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Blake & Paige
Blake & Paige
The Amazing Race 2
Relationship Brother/Sister
Finishing Position 3rd
Legs Completed 13
Legs Won 2
Average Position 3.69
Roadblock Count Blake 8, Paige 3
Countries raced Flag of Brazil.svg Flag of South Africa.svg Flag of Namibia.svg Flag of Thailand.svg Flag of Hong Kong.svg Flag of Australia.svg Flag of New Zealand.svg 22x20px

Blake and Paige Mycoskie are siblings who competed on The Amazing Race 2. They are from Nashville, Tennessee and Arlington, Texas, respectively. Their race ended in 3rd in San Francisco, losing to Tara & Wil and Chris & Alex.


Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Brazil)

"I'll tell you what scares the hell outta me, though: second place." – Blake
Detour.png Mountain: Rappel down Morro da Urca mountainside.
PitStop.png 4th (tie)

Blake & Paige had a speedy start to the race, driving away from the Starting Line in third place. After being briefly held up by security at the airport, they sneak ahead of other teams to reach the American Airlines counter second. They get tickets for the first flight along with Tara & Wil, Hope & Norm, Cyndi & Russell, Chris & Alex, Mary & Peach and Shola & Doyin. Once in Rio de Janeiro, they were the third team to get into a taxi. They retain this position, but once they reach Corcovado their taxi has trouble opening the trunk to get their bags. When he finally does, they run up to the statue and get their next clue. They then head to the docks and get on the main ferry to the island, but watch as Cyndi & Russell speed past them in an express ferry.

Once on the island, they get into a horse-drawn carriage to take them to Fat Maria. After kissing the tree, they rush off to the hotel. They hear Tara calling out for Wil and quickly discern where the sign-up is. There is a chaotic crowd at the window, but they manage to get in the front of the line and get the last seats on the first ferry. Wil is immediately angry at him for stealing their spot in line, despite the fact that Wil was absent when Tara reached the counter. A heated argument breaks out between them. In the morning, they depart with Cyndi & Russell and Shola & Doyin. They take a taxi to the mountain and end up on the gondola with the same two teams.

At the top they find the Detour and immediately decide to complete Mountain. In first place, Paige begins her descent with encouraging words from her brother. Blake then follows her down quickly, having rock-climbed before. They then initially start running towards the boat with the Pit Stop in the distance, but realize it's so far away that they will have to take a taxi. Once at the marina, they meet up with Hope & Norm and the two teams pool their money to get a water taxi to the yacht. The two teams then step onto the mat at the same time, earning a tie for 4th place.

Leg 2 (Brazil)

"Paige, I don't have the wallet." – Blake
Detour.png Freak Out: Ride a hang-glider from Pedro Bonita to São Conrado Beach.
Roadblock.png Paige: Ride a boat into Iguaçu Falls and search for a race flag.
PitStop.png 9th

Departing at 12:19am alongside Hope & Norm, Blake & Paige got into a boat before them to return to shore. Once at the nightclub, Paige retrieved the clue while Blake couldn't help but dance along with the samba dancer. They then head to the mountain and climb to the top. As the hang-gliding is first come, first served and they're now in eighth, they reason that Seek Out would be faster at this point. While in the taxi on the way to the beach, Blake has an idea. He wonders if they could borrow a metal detector from someone and use it to find the clue in the sand early, and then use the provided metal detectors in the morning so as not to break any rules and immediately find it. He gets on a pay phone and makes a call to the hotel, asking if they have a metal detector, but has no luck. They then notice the area they would have to search and see that it is rather large.

