Alison & Donny

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Alison & Donny
Alison & Donny
Season 5
Relationship Dating
Finishing Position 10th
Legs Completed 2
Legs Won 1
Average Position 5.50
Roadblock Count Alison 0, Donny 1
Countries raced Flag of Uruguay.svg Flag of Argentina.svg

Alison Irwin and Donny Patrick are a dating couple who competed on The Amazing Race 5. Alison was previously a contestant on Big Brother 4. They are from Meadville and Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, respectively. They ended up winning the first leg, but were immediately eliminated on the following leg, finishing in 10th.

Before the Race

CBS Biography

Alison & Donny are from Pennsylvania and have been dating on and off for three years. The two of them met as students at an athletic convention at the University of Pittsburgh, and then ran into each other at a bar a few weeks later. As Alison puts it, "He's been hooked ever since." Alison was runner-up on the CBS summer reality series, Big Brother 4, where her relationship with Donny was often discussed, although he was not in the house with her.

Alison says that although she and Donny have hurt each other in the past, she loves him with all her heart and wouldn't ever want to hurt him again. She describes him as much calmer than herself, and she loves to be the center of attention, while he likes to just watch from the sidelines.

Donny is the first person in his family to graduate from college. He describes himself and Alison as "both good looking, outgoing and extremely competitive." He says his most exciting moment in his life was scoring a touchdown in front of 30,000 people.

Alison & Donny describe themselves as "the greatest example of new age young adults. We give 110% to everything we do and don't accept not getting our way." They are excited about competing in The Amazing Race 5, as Alison says, "to see if we should really try to work out our differences from Big Brother. The $1 million is secondary."

Race Summary

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Leg 1 (United States → Uruguay)

"For some reason, we stay together." – Donny
Detour.png Zips: Cross a tightrope between two skyscrapers and ride a zipline.
PitStop.png 1st

Alison & Donny started their race near the back of the pack, but Donny quickly built up speed and ended up being the second person to reach his bags. Alison catches up to him and they are the third car to leave the pier. They arrive in 4th at the airport, and then are confused when the shuttle with Marshall & Lance drives past without picking them up. They get on the next shuttle with Kami & Karli and Dennis & Erika, agreeing to work together to figure out which flight is first. They and the twins head for United Airlines, learning that it lands sooner, and get tickets on the flight. They get onto the flight along with Charla & Mirna, Kami & Karli, Linda & Karen, Brandon & Nicole, Bob & Joyce and Jim & Marsha, and it ends up being the faster flight. Once in Montevideo, all seven teams quickly get onto the same bus to Punta del Este. When it arrives, the group all rush across the streets and beach to reach The Hand in the Sand, picking up their next clue. They then quickly grab a taxi and head for the ferry terminal. They and Bob & Joyce then get onto a ferry and encourage it to depart as Kami & Karli approach. The girls manage to get on and the three sail to Gorriti Island. They then start searching the trees for departure tickets. Donny finds a 9am, but Alison finds an 8am at the same time so they continue looking. After some more looking, they pull an 8am departure ticket. In the morning, they depart on the first ferry along with Bob & Joyce and Linda & Karen.

