit Stop in 1st place.

Leg 3 (Argentina)

"We're worried that Brandon and I really are screwing people over." – Nicole
Roadblock.png Brandon: Bite into thousands of chocolate pieces looking for one with a white center.
Detour.png Smooth Sailing: Paraglide off a cliff.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 11:50pm, Brandon & Nicole choose a vehicle and wait a couple minutes for Charla & Mirna, whom they've formed an alliance with. When the cousins arrive, both teams head off together. As they leave the ranch, they come across a very muddy part of the road. Nicole stops in the middle of it, ending up stuck. Charla & Mirna stop to help them, but a man is nearby with a tractor that can help pull them out. Soon enough, both teams are on their way again. At an intersection in the city they turn left while the cousins go straight, ending up separating them. The models just continue ahead. Soon after, they arrive at the airport. No-one is at the airport, so Brandon phones for information. He learns they need an Argentina Airlines ticket, but the earliest flight is sold out. The best they can get is a 10:30am flight, but cannot reserve them over the phone. Eventually the cousins show up, and they promise to buy tickets for each other on whatever the fastest flight is. The cousins learn of an earlier flight on Southern Winds and get in line there, while they continue to wait at Argentina Airlines. When the counters open, they ask first in line Jim & Marsha if they will purchase tickets for them as well, and Marsha says yes. Mirna walks over and asks what's going on, and Nicole denies the whole thing. Mirna walks away in a huff.

With secured tickets on the 10:30 flight, Nicole then walks over to Southern Winds and get standby tickets for the 9:40 flight. Brandon, meanwhile, gets back in line at Argentina Airlines to get standby tickets for the 9:10 flight. Plans for the 9:10 flight fall through, but they do end up getting on the 9:40 flight along with Marshall & Lance. A man on the flight tells them where they can find the mayor's office, and they share this information with the brothers. Once they land, both teams head out together. They stay together on the roads, but then the brothers get stuck at a red light the models simply continue ahead. Soon after they find the mayor's office and get the next clue. They run a few blocks to the chocolate factory, where they pass the Yield without using it. Brandon decides to perform the Roadblock as he claims to have a bigger stomach. He notes that he will have a better chance of winning the lottery, but does manage to find a white chocolate after not much time at all. They then head to Villa Catedral, being the third team to arrive and get onto a gondola. On the way up, they see teams ahead of them paragliding. After they pick up the Detour clue, they both decide to perform Smooth Sailing as well. Brandon takes to the skies first and Nicole follows behind. Both of them have an amazing time and then pick up the next clue. After this, they drive all the way to Bahia Lopez and arrive at the Pit Stop in 3rd place.

Leg 4 (Argentina → Russia)

"Nikky's really sick. She's literally about to pass out on me..." – Brandon
Detour.png Block 5 Shots: Block five pucks being shot by professional hockey players.
Roadblock.png Nicole: Eat 1kg of caviar.
PitStop.png 5th

Departing at 3:54am, Brandon & Nicole hop into their vehicle and hurry to the bus station. They arrive third at the bus station, getting in line with every other team while they wait for it to open. When Colin & Christie head over to a different company's window, every team follows them. There is a general agreement to keep the same line-up order at this window, though not every team agrees to this. Colin buys tickets for them, as well as Marshall & Lance and Chip & Kim, in response to the petty arguing. With time to spare before their later express bus leaves, they all head to a travel agency. They acquire tickets for a 6am arrival in St. Petersburg. An earlier flight is discovered with room for only one team, and everyone is happy to let Colin & Christie have it since they bought all the bus tickets. While on the bus to Buenos Aires, however, they begin to reconsider if being in this big group is a good idea. When the bus arrives, they quickly head off on their own. At the airport, they phone the travel agent they had spoken to in Bariloche and see if they can get on an earlier flight. They learn about a British Airways flight that arrives 105 minutes earlier. They manage to get tickets on this flight, while Chip & Kim and Marshall & Lance aren't able to because the flight is full.