The two have a brief argument and cannot decide what to do, and eventually return to Freak Out as the sun rises, accepting their 8th place in line. When their turn finally arrives, Paige takes off followed by Blake. They land safely on the beach, get their next clue, and head off to the bus station. Once there, they get in line behind Peggy & Claire for the 11:00 bus. However, Blake realizes that he doesn't have their wallet. The two search everywhere for it, but it and all of their money is gone. With no other options, they find a local and ask him to write "Please help, need money for ticket" in Portuguese on a sign, which they use to beg for money. Within five minutes, they have already made $20. When they finally have enough funds, they purchase tickets for a 2:30 bus which they share with Hope & Norm, putting them in a tie for last place.

While riding the bus, they discover that one of the passengers has a guide book and use it to copy a map. Once they arrive, they get into a vehicle and head off, though Paige begins by driving the wrong way down a one-way street. At some point along the way, their vehicle breaks down through no fault of their own and they are provided with a replacement vehicle. When they reach the park, Hope & Norm are just barely behind them. Once at the docks, Paige decides to perform the Roadblock and heads off. Blake and Hope wait anxiously for their teammates to return, but eventually it is Paige who shows up first. They then drive to the Pit Stop and rush to the mat, arriving in 9th place and surviving to race another day.

Leg 3 (Brazil → South Africa)

"When you're in last place, you know, you gotta do whatever you can to make sure you get into the middle of the pack." – Blake
Detour.png Dance: Perform with a South African dancing troupe to earn 25 Rand.
Roadblock.png Blake: Search Langa Township for Epsom salts, a smiley, and a Sangoma, then drink a concoction.
PitStop.png 5th (tie)

Before their departure time arrives, Blake notices that Peggy & Claire have slept through their departure time. He chooses not to wake them, as he and Paige are in last place and need any advantage they can get. Departing at 3:35am, the two excitedly head off for their journey to Africa and find that all the other teams are waiting in the airport for the morning flight to São Paulo. Once there, they head for South African airlines and make their way to the back offices. They then head for American Airlines, trying to get a connection from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Shola & Doyin, Cyndi & Russell and Peggy & Claire are already there in line. When they notice a ticket agent that's not helping anybody, they go and speak to her and this upsets the other three teams.

Finally, after much perseverence, they get tickets along with Tara & Wil to London. The separated couple have confirmed seats to Cape Town, but they do not and are on standby. There are no open seats for them and they do not get on the connecting flight. The two find another flight and end up being the sixth team to reach Cape Town. They get onto the 12:00 ferry to Robben Island and pass by Shola & Doyin and Mary & Peach on the return ferry. They retrieve their clue from the cell and head back. They then travel to Kalk Bay, where they decide to complete the Dance Detour. To their surprise, Shola & Doyin show up soon after. They perform the dance and then earn 32 rand from the locals, seven more than they needed. They get on the train to Cape Town, and Shola & Doyin join them soon after. The two teams share a taxi to the township, and Blake decides to perform the Roadblock. He and Doyin purchase what they need and complete the task. They then travel to the Pit Stop and decide to step on the mat together with the twins, putting them in a tie for 5th place.

Leg 4 (South Africa → Namibia)

"This game is about minutes, huh?" – Blake
Detour.png Not shown, but assumed to be Slide.
Roadblock.png Blake: Purchase woodcarvings of Africa's five big animals.
PitStop.png 4th

Departing at 6:02 alongside Shola & Doyin, Blake & Paige hopped in a taxi and raced to the airport. Blake tells his driver that he will pay an extra 100 Rand ($12.50) if they can beat the 4th place team, Mary & Peach, to the airport. They do not, and furthermore arrive behind Shola & Doyin. They get onto the second charter flight along with the twins, Cyndi & Russell and Chris & Alex. Once in Walvis Bay, they make their way to the taxi stand and order a taxi, quickly departing. They, along with the pastors and twins, retrieve their clue from the lighthouse and head to their vehicles. They are the first team of the second flight to reach the Matterhorn and make their way up, determined to get themselves back into the game.