The three teams then grab their next clue and get onto a bus to Maldonado. Once there, when the two arrive at the meat warehouse, they see Charla & Mirna arriving in a taxi. Donny grabs the slab of beef, using his strength to pull ahead of the others. A dog starts following them. They quickly come across the Race's first Yield and decide not to use it. Donny pushes forward, only starting to get tired when they have two blocks to go. Finally, they are the first team to deliver their meat and pick up the next clue. They find a taxi and return to Punta del Este. While on the way there, Donny can't find the clue they just picked up and blames Alison for not giving it to him. He then finds it buried in their fanny pack, prompting Alison to demand an apology. The two arrive at the Conrad Hotel and find the marked entrance, but don't see the clue box. They head inside, but Alison is certain they have missed their clue and they head back out. Linda & Karen have passed them, dropping them to 2nd once they find the Detour clue. They quickly decide to perform Zips. They make their way to the roof just behind Linda & Karen, and Donny makes his way across the hanging wire. Alison is afraid of heights, but scurries across the wire anyway. At the last moment, she passes by Linda which gives them permission to ride the zipline first. Donny takes the plunge and then Alison, again pushing through her fear. Alison grabs the next clue from the pool, and then they have trouble figuring out how to exit the establishment. Alison slips and falls on the stairs on her way out, and they then have trouble finding a taxi. When they finally find one and travel all the way to Casapueblo, they find the Pit Stop. The two step onto the mat and arrive in 1st place, winning a Hawaiian vacation from

Leg 2 (Uruguay → Argentina)

"You disappointed me severely." – Donny
Detour.png Tango: Search a dimly-lit room of tango dancers for one matching a photograph
Roadblock.png Donny: Take a bandanna off of a running cattle.
PitStop.png 10th - Eliminated

Departing at 12:48am, Alison & Donny choose a vehicle and depart with Alison already having no idea where to go. After a long drive to Montevideo, they arrive at the disco to find Linda & Karen already there. They find a globe with a clue and depart. Outside, they ask a local how to get to Colonia and are told to take Route 1. The two then drive to Colonia, finding they are the first team to arrive at the port. They learn that the next ferry to Buenos Aires leaves in one hour. However, every other team is able to join them on this boat. During the journey, they ask a local where Perón's grave is and are told it's at Recoleta. Once in Buenos Aires, they rush into a taxi and head for Recoleta. Unfortunately, their taxi driver drops them at the Recoleta Church and they have to run two blocks to reach the cemetery. Having fallen to fifth, they find a lorry driver in the cemetery and ask if he can drive them to Perón's grave. There they find it, pass the Yield without using it, grab the Detour clue, and get back onto the lorry. Brandon & Nicole have also hopped onto the lorry with them, and both teams decide to perform Tango.

The two depart and try to communicate with a taxi driver. However, they see Linda & Karen nearby leaving with the dogs and make a quick decision to perform Perro instead. Alison takes control of the dogs while Donny picks up the map. The two immediately start yelling at one another as they head out. Alison has trouble controlling the dogs while Donny has quite a bit of difficulty reading the map. The moms approach them and offer to work together to complete the stressful task. Both teams run along the streets but soon realize they've already made a wrong turn. They wander around some more, and Alison is frustrated at Donny's inability to read the map. Her dogs keep mating with each other, further frustrating her. Both teams then decide that the task is too hard and will perform Tango instead. They return to the beginning, return the dogs, and hop into a taxi. Both teams arrive at the theatre at the same time, meeting up with Jim & Marsha as well. Inside, the two spend a bit of time observing the dancers and then choose one. It is the correct dancer, and they are the first of the three teams to receive the next clue. The two get into a taxi, but Donny notes that they only have about $20 left. This will not be enough to get them to San Antonio de Areco, so they instead travel to the bus station. The two purchase tickets and get onto a bus, though no other teams join them.

The bus makes quite a few stops along the way, further delaying them. Alison counts their money and realizes they did in fact have enough to take a taxi. Tensions rise even further between them. They arrive in San Antonio de Areco and grab a taxi. When they reach the farm, they find Chip & Kim leaving and Kami & Karli still performing the Roadblock. Donny decides to perform the Roadblock and quickly manages to grab one of the calves' bandannas. They get into a horse-drawn carriage and travel as fast as they can to the Pit Stop. Due to the speed of the carriages, it's a foregone conclusion. When they step onto the mat, Phil tells them that they're in last place and have been eliminated. Alison comments that their relationship was not very healthy, while Donny says that dealing with Alison was the hardest part of the race. Donny comments that he hates her and doesn't want anything to do with her anymore.

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