They then travel through São Paulo and London to St. Petersburg. Second to arrive in Russia, they get into a taxi to the Battleship Aurora. Once there, they pass the Yield without using it and pick up the Detour clue. Brandon wants to perform the hockey task, but Nicole thinks the saber task will be faster. However, Brandon is not comfortable drinking vodka because of his religion, and so Nicole eventually agrees to perform Block 5 Shots with him. Once at the rink, Nicole is not feeling confident about the task at all. She hasn't been on ice skates since she was five years old, and falls immediately upon stepping onto the ice. They shakily make their way over to the net, and Nicole is not happy with Brandon. The first shot smacks Brandon in the leg and makes him fall down, and the puck goes in anyway. They manage to block one, but then another slips in. After another successful block, Brandon stops the next pick with his leg, though it hurts quite a bit. After another goal, block and goal, Nicole is the one who manages to block the final puck. The task completed, they receive the next clue. Night has fallen as they travel by taxi to the Bronze Horseman. They pick up the next clue there, and then their taxi driver takes them to Pushkin. Once at the restaurant, they find the Roadblock. Based on the clue, Brandon thinks that Nicole should perform the task and she agrees.

She arrives to find Christie crying her eyes out. Nicole finds the caviar disgusting after just one bite. After only a quarter of the caviar has been eaten, Nicole says that she's full. Chip & Kim, Marshall & Lance and Charla & Mirna all show up. Soon after, she's reached a standstill just as Christie has. They watch in dismay as Chip becomes the first to complete the task. After Colin & Christie leave as well, Nicole starts to feel extremely sick to her stomach. She feels dizzy as well and needs to lie down. As all four teams finish the task and depart, Nicole is left shivering and moaning on the ground. Tables are moved and a makeshift bed is created out of chairs and a blanket, where Nicole falls asleep. After resting for quite a bit, she wakes up ans has a drink. At this point, Brandon convinces her to give the task another try. She's absolutely quivering, but manages to take some more bites of caviar. With Brandon encouraging her and praying to God, she pushes through and manages to finish the caviar. They pick up their next clue and travel by sleigh to the Pit Stop. They step onto the mat in 5th place, much to their relief that the leg is over.

Leg 5 (Russia → Egypt)

"I was a little frightened to do the Roadblock because of the...crevasses." – Brandon
Roadblock.png Brandon: Descend into the Osiris shaft and retrieve a satchel with puzzle pieces.
Detour.png Rock & Roll: Transport 600lbs of rocks using primitive stone-rolling techniques.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 11:50am, Brandon & Nicole carefully head out into the heavy snowfall. Brandon wants to consider walking to the train station, but Nicole wants a taxi. They do end up finding a taxi to the station. While on a train to St. Petersburg without any other teams, the two get cute with one another. The two arrive at the museum in St. Petersburg and begin to look. The locals they ask have no idea where Rembrandt's paintings are, but soon enough they find the correct one. Brandon whoops in excitement, but Nicole quickly tells him to keep quiet. They make their way to the airport, and find everyone sitting around. Taking this to believe that there is only one flight available, they purchase tickets on the 3:15pm arrival and then join the others. They are joined on the flight by Marshall & Lance, Chip & Kim, Charla & Mirna and Kami & Karli, the latter of whom arrive at the last possible minute.

While connecting through Frankfurt, the cousins disappear but Linda & Karen catch up to them. Once in Cairo, they quickly find a taxi. They pass by Marshall & Lance while on the road. They are the first of their flight group to reach the tower and pick up their next clue. They then travel to the pyramids alongside Chip & Kim, and both teams follow the yellow stones to the Yield, which they pass without using. Nicole decides that Brandon should do the Roadblock, though he's a little nervous to do so. He gets harnessed up and begins the perilous climb downwards, but finds that the bottom of the shaft is actually very beautiful to look at. He retrieves the satchel, commenting that he feels like Indiana Jones, and climbs back up. When he joins with Nicole, they find the puzzle inside and he asks if she's good at puzzles. They manage to put the puzzle together, but have no idea how it's supposed to reveal their next destination. They collaborate with the married couple and realize that both puzzles have a piece missing, from which they are able to discern their destination. They search around the pyramid in confusion for a bit before Marshall & Lance manage to locate the Detour clue.