They are not shown performing the Detour, but it is almost certain that they performed Slide as anyone performing Stride would have certainly been given airtime. After getting their postcard from the General Dealer, they reach the market where Blake decides to perform the Roadblock. After he completes it and they are heading off, they see Cyndi & Russell are just arriving. They then rush to the Pit Stop, at some point passing Mary & Peach. Both teams reach the car park at the same time and rush off to the Pit Stop, but Blake & Paige cut across the dirt to reach the mat first, which upsets the sisters. They receive a 4th place finish.

Leg 5 (Namibia → Thailand)

"God save all these people. They are so lost and so confused." – Blake
Detour.png Confusion Later: Buy a paper car and burn it at the proper altar to send to ancestors.
Roadblock.png Blake: Find clue inside cave full of bats.
PitStop.png 4th

During the rest period before this leg, Blake & Paige offhandedly mentioned that they wanted to get Tara & Wil out of the race, and Chris & Alex told the separated couple about this. A heated discussion broke out between the couple and them. They departed at 11:34am, but decided to let Mary & Peach open and read their clue as apology for cutting in front of them on the previous leg. At the airport, they decided to give the ticket agent one of the statues they had purchased in the previous Roadblock as a gift, so as to set themselves apart from all the other panicky teams. They get tickets with Air Namibia to connect through Johannesburg to reach Bangkok. They are joined by all teams except Chris & Alex, but the friends meet up with the group during the Johannesburg connection and get on the same flight to Bangkok. Blake jokes that Paige could sell her hair in Thailand, as blonde hair is a rarity there, and then goes to talk with Tara & Wil but ends up simply having a heated argument.

On the flight to Bangkok, they talk about pursuing the Fast Forward but ultimately decide for themselves not to go for it. Once finally in Bangkok, they are the second team off the plane and get onto a bus, which takes them to the skytrain. They get a little lost looking for the clue, which allows Tara & Wil and Chris & Alex to catch up to them. When they find the Detour, they decide to complete Confusion Later after finding Chinatown on their map. Once there, they find the paper cars and purchase one, with Blake trying unsuccessfully to lower the price from 70฿ ($1.57) to 50฿ ($1.12). They then head off, asking locals for the "Chinese Shrine". They are directed to a large fire pit where they burn the car. No-one hands them their next clue and they realize they are in the wrong place, having actually found a garbage incinerator. They purchase another car and begin asking locals for the actual name of the shrine, and they are enthusiastically directed into a shrine. The man there tells them that they have to pray first, so they kneel before the Buddha statue and offer a Christian prayer. They thrn burn the car in the fire pit, but again they receive no clue as they are in the wrong location. In desperation, Blake uses a stick and tries to pull his flaming car back out, but it burns to ashes and they have to try again. After getting yet another paper car, they decide not to take any chances and request that a local lead them directly to the shrine. Finally at the correct temple, they make another Christian prayer and then burn their car, at last receiving their next clue.

They then rush by tuktuk to the bus station, getting on the fifth bus to Ratchaburi. After they arrive and make their way to the temple, they reach the clue box just behind Mary & Peach, and are soon followed by a previously-lost Gary & Dave. Blake elects to perform the Roadblock and quickly suits up, entering the cave alongside Peach and Dave. Blake is the first of the three to find the clue, guiding Peach along behind him. He then rushes out of the cave and reunites with Paige, and the two get in a tuktuk and head for the Pit Stop. After arriving and taking a longboat, they reach the Pit Stop in 4th place.

Leg 6 (Thailand)

"It was great until the elephant took a dump on my foot." – Blake
Detour.png Boat: Ride bamboo raft down river.
Roadblock.png Blake: Wash traditional markings off an elephant.
PitStop.png 3rd

Departing at 7:22am, Blake & Paige returned to Amphawa and found a van taxi. As they tell the driver where they need to go, Gary & Dave poke their heads in to the conversation. As they head for Bangkok, the two work together to write out Thai words with their translation dictionary, as well as pictograms, to help their driver understand exactly where they need to go. Once at the market, they quickly find the marked vendor and get their next clue. They then get tickets for the same train as all the other teams to Chiang Mai. With time to kill before 3:00, they and most of the other teams go shopping in Bangkok. Blake buys a pair of sunglasses to replace the ones he lost while connecting through London, paying 180฿ ($4.09). Blake tries to buy a book for 250฿ ($5.60), but the salesman just walks away. Blake tries to spend another 180฿ on a leather band, but Paige convinces him that it's not a good use of money while on the race.

