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Andy On
Andy On
Host of The Amazing Race: Jisu Qianjin
Age 40
Hometown Providence, Rhode Island/Hong Kong

Andy On was the initial host of The Amazing Race: Jisu Qianjin 1. He was born in Rhode Island to Hongkongese parents, and he is fluent in English and Mandarin, with a little Cantonese knowledge as well.

On made his film debut when he was asked to fill in a role that Jet Li previously held in the Black Mask series. On has trained in wushu and stunt fighting as he continued his film career, starring in films such as Star Runner, New Police Story, Naked Soldier, and Once Upon a Time in Shanghai. He has starred onscreen with Jackie Chan, and was once injured in a stunt fight against Chan while filming New Police Story.

On is also a singer and has appeared in several music videos. He has released many musical tracks, including a duet with famous singer Jolin Tsai.

He was the original host of Jisu Qianjin and hosted the show's first two episodes. However, his schedule became too busy to continue his roll and so he handed his hosting duties off to Allan Wu starting with the third episode.

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