With the other task closed for the night, they have no choice but to complete Rock & Roll. They head over to the task, and Brandon decides to do all the pulling while Nicole handles moving the logs. Only a few minutes into the task, Nicole begins to worry that it may be too physical for her. It's a difficult task that they slowly push through. At one point, their sledge gets stuck and Brandon asks Chip to help them get going again. As they keep going, Brandon notices that they're going slightly to the left. He tries to tell Nicole that she's making a mistake, but Nicole rebuffs him for speaking to her like she's a child. From there, however, they get into their stride and manage to complete the task just after Chip & Kim. Brandon apologizes to Nicole before they head for the Pit Stop. When they reach the Sphinx and step onto the mat, they learn that they have moved up to 3rd place and somehow passed the married couple.

Leg 6 (Egypt)

"Please, Lord. Need some help here..." – Brandon
Detour.png Haul It: Haul water from the river then deliver it with a donkey.
Roadblock.png Brandon: Dig in the sand for a small stone scarab.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 6:54am, Brandon & Nicole head off and ask a camel-riding officer where to find the Great Pyramid's entrance. They catch up with Charla & Mirna at the entrance. They descend down the long shaft just behind the cousins. The depths of the pyramid are quite hot, so Brandon takes off his shirt and impresses the ladies. They then return to the top and take a taxi to the old airport. They arrive at terminal two, but find they can't buy tickets there. They do, however, find out that their scheduled charter flight does depart from this terminal. All teams travel on the provided charter flight to Luxor. When they land, they get into a taxi and a large caravan of taxis take the teams off to the temple. Most teams arrive at the temple at the same time, creating a traffic jam as everyone buys tickets and heads inside. After passing the Yield without using it, they pick up the Detour clue and decide to perform Haul It.

They arrive at the farm by kalesh just moments after Colin & Christie. They fill up their first jar and then Brandon gets on the donkey. However, Nicole pulls a little too hard on the harness and agitates the donkey. They reach the farmhouse and deposit their first load of water, then head back for more. It only takes one more return trip to fill the jug and they receive the next clue. After a quick taxi ride, they arrive at the Habu Temple to see that only Colin & Christie are there. Brandon decides to perform the Roadblock, though Brandon does not have a clue what a scarab is. He prays for help in finding it. Colin finds the scarab first and shows them what it looks like. As he keeps digging, the twins, bowling moms and cousins all show up and Kim and Karli manage to find theirs. Brandon starts feeling insecure about himself. Finally, just as light starts to fade, Brandon manages to find the scarab and pick up the next clue. They travel by water taxi across the Nile in the dark and arrive at the Pit Stop in 4th place.

Leg 7 (Egypt → Kenya → Tanzania)

"It felt dangerous, it felt unsafe..." – Brandon
Detour.png Busy: Deliver two chairs
Roadblock.png Brandon: Eat the contents of an ostrich egg.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 6:10am, Brandon & Nicole head for the airport with Nicole talking about how much she loved Egypt and its people. They arrive fourth at the airport and get tickets on the first flight, but the flight is delayed and allows all other teams to join them. They are the fourth to get into a taxi in Cairo, but are soon passed by Charla & Mirna. When they arrive at the international airport, they find that Kenya Airlines are closed until 11am. Colin & Christie offer to work with them and Kami & Karli in order to beat Charla & Mirna. Chip & Kim are later brought into the group. The group heads over to Swiss Air, where they learn about a flight through Zurich that leaves tomorrow evening. Kami wonders where the cousins are, so Colin heads over to Gulf Air where he finds them. When the group learns that Gulf air arrives about 14 hours before the Swiss Air flight departs, Brandon & Nicole realize how stupid Colin's Swiss Air idea was. Eventually, all teams manage to get on this flight. The cousins and bowling moms separate from them while connecting through Bahrain. Once in Nairobi, they hurriedly run over to the charter flight and see that the others haven't landed yet. As such, they are able to sign up for the second 8:30am charter flight along with Kami & Karli. While on the flight, they see a rainbow and say it's a symbol of God's promise.