They then board the train and, 15 hours later, arrive in Chiang Mai and get the first available taxi. Their driver doesn't want to go the whole way and stops to hand them off to another driver, costing them time. They fall to 4th place as they reach the Detour, where both agree to complete Boat. They get onto a bamboo raft and shove off down the river, passing Oswald & Danny whose raft is still tied down. Their journey down the river is fairly uneventful. Soon, they reach the end of the river and retrieve their clue, getting into a vehicle and driving off.

When they reach the Roadblock, Blake decides to perform the task as Paige doesn't want to get wet again. He chooses an elephant and begins to wash it. He performs this task as Paige helpfully shouts from the side, though the elephant nearly defecates on him when he goes to get more water at one point. When he finishes his task, he and Paige head off to the Pit Stop. They pass by Oswald & Danny as they leave the Mae Ping Village. They make their way to the Pit Stop, where they arrive in 3rd place.

Leg 7 (Thailand → Hong Kong)

"I'm thinking I'm just gonna slam it down there, which kind of totally backfired." – Blake
Detour.png Herbal Tea: Find obscure tea shop and drink foul-tasting tea.
Roadblock.png Blake: Use crane to lift and move a shipping container.
PitStop.png 5th

Departing at 9:00pm, Blake & Paige head for Chiang Mai with Blake immediately finding the Seven Spires on his map. They travel there and grab their next clue, after which they head for the airport. Once there, they book seats on the 7am flight to Bangkok, and the 8:40 flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong. Gary overhears their phone call, but Blake doesn't feel the need to hide any information. All other teams joined them on these flights, and all six of them have to rush through the Bangkok airport to make their connection. Once in Hong Kong, they get on the metro along with Chris & Alex and Tara & Wil. They get off the train and ask for directions, quickly finding Central Plaza. They, along with the lifelong friends and separated couple all reach the tower and travel to the top, where they encounter Gary & Dave leaving.

After some difficulty, all three teams spot the Star Ferry at almost the same time, and they all depart, encountering Oswald & Danny coming up the elevator. They run across the streets to the ferry terminal as fast as they can, but the ferry departs just a few minutes before they arrive. This delay allows Oswald & Danny to catch up and all four teams get on the next ferry. The ferry docks at Tsim Sha Tsui, and all four teams rush to get their next clue, which they find is a Detour. They decide that walking is better than going 18 miles and choose Herbal Tea. They end up getting turned around on the confusing streets, being the last of the three teams to find the herbalist. Paige has some difficulty drinking the tea, but they finish and receive their next clue.

When they arrive at the terminal, they have been passed by Oswald & Danny. Blake elects to perform the Roadblock and gets into the crane. To try and make up lost time, Blake tries to do the task as quickly as possible, but ends up misaligning the crane numerous times. The sun begins to set as he finally gets the clamps on correctly after multiple attempts. He lifts the container off the truck and Paige grabs the next clue. Blake rejoins her and they leave the terminal. They travel by taxi to the harbour and approach the Junk, hoping that they are not in last place. When they reach the Pit Stop, they learn that they are in 5th place and are still in the race.

