Amanda & Chris

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Amanda & Chris
Amanda & Chris
The Amazing Race 4
Relationship Dating
Finishing Position 11th
Legs Completed 2
Legs Won 1
Average Position 6.00
Roadblock Count Amanda 0, Chris 1
Countries raced Flag of Italy.svg

Amanda Adams and Chris Garry are a dating couple who competed on The Amazing Race 4. They are both from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Despite arriving in first on the first leg, they were eliminated in 11th on the following leg.

Race Summary

For more information on the tasks contained within each leg, click on the respective leg's header.

Leg 1 (United States → Italy)

"Come on, Flo!!" – Chris
Detour.png Rescue: Cross a tightrope between two mountains, then take a zipline to next clue.
PitStop.png 1st (3-way tie)

Amanda & Chris started their race in the middle of the pack. They read their first clue and run out of the stadium to choose a vehicle. As soon as they depart, Amanda is already swearing and yelling at other drivers on the Los Angeles roads. She is furious when a local driver goes slow on a one-lane on-ramp. Once headed down the freeway, they realize that they don't know where they're going and consider stopping for directions. A policeman on a motorcycle zooms past them, and they hope that he intends to pull over another team. When they see Monica & Sheree ask him for directions instead, they get frustrated. They're one of the first couple of teams to reach the airport, and head for the Lufthansa counter. Since they and Swiss Air leave at the same time, neither realize that they are purchasing tickets on the second flight. Joining them on this flight are Millie & Chuck and Russell & Cindy.

When they land, they find a taxi and head for the galleria. The first flight has been delayed, allowing them to rocket up to third place when they arrive. They then quickly find a ticket dispenser for 4am tickets, but Amanda feels like it's a late time and there must be an earlier one. Millie & Chuck run over and tell them where the 2am tickets are, so they go and grab one. They later direct Steve & Josh there as well. The final team joining them on this bus is Steve & Dave. The bus arrives in Cortina d'Ampezzo at 9am. All four teams get out, grab their clue, and then board a city bus that takes them all to the chairlifts. At the top of Cinque Torri, they run along the snow to their next clue box. At the Detour, all four teams agree that they should complete Rescue.

Amanda & Chris are the most athletic of the group and reach the wire bridge first. Chris is afraid of heights, but ignores his fear and crosses the bridge quickly. Amanda is a little slower on the bridge, but crosses without issue. They then make their way to the zipline and ride down. They then grab their next clue and begin the long hike back to the chairlifts. Amanda quickly starts to feel exhausted on this long trek, leading to Chris yelling at her and calling her 'Flo'. Millie & Chuck pass them, further aggravating him. Once at the bottom of the mountain, they find that Millie & Chuck have called a taxi for them, as well as their friends Steve & Josh. They all travel to the hotel, and then all three teams step onto the mat at the same time. Phil tells them that they have all tied for first place and have each won a vacation to Hawaii from

Leg 2 (Italy)

"He's still a little jerk, but I love him. It's okay." – Amanda
Detour.png Waterway: Travel by gondola with a map through Venice, but without asking locals for help.
Roadblock.png Chris: Match a photograph to a person with the correct mask.
PitStop.png 11th - Eliminated

Departing at 11:52pm alongside Millie & Chuck and Steve & Josh, Amanda & Chris head off with their alliance and ask the hotel desk where the ski jump is. Once there, they wait their turn and ride down the ski hill second. They then pick up their clue and wait for the last team to ride down. The three travel to a nearby hotel and ask how to get to Venice, and the clerk directs them to the Calalzo station. They travel there, but have to wait until it opens. While they wait, a bus shows up that is headed for the Alpi station, which has an earlier train. All of the teams there, which is everyone except for Tian & Jaree and Kelly & Jon, pile onto the bus. Once there, they all get on a 5:40 train to Venice.

When they arrive in Venice, all nine teams run to the bridge and pick up the Detour clue. The two decide to complete Waterway and hop into a gondola boat. A convoy of boats forms, with them in the sixth position. They are passed by Steve & Dave's boat, making them the seventh gondola. Amanda asks their gondolier if he sings, and he starts to sing "'O Sole Mio". When David & Jeff in the lead canoe turn down a narrow canal, they tell their gondolier to follow. When the canal becomes too narrow to travel through, everyone is forced to turn around. This effectively reverses the positioning of the teams in the gondolas and puts them in the lead. Not long after, they find the plaza and the next clue. As they depart they meet up with Millie & Chuck, and both teams have difficulty finding the Palazo. When they both arrive, they find they have fallen all the way to last place. However, other teams leave and forfeit their place in line before it opens at 5pm. Chris decides to perform the Roadblock, and is now eighth in line. After other teams fail and succeed, he is allowed inside. He spends a bit of time looking, and then hands over his photo to a woman. The reveler simply walks away, meaning Chris has failed the task. He is forced to the back of the line. After another team succeeds, Chris is allowed to enter again. Now he is in the party with the only three remaining teams, putting him in a tie for last place. He hurriedly searches among the revelers and soon hands his photo to one of them. The reveler takes the photo and walks away, giving Chris a second failure.

He returns for a third attempt with the same picture he had just had. He takes more time in observing the revelers this time. Other teams leave one by one, until eventually he is the only one left. Moments after Monica leaves, he finds the correct mask and receives the next clue. He returns to Amanda and they run off. Amanda notes that she saw other teams turn right down a walkway, but Chris is totally unsure of where to go. They study the map and manage to find it. They run as fast as they can, but Amanda gets winded along the way. When they arrive at the boat and step onto the Pit Stop mat, Phil tells them that they are in last place and have been eliminated from the race. Chris is not ready to leave the race yet and is disappointed that it's over, but both are happy to be together and hope to remain together for the rest of their lives.

The Amazing Race 4
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