The charter plane takes the two teams to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania, where they pick up the next clue and head for the bus station. Both teams find a bus to their destination, which charges both teams US$40 and promises to leave immediately. When it doesn't leave right away, Brandon promises the driver US$100 if he departs. The driver responds by requesting US$200. When they refuse, he lowers his offer to US$150 but they still refuse. Both teams decide that the driver is taking advantage of him and try to get off the bus, but the driver blocks their way. Finally, the bus departs and both teams sit uncomfortably. During the ride, the driver's assistant requests that they pay the fare. Brandon boldly tells him that he will gladly pay, but he needs to reach the destination first. The men agree to this. Not long after, their bus pulls over on the road and driver informs them that they have run out of fuel. To their dismay, this is going to be rectified by a man running over to town to get more. Unbeknownst to them, the teams from the third charter flight drive past them in their bus. Eventually, the speedy man returns with the gas. The driver asks both teams to pay an extra US$20 for the fuel, but Brandon agrees to only pay half now and half when they arrive. Luckily, as they drive along the road, they end up passing the second bus once more. Once in Mto wa Mbu, they pay their bus fare, pass the Yield without using it and pick up the next clue.

However, they refuse to pay the other $10 for fuel because the bus broke down and delayed them. The driver aggressively presses them for the money, even as they read their clue. He even goes so far as to lightly hit Nicole in the face with some rolled up paper, prompting her to angrily yell at him. Finally, Brandon just wants out of the uncomfortable situation and convinces Nicole to pay the money, though she throws it to the ground in front of the man. Seeing that the girls are performing Busy, they decide to complete this as well. Brandon quickly finds a local who knows where their address is and they're off. Nicole is feeling exhausted at this point and can't run. When they finally find the address and deliver their furniture, they see Charla & Mirna approaching. When they head back with their receipt, they see that Linda & Karen have passed them. They, along with Kami & Karli, all run together to Kibaoni and find the hotel at the same time, where Colin is struggling. Brandon decides to perform the Roadblock and receives his ostrich egg. He quickly cooks the egg and starts to eat. He takes big bites and tries his best to complete the task quickly. Linda & Karen are able to pass him, but he soon finishes the task and picks up the next clue. The two ride across the valley on the Flying Fox, and they arrive at the Pit Stop in 4th place.

Leg 8 (Tanzania → United Arab Emirates)

  • Roadblock.png Brandon: Buy and deliver nuts
  • Detour.png Off Plane: Perform a tandem skydive.
  • PitStop.png 2nd

Leg 9 (United Arab Emirates → India)

  • Roadblock.png Brandon: Craft 20 mud bricks.
  • Detour.png Heavy but Short: Transport a taxi without an engine 10 miles.
  • PitStop.png 5th - Non-elimination leg

Leg 10 (India → New Zealand)

  • Detour.png Dirty: Search the Hell's Gate mud pits for a statuette.
  • Roadblock.png Brandon: Ride a zorb down a hill and push it over the finish line.
  • PitStop.png 3rd

Leg 11 (New Zealand → Philippines)

  • Roadblock.png Brandon: Climb a rope ladder to the Auckland Harbour Bridge's girders, cross them, then rappel back down.
  • Detour.png Plow: Plow a field with an ox-drawn cart to find the clue in the mud.
  • PitStop.png 3rd

Leg 12 (Philippines)

  • Detour.png Presented as Additional Task: Snorkel for a clue inside an artificial giant clam.
  • Roadblock.png Brandon: Climb a 150ft rock wall using a mechanical ascender.
  • PitStop.png 1st

Leg 13 (Philippines → Canada → United States)

  • Roadblock.png Brandon: Build a teepee.
  • Detour.png Slide: Complete the luge course in 34 seconds or less.
  • PitStop.png Finish Line - 3rd

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