Leg 8 (Hong Kong → Australia)

"My sister's the most amazing woman in the world. I mean, if I could find a girl like her tomorrow, I'd get married." – Blake
Detour.png Lion: Carry a ceremonial lion head around a marked course on foot.
Roadblock.png Blake: Follow a series of clues in Australian slang - Completed incorrectly by both members, forced to start again.
PitStop.png 5th - Non-elimination leg

Departing at 6:32am, Blake & Paige ask a local which bus station to travel to. He tells them, but Blake sticks around and clarifies information. Paige tells him that he was wasting time and that they need to be quicker. They then get in a taxi to the bus terminal, after which they get on a bus to Repulse Bay. Moments later, Tara & Wil get on the same bus. They travel to the park and meet up with Gary & Dave and Chris & Alex. Oswald & Danny join them as well as the park opens. They grab their clue and then run out and grab a taxi. Their driver doesn't speak a word of English, so they search through their guidebooks and the 'Western District' stands out in their eyes. Confident that this is where they need to go, they tell their driver and depart. As the drive goes on for a long time, Blake begins to get anxious. After the drive continues to keep going and going, Blake realizes that the driver must have a cell phone and borrows it. He calls the Hong Kong Tourism Board, who inform him that he is going in the complete wrong direction. He asks the person on the phone to tell their driver where to go, and this puts them back on track.

By the time they reach the Murray House, they have fallen to last place and all other teams have finished the Detour already. They quickly decide to complete Lion and grab a ceremonial lion head. They make short work of the challenge and reach the clue box. Now tasked with getting to the airport, they ask a local if they can take her taxi so that they can get there. They reach the airport and meet Gary & Dave at the ticket counter, noting how rude and ugly they are acting towards the people of Hong Kong. They get tickets on the same flight as the former roommates, Chris & Alex and Tara & Wil; a connection through Bangkok that will arrive at 6:30am. The flight departs, and these four teams all wonder where Oswald & Danny are. In Bangkok, Gary asks Blake to stop standing so close to him, but calls him "Chris".

It is pouring rain when they land in Sydney, and they are third team to leave the airport and get in a taxi, though Paige is not feeling very well. At the Opera House, Blake decides to perform the Roadblock because of how Paige is feeling. He rides the bus and then a local directs him to the fountain, where he finds the surfie and gets his next clue. With his next clue in hand, Blake hurriedly hails a cab before even opening it and returns to Paige. Once there, he is surprised to see that Danny, Gary and Chris are still waiting. As he and Paige get into the taxi, Wil comes over and asks him what he did. He confirms that he and Wil both did the same thing, which satisfies both teams and they depart for the park. Once there, they find the young child and get the clue from him, then travel to the Captain Cook statue and get the clue from the woman there. They then travel by taxi to the quay and get the clue from the bushie. Blake is very confused when the clue says "Return to your partner", and Paige realizes that what they've been doing for the past three clues was all part of the Roadblock.

Blake decides that the only option they have is to start it over from the beginning and they return to the Opera House. While Blake runs off to do everything again, Paige waits with Tara as Wil also did the Roadblock incorrectly. The two discuss their partners' shortcomings while waiting to see who comes back first. After an anxious wait, Wil returns first and Paige is left waiting for her brother. When he eventually shows up, the two head for the Pit Stop. Their taxi driver does not drop them off next to the museum and they have to run a few blocks to get there. When they reach the mat, Phil tells them that they are in last place, but they are relieved to hear that it is a non-elimination leg. Blake takes this time to say just how proud he is of his amazing sister.

Leg 9 (Australia)

"Oh my gosh! It's on the freaking green, baby!" – Blake
Detour.png Heat Up: Play three holes on Coober Pedy's desert golf course.
Roadblock.png Paige: Throw a boomerang out of a circle so it successfully returns.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 10:06pm, Blake & Paige depart with immediate intent to pursue the Fast Forward. Paige comments that both Tara & Wil and Chris & Alex said to them during the previous Pit Stop that they wouldn't pursue it, but then the lifelong friends changed their minds at the very last minute. Paige believes that they are lying. When they arrive at the cafe, however, they find that the Fast Forward has already been taken. They return to Sydney BridgeClimb, where they are fourth and last team to sign up for the bridge climb. They decide to wait outside the front doors and sleep there. About an hour later, a heavy downpour occurs and forces them to move indoors. Morning arrives and they return to the bridge, climbing to the top after all the other teams. After getting their clue, they return to the ground and get in a taxi to the airport. Once there, they try to purchase tickets for the soonest flight to Adelaide, departing at 8:10am, but can only get standby tickets. They wait anxiously, as there are no other options, but are eventually granted seats on the flight. They join Gary & Dave and Tara & Wil, and depart.

Once in Adelaide, they quickly discern that they need a taxi to take them to wherever National Jet Systems is and get one. When they arrive, however, they find that they have been taken to the wrong place. When they finally arrive at the correct location, they find they are now in fourth place and sign up for seats on the second charter flight along with Tara & Wil. Gary & Dave come in just seconds behind them. Once they land in Coober Pedy, they choose a vehicle and travel towards the Metal Tree. They get turned around at one point, and Blake decides to play it safe by turning around and asking someone. This does not delay them very much, and they soon pick up their Detour information. They decide to perform Heat Up as their father is an avid golfer who taught them how to play golf. They soon find the golf course and are joined by Peter the umpire. Paige studies the map for a minute, and then they tee off from tee #4. They work quickly, not caring how many shots it takes, and get the ball into the hole. However, Peter informs them that they have hit the ball into the wrong hole, as they have accidentally gone to hole #1. The two return to tee #4 and try again, hitting the ball towards another hole and putting it in. Peter stops them and tells them that they have again put the ball into the wrong hole, this time finding hole #2.

They instead travel to tee #6 and try from there. The ball lands amidst the bushes, but they recover and hit it into the hole. This time, Peter informs them that they have successfully completed the hole. The follow this up by successfully completing hole #3. Then, from tee #1, Paige makes a beautiful shot that lands right on the green. From there it is easy to hit the ball into hole #1 and complete the task. They then head off to find the Breakaways Park. They find a sign and Paige follows it. Blake is concerned, thinking that Paige went the wrong way, but Paige tells him to trust her that she followed where it was pointing. Indeed, they eventually come across flags and run down to the clue box. Now in second place, Paige decides to perform the Roadblock as she hasn't done one in a while. Paige makes a couple of throws with the boomerang as Blake yells advice from the sidelines. She gets in quite a few attempts before Tara and Oswald join her, creating a queue. All three racers make quite a large number of attempts before Paige finally completes the task successfully. They run off to the Pit Stop, where they arrive in 2nd place.

Leg 10 (Australia → New Zealand)

"These guys are just standin' at the front of the plane acting like jackasses." – Blake
F-Forward.png Shotover River Jet Boat ride.
PitStop.png 1stƒ

Departing at 5:01am, Blake & Paige chose a vehicle and depart for the road trains. They load their vehicle on, with Tara & Wil and Oswald & Danny arriving as they finish securing their vehicle. After a journey to Glendambo, they unload their vehicle and meet up with Chris & Alex, who tell them it doesn't matter who gets on the first charter flight as there are no commercial flights to New Zealand until tomorrow. They decide to head for the airstrip anyway, following directions from a local store owner. They are the first to find it and sign up for the first charter flight. Once in Adelaide, they discover that they will be on a later flight to Melbourne than the other teams because they did not call ahead. This does not end up mattering, as they get on the same flight as everyone else to their next connection in Christchurch. Once there, they end up sneaking past the check in desk with their full baggage so that they don't have to check anything.

When the plane lands in Queenstown, however, Chris & Alex and Tara & Wil stand at the front of the plane and prevent anyone from getting off until everyone's baggage is in the carousel. Though frustrating to them, the flight attendants are okay with it and all of the other passengers are laughing. When finally allowed to get off the plane, they have fallen to last place and decide to go for the Fast Forward. They tell their taxi driver they're willing to pay for his speeding tickets if he hurries, and it doesn't take long to reach the jet boats. They hop into one and begin a wild ride down the river. They spend the entire ride searching and eventually spot the flags at the end of the adventure, retrieving the Fast Forward. They then get into the vehicle and begin their journey to the Pit Stop. After a long drive they arrive at the farm and check into the Pit Stop in 1st place, winning a vacation to Puerto Rico from American Airlines.

Leg 11 (New Zealand)

"I'm able to, you know, go head to head with the guys." – Paige
Detour.png Drop: Rappel into the Lost World caves.
Roadblock.png Paige: Ride a quad bike through an 4x4 course.
PitStop.png 2nd

Departing at 2:13am, Blake & Paige select a camper van and depart, excited at the prospect of the long journey across New Zealand. Their drive to Picton goes off without a hitch and they are the first to arrive at the ferry terminal. They ask one of the employees if there is any way they could be the first vehicle off the ferry when it arrives, and he provides them with a priority pass. Tara & Wil and Chris & Alex arrive behind them, and notice their pass. In response, both teams tell the workers that Blake is holding their pass and that they need to be together. Blake is annoyed but decides to let it go. The ferry departs, carrying the three teams to Wellington.

After another long drive to Rotorua, they arrive to find that the Maori institute is closed for the night. In the morning, they are joined by Oswald & Danny and the teams enter the institute to witness the performance and receive their next clue. They head off and lead the pack towards Waitomo. The teams behind them get turned around and lost, but they forge ahead and soon arrive at the caves. Ahead of both sets of friends, they quickly enter the caves and pick up the Detour clue. They decide to perform Drop, though they are both nervous. The two begin their descent, but their anxiety is quickly replaced by wonder as they take in the beautiful scenery of the cave. They reach the bottom before any other teams reach enter the caves and carefully make their way to the next clue. They exit the cave and proceed to their next location. Along the way they encounter a traffic jam at a construction site, but use the opportunity to gather information about where they're going.

Without any other delays, they are the first of the three teams to reach the adventure park. Paige elects to perform the Roadblock and hops on one of the ATVs. Not long after, Alex begins the Roadblock behind her. Paige flies through the course with no trouble and retrieves her clue on the beach. She then returns to Blake and the two depart for the Pit Stop. When they reach the hanger, they step onto the mat in 2nd place.

Leg 12 (New Zealand → United States)

"I just found a random arrow on the road. I take full credit for just randomly finding that." – Paige
Detour.png Walk: Find one of three yellow plastic pineapples in pineapple field on foot.
Roadblock.png Blake: Untie and unlock a case suspended underwater
PitStop.png 1st (tie)

Departing at 3:30am, Blake & Paige head out feeling optimistic and noting that Wil will probably be his own downfall. Their driver takes them to the monument and they grab their clue, cheering that they get to go to Hawaii. They comment that they won't have to speak a foreign language in Hawaii, despite spending four previous legs in Australia and New Zealand. At the airport, they ask an agent what the best option is and he suggests connecting through Sydney and Honolulu. The airport then opens up, and they stand at the Air New Zealand counter next to Tara & Wil as they try to gather information. They successfully purchase the Sydney-Honolulu-Maui tickets, which the separated couple also purchase. Both teams notice that a huge line has formed behind them while they were working. Chris & Alex arrive, but cannot skip the line. Before they depart, they pick up a Hawaii guide book.

All three teams then get on the flight and head for Maui. Once there, they wander into the streets but initially don't see any taxis though they soon find one. They find their clue at the ruins and get into a vehicle in third place. They decide to ask their taxi driver where the pineapple field is. Morning arrives as all three teams reach the Detour at the pineapple field. They quickly decide that Walk is the better option. The other two teams find a clue before Blake is able to spot one of the yellow pineapples and retrieve one of his own. They then travel to the dock and get a boat to Molokini. Once there, Blake decides to perform the Roadblock and joins Alex and Wil in the water. For a while Alex, Wil and Blake repeatedly dive down and attempt to open their case. Paige comments that Blake is a really strong swimmer, and this is proven when he is the first to open his case and retrieve his clue.

They return to the dock and get in a vehicle, but Chris & Alex are right behind them. Blake shows off his navigational skills and directs Paige on how to drive straight to the Pit Stop. They make a few small errors, but find the access road quickly. They catch up to a vehicle in front of them, realizing that they have somehow fallen behind Tara & Wil. When both vehicles park, they quickly run across the field and make their way to the Pit Stop, where they arrive in 1st place and win a vacation to London and Paris from American Airlines. Tara & Wil end up receiving a small time credit and, as a result, share 1st place with them as a tie.

Leg 13 (United States)

"They chose the wrong people to be mean to the whole trip if they want favors." – Paige
Detour.png Presented as Additional Task: Ride Snowcat across frozen lake.
Roadblock.png Blake: Use tools to retrieve clue from inside a frozen globe.
PitStop.png Finish Line - 3rd

Departing at 11:13pm alongside Tara & Wil, Blake & Paige head for Hana Bay and find Kaahumanu's birthplace not long after the separated couple. They pick up their next clue, surprised that they are headed to Alaska. They head for the airport, which is closed, and camp out in front of the ticket counter. After getting tickets for a flight to Honolulu, Tara & Wil approach them. The separated couple have lost their clue and want to copy theirs, but Blake is having none of that. He blows them off and gets on the phone to make the rest of his reservations. They get tickets on a flight that connects through San Francisco and Seattle, the same flight as Tara & Wil, and then Chris & Alex join them while connecting through Honolulu. In San Francisco, Blake writes a humorous and insulting clue that he jokingly suggests can replace Wil's lost clue, and it instructs the separated couple to fly to Siberia. In Seattle, they realize that they're on a different flight than the other two teams that departs 10 minutes later.

Once finally in Anchorage, they travel to Rust's and hop into one of the planes. They land at Trapper Creek and grab their next clue, rejoining the other two teams as they spend the night in the igloos. Morning arrives and the three teams snowshoe to their next clue. They all choose the same Detour task and get into a Snow Cat. They are the last to begin driving, but pass Tara & Wil and finish the task in 2nd. They are a little slow getting in their trucks, allowing the separated couple to barely slip in front of them. They make their way to the hardware store and grab their clue and tools. They then cross the gulch and reach the next clue as Wil is still performing the Roadblock. Blake elects to perform the task and begins whacking the ice globe with a hammer. He quickly realizes that the fastest way is to use both the hammer and chisel. Systematically chipping away at the ice, he is able to grab his clue before Wil finishes. They then drive back to Anchorage and head for the airport. Once there, they learn that the best option is to connect through Portland, Oregon. They and the separated couple all get tickets for this. To everyone's surprise, Chris & Alex then land on a flight coming from Fairbanks and then purchase tickets on the Portland-San Francisco flight as well.

After a long flight, they arrive in Oakland and run to the airport's taxi line. A taxi arrives and takes them to San Francisco, putting them in first place. As they drive, Blake carefully observes the map and gives his driver concise directions. When they get closer to their destination, however, Blake gets a little confused. They stop at the Cable Car Museum, but it is not the correct location. They arrive at the landmark at the exact same time as Tara & Wil, and both teams scramble to grab their next clue. They begin their long run to the pier, with Blake constantly checking the map. When they reach the pier, they ask a local if they are the first to run by him but he tells them they're the third. They grab the clue directing them to the Finish Line, and then run off in search of a taxi. They find one who tells them where Fort Baker is, but he has a passenger and cannot take them. They eventually find another one and depart heading to Fort Baker as quickly as they can. They arrive and run to the mat, but they have finished in third place. Neither one is disappointed by the outcome, thankful that they got to see so much of the world.

The Amazing Race 2
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